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I’ve been going through a rough patch lately. Yes, even your fearless Inspiration Editor has hard times sometimes. In small efforts to feel better, last week, I took a long walk home for lunch and then had a good cry […]

I read all the comments that are posted on this blog. You inspire many of the topics that I cover here on The Inspiration Report. A comment came in on When Were Your Prayers Answered? – which was a piece […]

Last week, we were talking about the tricks you use to get yourself out of a funk. Here are a few of the responses: “I always say my ‘thank you’ prayers. The format is just ‘Thank you God for…’ and […]

Here at the Inspiration Report, I obviously like to focus on the positive things. However, I live in the real world, and I know that every day isn’t rainbows and sunshine. Sometimes, frankly, life is hard; it’s easy to get […]