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Everyone in New York City remembers Wesley Autrey, the “Subway Hero” or “Subway Superman.” who jumped onto the subway tracks in Harlem to save a 19-year-old student who had fallen off the platform. 

Another “Subway Hero,” 23-year-old Lance McGraw, rescued a young woman in Brooklyn recently. A student at Parsons School of Design, 18-year-old Rosie Rittenberry fainted and fell onto the tracks. When no one else made a move to help Rittenberry, McGraw, a Michigan native who works in advertising, made a split second decision to jump onto the tracks in front of an oncoming train.  He lifted the unconscious Rittenberry back onto the platform.

While Rittenberry regained consciousness, McGraw continued on his way and rode the subway to work.

The best part of this true story? Rittenberry and McGraw live only one block from each other in Brooklyn and will be keeping in touch.  The two were reunited for the first time on national television.  Watch the Fox News clip below: 

American history was made when 25-year-old Lindsey Vonn won the first gold medal in downhill speed skiing on Wednesday.  The last time an American woman won a gold medal in any Alpine speed skiing event was in 1988 when Picabo Street competed in the super giant (super G) slalom race.

“I dreamed about what this would feel like but it is much better in real life,” said the 25-year-old.” (

Despite sustaining a shin injury and feeling  pressure to win since losing in the last Olympics, Vonn pressed on and made a strong comeback on the slope, fulfilling all expectations and the ultimate Olympic dream.

Read more on Lindsey Vonn:

By Sandra Lee Schubert


Jason O’Neil is an entrepreneur and a social activist–and he is only in the eight grade. At 14 years old, he uses his creativity and business skills to run a business and create ways to give back to the community.  


Jason Pencil Bugs.jpg

Jason considers himself lucky that he has never been sick like many kids he meets. In 2008 he started a program with Rady Hospital in San Diego. Each quarter he raises money to give the children things they will enjoy, like crayons, notebooks, books or games.


Just this past This past Christmas Jason had a goal of giving away 250 bears to kids at the Rady Hospital. He used his fundraising skills and reached out to the people in his community and through his hard work and generous donations; Jason was able to give away 1800 Teddy Bears, way over his goal of 250. He made many seriously ill kids very happy this past holiday season.


The amazing thing is Jason has been doing this for years. He started his business in 2005 when he was nine years old taking his love of school and coming up with a way to make it fun for other kids.


He created Pencil Bugs, uniquely hand-crafted creatures that sit on the end of your pencils or crayons, markers or pens. He makes each Pencil Bug special with its own Certificate of Authenticity with its name, birth date and care instructions. According to his website, “They already know three tricks:  sit, stand, and stay.”


Jason has lots of ideas to improve his business. He gives back in other ways by visiting schools and teaching other kids to be entrepreneurs and continuing to run fundraisers to support those in need. He also inspires people with creativity and ingenuity.


“If you have an idea to make something, at least give it a try.  You might be surprised at what you can do!”


Check out what he is doing for the Rady Hospital in San Diego

A group of strangers and good samaritans banded together in Victorville, CA to help firefighters rescue a toddler (a little girl) trapped in a car during a two-car collision.

The toddler’s mother began having car trouble while on the highway.  Attempting to pull off to the side, another car forcibly struck it from behind and sent it flying through a fence into a parking lot. 

In a video of the rescue, a firefighter described the toddler as being “scrunched up against her mother’s head.”  Using a crowbar, about five people “pried at the door, bent the door frame and lifted out the glass to get to the frightened toddler.” (  The little girl had only a cut on her arm, thanks to everyone’s quick actions.

Watch a video of the daring rescue at