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Is Your Dad the Greatest Dad of All Time?

posted by Evan Derrick

Dad’s are awesome! (although, being one myself, I am a bit biased) And if you think your Dad is awesome – no, if you think your Dad is the GREATEST DAD OF ALL TIME!!!! – then we want to hear about it! Just leave a comment below using a valid email address and tell us in as much detail as you want why your Dad beats out all the other dads for that title.

And, if we like your entry the most, you’ll be chosen to win a free copy of “Courageous” on DVD! It’s the perfect film for this giveaway since it deals with struggles and joys of fatherhood, and how great fathers make big sacrifices for their kids. It’s the perfect movie to watch with your Dad (or, if you’re a Dad yourself, to watch with your kids), so even if you don’t win you should still check it out.

We’ll select a winner at the end of January. So what are you waiting for? Tell us why your Dad is the greatest!

P.S. If you’re interested in all the rules and legal business, you can read them here. 

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Rose

    My Dad is the Best.This father has been there for his family, always,always. He’s always thinking of others before himself.Dad is always there to listen, to cry with , to laugh with. He always is there to pick up anyone that falls,to give advice .

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment ELIZABETH LOREDO

    My Daddy-O is not a perfect person But he is the BEST dad anyone can ask for! He was hard on us when We needed it, he is an amazing, hard working person, he will give up his Life for his family. He is always there when I need him! He has been through alot But continues to be the strongest man I’ve known. He is an amazing person because he was in the Air Force for our Freedom and that is one big reason for me to love him with all my heart! I LOVE YOU DADDY-O!

  • http://MyDad,MyFriend Judy

    To be completely honest, it actually took me 35 years to realize how great my dad really is. My mom was always my best friend and I guess I really never got to know my dad on a deeper level until Mom passed away. My dad has taken on the roll as my friend. I can always count on him when needed. He is only a call away and in the past year has become a short walk away. I’ve got to know my dad in the past five years, I don’t know how many more days I have to spend with him but I’m so glad I finally got to know him just sad that it took so long.

  • Candice E. Diggs

    There are so many times when I feel overwelmed with gratitude for my life, and knowing that without my Dad I would not be where I am. He is a blessing.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Debra Ledford, Reeves

    My Dad has and always be there when ever I need him he lost so much time with me as a child because he was always working to feed and clothe me and keep a roof over my head he worked three jobs to support all of us children all six of us and when he could he would find time to take us to a drive Inn movie and made us laugh. he also taught us never to give up on our dreams and no matter what we did with our lifes weatherit be a house wife or a teacher he would always be proud because everyone in this world is someone in the eyes of God as well as in his Dad did A fine job of being a great dad with the little time he did get to spend with us. I am greatful that God made him my dad I am fifty two now and want to give my Dad my strength all the Thanks in The world for teaching me when you fall get back up and dust yourself off and stay strong in the fight for life as he has fought cancer and so far he has won. I pray he never has to go through being that sick ever again. for all he has ever done is made my life A better place to live, breath, and I will always have all the Love in The world for my father who made so many sacfices of his own life to see that mine life was taken care of. he also served in The army when I was a young child what A Dad I could tell you so much more about this man he is not a quiter even at the age of 74 years old. he is A young 74 year old and would be here in a muinte if I needed him. I Love My Dad Ronald P. Ledford. Life hasnt alwaysa been good to my Dad I wish for him and his Beauiful wife who also is now in remission from Cancer the best life has to offer. I hope they can take A great trip somewhere when she is tollaly well. God Bless to my Dad and all of my Love, Debra Ledford Reeves

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Virginia Kellar

    My dad was the best dad in the world because he raised me all by himself and I have Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus. The reason I say was is because he passed away 4 months ago due to copd. He never gave up on me even when everyone told him to put me in an institution.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Donna Janssen Jahnke

    My Dad is the Greatest Dad of All-Time because he showed me how to have courage and faith under the darkest of life’s circumstances. Shortly after Christmas 2004, my dad developed what he thought was a very bad cold. When his coughing start giving him bad chest pains, he went into the doctor. The doctor diagnosed it as pleurisy & took some chest xrays. A few days later, the doctor called dad in and told him they found spots on his lungs. With further testing, they found out that he had kidney cancer that was spreading into his lungs. They drained his lungs but he seemed to be getting worse. When he went in to have his lungs drained a second time, they found that the cancer had taken over his lungs, too. He was kept in the hospital and Unity Hospice and his priest, Father Tony, were called. He told Father Tony that he accepted the fact that he was going to die soon and was more worried about my mom and all of us kids (7 kids, all adults). Dad and Father Tony got very close during his time in the hospital with their daily devotional times and long talks. My dad passed away on Feb. 16, 2005, his 68th birthday and 5 weeks after being diagnosed with cancer. He passed away a half hour after my mom got up to the hospital that day with her “special” birthday card…”Happy Birthday” written on a vanity mirror like she did on the bathroom mirror every year! I only hope I can have half the courage he did when my time comes.

    I love you & miss you dearly, Daddy!
    Love, your Dolly Dimples!!

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Nancy

    My father, Tom, is another of the unsung heroes of this world. He and my mother raised nine children together and both of them sacrificed for us on a daily basis. Of all the wonderful things my father did for us, the most important was the good example he set. He never missed a day of work and he never missed Sunday Mass. Life was full of stress and worry, having nine kids to care for. But we never went without a meal, always had a roof over our heads, heat to keep us warm and proper clothing to wear. My father worked the night shift most of his life, as he was able to make a bit more money with the shift differential. He never refused overtime and saved every extra penny he possibly could in case of emergency. When the time finally came for him to retire and enjoy his life a bit, my mother became ill. For the next fifteen years, he took care of her. He measured her blood sugar, gave her her insulin shots, kept track of her medication, took her to all her doctor appointments and even learned to master handling her dialysis treatments every night. He took extremely good care of her until the day she passed away. My father has taken care of all of us for most of is adult life. Never once have I heard him complain. Never once has he turned his back on any of us when we needed him. He is my hero and I thank God every day for choosing me to be my father’s daughter.

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