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Calling All Young Innovators

posted by Corine Gatti

If you have kids or know a young brainiac, let them know they can win $3,000 and more. Disney announced a major collaboration with XPRIZE, regarding one of the most anticipated films of the year, “Tomorrowland,” starring George Clooney. Disney’s Create Tomorrowland and XPRIZE Challenge invite children between the ages of 8 and 17 to share their inventions and innovations starting on April 22.




Kids can submit a video, story or image on how their idea can change the world. “An XPRIZE is a highly leveraged, incentivized prize competition that pushes the limits of what’s possible to change the world for the better,” according to

For more information go here.



Meet Peter Moore of “The Messengers”

posted by Sharon Kirk

The Messengers Peter Moore
Meet Peter Moore, a main character in the upcoming show “The Messengers.”

In The CW’s new drama “The Messengers,” Joel Courtney plays Peter Moore, a foster kid and bullied high school student who ends his constant harassment by lashing out with inexplicable strength. Peter soon embarks on a journey where he is mysteriously connected to four other strangers, who also have miraculously come back to life, each possessing a strange new ability.

“The Messengers” centers around five individuals who die as a result of an earthly phenomenon. When they return to earth as Angels with unique abilities, they must band together to stop the devil who has come to earth to destroy mankind in the days of Armageddon.

Be sure to check out the new faith series, premiering April 17 at 9:00 p.m. ET on the CW.


Debbie Gibson Still Amazes

posted by Corine Gatti

Debbie Gibson stars as Jessica in an inspiring drama about a woman who gives up her singing career to take care of her aging parents. Sweeping her dreams aside Jessica discovers that her dreams of becoming a singer and songwriter are not dead after being invited to a church’s failing choir.  The journey proves to be one that encompasses new friendships, facing foes who want her to fail, and an answered prayer.

Gibson has sold millions of records and is considered the “original pop princess” with hits like “Only in my Dreams,” “Foolish Beat,” “Shake Your Love,” and “Electric Youth” during the 1980s and 1990s. She has grown as an actress, dancer, and continues to pen hits with the new song “Promises” in the film. I caught up with Debbie, to ask her about her latest project. If loved her personality before, you will fall in love with Debbie all over again.


 What were your personal takeaways from this role?  

Well, I think we all have deep passions and talents that will never die and the universe will conspire to bring them to fruition no matter how much fear we may have. My late voice teacher Guen Omeron always said, “People are more afraid of success than they are of death.” So, they sabotage it every way possible to avoid the responsibility that comes with that success and I think that’s true.  “I also took away some great new girlfriends …Amy, Kim and Gloria (Laughs)!”

How did you prepare for this film?

Funny enough, my prep time was not as long as I had hoped because the music took a lot longer to work on than expected. I had gone a certain direction with song “Promises” and the producers Stan Kamens and Roma Roth referred back to my original voice memo with some initial melodic ideas and led me in what ended up to be a better direction – and funny enough, back full circle to my first instincts! So, what ended up being my prep was being immersed in music under someone else’s guidance much like the character. I also did a great coaching session with my longtime acting teacher Howard Fine who is a genius at finding ways to connect to a character.


What were the challenges, if any, in playing this character?

Well, I’ve never hidden behind anything when it came to pursuing my passions as Jessica does, or, so I thought. But in exploring further, I found the places in my life where I am fearful and vulnerable. Exposing that stuff is never easy. I’m also naturally more rock and roll and animated so the director John’s biggest note was constantly, “Pull it back! Remember you’re a small town girl!”

What are the main messages that you want the audience to receive?

That amazing things can happen when you stop trying so hard and are simply present to what’s meant to be happening in your life. What you think you wanted might come in a different form you thought it would come in!


How did this opportunity present itself?

My agent David Shapira set up a brunch with Barbara Fisher, SVP of Original Programming at UP! I recall I had eggs over medium and a croissant! (laughs!) I was also seeing my voice doctor that day and the pictures of me in a yellow jacket ended up all over the Internet so the day is well documented!

But, I digress. We met and discussed ideas and how in real life I started music programs called “Camp Electric Youth” for kids and young adults long before mentoring was “in” on shows like “The Voice.” We took that passion I had for leading groups in music and the UP team enlisted writer Bryar Freed to craft a story that ended up centering around a small town girl who kept giving up on herself and dreams in order to help others. I was ecstatic that I got to portray a “real girl” who is grounded, a bit fearful and depressed…not someone who has it all together…because most people don’t!

The original UP Premiere Movie “The Music In Me” will make its television debut on Sun., April 12 at 7:00 p.m. EDT / 6:00 p.m. PDT.


James is Back

posted by Corine Gatti

Daniel Craig returns as James Bond for the 24th Bond film that is due for release on Nov. 6 in “SPECTRE.”  The story will pick up where the “SkyFall” chapter left when Bond receives a case found by forensics at the “Skyfall” house.

“You got a secret, something you can’t tell anyone, because you don’t trust anyone,” Miss Moneypenny said, who is the secretary to Bond’s boss, presenting the black case with photographs.

The SPECTRE, a terrorist’s organization is looking for world domination, and the origins are finally revealed in a cryptic message.

If you can’t wait to see the film, here is a glimpse of the first trailer.

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