Inspiration Report

Inspiration Report

This Intentional Life

I love this website, The concept is so simple. It’s just people posting their daily intentions, and it’s very inspiring.

“To act compassionately and passionately in all areas of my life and toward all beings”

“Accept life as it is”

“I intend to get back into the gym after a three-week hiatus due to illness”

“To start dealing with my crippling fear”

I enjoy seeing people embrace a carpe diem attitude, and what better way to live every day on purpose than to start it with a plan of mental action.


I didn’t learn the power of my thoughts until I began training for a half-marathon last year. I realized quickly that believing I could run 13.1 miles was more than half the battle. With every Saturday morning that I found myself on the track, I knew I could do it before I took my first step. Let me tell you, it made all the difference.

Now, does a simple thought always ensure a perfect day? Not quite. I’ve had many days when I set out with the best of intentions and everything still fell apart. But that’s life. And I know that for at least a few moments that morning, my day was good.

So, what would you like to see happen today? Do you want to be happier or kinder to your family and co-workers? Then, like Nike, just do it. Start your day with the intention of making today better than yesterday. Who knows how far it will take you.


  • Randy j Needham

    I like your spirt and thoughts and your big heart im sorry to here that you were sick i hope you get better because you need to feel good when you run with the wind and today is going to be a better day for me and my family because i want to be happier with my family and to be kinder to them because i love them so much thank you very much

  • Cherry

    Hey wow great information . i came across this very awesome link do check it out :)

  • elaine

    I try just being at peace with myself, working hard, enjoying all the little things as well as the big things in life. being content with what you can do or cannot do to change things. I am thankful for where I live, where I work and having my safe haven of home to go to after work. My husband may not be here physically but he is here in spirit and helps me through everyday.

  • Red Gramma

    I really like this site, a place where I can put down in writing and post what i plan to do, what I want to do on this day, or tomorrow in this case. Tomorrow I see my surgeon for a post op check for a cervical spine procedure he did 2 weeks ago, disecting and fusing 7 of my cevical dics together. Quite a surgery, successful, I believe for I have much less pain in my neck and arms now. I have been studying the Biblical Mary and Martha during my recouperation period and am so anxious to spread the study around to whom ever at my church wants to join in for lent. It is so intersting, I find, how much do each of us, or how much do I want to fill myself with the Holy Spirit? Just enough so I can “do” this study? Enough that I can really know God? How much? How much do I want to know God and how much…how do I weigh that?? The answer has to be that you will never have enough of the Father. Well, tomorrow, I am going to continue to work on learning as much as I can about my Heavenly Father. God Bless.

  • Peter Conrad

    What a nice gift to find this morning. I appreciate the simplicity and power of the message. I wonder how long it will take me to lose my track. Usually it isn’t too long, but that is my choice, isn’t it?

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