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‘Hey! Ho! Let’s Go!’

posted by Corine Gatti

Faster than you can say: ‘Hey! Ho! Let’s go!,’ self-taught drummer Marky Ramone continues to rock out his legacy as the last member of the most iconic punk bands in history.  In his book, Punk Rock Blitzkrieg: My Life as a Ramone, Marky gives an account of the punk scene in the 1970s, a look at The Ramones neuroses, dysfunctions and overcoming alcoholism.

Before joining the band, Marc Bell, was signed to record deal just out of high school. Hanging out with legends like Jimmy Hendricks, Marky was entrenched in the punk rock social scene. In 1978 Marky joined the Ramones and lead singer, Joey, and well, it was history in the making.

There have been many books written on the band, but not from a Ramone, so now was a good time. “The band member is in the inner circle more than anyone else,” he said. “So I figured after reading all the other books I wanted to quell some rumors and tell my own story, and how things went through my observation.”


This story includes Joey and his OCD, Marky driving his car into a storefront window, and later during his sobriety becoming a bike messenger after leaving the band in 1983. The book also will talk about Dee Dee, who was given the book, Pet Cemetery by author Stephen King, and within an hour, the song Pet Cemetery was born.

Having Rich Herschlag help write the book was equally important.

“There has to be a flow to the book,” Marky said. “You have to make sure everything is accurate and you have to have somebody with you who can make you sound like you in the book while you’re reading it.”


Marky was given sage advice from his father on the people we would talk about.

“If you’re going to tell and talk about other people, you better be twice as blunt about yourself. That’s why I wrote about my rehab, my situation with alcohol and how I beat it, and how I was in the band twice.”

The native from Brooklyn is in his 10th year as a D.J. on Sirius XM, tours, and in 2011 The Ramones  were recognized as punk pioneers, receiving the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award in 2011.

Keep up with Marky at



Legendary Journalist Bob Simon Killed in Car Accident

posted by Angela Guzman

bobsimonThe journalism community received tragic news last night, legendary writer and reporter Bob Simon was killed in a car crash on the West Side Highway, after Simon’s limo driver lost control of the vehicle. According to law enforcement reports, the Lincoln Town Car that Simon, 73, was riding in collided with a Mercedes-Benz, then veered across the roadway and plowed into a pedestrian expansion near West 30th Street at about 7 p.m.

Unfortunately, the Town Car was so destroyed that rescuers had to pry open the roof of the car to extract Simon. Sources say that Simon was found unresponsive with head and stomach injuries. The 44-year-old Lincoln driver was treated by responders for a possible heart attack and suffered two broken legs and arm. It was not clear if he actually suffered a heart attack, nor was it immediately clear if he was stricken before or after the crash. The driver is currently listed in stable condition.


Simon, who lived on the Upper West Side, was traveling downtown to attend a seminar. Simon joined CBS in 1967, launching his career as a foreign correspondent while covering the Vietnam War from the London and Saigon bureaus.

Simon was aboard one of the last helicopters out of Saigon in 1975 and covered the Gulf War in 1991, when he and several members of a CBS News crew were captured by Iraqi forces and held hostage.
Simon and the other hostages spent 40 days in an Iraqi prison, where they were interrogated and beaten with canes. In 1996, Simon joined 60 Minutes on CBS.

Simon has won 25 Emmy Awards for his in-depth journalism reports. Some of his recent reports included an interview with Iraqi insurgency leader Muqtada al-Sadr and coverage of Sudan, where thousands of people were displaced after the second civil war. And he was finishing up a documentary on Ebola with his daughter, who is a producer at CBS, to air in the near future.

Simon will be deeply missed. He is survived by his wife, Francoise, and grandson, Jack.


A Familiar Face Returns to SNL

posted by Angela Guzman

Eddie MurphyAfter more than 30 years, Eddie Murphy is making a return to Saturday Night Live. Murphy was a young 19-years-old when he joined the cast in 1981 and his last guest host appearance was in 1984.

In an interview with News One Now Murphy said, “It just never worked out where the timing was right for me to do it,” he said of returning. “They’re having a 40th anniversary. I’m going to that. And that will be the first time I’ve been back since I left.”


Critics have said SNL is what launched Murphy’s career and Murphy is what helped launch SNL. There’s no doubt that Murphy’s ability to carry a solo sketch was impressive – especially considering most SNL sketches, even today, have multiple supportive roles. Murphy was one of the first stars to leave SNL and make a successful career in Hollywood on the big screen.

As we prepare for Murphy’s highly anticipated return, let’s relive some of Murphy’s greatest SNL moments.

Eddie Murphy and Stevie Wonder: YouTube Preview Image


James Brown is Annie: YouTube Preview Image

Frank Sinatra and Stevie Wonder: YouTube Preview Image



Jon Stewart Bids Farewell

posted by Angela Guzman

Jon StewartDuring an episode taping, Jon Stewart, the host of The Daily Show, said that he will be stepping down as the host. “This show doesn’t deserve a slightly restless host and neither do you,” said Stewart as he humbly announced his departure.

Stewart commented that he did not have any specific plans but that his 17 years as The Daily Show’s host has been his longest job and that he knows in his heart that it’s time for someone else to have an opportunity.


After the taping, Comedy central released this statement in response to Stewart’s news:

For the better part of the last two decades, we have had the incredible honor and privilege of working with Jon Stewart. His comedic brilliance is second to none. Jon has been at the heart of Comedy Central, championing and nurturing the best talent in the industry, in front of and behind the camera. Through his unique voice and vision, The Daily Show has become a cultural touchstone for millions of fans and an unparalleled platform for political comedy that will endure for years to come. Jon will remain at the helm of The Daily Show until later this year. He is a comic genius, generous with his time and talent, and will always be a part of the Comedy Central family.

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