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April 17th this year began Holy Week. Palm Sunday, Passover, Maundy Thursday, and Good Friday all lead up to Easter Sunday. I know many of you will be observing the holiday season in a variety of ways. Obviously many go […]

Interview by Laurie Sue Brockway Daryn Kagan is the creator and host of, an inspirational online community that features a daily Web cast of stories that, “Show the World What is Possible.” Her web site and online community have become a […]

With all the stress and uncertainty in people’s lives, what a breath of fresh air it is to receive a holiday card that envisions a world of peace and tolerance. This is something we all need, now more than ever. […]

Guest Blog by Barbara Tako It’s that time again. Time to think about holiday cards. If you enjoy sending out Christmas cards every year, please feel free to ignore the following ideas. I know some of us truly enjoy doing […]

We received an email with sweet photos of Suryia the Orangutan and Roscoe the Hound Dog, two unlikely, inseparable best friends who met at an endangered species sanctuary.  While this story is “old news” by now, we thought it was still […]

We received this encouraging story about a woman who decided to donate a kidney in order to make a difference in someone’s life.  The following is a condensed and edited version of the story, featured with permission of the National […]

Like Derrin Austin, a father serving in the navy who surprised his son, Edgar Justino was a father serving in the army who wanted to surprise his daughter. Justino, who got called for active duty in the Army National Reserve, […]

Despite the ongoing recession, a Gallup poll recently reported that Americans have renewed a positive outlook in their well-being and future. Gallup’s Well-Being Index is a survey that tracks six categories across American lifestyles: Life Evaulation, Emotional Health, Healthy Behavior, Physical Health, Basic Access, and […]

Judy, Carol, and Deb were sisters who didn’t grow up together and had never met each other until recently.  Judy, 61, had been adopted as a baby when her birth parents couldn’t afford to raise her.  Carol and Deb were born […]

Beliefnet has an inspiring news story of it’s own to report. We won two Webby awards! Michael Kress, our Managing Editor and Vice President of Editorial, had the pleasure of accepting Beliefnet’s Webby Awards at a ceremony in Manhattan last […]