Inspiration Report

Inspiration Report

When Were Your Prayers Answered?

Part of staying inspired and optimistic is remembering all the times when things worked out the way you wanted them to. In this world where things fall apart and so often the worst case scenario becomes reality, still, we get exactly what we hoped for some times.

Think about it. Do you remember the time you prayed for a sick loved one only to find them get better? Or what about that time you really needed help with your flat tire and a stranger appeared like an angel with a repair kit? It happens more often than we think and those moments need to be celebrated and sealed in our memories.


So, let’s share. Post a comment below and tell us about a time when your prayers were answered.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment George Okach

    I and my wife got a baby girl after living together for almost 12 years without a baby. I cried and shed tears during mass service when I saw young little girls ushering during prayers. I kept praying asking GOD why me ??? What wrong did I do to deserve being lonely with my wife just the two of us. At 52 years I have a beauty delivered straight from the mighty one on 15thMarch 2011 at 0920 am Kenyan time.We are happy at home even though I fear for her future up-keep and education for I know I have but a few years may be to live to see her through her full education and college, but I trust in GOD who brought her late and I know, I know deep down my heart that No trust fund or savings but my trust fund is mighty GOD the architect of life. He answered my prayers and wiped my tears. He is Glorified.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment maria Gomez

    Let me tell you how God hears when i speak with him about anything.yesterday was a day that God answered me.i was talking to God of how a miss hearing a man telling me that i’m beautiful and how nice my hair is. now that i’m older and single i just don’t feel beautiful anymore i’ve also become disable and walk with a cane.and i don’t have many son lives with me but he’s always working or with his friends. but that’s ok he’s young i don’t want him sitting here with me all the time;-}i don’t mine be alone.anyway I had to go sign my lease so i took a walk to the office and a very nice man named Walter came out his apt.when he saw me and he was so happy to see me!He looked at me and said” maria you look so beautiful and your hair is so shinny and beautiful”!and then he hugged me!he’s a very nice man and then he blessed me;-) after i signed my lease i came home and thanked God for hearing me i felt so blessed;-}and then i was cooking diner and i couldn’t open a jar of sauce cause i have no strenght in my hands so i opened my front door to see if the man next door was out so he could open my jar but no luck so i sat down and asked God to help me so i decided to try again and it opened!i thanked God again for hearing my cry for help!this day wednesday 9.21.11 God showed me how blessed i am!

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Jean

    I was a healthcare worker and was exposed to potentionally life threatening illness. I prayed and prayed to let the tests after exsposure come back negative.When i got the final test results i fell to my knees to Thank God for his mercy. I had 2 small children and just wanted to live to help them grow up with a mother.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Johanne

    I was praying to have a home for our family. I found a beautiful well priced home and the mortgage guy lost our file and we missed our deadline. I called an old friend and he worked so diligintly with his team on our file that we got an extension and everything done on time and now we have a beautiful home. I am so thankful to them and to God, higher power whatever. I am SO thankful. I really feel as though it was meant to be. Things were not going so well for me before that.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment sha

    God I ask you please take care of my daughter and that all her test be fine an my grandsons do well and stay safe and my son and husband also.lord I need you.

  • http://DivineGuidance Carol

    I reached retirement age and still loved my work. But, I would get spells or fatigue. I prayed for guidence for a decision of when to retire. Last Spring, I KNEW it was time, and I put it on my goal list for May. The last day of May, I woke printed out my resignation and much to my surprise, I was no loner an employee. In July, I had this fatigue and checked my bp, it showed erratic heart rate. I went to my dr,to have it checked, and was in er diagnosed with Afib. within the hr. I have no symptoms for afib. but when it starts there is risk of stroke. My Dad had a fatal stroke. Had I not taken the time to investigate this feeling of fatigue, I would not have been diagnosed. I am grateful to have the right info and meds. to keep me alive with stroke risk lower alot.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment scorpion

    i have been blessed a thousand times.. i have got this attitude of “will see, whatever happens..” and luckily i have been blessed each tym.. although the situations would not have been that big but have always helped me in believe that god listens to wat we say..
    there have always been a thousand problems in my home and continue to be.. but i would say that god listens to what u say.. may be he grants a little lately.. remember life is a sinosodial graph.. sometimes u face happiness while sometime just the opposite..
    always thank god for wat u have and dnt ever loose hope.. god help those who dnt give up and rather continue being positive and happy..

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment scorpion

    and yes i have extremism of both happiness and grief.. i got placement last month.. 😀 m in my B.Tech final yr.

    my hostel fees and college fees is yet not paid fir dis year.. nt getting loans either..
    so nw u can well imagine the phase i m goin through.. but i wud still say i m happy 4m core of my heart..
    i m really thankful to my parents and god.. 😀

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Elizabeth

    I love to run and I had such a strong desire to run the Boston Marathon. After lots of marathons and years of training, I just never was able to get the qualifying time I needed to run it. I kept wondering why God would give me this strong desire for something and than never have it happen. I entered the N.Y.C marathon (12th marathon) and ended up getting the time I needed to enter the Boston Marathon. The Boston Marathon happened to be on my 40th Birthday that year. It was the most amazing event in my life. He wanted to teach me to perserve, never give up hope and to have patience.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Jack B.

    My prayers are anwered everyday that I am healthy, have a job, home, and people who truly care about me. We always want more but God and God alone knows what we can handle. I have larned through my failures that I pray to God but am not always receptive to his answeres so I have learned to just be greatful and continue to send up my prayers an he will provide what I need most. Be blessed!

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment julie

    My elderly mother was in the hospital for 5 days, each time i went to visit,she would just hold my hand and squeeze,i could not bear to see her like that,i cried every night when i was in bed,and tried to be strong during the day,no one around knew the emptiness i felt inside,no sleep,and no appetite for food.I began to realize that my Mom may never be coming back home.The evening of the sixth day, upon returning home from a visit,in my shower,i broke down in tears,i knew Gods will would always prevail,i prayed and asked him whatever his will, please manifest it now, if she were going to be better,then let me see a sign,if he was ready to take her home,make it swift so i could end the suffering seeing her just laying there slipping away,which caused tremendous pain for me. The following day,as i openend my eyes,i realized i slept the night through, i jumped out of bed feeling energized,soo energized and peacfull that i went and pampered myself with a manicure.I had a peace within i could not explain,i knew something was about to happen,and whatever it was,i would be okay with it,Inside i prayed it would be my will,that she stayed a while longer with me. As i stood at my stove in the afternoon cooking, preaparing for my evening visit,my phone rang,it was a nurse asking me to come to the hospital as soon as possible,my mom was slipping away,i got dressed and with a family member went right away,by the time i got there she was already gone, thinking i would brake down the nurses started to comfort me,even to my surprise a smile came across my face, i never found another tear to shed until the day of her Funeral.I knew God had ansewered my prayer, i felt strong and peaceful,.My mom been a Christian for 28yrs,was safe in the arms of jesus. The best part is, the following day inside my gate was stucked a piece of paper,usually i would ignore junk mails,this day i had the urge to see what it was,as i went inside sat down with a cup of coffee,i opened and stated reading,headlined in bold Red letters was the words A LETTER FROM YOUR FATHER, as i read through the contents, i realized it was parts of scriptures and psalms put together in the form of a letter as if written by God himself speaking to me,every verse fit my situation at the present time, but the one that stood out to this day, Was these words, I AM YOUR FATHER,I LOVE YOU,SOMEDAY I WILL WIPE ALL THESE TEARS FROM YOUR EYES,AND DEATH WILL BE NO MORE. I knew more than ever that God was real and was with me,its been almost 4yrs,and i still keep that letter to this day.God is real and answers prayers. Sometimes immediately according to the situation,other times in his own way and time.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment cassa

    Every one of my prayers has been answered, but now always as I wanted it to be answered. Sometimes the answer is ‘no’.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment cassa

    Make that “not” always as I wanted it to be answered.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment claire

    I have prayed for parking spots, misplaced items, brother-in-law sick, a crying child sitting close to me and misbehaving to be silent, job, doing great at verbal presentation, God is so good to me in everyway. He surely comes through all the time. I love Him so much.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Debbie

    God saved my son’s and my life a year ago! Lost my spouse to death two years and my two boys lost their father at ages 14 and 16 two years ago. God spared my son and myself to live as our truck saved our life and had we had our car we would both be dead. So, God’s grace abounds overall and amazes me with His mercy, grace and goodness.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Janie Wright

    When I prayed for my stepsister that was on Life support, machine was breathing for her. I prayed that God would give her another chance at life! She came home a week later, breathing on her own! Prise God!

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Angie

    I prayed for a true friend in my life and two and a half years ago God send me one. My son was inthe hospital Doctors were puzzel about his sickness but God help them he his not a 100 percent but I know one day he will.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment S. P. Gibson

    My husband who had never been hospitalized in his 70 years had to have his aortic valve replaced. It was a major surgery with the patient being on a heart/lung machine for part of the surgery. His chest was split open and glued back following the surgery. Married for 49 years, we both were so afraid of the outcome. Of course, we prayed a lot. He never experienced any pain. He was up and about in a few days, and we even went on a Mediterranean Cruise with our family less than 3 months later. O, ye of little faith! How awesome is God!

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Genny

    So many times. but I can’t forget when I found out that my only son was diagnosed with sickle cells disease, about 10 years ago. His doctor informed me that the first 5 years are critical, that he would probably get a crisis at least 3 to 4 times a month. I prayed and asked God to spare his little body of that terrible pain since I am not strong enough to handle that. God listens, He did listen to prayers and my son will be 11 year old next month and never had one crisis. God is awesome. I thank Him everyday for loving me the way only He can .

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Boo

    My prayers are always answered. Not always the answers I was hoping for, not always the way I want them to, sometimes not in the time frame I want it to be in. There have been times when the answer is no and I am still waitng for some to be answered and I am always asking.

    I need to learn to be better at waiting for the answer and to be better at trusting that whatever the answer is what God wants for me. I also need to be better at trusting rather than worrying.

    I haven’t gotten there yet but I try.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Richa

    I was on my way to a wedding, very lost in the mountains, no bars on my phone nor any connection on the GPS. My kids in the backseat, I was in tears and then I saw a minivan stop by and they know exactly where I needed to go so I just followed them and reached my destination. A true intervention from heavens above!

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Amy

    I had prayed for a relationship to heal, and the opportunity came where he and I met again, and were reunited. I cried tears of relief and joy. Interestingly, we had a rift in our relationship again, and I am praying for a healing once more, and know that I will be led to the right action to follow to heal it. I have also prayed for elderly relatives to have healings from illnesses, and both recovered fully.

  • http://PrayersAnswered Coetta

    Just this week I prayed for God to make a way financially as I did not have one dollar to make it for 1 1/2 weeks to pay day…I received a call from a friend the same day giving my family $200 donation for a social club he is a member of…talking about prayer answered!! Thank you God, it’s only by his Mercy and Grace!

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Niki

    Yes, just yesterday 09/22/2011. I was in a bad relationship a little over a year ago. I felt hatred and resentment towards this man and every time I thought about him I got angry. My best friend told me that I needed to get closure in order to forgive him. She stated that we needed to talk. I was totally against it because of my anger. So I called him yesterday and he apologized and acknowledged all of the wrong he had done while we were together and he asked me to forgive him. That instant I prayed and thanked God for answering my prayers.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment tara

    I just wanted to share some of some of the times my prayers were answered. The Lord has truly blessed me and my family. This past year was another one of His miracles. I know alot of people were praying for their loved ones that day. My three children were with one of my sisters in April 2011, when the day of the tornados struck. There was one that circled all around them tore up everything around the house but the house was setting safe from the storm. Praise the Lord. My whole family was protected that day. Prayers were answered.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Donna

    I live in Florida and my mother lives in Maryland. Our relationship was not close one. She is getting older and was not taking care of herself. All the family tried to get her to move into a place where she could get better care. I prayed everyday to God to look out for her. And he did. She had a fall, didn’t break any bones, but when it was time for her to come home, we told them that there was no one at home to care her. So she is now in a nursing home where she is cared for and eating better. She would not leave her house and did not want to live with any one. So God did answer my prayers. Which continues answers my prayers. May not be the way I want them, but he does know better than I what is needed.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Ann

    I had lost a couple of jobs within two years apart and I lifted my needs up to GOD. I got jobs within months. GOD does answer prayers. He faithful and good to his children. Thanks be to GOD for his provision for us.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Mary Varney

    To see my brother taken to the hospital with his blood pressure 60/39 and his sugar 900 to be placed on life support and told that he has lung cancer and liver cancer and has three months to live. Well this was in on April 18th 2011 he is still with me today and GOD IS GREAT! He was saved and baptised and he praises our ALMIGHTY GOD for hearing our prayers!

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Catherine

    It’s amazing what God can do….and how some times we take so much for granted.

    I see him every day answering my prayers…

    You have to be attentive and not too busy to notice!!

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment KAY

    Diagnosed with Cancer in my mid thirties, looking back at my life there was really no reason for God to have mercy on me. But He answered by prayers for help and I got the strength to make it through a mastectomy, chemotherapy and radiation. I didn’t have much side effects or pain and He was my rock as I had hardly had family members around during this time. With no partner or children He provided great support from friends and because of His love and faithfulness I gave my life to Him, that’s my answered prayer to change my ways and have that second chance at life.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Lynette

    I can’t remember when a prayer has been answered. Twice I have lost my job due to a lie or another misconduct where it was proven this occurred. I am currently unemployed and no where to turn and no one to turn to. I asked for male companionship and has prayed for past 27 years and still no answer. I prayed for my enemies who are still employed and who were given the males I desired to have a relationship, so I guess those were answered prayers for them but not me.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Robbin Ott

    My Aunt’s grandson was in a bad car accident and in a coma, my son and myself went to hospitol and prayed for him, the family had gone to church as children but not for years God has done a rapid healing and brought the family back into his realm of closeness as christians and beleif that God does heal and answer prayer.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Shelly

    I am a single mother of 3 kids. I had just come home from work and I was cooking dinner while the children were playing outside. The doorbell rang and the kids that were playing with my youngest daughter were at the door. They said that Julie had been hit by a car! I turned the stove off and started running barefoot up the block and around the corner. There was my daughter laying half under the car and half in the middle of the street all twisted up! As I ran to her I was praying. I got there and looked in her eyes, right then I just knew that she was going to be alright. I just knew in my heart. When the ambulance came they turned out to be old friends of mine. My older daughter showed up with my shoes and my pocketbook. My babysitter showed up and went to my house to care for the other children. Then out of the blue my childrens father showed up. All of the people that I needed at that moment showed up exactely when I needed them. As I rode over the bridge in the ambulance to the trauma center holding my daughters head in my hands. I recited the Lords prayer, over and over. He was there with us that day, and has always been with us. My daughter turned out to have a bad concussion and the blood in her ear was from the windsheild wiper and not internal bleeding. He was with us that day, and is always with us. I know that!

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Marian

    Praise God, for all the answered and un- answered prayers. I’ve been struggling this past weeks, but i keep on asking God to give me strength. Everyday He keeps on reminding me. ” Do not be Afraid stand firm Let nothing move’s you, and see God’s deliverance for you today” I keep on holding to all His Promises

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Catherine

    Sometimes ago I prayed that a loved one would get better, it didn’t happen. Unfortunately they did not recover. This pappened to another loved one and they did recover.Things do get better.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Ali

    Funny, I should be reading this today. I woke up and for some reason said to myself why haven’t any of my prayers ever answered. I’m a good person, I had prayed to get pregnant and have a baby, got pregnant twice and lost them, prayed for my aunt to get better from her illness, she passed away on my birthday, prayed that my dad would get strong enough for chemo, he passed away before he could get treatment. I so want to have faith and hope but for me is very hard.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Julie

    After a year and half of struggles.. I ended a bad relationship, moved to my sisters, and prayed that things would change. I received an amazing job offer that will allow me to finish college, help others and afford a place of my own…
    By the way I am 53 years old.. so never give up on your dreams.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment mary

    I have asked God for so many things in prayer and sometimes I too wonder if they are going to be answered. I can remember when I was about to lose my home and I prayed to God to stop the foreclosure, just when I thought that there was no hope, He stepped in and I am still in my home. There have been so many times when I thought that I couldn’t make it through hardship and when I prayed, the answer came. There truly is power in prayer.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Linda Dennison

    I know that there is much hopelessness in this sin-filled world of ours, but we must trust,lean and depend on God for he knows our needs and what is best for us. We must let go and let God do His will in our lives.

    Very recently, I have prayed fervently for God to bless me and my family’s finances. We were at our wits end, but He worked it out and I am so thankful and grateful to Him, because without the Lord, I would not be breathing a big sigh of relief – financially.

    First, we were behind three months in our housenote, which has been caught up and the current note was mailed on time. Secondly, our younger son prayed for a job in the state that he attended and graduated from college and he was blessed with a very good job in his major field of study. The Lord answered a prayer of my husband and our younger son and worked that out, also. Our older son has been blessed with a wonderful job in another state and after two years of sharing expenses and living with family, noved into his own place on last month. These are just a few of the many blessings that the good Lord saw fit to bestow on our family.

    Lastly, I am working outside of my home for the first time in more than twenty years. I was not actively searching for a job, was keenly aware that I probably needed to do something else. (While our sons were growing up, I prepared taxes from home. That is all that I did and I did that for five months out of each year. The Lord bless me with satisfactory income to supplement my husband’s income and to successfully graduate two fine young men from college.) Every Fall of the year, we would fall short financially. This past August, I started working in my major field of study – Accounting. The job came by way of a friend that I was contacting about employment for our god-daughter. He in turn informed me that a mutual friend of ours needed an accountant. So here I am. I am part-time and I could work as much as I want to or as little. My time is flexible, with no retraints. It is my “dream job.” God knew my needs and He has given it to me.

    Sometimes I wonder “why me?” In respone to that question, a dear friend of mine asked me “why not you?”

    Aside from the deisres of my heart that the Lord is very well aware of, I am constantly in prayer – giving thanks and praises to GOD.

    I am asking – because if we ask not, we receive not – the Lord would He bless my husband and I with a car/cars. We have driven the same cars we were blessed with since the early 90’s. They are nothing to brag about, but they have served their purpose in getting us here and there for many, many years. I know that “God’s will” will come through for us once again. Not when we want it to happened but right on time.

    Take the time in life to try to count the many blessings that God has graced us with, you can not. He has been so good to us – let’s just say AMEN.


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  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment M.K.

    I am always amazed when someone asks about answered prayers. Our prayers are always answered. Sometimes with what you need at the moment you are really desperate. But sometimes the answer is “No, this is not what you NEED”. Sometimes the answer is “Not right now, this is not the time for a change in your circumstances”. All of these are answers to prayers, not just the miracles. God is faithful and ALWAYS answers our prayers.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Angie

    Countless are the times when my prayers were answered. I just want to share with you instances/incidents wherein I felt that God was with me and my family that He answered my prayers more than what I’ve asked for.
    One night when my youngest son (I have 2 sons) got sick wherein he vomits 4times in less than an hour. That time I only have 80 pesos available as my cash, that if I will rush my son to the hospital, our fare i more than 80 pesos so what and where will I get money to pay for the meds? I knelt down, hold my 3 yr old son and had a prayer. I prayed that please God be with my son and heal him, in less than 15-20 minutes, my son slept and stop from vomitting.
    Another story was wherein me and my 2 sons were in the road waiting for a jeep to ride. We were then came from the church but my kids want to go to the down after the church service. We prayed that Lord please give us a jeep to ride so that we can go to the town. Few minutes later, our Korean pastor from the church where we attended the service came and fetched us and he let us ride into his car. How good the Lord was. We only asked for a jeep to ride but a beautiful car came to fetch. Those were only few of my answered prayers wherein we only consider as little things but if we humbly pray and trust God, He will answer us our prayers more than we asked for.
    I hope i had shared a little story for you my friends and hope to read another inspiring stories from you soon.
    God bless…

  • http://It'samazingwhenprayersareanswered Iris Ethel Zasela

    When I was going through hardships in my life.I cried out to, “God” and prayed about the situation having to do, with my parental rights being terminated. I prayed for my daughter to come back into my life because I hadn’t seen her, for over two years. Due to having been incarcerated.I went to church during this time in my life. I learned on this journey to trying to reach out, while being in my darkest hour. I didn’t know before on this journey to having your prayers answered, things don’t change overnight only in the “Lord’s” timing. I wanted very much to be heard, when I cried out to him. I also asked to be forgiven for the things I have done. The reason I was arrested for the first time in my life. I learned my lesson and realized no-one is worth allowing my anger to get the better of me. I’m forever greatful my daughter and I were reunited by May 13th 2011 a few days after,”Mother’s Day” my daughter Shayna was the best gift I could be blessed with.

  • http://Prayer Barbara Wright


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