Idol Chatter

Tuesday night, I had the pleasure of watching the Boston Red Sox beat the New York Mets 9-4 at Fenway Park. But as much as Boston baseball can feel like a religion, I’d never personally witnessed any warm-fuzzies at the […]

Entertainment Weekly magazine has announced its list of the 25 most controversial movies of all time, and at the top is Mel Gibson’s “The Passion of the Christ,” chosen for “igniting a culture-war firestorm unrivaled in Hollywood history.” Other films […]

Sir Ian McKellen, who plays historian Sir Leigh Teabing in “The Da Vinci Code,” is not staying out of the fray that swirls around the film. Unlike director Ron Howard and star Tom Hanks, who have publically reiterated the line […]

Preparations for this Friday’s opening of “The Da Vinci Code” are reaching fever pitch–from eager moviegoers as well as Christians who are angry about the story and its pervasiveness in pop culture. So this begs the question–how should those opposed […]

Is the mega-bestseller “The Da Vinci Code,” a work of fiction, actually influencing the religious beliefs of its readers? Yes, says a new survey released today by pollster George Barna–but not in the way many traditional Christians fear. The poll […]

It seems that “7th Heaven” may have nine lives. CNN reported today that the series, which had its much-touted finale last week, may return for an 11th season on the new CW network this fall. Fans of the show will, […]

Getting dizzy trying to navigate the myriad Christian websites that make the case against “The Da Vinci Code?” Fear not, I’m here to guide you. Some websites are simple and straightforward Q&As with Bible scholars and experts, like Amy Welborn’s […]

NBC’s “My Name is Earl” is predicated on the spiritual idea of karma–and while it may fall somewhat short of the concept’s traditional Hindu meaning, Earl has doggedly tried, week after week, to right all the wrongs he’d done in […]

As if I even need to remind you…. today is Festivus! The fictional holiday made famous by Jerry Stiller’s character Frank Costanza in a 1997 episode of “Seinfeld” is–yes is–observed nationwide by many who crave “a Festivus for the rest […]

Randal, who was hired by Donald Trump on last night’s finale of the fourth season of NBC’s <a href="The Apprentice, acted like a sore winner, upsetting viewers who have been in his corner all season long. The highly-educated, kind-hearted, tall […]