Idol Chatter

Recently, I blogged about the website, (JSiG for short), the homepage for a “religion” based on deifying the popular fake-news anchor. It turns out that, like any religion worth its salt, the Stewartist faith, if I may call it […]

A new reality show debuting this fall on the LOGO network has given “niche marketing” a whole new meaning. “Jacob and Joshua: Nemesis Rising” follows the two J-named boys, 20-something twins from Montana, as they pursue a music career (their […]

This past weekend, I was sitting in New York City’s Union Square, waiting to meet a friend, when a group of people caught my eye. They were all wearing long, white, flowing robes. Their leader was strumming a guitar. And […]

Dr. Judith Dushku is best known–in some circles, at least–for being a professor of government at Suffolk University in Boston. She also spent time as the dean of their satellite campus in Senegal, where she became involved with various African […]

Last week, we blogged about Britney Spears’ spiritual journey, capped by her proclamation that her baby is her religion. Turns out that Britney’s announcement did more than make headlines– it also cost her the close friendship of Madonna, an ardent […]

Whether she’s kissing Madonna, marrying a childhood friend in Vegas, or filming her own so-awful-it’s-funny reality show, Britney Spears never fails to make for great sound bites and magazine covers. But, for me, the high points of my Britney fascination […]

The creators of “South Park” promised a war against Scientology, and they made good on their pledge last night, with the opening episode of the always-irreverent series’ 10th season. The brouhaha started when, as you probably know, Isaac Hayes, the […]

When I saw the title of the film “On a Clear Day,” my first impulse was to complete the old phrase–“you can see forever.” But this movie isn’t about seeing forever; it’s a small, intimate look at ordinary people who […]

If most of you are anything like my roommates and me, you were too busy staring at Dolly Parton’s crazy outfit and impossible breast-to-waist ratio to pay attention to what she was singing at the Oscars last night. But Dolly […]

One definition of mysticism is “a belief in the existence of realities beyond perceptual or intellectual apprehension.” That’s a pretty heady term to apply to a TV show–but “Lost” isn’t an ordinary show. The series begins with a plane crashing […]