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Inspiration Report

Overcoming The Fear of Meditation

Meditation completely unnerves some people. I understand why. If I asked you to sit perfectly still and empty your mind or (worse yet) concentrate on one thing for longer than 30 seconds, I wonder how many of you could do it. I don’t think I could, but I certainly want to try.

I just came across this article for Ode Magazine: “The Real Reason You Don’t Meditate and How to Overcome It”. It reveals why meditation is such a scary word.
In my experience, when we make a commitment to quiet down and go within, two kinds of fear arise. The first is that our suppressed negative emotions will rise to the surface and cause us pain. The second fear emerges once we’ve become adept at meditation and reflection. It’s that if we continue plumbing our own depths, we’ll lose our identity and everything that supports it.

Read the full story on Ode Magazine‘s website.


When you overcome the fear of it, there is tremendous strength and insight in stillness. It’s our quiet time with God and with ourselves. We certainly need to get reacquainted with each other.

Do you meditate? If so, how and why?

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  • Salcia

    I used to meditate regularly after taking the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction course. Then, while practicing, I entered into an environment that was very unhealthy to the point of abusive, and the pain of living there was made much clearer to me by the fact of being mindful. That I was deeply traumatized in that abusive environment has made me gun-shy about returning to meditative practice now that I’ve gotten out. So I suppose my fear is of the first kind, but it’s supported by previous experience.

  • maryann moon

    I became a devoted meditator for a couple of years, and I shall always remember the vision I received.
    And once in Tucson, AZ, where a spiritual gathering was taking place, on my way therem in a taxi-
    I had another vision – the entire desert disappeared!! What took its place was indescribably beautiful
    like a sublime water color world of pink and lavender and silver and gold. It was a landscape in
    motion – brush strokes of love and beauty that took my breath away. This vision lasted only about 5
    minutes, and then the desert was back again. But I got a trilling glimpse of heaven for a very short

  • Jennifer

    I have recently discovered meditation and truly the benefits. Years ago I tried it during Yoga classes and was never able to shut off my mind and really “go within”. Now I have been able to and it has been a huge benefit to my overall well being and balance. I highly recommend it and will continue to better understand my “self” from it.

  • Stewart

    I meditate occasionally and find it very useful for letting the mind come to rest and for rebalancing my energies, which also helps my relationships and my work. I even mention meditation in my latest blog post (I invite you to have a look). Meditation may not be for everyone, and I think that’s totally fine; we each do what works for us. But if one really wants to meditate, why let fear stop one? I say, trust yourself, trust life. Meditation might help one confront things that one hasn’t dealt with, but isn’t our purpose on earth to take care of what is ours to take care of so we can do the “greater works” that Jesus spoke of? I don’t put myself on His level, but I also don’t plan to limit myself. Let’s explore our great potential!

  • Uneva

    I’ve meditated for years. It takes me from one mental/emotional plane to another. I enjoy letting my mind wander, and seeing what realms it wants to wander into. Of course, before I begin, I decide that I will not allow any negaativism. If I see my thoughts going in that direction, I pull out of it, then head in another direction. The few times I find that near-impossible to accomplish, I end my meditation, and resort to studying my scriptures, till I tire of it. Then I go on to other activities till I feel like meditating again.

  • Rachel

    I definitely can relate to the fear of meditation. After trying it a few times and feeling very ressless it is easy to give up on it. However I think it is important to realize that meditation does not have to be done sitting still. It can be combined with activities such as walking or yoga. Personally I found walking meditation to be a good way to get started and keep my mind focused. From there I moved to journaling, which for me was a type of meditation and finally I was able to actual sit and do “normal” meditation. It is a process that is well worth working on.

  • Tommyji

    I have meditated for years and have been teaching meditation almost as long. My experience with meditation came originally from a place of adventure and exploration, so that even when the releases of negative past experiences begin to arise, I was able to recognize them for what they were, without much fear; though that’s not to say without pain.

    Releasing does not mean that you lose your memories of the past, rather you release from your mind-body the pain that hold you back from living with freedom and clarity.

    Releasing, also, does not mean that you can always simply; as a friend once put it, let it go. For some letting go will involve a process, one that could require the help of others. The benefit of meditation is the surfacing of the negative emotions so that by whatever necessary process they can be released allowing the fear to be transformed into lightness and joy.


  • Sanjaya

    Meditation does indeed bring up long suppressed fears and emotions and this can be tough to deal with, scary at times. However what meditation (with regular practice) also does is create insight. This will make you realize that negativity is just social conditioning and labels that we have imprinted on our mind. Through meditation we get to look at this objectively and allows us to leave such fears behind. I encourage everyone who has a fear of meditation to heed these words by the Buddha “Whosoever practices metta (meditation) will always be protected.”

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Caterina Ray

    I don’t know how people feel meditation. This is something that relaxes you, which helps out a lot in someones daily life. From meditating I have found my inner peace.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Bellchatter

    Meditation is hard for me. I feel I’m in touch to a greater or lesser extent without that sitting ritual. Sitting brings up too much sense of failure. In life I feel like a failure, why rub it in I ask myself.

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