Inspiration Report

Inspiration Report

Denying Fear

If you don’t know Gabrielle Bernstein, let’s make some introductions. She’s a motivational speaker and author of the popular book Add More ~ing To Your Life.

On this blog, we’ve been talking a lot about hope in difficult circumstances and how it all boils down to how you want to think about your life. A few of you have asked, “How do I change the way I think?” Gabby was gracious to give us this video on how to control your thought life. Here’s Gabby on how to stay in your right mind.


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  • http://DenyingFearandRecognizingEgo Allison M. Santos

    This is good news. Ego is one of the most dangerous and can be very damaging to young minds. Unfortunately, parents use very unprofessionally trained parenting skills due to the ego. This is a very good topic to explore and train our youth to watch out for. We need to emphasize love and make sure they get lots of it along the way.
    Allison M. Santos

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Danny Russell

    I like it! We were able to apply it to our current struggle of a nicotine addiction. Use the denial to deny the addiction existed (the old me) to the new me that does not smoke.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Susan Donnelly

    This is good – it’s another way of saying “Satan, get thee behind me”. My grown daughter and I are walking through a tough time together and I do mean together – she had to give up her home after loosing her job, a divorce and is now pregnant for the 4th time (and we still have no baby). I am a full time student, had just moved into a really nice little two bedroom house with my dog when she came home again. So, we are keeping ‘stress’ out of our lives by being thankful that she has this opportunity to have this baby, fingers crossed and in her 16th week now, together. So, we refuse to believe that we need the sperm donator in her life and that we can absolutely do this together! We are making new friends, growing very close and enjoying our ‘quiet’, no shopping allowed lives!

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Hefni Fahad

    Thank you for your advice of denies fears which mean you want us to use positive attitude all the time. Thank you again.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Teri Alexander

    I have just heard a fantastic message from DR. Fred Price who has a church in S.California.Last Sunday he spoke about the impact that the mind has on our spiritual lives and how easy it is for the enemy to break us down.In Ephesians:6 it states to put the FULL Armour of God onto us and that includes our thought process.Evil will enter our thought process and turn our ideas into suggestions that may be in total conflict with the light of God.The message that Pastor Price gave on that Sunday sure did wake me up out of a terrible depression.It had been going on for two years and I felt like there was no hope to pull me out of it. I would say by Gods wonderful intersession I did begin to see the light at the middle of a long dark tunnel.His timing could of not been any more perfect. I hope this may help someone who is fighting the darkness that I wrestle with also.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment joseph newsom

    We were talking about controlling our thoughts, the way we think. My take on it , bye-the-by I am a Native American. I said that because we were taught that thoughts, dreams, ideas become stored in the “Dream Catcher” ready to become reality for someone someday.Yes, the Catcher also filters out the Darkness, only if you are of the Light.But, it can be difficult to contain our thoughts with this horriable images we see on T.V.. When I was a child, to see someone killed, even on t.v., made me sick, uneasy and generally sad. Now, our kids read these graphic novels under the guise of ‘comic books” where superheroes are graphically gutted, eaten alive, appendages severed off,rapes, what happened to the good guy punching out the bad guy? Now remember, there are 12 and younger, kids reading this material, de-sensitizing them. And we wonder why our kids bring guns to school, murder their classmates, have no respect for authority. In my day, I wish I would have spoken out of turn, I would have been beaten until I was caucasion.The world does not love one another, they are trying to see what they can steal, rob, murder from their fellow human. My ancestors were right, the Europeans brought nothing but misery, despair and disease. And, we tried to be-friend them, how did they re-pay us? Blankets with polio lined in them for our children to die a slow and painful death and enslaved my brothern. Karma has a funny way of correcting Herself. Chepie (my Indian name, it means Bold Spirit)

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment karen dover

    Teri Alexander,

    I needed to hear what you had to say.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Eva B

    Thanks so much for letting us know that fear is one big barrier that often keep us from reaching our goals in life. We some times become so scared that we fail to take the right decision with fear of what others will feel, think or say about us, forgetting the fact that whether or not we do the right things people are at liberty to say whatever pleases them. Fear of failure is one big thing in our lives also; I would want to try this but I am afraid that it will not be successful and with the devil whispering with his UGLY voice saying you won’t make it and you’ll be laughed at. And you know the devil has stolen all the good promised that the Bible offers to believers in Luke 12:22 & 32 about the worries and fears in this life of ours.

    Fear is creating so much darkness around us but today I pray that God in his infinite mercy will grant me strength to overcome every dark cloud that has been set before me stopping me from seeing the bright light of my savior Jesus through which my salvation is sure to shine on me. I also pray for anyone going through darkness in any shape or form to receive the light of Jesus and be delivered from their bondage of fear and anxiety.

    Once more thanks and may God continue to endow you with wisdom to help more people to get over life troubles.


    I would LOVE to hear your thoughts on pg 380-81,The Little Willingness

  • http://Albynna Elaine

    There soo many temptation out there and our negative needs that easierly attract our needing attention ego out that blind us from our positive deep inner thoughts which is very hard for us to focus on it and we end up learning things the hard way

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  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment barbara

    I was led to this meditation and blog regarding releasing fear. My husband is experiencing a health challenge and all day I had been struggling with my faith in a miracle. Should I allow myself to hope or should I give up hope and accept the situation. The doctors have not been able to help us and we need a miracle. He is losing hope and struggling everyday to continue.

    I believe in the white light and often visualize myself and husband surrounded by the light then my faith falters. I am holding on in faith and thank you for guiding me back to the light.

  • Kristine

    It is amazingly sad that there are too many instances in our
    lives when we hold back or stop ourselves from experiencing something because
    of norms or because of the fear of failure and the things that come with
    failure. The function of social norms is to keep us within the boundaries set
    by society and our ego’s main job is to keep us from failing on anything. That’s
    why social norms and our own ego make us think that we know our own limits. But
    in truth, ego and norms keep us from having a complete experience of life. It
    prevents us from experiencing, and that’s just sad. It helps to read articles
    about business, organization found on inspirational blogs such as, to keep our courage and break away from the hold of social norms and ego.

  • Amy

    “The issue here is not denying fear. The fear itself is concrete. The issue is not allowing that fear to paralyze us, not allowing that fear to persuade us to quit, to face a challenging situation without effort, without a fight.” -Paulo Freire

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