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Fine performances and effects can’t hide “Caprica’s” lack of dramatic tension.

Tim Tebow to be featured in Focus on the Family-sponsored Super Bowl ad: Spokesman for family above all or hubristic quarterback heaving it out of bounds?

Italian-American groups are upset with MTV’s ‘Jersey Shore,’ claiming it reinforces negative stereotypes, but don’t all reality shows?

Vatican newspaper declares ‘The Simpsons’ Okely Dokely

This was originally published In October, but we’re reposting it in light of yesterday’s season premiere. You can watch “Hoarders” on Monday night’s at 10/9 Central on A & E. I’ve been transfixed by “Hoarders,” A&E’s new reality show about […]

‘Jon & Kate Plus 8’ may be ending too soon for Kate, but what about the viewers?

National Geographic Channel’s Second Annual Expedition Week offers plenty of adventure.

Critics have labeled VH1’s “Sex Rehab with Dr. Drew” voyeuristic but does that devalue the show’s message?

‘Glee’ has always been a quirky blend of song and social commentary, but this week’s episode, “Wheels,” feels like after school special territory.

The reimagining of the classic 80s sci-fi series delivers deep messages, but also face-ripping, alien-revealing good fun.