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There is a battle going on for the attention of young people. We live in such a high-octane world were distractions constantly vie for our attention. Adults and children alike are vulnerable to the diversions. What suffers is our time spent in the Word of God. But today the internet and technology is a tool to fight the temptation to skip reading scripture. You might be asking “how?” Simple.

Using interactive games filled with adventure, a colorful story-line, and a Biblical lesson can touch generations. The same way filmmakers use movies to touch an audience—games today are as equally engaging. The Aetherlight is a game that provides opportunity to not only have fun, but allows players to enter a world through a Biblical allegorical tale that will unfold over several chapters.

“There is a battle for the hearts and minds of young people–that’s why I’m excited about The Aetherlight,” Roy Peterson, president and CEO of American Bible Society shared.  “Through this gaming experience, we have a mechanism to get young people to engage with Scripture.”

The Aetherlight: Chronicles of the Resistance is an adventure like Ben Hur, and other faith-inspired stories to encourage and entertain kids. There’s another cool element in addition to the game. Resistance Academy was created to challenge players by providing Bible study activities, a deeper understanding of the Word, and how to incorporate these lessons into daily lives. Parents will also be able to keep up with how their child is progressing. This is a great way to open the faith discussion at home.

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CaptureThe International Fellowship of Christians and Jews (The Fellowship) is calling for a change in how they mark Holocaust Remembrance Day. Instead of only memorializing the victims, they also plan to help the last living survivors who are living in poverty around the world.

Holocaust Remembrance Day, known as Yom HaShoan in Hebrew, begins the evening of Wednesday, May 4th and ends the evening of May 5th. Yom HaShoan is one of the most solemn national holidays in Isreal, where the community honors the six million Jews murdered during the Holocaust. This is a worldwide event, with communities all throughout the United States holding memorial services.

The Fellowship’s founder and president, Rabbi  Yechiel Eckstein, is urging those observing the holiday this year to not only remember those from the past, but also focusing on acting in the present to help the world remaining survivors in their last days.

“While it’s critical for the Jewish people – for all people – to remember the Holocaust and learn its lessons, sadly, we have been focusing on memorializing those who perished in the Holocaust, but ignoring the current plight of hundreds of thousands of Holocaust survivors around the world who are living out their last days in wretched poverty,” said Eckstein.

“We must re-examine the meaning and impact of Holocaust Remembrance Day. We must focus on helping the last remaining Holocaust survivors around the world achieve a measure of dignity in the twilight years of their lives.”

Currently, an estimated 189,000 survivors, or one-third of all remaining survivors worldwide, live in Israel. The remaining survivors are living in the Society Union, where the majority of the survivors living below the poverty line

The Fellowship provides more than $7.3 million annually in food, medicine, winter heating fuel, daycare and other assistance to over 18,000 survivors in Israel and also helps more than 60,000 survivors and other poor, elderly Jews in the Soviet Union with an additional $15 million annually in food, medical assistance, home care and winter aid.

Still, this is not enough. Eckstein and the Fellowship are putting this effort in the forefront during the holiday and hope others will be inspired to help as well.


torch-story_647_042816074445Rio de Janeiro will host the Summer Olympics from August 5-21, but preparations for the event are already underway.

The Olympic flame that will burn at the Summer Olympics was handed over to Brazil last Wednesday. The ceremony was held in Greece at the marble stadium that hosted the first modern Games in 1896. The flame was lit by the sun’s rays at the birthplace of the Games in Ancient Olympia.

The flame sat overnight at the Acropolis museum, then traveled through the streets of Athens before being carried into the stadium by Greek high jump Olympic medalist Niki Bakoyianni. Following the relay, Greek rowing champion Katerina Nikolairou lit the golden cauldron and the crowd burst into applause.

Rio Games chief Carlos Nuzman was there for the ceremony, and promised to deliver a spectacular Summer Olympics.

The flame will be flown in special safety lanterns to Switzerland for a ceremony at the United Nations in Geneva on Thursday. It will be arriving in Brazil on May 3rd for a relay across the country in the hands of 12,000 torch-bearers before reaching in Rio for the opening ceremony on August 5th.


Art2The movement continues.

This year is the 46th year of Earth Day, a day that inspires, ignites passion, and motivates people to action. In 1970, the first Earth Day was celebrated with a mission to channel human energy toward environmental issues. Today, the mission still remains.

The Earth Day Network continues to lead with groundbreaking ideas and powers of example. They encourage people everywhere to perform “Acts of Green.” Eating less meat, buying local produce,  cleaning up beaches, and reducing your carbon footprint are all examples of Acts of Green you can easily accomplish. So far they have reached over 2 billion recorded Acts of Green and are striving to hit 3 billion soon.

The theme of Earth Day 2016 marks the start of the four-year countdown to Earth Day’s 50th anniversary by focusing on planting new trees.  The Earth Day Network is pledging to plant 7.8 billion trees worldwide over the next 4 years – or one tree for every person on earth.

“That’s incredibly ambitious, but we believe this down-payment must be made in order to combat climate change and keep our most-vulnerable eco-systems from facing extinction” a spokesman from the Earth Day Network said.

Celebrities, businesses, and other high-profile figures are all acknowledging the holiday and encouraging the public to join them. Leaders of 130 nations gathered at the United Nations this morning to sign the historic climate deal reached in Paris last December, a major agreement that has the potential to dramatically change how we handle environmental issues. Large companies are also celebrating Earth Day, with Target giving out reusable bags and offering free samples of sustainable products, and Eddie Bauer honoring to plant one tree for every $1 donation made through Sunday.

You can learn more about Earth Day and events in your area by going to

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