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When Obama was elected, many pundits exclaimed that America was officially post-race. Clearly, they haven’t visited a prison lately.

Inside, many aspects of life revolve around race –who you talk to, sit next to, throw the ball to. Race even determines which TV you watch. There is no racial hierarchy: All races are equal in their self-segregation. As Christians, race shouldn’t matter; we are all children of God.

But all too often Christians are masters of self-segregation. Not by race, mind you. I’m talking about denominations. Racial bigots denigrate outsiders with brands of “inferior” or “evil’ Christians, with a slight variation, accuse each other’s belief systems and traditions of being “fallen” or “evil”, or better yet, “deceived.”

But a house divided against itself cannot stand. Last Sunday, some like-minded believers founded a young men’s Christian fellowship: Faith. We instituted our group, Ephesians 4:3 as our guide, to emphasize brotherhood, diversity, denomination, race, and culture. We aim to build a fraternity that recognizes each individual first and foremost as a son of God. Not Baptist, Catholic, Pentecostal. Not Black, White, Asian. But this: One body. One Spirit. One faith.”

If we, instead of building moats and walls, applied the same energy to the Great Commission –serve, love, evangelize –we could be moving mountains. Pray for us, that faith makes a difference here. Or better yet, start a group of your own.

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