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This Just In: Kids Learn About Sex from TV

posted by burb

A study published recently in the Journal for Adolescent Health concluded that media—TV, movies, music, and magazines—operate in teenagers’ lives like a “super peer,” a beyond-cool kid whom the whole class models its behavior on. And sex is what this cool kid is recommending.

By comparing a group of U.S. teens’ answers about what they watch, read, and listen to with their sexual activity, researchers determined that the teens got much of their input about sexual behavior from media sources. This could be a problem because, the report says, “media programming rarely depicts negative consequences from sexual behaviour, and depictions of condom and contraception use are extremely rare.”

The good news is that parents, religion, and school came in a strong second in kids’ sexual decision-making.


Practical Polygamy on “Boston Legal”

posted by doug howe

ABC’s “Boston Legal” regularly raises ethical and moral questions, and this week’s topic was polygamy. Two sharp and attractive clients babysit each other’s kids and share groceries, lawn equipment… and Ray Anderson. “We’ve done nothing wrong, there is no victim here,” said Mrs. Anderson #1. “In this chaotic world we live in, where there is no stability, we have found a way to raise a family in a cooperative and loving way,” said Mrs. Anderson #2.

Denise, the Boston Legal attorney whose own escapades have included affairs with a dying man and a pretend policeman, reminds them of this current fact: “Guys, the law on polygamy has been settled for a long time.”


Mrs. Anderson #2: “So, it’s time for a change.”
Mrs. Anderson #1: “We are very commited to this.”
Mr. Anderson (with a smile): “I know I am.”

As their case moves to the witness stand, the two Mrs. Andersons explain how their mutual efforts help to raise great kids, work in successful careers, sustain a happy household, and keep “their” man happy. They win over the judge, who is obviously jealous of their peace and happiness, as well as their attorney, who argues the logic of changing polygamy laws that were written during a “different economic construct”–when women didn’t work or vote.

Denise then argues (overstates?) that with current divorce rates at 43% and with 60% of men and 40% of women having extra-marital affiars, many people are practicing sexual polygamy, just not institutionalizing it. The show’s case for a new normative behavior is countered only at its end by a rather simple-minded (and suddenly old-fashion-sounding) attorney, who makes his case not along moral lines, but economic ones, citing tax-deductions and health insurance among the problematic issues were polygamy to be legalized.


The show’s relevance may seem laughable to some, but it shouldn’t be, considering the advances in the homosexual agenda, which is practiced by a much smaller percentage of people than those practicing heterosexual promiscuity. What made the Boston Legal episode powerful was the comparison: Sexual “polygamy” is practiced to some degree in our current society, though not accepted socially, legally, or institutionally, which sounds a lot like how homosexuality has been practiced over the recent decades.

Boston Legal again brought a comedic flare to a current issue, turning a farcical topic into a challenge for the spiritual person who should be sure of his or her convictions and the foundations upon which they’re based.


Maybe He Should Have Sculpted Beethoven’s Mom

posted by burb

Whether you’re pro-choice or pro-life, you have to wonder if holding those horrible posters and lingering outside clinics is the best way to protest abortion. Daniel Edwards, a sculptor based in Connecticut, has come up with a better way. Edwards has created an homage to the creative force in the shape of Britney Spears giving birth to her now 6-month-old son. Edwards found notoriety last year when he produced a sculpture of Ted Williams’s surgically removed and cryogenically frozen head. The life-size resin figure, titled “Monument to Pro-Life: The Birth of Sean Preston” depicts a pregnant, nude Britney crouched over a bear skin rug, with a look of severe concentration on her face and Sean Preston’s head emerging at the other end.


Britney fans are irate, sending the Brooklyn, N.Y., gallery where the statue goes on display next month more than 3,000 emails in less than a week. Activists on both sides of the debate are riled too: pro-choicers, of course, because they don’t like its message, but pro-lifers also complain it demeans their cause. Every individual is precious, of course, but it’s true that we’ll be stunned if an abortion opponent ever asks, “What if Sean Preston Federline’s mom had an abortion?”


Mandisa Testifies

posted by ellen leventry

“This song goes out to everybody that wants to be free. Your addiction, lifestyle, or situation may be big, but God is bigger,” proclaimed “American Idol” contestant Mandisa as she strutted onto the stage last night to sing the 2000 hit “Wanna Praise You” by the gospel duo Mary Mary. The song, also known as “Shackles” was described by the powerful vocalist–a leader at Living Proof Live conferences who’s not shy about talking about Jesus, especially to judge Simon Cowell–as a “testimony that there’s nothing too hard for God.”


While her spirited performance had members of the audience, including Season 3 contestant George Huff, up in their seats, Cowell found the performance to be “a bit indulgent,” noting that he “just didn’t get the performance.” Paula Abdul, however, judged it more than worthy, saying, “There’s a new religion and 40 million people have now joined the church of Mandisa.”

So, while we know Abdul’s a convert, we’ll have to wait and see on tonight’s results show how viewers judge Mandisa’s no-holds-barred testimony.

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