Inside Faith with Brother Joseph
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America is fascinated with crime and punishment. Criminal Justice programs are overflowing at colleges~ keeping pace with our burgeoning prison population (the largest per capita in the world), because crime and punishment are en vogue “and an exciting career field.” Meanwhile, […]

If you were put on trial for your faith, would there be enough evidence to convict you of being a Christian? I’ve heard this adage many times, but never had I met anyone to whom it could be applied. Enter […]

When Obama was elected, many pundits exclaimed that America was officially post-race. Clearly, they haven’t visited a prison lately. Inside, many aspects of life revolve around race –who you talk to, sit next to, throw the ball to. Race even […]

I got pulled over today. That’s “inside” jargon for a random stop-and-search by a Corrections Officer (CO). In prison, privacy is a pipe dream. My person and property can be “shaken down” at any moment. Every phone call is monitored, […]

Note: This post is by “Brother Joseph” who blogs about his experiences reconnecting with his Catholic faith while in a Federal Minimum Security Prison. “Inside Faith” by Brother Joseph I’m 31. I’ve had some lofty goals, traveled and worked all […]