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National Geographic Announces Cast of ‘Killing Jesus’ Film

posted by Genice Phillips

killingjesus book cover

National Geographic Channel joins forces with political pundit Bill O’Reilly for a third time in the upcoming film adaptation of his book, “Killing Jesus.”

His previous films, “Killing Kennedy” and “Killing Lincoln” were the first and second-most-watched programs on the channel, respectively.

It is expected for “Killing Jesus” to be just as successful, with a talented, diverse cast chronicling the life of Jesus.

Kelsey Grammer takes on the role of King Herod, the Roman Judean King that sought to kill Jesus at birth. Lebanese actor, Haaz Sleiman, best known for his role in the 2008 indie film “The Visitor,” will play the title role of Jesus.

Stephen Moyer from the HBO show, “True Blood,” will portray Pontius Pilate, the Roman governor who ordered the crucifixion of Jesus.

Rufus Sewell (“Hercules”) John Rhys Davies (“Lord of the Rings,” “Indian Jones”), Emmanuelle Chriqui (“Entourage”) and Stephanie Leonidas (“Defiance”) are also starring in the upcoming film.

“The film Killing Jesus will break new ground in chronicling the life of the most famous human being who ever lived,” said O’Reilly in a recent press release. “The superb cast and script reflect much thought and research. Viewers are in for something very different and very special.”

“Killing Jesus” is expected to premiere globally on the National Geographic Channel in 2015 in 171 countries and 45 languages.

New Trailer Released for Acclaimed Documentary ‘Little Hope Was Arson’

posted by lwhite

YouTube Preview Image

When a church loses its building, can it still stand?

“Little Hope Was Arson” is a feature length documentary that tells the 2010 story of 10 East Texas churches, set ablaze in one month, sparking the largest manhunt in regional history. But after the case was solved, the bigger mystery began. What drove two young men to commit these terrible acts, how were families and churches impacted by this tragedy and after a church loses its building, can it stand again?

Theo Love, the film’s director was so moved when he read about the fires, he jumped at the opportunity to be a part of the story telling process. Love knew there was power in the story’s retelling.

“From the moment I read about these fires, I knew there was a redemptive story that could rise from these violent and tragic acts,” said Theo Love, the film’s director. “When churches and families face such loss—of property and relationships—it can turn attention to what really matters.”

The documentary is a gripping true-crime drama, in which communities are challenged, families brought to crisis, and ultimately, redemption sought.  The film is set to release in Los Angeles and a number of other cities, including several in Texas, on November 28. Be sure to watch the above trailer and find a screening near you at

The Better Angels Sheds Light on Mr. Lincoln

posted by Angela Guzman

YouTube Preview Image

We all know him based on what the history books tell us however, those pages do not shed light on his early life and how he became the man that everyone admires today. The Better Angels is a film that does just that – gives us the background on how Abraham became a man. The film showcases the trials and tribulations that Abe and his family had to face in order to survive and the two women in his life that helped shape him into a legendary figure.

Braydon Denney plays Abe and for the first time, in film history, captures the young soul that would soon lead our country. Lincoln’s older sister, that cared for him a great deal of his childhood, is played by the talented Diane Kruger.

The Better Angels is a piece of history that gets forgotten because of the brilliant presidency. Many forget the beginnings -Indiana, 1817. At this time the nation removed from a war of independence and a mere 40-years-old. Everyone was battling the world around them, trying to find their place while living in remote log cabins to combat disease.

The film, The Better Angels, will open your eyes to the beginnings and shed light on how greatness is born and the energy it takes to prevail. You’ll appreciate the roads and people that shape us and be inspired by the tribulations that change us.

Click here to watch an exclusive clip from The Better Angels.

A&E Docuseries ‘Dogs of War’ Follows the Lives of PTSD War Veterans, Matched With Shelter Dogs Trained to Help with Recovery after Combat

posted by lwhite

dogsofwarA military veteran, once condemned to a life of isolation and an abandoned dog, once condemned to shelter life come together to rescue each other.

This Veterans Day, A&E Network presents ‘Dogs of War,” a new docuseries that follows the intense journey of military veterans who are suffering with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), paired with shelter dogs that are trained to help them to adjust to life after combat. With the rigorous training and emotional support of these service dogs, veterans are able to integrate back into normal life.

pawsandstripesThe life-saving organization behind the series is Paws and Stripes, founded by Jim and Lindsey Stanek. Jim, who served three tours in Iraq, returned home suffering from severe PTSD. He was not only struggling with the disorder, but also on the brink of homelessness, on a long list to be matched with a costly service dog. Lindsey and Jim, tired of the road blocks, set out to establish an organization that would adopt unwanted dogs from kill shelters, rehabilitate them and pair them with a veteran, at little or no cost. This move was life-changing.

“This series is full of raw, real and intensely emotional moments that don’t often get a spotlight in mainstream media,” said David McKillop, General Manager and Executive Vice President of A&E. “Each veterans’ story of survival is humbling and we are proud to create a series that captures the light at the end of the tunnel for these heroes.”

Be sure to watch ‘Dogs of War,’ premiering Tuesday, November 11 at 10PM ET/PT. This docuseries will touch, move and inspire you.

YouTube Preview Image

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