Idol Chatter

This week’s Glee tackled teen sexuality – against the empowering backdrop of Madonna’s music.

South Park and Avenue Q creators team up for new Broadway musical titled “The Book of Mormon.”

After decades, the Vatican absolves the Beatles.

Homer, Marge and the gang head to Israel.

Sacha Baron Cohen and Isla Fisher wed in a Jewish ceremony.

This weekend marks a National Day of Unplugging: an organization called Reboot created the “Sabbath Manifesto,” which provides ten core principles to guide the unplugging.

Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse get the parody treatment on YouTube.

I love fictional vampires, especially the ones that show signs of more substance than just the bite-and-kill instinct. First, there’s my well-documented love for all things Buffy, plus I have read every Anne Rice book, and even saw that awful […]

The Jewish holiday Purim is about remembering persecution, celebrating redemption, and pushing identity, examining who we really are in contrast to how we present ourselves to the world (that’s where the costumes come in). That’s the serious stuff – but […]

TV and film actors gathered for the Movieguide Faith and Value Awards to recognize the best family-friendly movies and TV shows of the previous year.