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Twilight’s Renesme is Cast for “Breaking Dawn” Movie

renesmee.jpgIn my opinion, Renesmee, the part-human, part-vampire spawn of Bella and Edward (and really, I think spawn is the right word), is the creepiest, oddest character of everyone in Meyer’s “Twilight Saga.” Renesmee disturbs me and so many readers mostly because of how her birth takes place in “Breaking Dawn” (think ‘Rosemary’s Baby’), clawing, and I mean, clawing and biting her way out of Bella’s womb. Then there’s her ability to grow at a greatly accelerated rate, which I suppose isn’t all that strange. But the effect this little baby-turned toddler has on Jacob Black, the werewolf? That’s the creepiest part of all.
Aside from being the love-child of Bella and everyone’s favorite, angsty vampire Edward Cullen (they get pregnant the first time they have sex–St. Augustine would have been proud), Renesmee becomes the love interest of Jacob, the very adult werewolf. That’s right, and Jacob imprints on her from the very moment he lays eyes on this cute little baby. Um, pedophilia anyone? And, ick! While on the one hand, it is nice for Jacob that he can finally stop pining for Bella, but on the other, well, could we possibly have found a love-interest that was closer to his own age?
This weirdness aside, I enjoyed “Breaking Dawn” unlike so many other Meyer’s fans who were horrified by the baby-birth scenes and the Jacob-Renesmee love story, but I’ve been almost dreading the release of the last two movies because of these factors. I don’t know that I want to see Renesmee on screen, and I certainly don’t want to watch Jacob have the hots for a little girl.
Well, as of yesterday, it was announced that the little girl who will play Renesmee has been officially cast for the films. According to, nine-year-old Mackenzie Foy will have the honor of playing the eerie little sub-vampire creature, and the apple of Jacob Black’s eye! (Ick!) Foy is utterly adorable, but I do feel for her, starting out her career by playing one of the creepiest characters a child could play, and for a franchise that is so beyond popular, there is no doubt she will gain attention for the role.

  • Dana

    I was just reading your rant (because that is wahat it really is). I was wondering if you really read these books, and who are these other fans that were “disturbed” by the birthing, Reneesme, and Jacob’s affection for her? These books are very popular and I have never read a post or heard anyone say anything even close to what you are expressing. You seem to not understand the idea of imprinting as explained by Jacob himself. It is not a love of attraction and sex while she is still young. The whole point is that Bella and Edward, despite all of the hardships their relationship suffered, get the happiest life they could emagine. A family, a child, and the assurance that their child has a protector for the rest of her life. Bella and Jacob get to keep each other in a way that won’t continue to cause each other pain. Real fans of the Twilight Saga understand these principals and what the story is about. If the many of the fans felt the same way about the story as you claim they do, then the books and movies wouldn’t be as popular as they are. It’s a good thing that most people aren’t as closed minded as you are, and that they actually READ the books. Keep your opinions as your own, and don’t rope other unwilling and unsuspecting fans in with your self.

  • Erin

    I totally agree with the last comment, Jacobs imprinting is in no way a sexual thing, just like Quils imprinting on Claire isn’t. For those of us who were actually paying attention when we were reading the books know this. I do agree that the birth scene in the book is disturbing and intense, but that’s what makes it great. Bella went through insane pain and torture for her baby, which as a mother myself I can relate to. So If you’re going to post comments on the books/movies, you need to be a little more neutral, because you’re showing your true colors, and they are not very pretty.

  • Huge Twighlight fan

    I think Breaking Dawn is the best book of the series. After all the pain and suffering Bella and Edward had to go through, they finally get true happiness in the form of a child. A token of their love for each other. Jacob is also not aging and Renesmee will be fully grown at the age of 6…they will be the “same age” in no time. Think about it this way…Renesmee will not be aging past 18…Jacob won’t be aging as long as he is transforming to a warewolf…Jacob will be transforming as long as he is close to vampires. Since his parents in law are vampires and the love of his life is half vampire, he will never stop transforming…they will always be together…at the age of “18”. Renesmee will always be protected!
    I think the girl in the picture chosen to play Renesmee has the extraordinary beauty required for this roll.
    In my opinion the person who wrote this article should read the book again, or maybe the last two books in order to grasp the concept of imprinting. Also, this person complains about reading about a girl that grows at “a greatly accelerated rate” and the creepy birth…exactly what did he / she expect reading a book of vampires and warewolves…I mean really, how would a one expect a vampire to be born, this is not a Disney book.

  • Another Twilight fan

    Check out the above link to a previous article by the same author. I wonder what happened between then and now. She WAS a big fan of the Twilight saga, and now she just sounds like a bitter old hag. How can you change you opinion completly and quickly? You are no fan of Twilight. Keep you opinions to your self, or only share with the likewise closed minded such as your self.

  • Nikki G

    I agree with everyone’s comments. In reading your article I kept thinking this person must not have read any of the books. I found Reneseme’s character in this book interesting. And she is by no means portrayed as a “creepy” character. As a matter of fact she is described to be charming and loved by everyone she meets. And Jacob’s “affection” for her is not by any mean “pedophilia”. Obviously the strong bond Bella and Jacob had for each other was so eminate in the end BECAUSE of Reneseme, it was her all along. He is her guardian, to be whatever he needs her to be. An uncle, a friend, and her true love when the time comes. And she will love him becuase he will be exactly what she wants. You obviously missed out on the entire point of Breaking Dawn! Maybe you should read the book again, or perhaps keep your opinions to yourself until the movie. The fact that several people have already had to correct you speaks volumes.

  • sunrisewalk

    Please just read the books!! Have your read the books!!??

  • Jane Henry

    I agree with all the above comments….people not only need to read the books…they need to understand them….and follow the ongoing story lines…these four books..will in my opinion, in years to come …become the.. classical love story of our times.

  • holly

    Donna Freitas you need to find something else to write about. Obviously your a miserable person who is very close minded. Your article makes you sound very ignorant. Please do the rest of us a favor…who by the way understand the concept of the story line and appreciate Meyers creativity.. and keep your smug negative perspective to yourself.

  • Mordred08

    Huge Twighlight fan (although it might be hard to tell cause you can’t spell it): “Also, this person complains about reading about a girl that grows at ‘a greatly accelerated rate’ and the creepy birth…exactly what did he / she expect reading a book of vampires and warewolves”
    She probably expected, I don’t know, vampires and werewolves, not…whatever this Renesme is.

  • Mordred08

    “Please just read the books!! Have your read the books!!??”
    She said she enjoyed the book (with the exception of the mutant vampire baby and her werewolf pedo-boyfriend), so I assume she read it.

  • Jen

    Uhhh, okay. Breaking Dawn is my fave book in the series because Jacob finally stops hurting over Bella, Bella and Edward finally get to be happy, Rosalie stops hating Bella, the werewolves and vampires actually do become friends, and Bella gets to keep her Dad around. Not to mention the gathering of vampires from all parts of the world and introductions to their bizarre “gifts”. But if you’re too close minded to really get the book, keep your comments to yourself. Guess we know you didn’t pass English class because you’re really not comprehending what you’re reading. Go back and read Eclipse so you can understand what imprinting really is. As far as the “spawn”, well geez, there has to be some element to make the reader root for Bella to get everything she wanted and still survive. I got a little spooked cuz i don’t like pain but it was worthwhile in the end to see that she survived it. You should realize you’re offending half the world here. If a 12 year old can read and understand it, you should be able to too. No it’s not an age thing, cuz you and I are probably close in age (or not cuz i did not see Rosemary’s baby), it’s just an attitude thing.

  • Mordred08

    So, Jen, if you don’t like the Twilight books, you’re not allowed to say anything about it? What happened to freedom of speech? Or does the Constitution not hold your attention because it doesn’t sparkle?

  • beker

    @Mordred08, shut up.
    that aside….i’m very concerned about a 9 yr old playing Renesme, unless she will be only 1 of many actresses that will play the part, or unless there will be CGI/Foy combination.

  • Ashley

    Ummmm am I the only one that thinks the author of this article could have left out some of the details? I mean it should come with a “SPOILER ALERT” because she pretty much explained everything that happens in the book, and to people that haven’t read the books it would kinda suck for them to read this……. I do think the child to play her is perfect and I am sure she will come in later in the movie……

  • STFU

    Stop complaining are you serious?
    shut the hell up

  • jill

    Hmmmmm, Renesme is suppose 2 have chocolate eyes like Bella! R they going to make a 9yr old wear contacts like Kristen does? I hope this is one of a few kids/babies they will use to play Renesme. I hope I’m not disappointed with the last 2 how I’ve been with the prior 3.

  • Mordred08

    @beker, no.
    jill: “Hmmmmm, Renesme is suppose 2 have chocolate eyes like Bella! R they going to make a 9yr old wear contacts like Kristen does?”
    I can honestly say that when I watch a movie based on a book I’ve read, eye color is the last thing I look at. Actually, I don’t look at that at all.

  • jill

    @ mor, I don’t either but if u read the book they make such a big deal of her eyes and her hair like edward and ringlts like charlie etc. But I guess ur right no movie is ever like the book anyway.

  • Angela

    Renesmee is supposed to be the size of a toddler. Why didn’t they cast a 6 year old that can pass for a 4 year old? Nine???? The 9 years versus Jacob’s 16 makes the imprinting seem a bit more gross than if the audience believed the baby looked 2.

  • Alison

    If you actually paid attention whilst reading the books you’d know that she isn’t Jacob’s love interest. Jacob explains it best in Eclipse when Bella is a little freaked out by another werewolf imprinting on another young child …
    “It’s not like love at first sight, really. It’s more like… gravity moves…. suddenly. It’s not the earth holding you here anymore, she does…. You become whatever she needs you to be, whether that’s a protector, or a lover, or a friend.”

  • lydia

    I agree with have to read the book eclipse it explains it better. dont judge the twilight series on just the movies. the movies are not as great as the book.I only liked moon was okay because it intreduced the werewolves..eclipse was disappointing….

  • Your NameZita

    It’s a shame when there can’t be the acceptance of love and even sensuality without hormones. Too bad for people who can’t enjoy the beauty, grace, and sheer wonder of a youngster without the label of pedophile . The idea of total commitment and support, regardless of age is awesome and there really are amazing relationships out there without the involvement sexuality . Seems small fry when it comes to vampires.

  • Dana

    Mordred08, I was just wondering why you are even commenting here? All you are doing is make snide remarks about everyone else’s posts. Have you ever read the books? Don’t make comments about things you know nothing about. If you have a comment about the article, make it otherwise quit being a jerk!

  • shellee

    What a gorgeous child. I think she will be great. Lets all give this a chance before we judge. But with all the twilight movies there has been this same negative energy and yet they work out fine. This one will too. Condon is great.

  • Ireny

    What a load of twaddle, obviously not a book lover or they’d know from the storyline there is nothing even a little bit ‘icky’ about Jacob’s ‘imprinting’ with Renesmee! As a Mum and Grandmother I’d be more than happy to have Jacob around! Can’t wait to see the story transformed on the big screen, my only complaint is how long we have to wait!

  • Really Ppl?

    If you truly payed attention to the book it emphasized the fact that Jacobs relationship with Renesmee is strickly a protectived and caring one such as an older brother. All he cares about is keeping her safe and making sure she’s happy. There is nothing sexually or pedophillia about his relationship with the girl. At the end of Breaking Dawn when they discover the lengh of Renesmee’s life Edwards makes it a point to let everyone know that the only thought Jacob had was that she was now safe. So for all you educated readers out there whose mind does not jump to the gutter and who can understand a brother sister relationship I’m sure this was easy to understand. For those who only read the base line of books well you’ll never understand and for that I am sorry.

  • Jennifer

    I love this twilight series. I have bought a board game from .. Really awesome dude. I have full collection of this movie.

  • Jessica

    Well I loved all the books. I myself cant wait for the last 2 movies to come out. To bad the release dates are 1 year away. Just wondering if Stehpanie will come out with a book about Renesmee’s point of view on things would love to read it.

  • shannon

    ok first she is not a love-child they were married and i know a lot of people who have gotten pregnant first try….i knew a girl in school first time she ever had sex she got pregnant..second jacob is her protector and if u notice he doesnt age while he is needed and since she ages so fast it would turn into more than that there is nothing creepy about that. and in the book she doesnt claw her way out lol edward uses his teeth to get her out a little gross but awesome at the same time bc he is doing it to save the one he loves.

  • http://whatever shelly

    well let me just say this this post whatever it might be must have not read the books very well for the simple fact that one of the other werewolf imprinted on a little girl in it, and it isn’t creepy, or strange or anything like that. He will just protected her till she get older. what is so wrong with that. I think the birth scene will be cool, they can’t very well leave it out of the movie for the simple fact that it is where edward has to change her. I think both movies will be great, just not happy about waiting so long inbetween both movies, that is not making me happy at all. But they should be great none the less.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Jamie

    The love that Jacob feels for Renesmee is not anything like pedophilia that is sick and disgusting. All he is to her through her life will be her guardian and friend. When she grows up into an adult (which for her will be much younger than most) he will become more if she allows it (but who wouldn’t the devotion to her will be impossible to deny). Everyone is complaining about the fact that Jacob was in love with Bella and now he is imprinting on her daughter how can that be thats disgusting but people don’t seem to understand or get it through their heads that he never was in love with Bella, the draw towards Bella that Jacob thought was love was the draw of the imprinting, they were always supposed to be a part of each others lives and a part of each others families, Bella herself says that she says that she knows they are supposed to be together somehow but she can’t figure out what happened and where they went wrong, she felt the pull as well but it was not her. Jacob needed to be around her because that was how he would imprint, that was the goal in his body and her body telling each other that they needed to be together, after Renesmee is born Jacob no longer loves Bella immediately as soon as she is born before he even sees her, and the Bella feels the same after she sees Jacob for the first time after she gets back from hunting, she realizes that the pull is not there any longer, it was all from Renesmee. That is what everything was leading up to. If you are going to read the books try to understand them don’t just say well I don’t like this character because of this look at the whole picture please.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment crookshanks82

    There is no way this lady understood these books. I agree with almost everyone on here so no need to repeat what has been explained very well several time. But I would also like to add to the author of this article;Don’t you think Edward would have ripped Jake apart if his feelings for Renesmee were anything like the icky pedophilia you so lamely describe? After all he does read minds! Unless you missed on that too which would be surprising. Renesmee was an awesome addition to this story and
    was in no way any creepier than the rest of the characters. I don’t this is your genre of reading.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Jstanl (Jim)

    I am the first poster here who has seen the movie (Breaking Dawn, Part I), twice. I was pleased with it, I was afraid it would be boring. I am really looking forward to Part II.

    The thing I find creepy here is referring to the child of a human mother as “spawn”. And seeing a pedophilia angle in the story is sick. IMHO.

    Also, if I remember the book correctly, the child did not chew her way out of her mother’s womb, it was the placenta that had been discharged with the child still inside.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Rosalyn

    Um. Jake IMPRINTS on Nessie, and he only feels like an older brother to her right now.

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