Inspiration Report

Inspiration Report

How to Heal a Broken Heart

This week’s blogs have sparked some interesting comments. On both Out Your Envy and Your Thoughts Create Your World, readers mentioned broken hearts and love lost.

Heartache is the worse. It can sometimes sap every ounce of energy and optimism out of you. When you go through a broken relationship, it can take a long time to feel okay again. Here on Beliefnet, we have a few resources to help you get back on your feet and find your wholeness. This video is among my favorites.

What advice do would give someone with a broken heart?

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  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Betty Holshouser

    My broken heart does not stem from a lost love at least not now. I did lose my husband to a heart attack 15 years ago but with God’s help I have overcome that. This one is mainly about my family especialy one of my daughters. As a teenager she caused a tremendous amount of trouble and I was driven almost crazy but with God’s help things did settle down. By the time she was twenty she had had an abortion, a boy that she gave up for adoption an a girl that she kept. Every relationship that she has ever had ended badly. She has another son from another relationship. Now she is 42, in another relationship. She has lost her home,her job and she doesn’t have much to do with her children. Even the 15 year old. The boyfriend tells us she is on drugs but of couse she denies it but the signs are all there. She doesn’t have much to do with her family and the family won’t have much to do with her. We used to be a tight knit family and all loved and cared for each other and now it is the opposite. This is why I am broken-hearted. All five girls were raised in a Christian home and all agree they had a storybook childhood. I don’t know what went wrong.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Betty Daniels

    I have similiar situation with my daughter drugs giving up her daughter me living everday not knowing wheather she is still alive or not. She will go thru treatment be ok for a while and back on drugs.
    It helps to hear other people come out with their situatios because
    then you know that you are not alone and its makes you understand
    its not your fault we make our own decisions so I have excepted the fact that I did all I could do as a parent and I am not going to feel
    guilty anymore. I just pray. I appreciate you sharing

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Samantha

    I’m watching TBN [Trinity Broadcasting Network] right now and “Praise The Lord” is on – Standard Eastern Time 5pm-6pm. Hosting is Paul Crouch Jr. and today’s guests are Josh McDowell, Dr. Townsend and Dr. McCloud. I do believe what they have to say may help you and your families ladies (hope you can find it on your TV programming where you are, or look it up online maybe). I’ll be praying for you all as well.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Samantha

    That’s Dr. CLOUD sorry, not McCloud

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment VICTORIACAVANNA

    I lost my husband 2 years ago.and I date this man ,Ilove him but he does not love me,and this make me very sad and I cry most of the time.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment LP

    I have been in love with J for 3+ years. She loved me but now she does not anymore. She is in other relationships, wants to see me here and there to know that I still love her and would take her back, if things did not work out for her elsewhere. My heart has been broken for so long now, and yet I still long for her. I miss what we had and I am jealous that all these new women in her life get to enjoy the one I love. I cry everyday and no new person for me has what she gave me. She calls me to see me gets her fix then desappears again. And my pain goes on.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment BH

    I broke up with my partner this past February 2011, right before Valentines Day. We had a very loving and a very good relationship, and it all came crashing down within one month for practically no reason as all. He just gave up, and was it was almost like I never even existed and he was able to move on so easily. Being now over 5 months from when it happened, I am so much better, able to function, not constantly thinking about it but there are still little bits pof pain if I drive by places we were and did things together. I actually live close to his work so I pass by it frequently. Some things still hurt yet, but I still need more time. BUT, a few things I did that really helepd me move is in you have to keep going on with yout life. Allow yourself some down days and times to let it out, to cry and to feel it. But then open the blinds, let the natural light flood in, go to the movies, see friends, try new restuarnts, go to a comedy show, ANYTHING! My keeping myself moving, I kept myself busy, kept my thoughts busy and as time has moved on, I have not though of him all that much. Remember to put yourself first and I know I did not think of myself as much as I should have, so I really have learned i need to remember to put myself first as much and not to let anyone try to change the person that I am.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Janice souders-wetzstein

    I have just went to court and testified why i no longer want to be with this man after 29 years of his verbal abuse, controlling, drinking, stripping me of what little pride i had and confidence. It was hard but my heavenly Father helped me every second as i tearfully explained to his lawyer why i left. This truely breaks my heart and my two sons (grown) live now with him and when i helped them financially he said i was wrong well now he is which i am glad but it was wrong for me and now it is ok for him. I’m trying my best to shut sentences and doubt out of my mind today and last night and yes am having a really hard time crying alot which is good except for the terrible headaches. I have been told i was a strong person and that is only for the grace of God and that my parents raised me right and to treat people decent and forgive. I’m not working and have constantly daily been looking unfortunately have been having health problems. I enjoyed your video and it was helpfu thank you and i will keep the faith and keep believing that God will help me learn from this and hold my head up again and believe that if no one else understands me at least my dear Lord does and im homeward bound until then will keep on keeping on. Thank you again for the inspirational video. God Bless

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Rosa

    Betty H.

    Thank you for sharing. My personal belief is nothing went wrong. Instead, Something was waiting to happen and took the opportunity to manifest. As a believer, my persuasion is every human being has the same enemy who works at different levels. No one is above being tempted. This enemy is cunning and seeks to destroy and divide. What has happened to your daughter is one of the many things that is common to mankind. Please don’t feel guilty. If you are a believer, pray for her. In spite of all the things that have happened, it still isn’t too late for her to return to a happy state. Miracles do happen, and God answers prayer. Although she is grown-up, and probably will listen to you, as a believing mother, God will listen to your prayers for your daughter’s well being. Don’t give up.


  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment cam

    How do you reach a child that is full of contempt, unforgiving,yet calls herself a Christian? As parents we do not have a set of rules or regulations or book of how to, We pray for guidance and do the best we can under whatever circumstances we are dealt, however sometimes that is not enough. There are some children, that no matter what, it will never be enough.I have been mistreated, misunderstood and abused and as Jesus taught still love my child. I have tried to talk to the child in question and she refuses to speak of what is bothering her and now has alienated me from her life and my grandchidren.I left my home to move closer to her, thinking that maybe we could reconcile in some way and many years later it has gotten worse instead of better. I am bout ready to give up at this point. I know what is troubling her and she refuses to beleive I had no knowledge of it, and I am being blamed for everything awful in her life, no matter what I say or do to try to prove the contrary. Her husband beleives her lies so it is easy for her to alienate me from the family. I have prayed to the Lord to forgive me for whatever it is that I am supposed to have done or not done, and I know I did the best I could whith what I had to work with. I continue to pray for her and her family, but am very lonely without them since they are the only family I have here. I suppose my only alternative is to go where my other children love me, and continue praying for the best!

  • http://hi divine

    i am in broken heart right now, i had bf he is very far from me we only met here in net, we talk everyday for 2years and 6 month, i love him so much, i never knew that he have another girl from his country, his friend told me this, its really killing me when i heard that news, i call him while i am crying i told him is that true that you have girlfriend from there and the is also your classmate? he denied that he said no she only my closed friend but all of his friend told me about the truth. i am in pain that time until now. he said he love me but now i dont trust him anymore yet i still love him so much until now but here in my mind i want to give up, but the problem is how to start a new life, how to move on? when i talk to him my heart really happy and forget all the the issue. but when we dont talk there is pain inside my heart..

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Brenda Robinson

    Thank you Susan!
    I am suffering greatly with a broken heart.
    Thank you for the wise and encouraging words. I am wondering if I will ever be whole again. It has been three years and still haunts and tortures me.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment MagPie

    I am now married almost 50 years! And happy about it all. However, years ago, there were religious differences between us, now long resolved. At that time, I once gave up, and searched for, and found, another of my same faith. The new man pursued me in a very romantic way, but it was so hard to give up my chosen love, who was still hesitating, to please his family. I finally gave him up in mind and said I would marry the new person…who then said, he was sorry, but he had made another pregnant, and could not marry me after all! I was devastated! After all the heart wrenching over the decision, I was being rejected by the one who pursued so gallantly! I could hardly eat, sleep or operate throughout my day. I was depressed day in and out. I finally remembered a piece of theology the “rejector/suitor” taught me: “That nothing was SO, unless we thought it was!” So I applied that to him: Saying, “There is NO so and so….and only thinking makes him so!” Actually, in my mind I pretended he was dead…gone from the earth! And only then, could I return to my true love, who within a few years asked me to be his wife, realizing we were both Christians, could have a “Christian” marriage, and allowed NObody to call our Marriage Mixed. It was a huge decision in the 1960’s, that we have never regretted. Fiftieth Anniversary just around the corner! Praise God!

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment US SOLDIER


  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Richard

    I am a 41 year old male that has been married for 3 years now. My marriage was fine in the beginning, but then it fell apart. My wife started to act funny towards me & she knew that I wanted to have children. She said she wanted the same, but she lied to me about her medical history. She had cancer of the uterus & she had a full hysterectomy. We had a very stable home & she walked out on me after our 1 year anniversary. It has now been 2 & a half years since I last saw her. I recently met a very nice 41 year old woman who is preganent & I care about her very much. Last nite I found out that she has been posting nude explicit pics of herself on the internet. She is about to be evicted & I want her to move in with me because of the baby. I don’t want them to be homeless. I don’t know why she has the pics on the internet & she says that she loves me, wants me to be the baby’s Father & wants to marry me. I am still hurt from my first marriage & I don’t want to get hurt again. I don’t know what to do. I truly need someones advice. I am very hurt right now & I don’t know what to do. If you would love to give me advice, you can E-Mail me back at: Any advice will be greatly appreciated. Thank You in advance.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Carla Zachery

    after a broken heart a person needs time to heal inside I have found out myself that two people should have the same amount of value for each other I am no expert but I believe
    that sharing similiar values is important but if is meant to be he or she will be back or maybe never give up true love endures over all. I myself am a hopeless romantic, I hhave seen it work.

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