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Inspiration Report

Newsweek Says Good News is Good for You

While some people can’t get enough of negative news there is a growing trend in positive news coverage, prompting Newsweek to cover the good news beat. 

090317_lede_Luck.jpg“Is the glut of bad news getting you down?” asks journalist Daniel Brown, in the Newsweek web article, “The Growing Hunger for Positive News Stories.”


“Not me,” he writes. “I’ve tapped into the growing number of outlets that produce nothing but positive stories–and I’m never going back.”

Beliefnet has been in the business of inspiring people for 10 years and we have always served up good tidings and a positive spin on life. Our new blog, The Inspiration Report, gives us a chance to bring you a steady flow of inspiring news.

Nice to know that positive news reportage is more in fashion these days, with good and happy news sites popping up around the web.

“The best reason to get a healthy dose of good news is that it’s good for you,” writes Brown.


“Studies show that a calm and optimistic mind can have health benefits, like lower blood pressure and deeper sleep. Which explains why it’s not just me; good news is a pretty hot commodity these days. Of course it’s impossible to find a positive spin on every bit of depressing information that comes across on the cable-news crawl. But organizations that dish up unreported or unnoticed positive stories are becoming hot commodities.

“The Growing Hunger for Positive News–Selling the Silver Lining” was published online on Newsweek in March 2009.


  • Angelique Eisenbarth

    Positive news sounds great! I never watch the news because it is filled with negativity. I would however, like to know what positive things are happening. I’ve wanted positive news coverage for quite some time now. Thank you!

  • Vern

    I hope that it lasts. I have always wanted to hear about the positive in the world. As a recovering news junkie and having a severe case of depression, this is great news. Thank you

  • bootsy

    Good news!We all have good news to share and good things happen everyday, just be positive and the world will be positive with you…smile and the world smiles back!

  • Patricia

    Thank you, it’s like a breath of fresh air!
    A great way to start my day!

  • Debby

    What a wonderful idea. I tire so much of hearing all the negative, horrible news on TV and in print. Some positive news is what we all need!

  • Marie Ennis-O’Connor

    I was recently involved with a Good News Friday iniative. Companies and individuals were invited to submit news releases to the media through a media release agency for free. The only stipulation was that the news had to be positive. It was a great success!

  • Mike

    Good! We all could use some good news to start the day off right.

  • Your Name

    My name is Rhonda Wilson; I am an African American woman and military
    wife. I have been working in Iraq for about 2 years and I have opened Future’s youth & teen outreach, a 501(3)c public charity in Savannah, GA
    to give back to our American youth and teens and the community.
    I found my purpose in life and i am happy.

  • susan

    So true…FOX News is the BIGGEST villian in always delivering bad and extremely decisive news. I don’t know about your families, however for me, this organization has torn my family apart. Some people only watch it and feel FOX only speaks the truth …NO EXCEPTIONS. We can barely speak to one another. I wish FOX would go off the air. They are horrible.

  • Carol

    Subscribe to the online edition of Ode Magazine. It’s alllllll good, positive news. I love it!

  • Scott Mueller

    I think that if a person were to have to make a determination as to where the state of human society was according to the popular media today, I believe that our world would come up far short. Yes its true that we are living in a time of Me Me Me selfishness, unadulterated greed, sexual depravity, hateful prejudices and unspeakable violence both on the personal and governmental levels, with seemingly little or no moral accountability. That being said, I am still of the hopeful, (possibly naive) belief that there are more people who are loving and spiritually and morally centered in our world than what one would believe as the result of our general modern media. I know for me, and I believe for all of us, we seem to find that of what we are looking for. So I choose to seek out anything that will edify me in an enlightened and Loving manner.

  • Jennie

    I was just having a conversation the other day about how negative the media is. It is hard enough in these difficult economic times to stay positive and hopeful without the constant reporting of bad news. It seems that the worse the news story is the more people want to hear it

  • Amanda

    While I agree that we should expose ourselves to positive things (including news), I also feel that we have to strike a balancing act. Lets face it, the harsh reality is while there are lots of positive stories of hope, there is untold suffering around the world. By turning a blind eye on the negatives, we will gradually fall into the trap of escapism and self-centredness. It will diminish our empathy and inter-connectedness with others.
    For me, while I love to read positive news and stories (that’s why I am a regular reader of this website), I remind myself everyday of the reality of the world we live in and pray about how, in my own small humble ways, I could help to transform the grim situation in my environment. But I won’t be able to do that if I choose avoidance of the reality.

  • lynette

    dah….. i don’t watch the news cause it get me depressed

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