Idol Chatter

Every summer, moviegoers flock to theaters to either watch the world end or to witness the struggles of those who were left behind in the aftermath of Armageddon. From localized disasters like those found in “San Andreas” to the complete […]

Tim Tebow is one of the best known football players on Earth. He helped the Florida Gaters win two national championships, won the Heisman Trophy and led the Denver Broncos on what has been called a miraculous run. Unlike many […]

Hollywood has long been known for being rather hostile to faith. Christianity especially is treated by many as a sort of dirty little secret. Other people in the entertainment business, however, refuse to allow the status quo of Tinsel Town […]

It is that time of year again! The nominations for the 70th Primetime Emmy Awards were announced on Thursday, July 12, 2018. There are some very familiar names on that list, but there are also quite a few surprises. Among […]

Beliebers everywhere are saddened by the news that their favorite singer is officially off the market. Justin Bieber is reportedly engaged to Hailey Baldwin, the daughter of actor Stephen Baldwin. Justin and Hailey have both been noted for being outspoken […]

The internet has gone from a simple network to a cultural, social and political force all its own. There are millions of internet users, a legion of supporters and customers just waiting for a leader to appear. While some companies […]

American Gymnast Shawn Johnson East became a household name during the Beijing Olympics in 2008 when she competed for the women’s all-around gold medal. Now, she is reaching out to Americans once again. This time, however, she is not competing […]

YouTube has become so entrenched as the place to view music videos, movie trailers, hilarious home movies and sports highlights that many people forget that YouTube was once brand new. It had a tiny video library, and plenty of people […]

From princess movies to Star Wars to Marvel, it seems like Disney is always in the news for its new movies. In 2019, however, Disney will not be bringing a whole new story to life but putting a new twist […]

For the first time since 1994, the FIFA World Cup will be coming to North America in 2026. The United States, Mexico and Canada combined their bids to win the hosting rights over Morocco by a landslide victory of 134 […]