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Over the Rhine’s latest is their best.

Based on the book co-penned by country legend Kenny Rogers, “Christmas in Canaan” is set in the rural town of Canaan, Texas. It’s the story of a clash between two classmates – one, a tough farm boy, and the other, […]

Everything’s coming up zombies lately! So much so that one of my favorite New York Times op-ed columnists, Gail Collins, devoted an entire column (“The Zombie Jamboree”) to these flesh-rotting creatures recently, calling this fall “the era of zombies” and, […]

By Amy & Nancy Harrington, Pop Culture PassionistasA group of celebrities work to end hunger, some furry friends teach healthy living and “The Biggest Loser” has a huge week. Here are this week’s most inspirational pop culture moments.Celebrities Work to […]

It’s really going to happen: a remake of Buffy is in the works and Joss Whedon is not a part of it! Oh the horror. How could they? Don’t they know that all of us cult Buffy fans are devotees […]

With Philadelphia on a winning streak at the hands of Michael VIck, the discussion about VIck’s criminal past and whether or not he is truly reformed has resurfaced with surprising intensity. It’s a fascinating dialogue that’s taking place with some […]

Extravagant bar mitzvah’s (you know, Long Island extravagant) have been all the rage for years now. The parties for twelve and thirteen year old boys and girls that cost something approximating the price tag of a house in order to […]

Bristol Palin is in the final three and has ruined “DWTS.”

By Amy & Nancy Harrington, Pop Culture Passionistas A TV star reunites a family, a movie star helps feed hungry kids, and GLAAD auctions off some high-class art. Here are this week’s most inspirational pop culture moments. “Brothers and Sisters’” […]

Newsflash: the epidemic of distraction provided by technology today in the form of email, iPhones, blackberries, and other gadgets that foster multi-tasking seriously get in the way of our happiness. The ability to focus on a single task, to be […]