Inspiration Report

Inspiration Report

Finding Beauty in Tragedy

So, it’s been a rough past couple of weeks, but I am hardly the only one. As I’ve been open about my heartbreak, I’m encountering others who’ve been going through the same lately. Seems like everyone has lost family members and dear friends unexpectedly, lost jobs and spouses, or money’s been tight. We were all on what we thought was solid ground when the rug was ripped out from underneath us. What I’m also finding is that, in spite of the pain, we are all also looking for the beauty.

I know I talk a lot about finding the silver lining, but it’s entirely different when you’re looking for that lining in a storm as opposed to a single cloud. Being happy and inspired in spite of your circumstances takes on a whole new meaning when those circumstances rattled you to your core.


However, it still can be done.

By the way, when I say “beauty”, I don’t necessarily mean “purpose”. The greatest scholars and philosophers of the world have no definite answer for why bad things happen to good people. So, set that fruitless search aside. I’m talking about beauty – whatever transforms tragedy into triumph. It’s the escape hatch in suffering that leads to something greater.

You hear these stories more often than you think: the divorced single parent who goes back to school; the disabled athlete who breaks world records; or, the woman who turns a cancer diagnosis into a wellness revolution.


Better yet, think about John Walsh. In 1981, his only son was abducted and murdered. The pain that he felt is unimaginable in the face of such a sudden horror. The suffering of that loss could have swallowed him whole and made him a shell of a human being. Who would have blamed him? Yet, he turned the tragedy into a mission. Walsh dedicated his life to being an advocate for crime victims. He hosts one of the longest running reality shows, America’s Most Wanted, which has helped put more than a thousand criminals behind bars. He’s raised awareness for child abduction, and in turn, has helped law enforcement reunite more than 50 children with their families. He became a champion for justice, yet none of that would have happened without the loss of his son.


That’s what finding beauty in tragedy looks like. It’s taking what was meant for evil and turning it into good.

By the way, if you’re having trouble finding the beauty in your situation, I encourage you to reach out to others. You’ll be surprised what people are dealing with when you dig deeper than a simple “How are you”. Perhaps you can look for the light in the darkness together, because I promise you, somehow, somewhere, it’s there.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment rachelle

    i could not agree more with the author..
    me and my husband are both in the field of healthcare. so naturally, when we were ready to make our family bigger, we became more health conscious. it seemed all was perfect: we are the perfect young married couple, with great jobs we loved and perfect in-laws..
    my pregnancy was uneventful until the 5th month.. me and my husband were expecting a very sick baby with special needs.
    we are naot sure to this day how we survived and managed the period of depression and denial and anger .. eventually all was left for us was more love and more hope and a deeper faith. our daughter Faith is now 5 and she has helped our family more than we have helped her (with her surgeries and ongoing therapies and all).
    Because of her, we have gotten closer to God, we have adopted several humanitarian causes that we (with the help of our friends and families) yearly support. We have a great bond between our family and we have develpoed profound awareness and appreciation of the simpler things in life.
    i/We cannot imagine our life without her and cannot imagine how for a short time have doubted God in His majestic plan for our family..

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Fanny

    Thanks for publishing this article. It has made me understand several issues. Blessings of love and light.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Cheryl

    This article gave me the courage to comment on our circumstances. It seems as though we cannot get out of the wilderness. Just like so many unfortunate families, we are facing severe financial strife. Our families on both sides have hurt us deeply. We are disappointed in ourselves and pray daily but things seem to get worse. I have tried to encourage my husband to pray and to be thankful for the blessings we have but he is allowing “the enemy” to order his steps. I am so afraid and frustrated that I feel like giving up but I know in my heart that God is working in our lives no matter how our circumstances appear. I actually feel very alone in the world. I know God is with us through everything, but, sometimes I wish I could call Him on the phone and speak to Him as I would to my friend or a family member. Sometimes we just need to hear an actual voice. I am truly thankful for everything God has blessed in our lives through these terrible times. I can count numerous miracles that made a tremendous difference for us. I just wish my husband would join me in thanking God for taking care of us. No matter what, I know that God’s will for our lives will be a blessing, not what we want. It is difficult to be patient sometimes and I feel incredibly lonely because my husband doesn’t want to talk about God and what He has done in our lives before the stressful difficulties and now while we are trying to get through. Please pray for me and my family. I wish I had a larger christian circle of people that pray.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Sara

    Life is uncertain, and sometimes one mistakes all people to be good, just like their family or close friends.Not only that,they try to help them in many ways. But this is not so, and it teaches one good lessons, and I feel sometimes it brings the real friends in their lives once again. This happened with my friend, and I thought I must post it here.I also believe that miracles happen, when blessings are there.

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