Idol Chatter

Somewhere in academia, a grad student in cultural anthropology is already writing his or her dissertation using Super Bowls ads to deconstruct the history of modern America, a job that got easier last week when CBS reversed its policy against […]

Am I alone in feeling a little empty after reading all the obligatory year-end and decade-end “best of” lists in the past couple of weeks? Accompanying the articles declaring the “Aughts” to be “a lost decade” and bidding the recession-fallout […]

It’s hard to quibble with the majesty of the imagined world of “Avatar,” James Cameron’s lushly animated science-fiction pic that, according to recent reports, is on track to ring up the second highest box-office receipts in history, after Cameron’s own […]

Jerusalem has been rocked by an earthquake. New York is under biological attack. It’s up to Lt. John Corbin, a hulking American army officer wielding a Gatling gun, to secure the perimeter. At least until Jesus gets here. Yes, the […]

David Michael Slater’s first book, “Cheese Louise,” was about a piece of Swiss cheese who doesn’t like her holes. You’d think the cheese lobby would get up in arms about that calumny, but no, it wasn’t until the Oregon public-school […]

It’s been a tough year. if you had any doubt about it, look at what the world watched on YouTube. If future historians want to know what recession, terrorist threats, environmental worries and partisan strife did to the public mood […]

This year the Charlie Brown Christmas special was pre-empted by President Obama’s Afghanistan speech, leaving the holidays to be celebrated by the likes of “The Simpsons” and “Family Guy,” which, it must be said, have their own way of keeping […]

Beginning its article with “Attention, culture warriors,” Time magazine briefly recounts the history of the War on Christmas in this week’s issue, noting that while the Puritans were not so big on celebrating the coming of the Christ child, their […]

The first story I was assigned on the topic of Christian music, back in the early ’90s, was an investigation into whether Christian bands used religious talk shows the way mainstream bands boosted their records on the “Tonight” show or […]

Last week Donna blogged about the new novel “Thirsty,” by Tracey Bateman, a Christian take on the vampire vogue spurred by the success of the Twilight saga by Stephenie Meyer. Bateman’s vampire, like Meyer’s Edward, is a sympathetic fiend: a […]