Idol Chatter

Award-winning Christian pop band Salvador has teamed up with the American Bible Society (ABS) on its “La Biblia Es Mi Guia” (“The Bible Is My Guide”) national advocacy campaign, designed to promote Bible reading among Hispanics. During concerts, the band, which has songs in both English and Spanish, and whose new album “Dismiss the Mystery” is set for release later this month, will invite their audiences to attend Bible readings and pass out booklets of translated Biblical excerpts and study guides produced by the ABS. (Personally, I’d rather get VIP passes and guitar pics, but to each his own.)

“Rarely do musical artists get the opportunity to work side by side with an organization of the caliber of the American Bible Society,” says Nic Gonzales, lead singer of Salvador, according to an ABS press release. “As the son of a pastor and a Christian man, there is no greater honor than to be a part of a campaign that promotes reading the Bible.

Interestingly enough, ABS’s “La Biblia Es Mi Guia” campaign has done much of its outreach through its Myspace page, even though the social networking site is primarily used by young people to post photos and comments about each other and by musicians to promote their work. Sadly, the ABS only has 55 “friends.” Hopefully, the Salvador partnership will help ABS find some new BFFs.

And while on the subject of Myspace, you might be interested to know that Jesus Christ has approximately 6,663 Myspace profiles, whereas Satan and Lucifer have a combined total of 4,103 profiles! Scary.

I love it when Hollywood celebs go out on a limb, take the moral high road, or decide to influence the complex nature of world politics by taking out a newspaper ad. Dozens of celebrities and Hollywood execs, including Nicole Kidman, Bruce Willis, Michael Douglas, and media tycoon Rupert Murdoch ran a full page ad in the LA Times, The Hollywood Reporter, and Variety yesterday denouncing the loss of innocent life in Israel and Lebanon caused by Hezbollah and Hamas.

I am not convinced that the leaders of Hamas spend a lot of time sitting around reading the Hollywood trades, so I am not sure if they will appreciate someone like, oh, let’s say, Pat Sajak, signing a petition saying terrorism is bad, very bad. But what’s worse is that I am sure that those who have lost loved ones in other countries struggling against terrorism to achieve democracy–countries like Iraq or any number of countries in Africa that are also suffering at the hands of militant extremists–are feeling just a little left out that their plight doesn’t warrant a full page ad from Kelly Preston, Danny DeVito, or Bernie Mac.

News like this just makes me a bigger fan of Bono.

There are comics strips about babies, romance, the Army, sports, teenager, knights, Vikings and car mechanics. Ready for charitable Christians? King Features Syndicate, the purveyor of daily comics from “Apartment 3G” to “Zits” has introduced “Heaven’s Love Thrift Shop,” a strip by Kevin Frank, in which the shop’s three employees, including a zany 20-something named Dag, subtly and not so subtly promote the Christian message.

Frank is certainly not the first Christian to work pious programming into comic strips. Charles Schultz acknowledged that “Peanuts” was grounded in his faith, a fact Robert L. Short developed in his 1965 book “The Gospel According to Peanuts.” Al Hartley, who drew “Archie,” composed special Christian versions of the famous carrot-top and his friends. “Heaven’s Love Thrift Shop,” however, is considered the first explicitly Christian strip offered by a mainstream syndicator. (And it will appear only on Sundays.)

It goes without saying that Frank says he doesn’t consider his to be a “Christian” strip. “I like to think there’s an audience for it among all kinds of people,” he recently told the Associated Baptist Press. And in a way he’s right. Though the strip’s eponymous shop is dedicated to helping the homeless and other indigent folks, I haven’t been seen any of them in the strip (so far). The cute setups and mild zingers, about par for newspaper comedy, depend more on current topics like cell phones and caffeine consumption for their humor than the Good Book.

“Sure he may have walked through the Great Wall of China, wooed Claudia Schiffer, and used his superpowers to thwart would-be robbers, but those were mere parlor tricks,” writes Eonline‘s Josh Grossberg of magician David Copperfield‘s claim to have discovered the Fountain of Youth. We couldn’t have said it better ourselves, Josh.

Copperfield told Reuters that he has found the spring of eternal youth–the very same font that Juan Ponce de León was said to be looking for when he came upon Florida. Only instead of the Sunshine State, said fountain is actually in the Exuma archipelago, the Bahamas. According to the illusionist, who is planning on having the waters scientifically-tested, “You can take dead leaves, they come in contact with the water, they become full of life again… Bugs or insects that are near death, come in contact with the water, they’ll fly away. It’s an amazing thing, very, very exciting.”

And potentially very lucrative. Copperfield scooped up one of the islands for a reported $65 million and plans to turn it into “a posh, private retreat that the ultra-rich can enjoy for up to $392,000 a week.” Taking money from the pockets of the ultra-rich? Now, that’s a trick we’d like to see!