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Getting ready for interviews tomorrow with Liam Neeson, who is the voice of Aslan, in the Narnia movies! Yay! Also interviewing Georgie Henley, Skandar Keynes and Will Poulter who, respectively portray Lucy, Edmund and their (some what annoying cousin) Eustace. […]

Sorry to keep harping on the red carpet, but that is what journalists do when they are around it. It seems to have the allure of a majic carpet. It is a happy time, like a wedding, The Red Carpet has […]

Leicester Square was turned into a Narnia Wonderland tonight, Narnia symbolism like torch light and fake snow was joined by real snow that fell upon the freezing actors as they did interviews on the red carpet–many in beautiful dresses that […]

Seven hours in the air and little sleep, but I am in London. Yay! First thing I did when I got here was unpack my black tie attire in hopes of de-creasing it in time for the Narnia Premiere. We flew in […]

Okay, no one has told me this officially, but there is a lot of talk that Her Majesty, the Queen England, will be in attendance with her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh. This will be a big premiere, in two […]

Just found out that a roundtable discussion with Douglas Gresham has been added to the Narnia press event in London. Yay! Found some fascinating interviews with Gresham, one of two stepsons of C.S. Lewis from Lewis’s marriage to Gresham’s mother, […]

The newest Narnia film opens in theaters on December 9. It promises to be an inspiring and entertaining film, here in time fore the holidays. First the stars will walk the red carpet at a premiere fit for royalty on […]