Idol Chatter

By Amy & Nancy Harrington, Pop Culture PassionistasThis week Matt Damon offered to take one in the kisser for a good cause, Miss (Bald) America took the crown, and Sir Paul McCartney went viral for charity. Here are this week’s […]

A divine musical union could be in the works for 2010 if wild and edgy pop singer <a href="" target="_blank" >ady Gagacollaborates with classic and homespun Susan Boyle. The Sun quotes Lady Gaga admiring the “Britain’s Got Talent” star: “I love […]

To welcome another year, another decade, read New Year quotes from famous (and some not-so-famous) people to inspire you in 2010.   Year’s end is neither an end nor a beginning but a going on, with all the wisdom that […]

  Q: What happens when you cross Lolcats with “Twilight”? A: You get a hilarious series of cat photos that reviews an entire 2-hour movie in 200 words or less. The blogger of Microsuede has combined two of the internet’s most […]

Gene Roddenberry’s vision of “Star Trek” was a future dominated by science and human ingenuity, without religion to mess things up. Even so, we have found 10 examples of how the Ten Commandments have found their way into the popular sci-fi franchise.

In a video interview with Sally Quinn, producer of “On Faith” at The Washington Post, actress and producer Rita Wilson (one half of a Hollywood celebrity super couple with Tom Hanks) shares why she loves the Greek Orthodox faith (“I love […]

In an exclusive interview with Matt Lauer of the “Today Show,” Jermaine Jackson speaks candidly about his relationship with Michael and how he viewed Michael’s role on earth. Expressing his wish that he had passed away instead of Michael, Jermaine […]

Looks like the oldest JoBro is ready to give up his purity ring. reports that Kevin, 21, proposed to his girlfriend of two years, Danielle Deleasa, 22, on Wednesday with a custom-designed engagement ring. The two lovebirds met while […]

Question: What do Michael Jackson and Pope John Paul II have in common? Answer: They were the most recent famous public figures whose bodies were chosen for public viewing after their deaths. Before Michael Jackson, another famous figure whose body was public viewing was Pope […] discovered a wonderful video of Dolly Parton giving a heartfelt tribute to her close friend, Michael Jackson, a “true musical genius and fantastic performer and a really sweet, sweet soul.” She also reveals her belief that Michael is rejoicing […]