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Stephen Hawking: No Need for God in Physics

It is rare when someone from the field of science–especially the kind of science that is almost impossible to understand–becomes a pop culture icon. But Stephen Hawking has long been known far outside the academic community as the Tiger Woods of science, meaning there are many who are fans of his but don’t much know what he stands for.
Until now, that is. His latest book, “The Grand Design,” takes on the likes of historical scientists from Newton to Darwin to any of those who’ve claimed that God had something to do with the creation of the universe. An L.A. Times review cites it as a work which “ponders the numerous theories that explain our universe, scientific and otherwise.” But make no mistake, its claims have a clear purpose in mind.
“Spontaneous creation is the reason why there is something rather than nothing, why the universe exists, why we exist,” he says in an excerpt from the book published recently in the London Times. “It is not necessary to invoke God to light the blue touch paper [fuse] and set the universe going.”
The Times’ excerpt has generated quite a bit of varied feedback.
Hawking’s book attempts to adress what it calls “the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything,” borrowing from the cult science fiction book, “The Hitch-hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.” by Douglas Adams.
Now, call me old fashioned, but here’s where it gets crazy. I’ve always felt that it requires faith to believe in how the earth–and ourselves as people–came into being. Now a scientist is claiming to be able to prove how we got here. And somehow that is called science but not faith. That is a full circle mind meld that I’m not quite ready for. I think it certainly requires faith to believe the Bible’s launch words, “In the beginning, God created….” But I submit that it requires equal faith to believe in Hawking’s “M-Theory, which says that 11 space-time dimensions with “vibrating strings, … point particles, two-dimensional membranes, three-dimensional blobs and other objects that are more difficult to picture and occupy even more dimensions of space.”
A CNN article sums up his work as purposed to “banish a divine creator from politics.” This is a book that is important for our culture, regardless of where your faith journey has taken you.

  • Andre John

    May I ask you politely, Mr.Hawking, WHAT/WHO made the laws of physics such as gravity exist, reasonably??? THINK about it more please before jumping to ridiculous theoretical conclusions!
    God did not create the universe and the “Big Bang” was an inevitable consequence of the laws of physics, the eminent British theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking argues in a new book… In “The Grand Design,”… Hawking says a new series of theories made a creator of the universe redundant, according to the Times newspaper which published extracts on Thursday… “Because there is a law such as gravity, the universe can and will create itself from nothing. Spontaneous creation is the reason there is something rather than nothing, why the universe exists, why we exist,” Hawking writes…
    I mean, seriously, THINK about it more. duh?
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  • Charles Cosimano

    Hawking would have a very good answer for that. Unfortunately it is in an equation that is so long that only a specialist can figure it out.

  • sean

    May I ask you politely, Mr. Andre John, WHAT/WHO made god, reasonably??? Then, ask yourself, who made that god. Then, ask yourself who made that god. Hawking is simply stating that from what we, the scientific community, understand is that given the equations, the creation and interactions of the universe can be explained. The hand of god, the leap of faith, is not a necessary mechanism. The gap keeps shrinking…. it’s a false dilemma to believe that because we can’t explain the nature of universal constants (yet) that a god created and maintains them. I say yet because we are pretty amazing creatures. Imagine explaining to someone living 100 years ago that it will be possible to beam streaming images of yourself to the other side of the world in under a second via orbiting satellites. Or that we’d have a photo of our solar system taken from the outside in. You’d be laughed at. Imagine what we will understand in 100 years.

  • Andre John

    “Because there is a law such as gravity, the universe can and will create itself from nothing…”
    this means that the “LAWS of the universe”: laws of physics (such as gravity), “the universe” is another name for a creator who created itself from nothing => G=D?
    never mind, god or no god, for me the bigger question is WHY? WHY are we created, WHY do we exist in the first place? that is the bigger mystery.

  • Andre John

    coincidentally, my CAPTCHA words are:
    “ejamusin laws”

  • Jan M

    Something cannot come from nothing, that is a fact. When you ask yourself “where did that come from and where did THAT come from” that’s where everyone will find God, maybe even Mr. Hawking.

  • JustGuessing

    Why does science and religion have to keep mixing? Science is forming a hypothesis, performing tests that test the hypothesis, and then analyzing the data. You cannot create a test that will test for divine intervention. Thus God is not part of science. I would love to analyze the theory that gravity caused the big bang without having to get into the God debate.

  • sean

    The old argument for non-overlaping magistrate… however, there have been tests. There was a recent double-blind prayer test. The conclusion was that there was no correlation between prayer and patient recovery (actual slight negative correlation). Science makes claims about the universe. Religion makes claims about the universe. One of them uses methods and evidence. The other does not. If people insist that god created everything, then god created everything that concerns science.

  • JustGuessing

    Can you really test prayer? Was it divine intervention that healed the person or just the belief they were being prayed for? Also every religious person believes God doesn’t always answer yes to prayers. I personally believe that God does extremely little outside intervention but changes your perspective of things.
    I really don’t want to get into the God debate because it is completely impossible for either side to win. I just would like religion and science and to kept separate. Surely you as an unbeliever would agree with me.

  • sean

    I enjoy talking about all of this and hope it doesn’t come across as militant… thanks for your continued conversation.
    Definitely the placebo effect is real. I think the negative correlation was for groups that didn’t fare well because they believed that they weren’t part of the prayer group. The study is out there on the internet.
    I think the problem here is that the Hawking book in question eludes that the mechanics are understood and don’t need an agent to put in motion. This necessarily flies in the face of the faithful that have spent their life devoted to god and an understanding that he is responsible for everything. When 80% of our nation (assuming you are US) makes these claims, there’s just no way to separate it all.
    If you truly believe science and religion are independent, am I to believe that you are against teaching creationism (no evidence) as an alternative to evolutionary science (tons of evidence)? Against impeding discoveries via stem cell research?
    There is an outrageous percentage of our population that disregards the massive amounts of data backing up evolution because of a book. This Hawking book is going to generate the same reaction. I feel there is definitely a winning side. Tell you what, if god were to make himself evident not through an old text and random, unverifiable miracles, he could easily put this to rest and we could all move on and make scientific progress all the while attributing the wonder and beauty to him.

  • sean

    And surely, Matthew 7:7 “every one who asks receives” is pretty clear. That is a testable claim. Matthew 21:21 “you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer” keeps the ball rolling.
    BTW Jan: virtual particle pairing seems to actually come into existence from nothing and quickly go out to the same nothingness. This universe is truly strange, more strange that we can currently imagine.

  • JustGuessing

    Creationism or intelligent design is not science and should only be taught in a religion or philosophy class. Think what a hindrance to science it would be if scientists had the attitude “That can’t be figured out because God did that”
    Life would be a lot easier if God would just prove beyond doubt he exists. But can he? How do we define miracles? Something that break the laws of natures. Well there are sorts of things that break the laws of nature as we know them for example dark energy. But the assumption is that we haven’t figured out those laws. What about one time miraculous events? There is a man who got struck by lightning and afterwards was an expert piano player. The scientist studying the case thought it was just a random fluke.
    Wouldn’t being 100% certain in a happy afterlife be a hindrance to evolution? Why bother trying to work through your problems and grow when you can just kill yourself and go to a happy place.
    I once heard this theory that humanity is the Universe’s way of discovering itself. And that is how I view things. Believers and non-believers each have a role in this self-discovery.

  • Alicia

    Hawking is a testament to the power of creativity. Would he still be alive, given that he suffers from a disease that is very similar to Lou Gehrig’s disease (ALS) if he didn’t have something worthwhile to accomplish? And accomplish it he has, becoming a rock star in the process. This guy is the most famous and glamorous physicist since Einstein.
    Personally, I believe all religions are human inventions, but they evolved by such a long process, that they are certainly not artificial but are much more organic. And I think the religious impulse, the need to find higher purpose or meaning, may be innate. Stephen Hawking certainly has a higher purpose that has given meaning to his life. But, as to whether God exists or not, that’s an open question. What I’m certain of is that our best guesses about God are way off the mark, which should engender greater humility and doubt about what we believe. That sort of humility is good for scientists and persons of faith.

  • AllandNone

    What about this: ” What is happening is using us to see itself!”

  • Fred Collins

    I suppose, as a man of faith, I should be addressing Hawkings’ assertion that God wasn’t necessary in the creation of the universe because he believes, in effect, that something can be created from nothing. But his idea is just a new twist on an old argument. I don’t want to attack his belief system.
    I’m more concerned about the quality of his science. He is proposing an unproven and unprovable theory as truth. It is unprovable because it can’t be tested. Nothing is not a vacuum in space. Nothing is no space, time and, of course, no particles or forces. It is NOTHING! How do you manage to set aside a sample size of NOTHING and then watch it for who knows how long to see what happens?

  • Elijah A, Alexander, Jr.

    I agree since man usually say creation when talking about the Zeroverse (universe) which require a maker to achieve, if we call it existence we are saying “it always was, is, and shall be” eliminating the need of a maker.
    Existence is a group of individual entities which, without ever ceasing, continues through a process of learning and unlearning the whole of itself in every minute detail, by various processes. The following explains how.
    The Zeroverse is a sphere with a center ball and layered upon layer until reaching the outer skin, like an onion. The center ball and layers are like a honeycomb with innumerable cells, each representing an entity, ethnic, gender (where required), personality and characteristic of it, on the center ball. On the layers the cells represent required learning experiences.
    On the center ball, earth being one, the energy with the mind migrates through each cell of every entity type thereon by means of reincarnation. The host cell embeds the knowledge required into the ghost while reincarnation provides a barrier preventing retaining the knowledge in one cell from being remembered when in another until incarnating for the next layer. That is done because earth is a plane of duality and all life interacts with many others causing karma or the reaping and sowing for each ghost to experience ever act and emotion they caused to others, and with the memory they couldn’t.
    What happens in the cell where the being evolves to the next plane is a metamorphosis, like the caterpillar becoming a butterfly. The caterpillar weaves a cocoon and including it, is transformed into the butterfly, thus, the barriers preventing memories of the different cells from being carried into another also becomes the body of the metamorphosed being, on earth are man [minds able to comprehend all things].
    The barriers being transparent causes man to become transparent to any earthbound man but able to vibrate at a frequency to allow them to see them as what is termed holy ghosts [man able to function as a man or ghost] and angels. Those man will also remember the languages of every entity type it has evolved through thus, being able to communicate in any language as if schooled in it, speaking in tongues of Christianity.
    On each subsequent plane, except as the outer skin, the metamorphosis is how man migrate through the cells carrying all memories with them. That way the entity learn every minute detail of existence, but on the outer skin the body breaks down to cause the memory to be forgotten.
    On the outer skin, one being is required to become the ghost of all existence when the Zeroverse, like the Phoenix, dissolves into only ether and out of those ashes is made to rises again by a different ghost. Therefore, there is a sequence, I call timelines, every ghost follows and are numbered so no ghost will bring existence into being prior to every ghost having done it.
    Thus, I have used the things made to reveal the functioning of existence without the need of a god.

  • john bullock

    hawkings is a twisted man who needs an encounter with JESUS CHRIST. i know many people think they are smart but this guy and people like him need to give JESUS a chance. try him for yourself and give him a chance. he loves you more than you could ever know. don’t die without at least giving him a chance. i beg you. eternatty is a real long time, without JESUS in yor life. there is a heaven and there is a hell. he died for you and to forgive your sins. if you think i’m a quack, some day soon you will wish you listened. i hope everybody listens to this. thank you

  • Clay

    I suppose that Hawking has a theory as to how Jesus performed miracles?

  • Bradley Beyer

    S. Hawkin is an interesting man. But as many say his theories require faith. Where is there any evidence for these theories?
    I tried to read about 11 dimensions of space time and such and
    just was so confused. The complexity of this coming into existense
    from nothing is mind boggling. I like the saying that usually the answer to a problem tends to be the simplest of answers. These theories go against that. Vibrating strings, sounds like a musical instrument. I respect Mr. Hawkin but he seems to have an agenda against Faith in God. To me there is much evidence to Jesus as our True Saviour and Son of God. Yes faith is required but there is much evidence. The story itself could not have been made up. It had to be witnessed as fact. His resurrection is REAL and He is Alive with us.
    Stephen needs to Knock at the Door like we all had to and Jesus will open this door for him. I pray Stephen finds Christ before it is too late as I pray for all sinners to find Him. God Bless!!

  • Alicia

    John Bullock, you called Hawking “twisted.” Before you judge, you might want to learn more about him, and ask yourself if you could deal with the kind of serious illness he has had for more than 30 years with even 1/100th of the grace he has shown.

  • manuel arrowood

    Hi well the way that i was raised was to belive in the good lord above, and i have had several of my clost people have cancer and by praying they are still hear today.

  • g

    I am one who has always admired Stephen Hawking and still do. I have read and (tried to understand) all of his writings and understand that his logical processes are clearly in an arena far above the average human being’s thoughts and am sure that his logic is impeccable and if not comprehended by us lesser minds, the problem is not with the logic but with our inability to track with him. Kind of like Mozart trying to demonstrate to us how to write a Symphony in under 10 days. Most of us could not write a Symphony in 100 years let alone in under 10 days.
    I doubt that Stephen Hawking has/had an agenda in his writings, his is as pure a scientific mind as they come and he is brave enough to accept the outcome of his work, even if it means accepting the possible fact that ‘we are here alone’. That is pretty brave.
    On the other side of the coin, I am one who believes in ‘God’ and actually feels the need to believe in God and a creator.
    All this has done is to confirm that I need to search further than the traditional dogmas and religions to explain the true nature of God.
    after all, that is really what this really is about is the challenge to ‘traditional beliefs about God and the nature of God’, it is a challenge to ‘religions’ and really doesn’t answer to the ultimate reality.
    So, we keep searching, rather than sit back smugly and say, “We found it’no need to look further, no need to ask any more questions. That to me is a smug attitude that guarantees no more growth at any level.

  • Jim K

    If one holds a belief in ANY mainstream religions, there can be no way to believe that the universe was created without a hand from a “God” or Supreme entity. Only science and the “far-out” radical, cults can make claims that the element of “chance” or otherwise is responsible for the concept of “universe”. With all the mistaken claims, and changed doctrine medical and scientific sciences have had in my brief lifetime, I beginning to wonder if science and these “far-out” cults are very close to one and the same. Too many things point to God is God as is his creation to think otherwise, but, do your homework to find out.

  • g

    Well Jim K has it right on one account…Yes a belief in any of the orthodox(my insertion) mainstream religions, inherent in those doctrines is the belief in a supreme being who initiated and carried out a ‘creative’ process resulting in the cosmos and life.
    And that is what I was arguing in terms of what Stephen Hawking’s theories are threatening, that is the Orthodox beliefs of many of the religions including the mainstream religions.
    I am not sure that Hawking is saying that ‘chance’ is or isn’t involved. I haven’t read his book nor do I claim that I will understand it if I do read, but from all the ‘press’ it appears his assertion is not so much about chance as it is about a ‘deterministic’ forming of the cosmos because of the truth of certain Physical principals inherent in the matter that made up the cosmos.
    By the way, I don’t think that their are only two possibilities and definitions regarding chance versus intelligent creation. I don’t see chance’ as precluding intelligence, and I don’t see determined creation as necessarily arguing for intelligent design. there may be other forces equally capable of design without ‘God-like’ inteligence’.
    What Jim describes as a weakness of science I:e mistaken actually the strength of the scientific process, that is hte willingness to incorporate new facts and evidence and change previous ideas that were built on partial or erroneous information.
    The weakness of religion is that they tend to do the opposite. New information is disregarded, or regarded with suspician and demonized if it doesn’t fit with orthodoxy. At beast, the new conflicting facts are forced through a meat grinder of biblical interpretation trying to prove that the Bible saidit first and at worst the information is demonized and labled ” The Great Lie of the Last Days’ …
    I am thankful for the fact that Science continually monitors itself and is willing to change and I am always aware of the fact that Jesus was not ‘orthodox’ in his teaching. He was a ‘cult’.
    Orthodox, does not necessarily mean ‘Truth’ it just means Orthodox.

  • Job Pagsibigan

    It shouldn’t take a Stephen Hawking to figure out that the Laws of Physics can never be used to postulate the non-existence of a Creator. Why call it “physics” if it can as well speak for the “spiritual?”
    If everything came out of absolutely “nothing,” why–in the first place–the need for “something” like physical laws to keep everything from ending into nothingness again, anytime?
    Nothingness is the ultimate & the simplest resulting balance of chaos after its components have naturally canceled each other out. The fact that the Universe has kept itself from being nothing again (Law of Conservation of Mass & Energy) is built-in proof that it is consciously keeping itself to be in existence. That consciousness–is God.

  • g

    I don’t think Hawking is postulating there is no creator, somewhere for something, he is postulating that in the case of our current cosmos, a creator is not needed, doesn’t mean there isn’t one, just saying that it appears that all of this can reasonably be said to have initiated itself.
    as for things ‘spiritual” that really begs the question that there is something that is ‘spiritual’ of which the meaning seems elusive. What is ‘spiritual’ ? Is it mass? a force like gravity is a force?? If it acts within the cosmos, then it should be measurable just like all the other forces, gravity, nuclear magnetic etc. But it appears that there is no mysterious force at work that can be seen and or measured by any scientific measure which means what? That it probably does not exist because everything can be explained in terms of the forces that are measurable or inferred by observation. And even if there is a spiritual force, who is to say that science has no truck there? Who is to say that religion is or should be the sole keeper and dispenser of that knowledge. Religion has really shown little reason as to be trusted as the repository of ‘spiritual’ things if indeed they exist. What commends religion to hold that position?? And then the question would be, if religion has been appointed keeper of the secret knowledge not revealed to science, then which religion has that appointment?? well, every religion claims that they have that appointment exclusively.
    ‘That consciousness is God’is a leap of faith which begs the question that faith some how mysticall and magically understands mysteries without really having to dig for them and question them and seek them. It presupposes some (twilight- zone music playing) ‘I just have a sense, a feeling that I define as the Holy Spirit witnessing to my spirit these truths. seems like God has ordained science as the repository of truth rather than religion. That gets verified daily as science makes inroads into knowledge and medicine and other disciplines that religion so un-thankfully appropriates for themselves.

  • Bekele

    How does the low of gravity works?If we say something can be created from nothing due to the law of gravity ,how can the law of gravity works where there are nothing?No one is able to reach to Almighty God
    by his/her own effort. There is no need of research or experiment to know and understand where and who is God.It is beyond our conscious…to understand everything unless we…….As God said from the very beginning a human nature is capable to search and find the created but not the creator.We are given a wisdom by Him .

  • Geegee

    I have read the article regarding Stephen Hawking’s book, and I read the comments. I have somewhat above intelligence. My opinion is that absolutely none of this makes any sense. Why do we humans have to decide whether we think there is a Creator? We are limited mentally BECAUSE we are human animals living on this planet. If there is a Creator, we can not possibly understand his/her/its intelligence nor reasons for creating the universe during our natural lives on planet earth. My “faith” tells me that we will all understand some time when we leave our natural lives and enter the physical realm. With faith, comes hope. All we can do is live our lives and hope that the Creator reveals him/her/its self in the future. I say we concentrate on living a life that is fulfilling, and hope for the best this universe has to offer. Perhaps we will go on to live in another plane of existance that presently we know nothing about. Stephen Hawking is brilliant, but he knows no more than any of us regarding the existence of a Creator. He does know how to make money by writing a book and getting it published.

  • Geegee

    I mean “spiritual realm” on line 7

  • Stan

    The Bible says “that the very elect shall be deceived”. Good example

  • Patsy Davis

    My name is Patsy Davis and I live in Charlotte, N.C. How could this man EVER THINK THAT GOD DID NOT CREATE THE UNIVERSE?! He has to be crazy or an Atheist. Of course, God created the Universe. It says so in the Bible, which is the world’s best seller. I am a Christian and I do not question that God created the Universe. It says so throughout the entire Bible. Perhaps this scientist has never read the Bible. He had better before he writes another article like this one.

  • Carlos Michael Padilla

    On page 7 of my book “12 Doors Knocking” I wrote the following, “Without God our lives are meaningless and without purpose.”
    In my July 30th blog I submitted the following, “Recently, a friend asked, “Can you prove the existence of God?” My response, “No, I cannot. Can you prove God does not exist?”
    Mr. Hawking may write as he believes. As for me, I choose to believe in the existence of a Creator.

  • Charlie Patterson

    Have you ever noticed that it seems like the most educated people are the very ones who want to deny Gods existence? I don’t understand how someone as brilliant as Mr. Hawkin has to think that the universe and humans were all created by happenstance. I know that God created the heavens and the Earth and humans in His image. Does that mean that we’re the only “intelligent” life forms that God created? I doubt it, because my Bible says he created the heavens (plural) and the universe and all that are in it. That’s good enough for me. But I’m not so narrow minded as to think out of all the universes and galaxies that He created, that Earth is the only place with intelligent beings. THAT, would be crazy.

  • Gary

    WOW…how does this debate continue? My college son raised Christian but is open to any idea even says that through his professors that no way did we or earth or the universe just exist and if you want to call it evolution call it that, was designed or programmed just as a computer program. Everything points to a higher power. How could the Bible be written thousands of years before events if foretold if there isn’t a GOD created universe and plan!

  • kam

    Every knee shall bow, and every tongue shall confess that Christ is Lord.
    Until that happens, there will always be some who have no need for God. It’s our duty as Christian to lead them to the cross in love.

  • Joe Dvorsky

    Dear Patsy, Sola Scriptura does not meet the test of reason or logic and even though I admire your zeal for God, your zealous argument is no different from Hawkins purely rationalist argument. Both lack balance, Fideism and Rationalism both fail the test of reason. Your own gift of intellect and capacity to reason make you capable of learning to read and grasp the inspired concepts presented in the Bible. Faith and Reason are both gifts of God. Science is a tool, just as Faith helps us to grasp the inspired word of God in the Bible; Science (a direct product of man’s gift of reason) helps us to grasp the inspiration of the created universe. See Roman 1:20, Paul truly inspired by the Holy Spirit, is the true inspiration of Science our tool of reason that gives us confidence to explore creation and see the hand of God in all that is made. Rationalism is in error just as much as Fideism, they both isolate and alienate their proponents in circular arguments, which divide rather than unite us in our journey for Truth.

  • Bradford M. Rosenquist. D. D., TN state chaplain

    Here we go again…
    In the sixties and seventies we had the “God is dead” group. It seemed at that time too many were ready to jump on the bandwagon.
    Stephen Hawkings has every reason to be bitter about life and his
    debilitating circumstances. He probably (faith and subjective surmizing on my part) rejects God because God does not intervene and
    grant him healing from his major physical deficits. If his body were normal, it is only speculation as to what kind of things he might have accomplished, morally good or not beyond what he has with his
    deformities. Then, again, maybe with the normal body, he might have
    not had “time” to do all the thinking, theorizing, etc. that he manages to do despite disabilites…since he would have been able to do so much more (from climbing Mt. Everest to spending time in Las
    Vegas NV like Mr. Tiger Woods managed to do beyond the discipline of
    PGA practice and being the best of fathers and husbands).
    Jesus and Paul the Apostle were light years ahead of Mr. Hawking when it comes to authority, awareness of the universe and what life is really all about. Giving each of us our own will to do as we choose was the most significant part of God’s creative offering. Whether we choose to accept the magnificent additional offering of eternal life
    through accepting Jesus as our Savior and Lord, since we are all in the same boat of guilty as charged…”hearts deceitfully wicked…”
    whether it is Mr. Hawking denying God or Adolph Hitler mass-murdering
    Jews or ordinary American, German, Congolese, Chinese or Columbian
    citizens cheating on our taxes, it is still the same thing. We can’t
    accept the fundamental idea that only God can exist inherently as he
    alone is the source of life and the meaning of life.
    It is a sad day for Mr. Hawking and all those who accept his belief in
    all of our variations of God denial.

  • Jeff

    The Mona Lisa didn’t just appear. An artist created it. Just because you never met the artist it doesn’t mean the artist doen’t exist. Just because you can’t comprehend something or prove something, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. God or a god wouldn’t be much of a God if the most highly self-proclaimed scientist could explain them or him. Sorry people, but God is smarter than us. Yes, even you Mr Hawkins. He is more complex than simple equations or earthly theories and laws. We don’t have the ability to understand God. We don’t and never will have all the answers. Mr Hawkins i’m sure right now is wearing one blue sock and one black sock, meaning even he makes mistakes. On our death beds, will our lasts words be screw you world, or will we say say I sure hope there is something on the other side. Why would you want to believe that this is it? How about believe that there is more than what we can understand. That there is something wonderful waiting for us when we pass. Why believe for an empty cup rather than a full one?

  • g

    I am amazed that the same old tired accusations and rebuttals to scientific inquiry keep getting thrown out onto the playing field.
    From the ‘Prove God doesn’t exist’ is such a fallacious argument, to statements like Paul and Jesus being light years ahead Hawking’s’ thinking. Wow, by what standard other than ‘faith’ is that argument postulated.
    Proving something doesn’t exist is absolutely an absurd fallacy of argument. ‘I have a magic who lives under my sink that created the universe You can’t see him or hear him but the creation is proof that he is there. Prove that he doesn’t exist! You would say, fine, if that is what you want to believe because you would recognize how ridiculous that argument is!
    And these arguments of ‘the God is dead’ argument is just being recycled means what? If an argument is cycled back through for reconsideration it automatically disqualifies it as having any validity?
    And where does Hitler and tax cheaters enter in to all of this???
    Those arguments usually come from a self-hating man is evil starting point. That is really a sick way to view the world! Let’s start with the fact that all are evil and sick. Wow, what a psychologically sick worldview.
    And all of these arguments are suggesting that Hawking is intentionally believing all of it. All he is saying is that it appears that the Universe can and did start and run without the need for a creator..doesn’t mean there isn’t one, doesn’t mean he doesn’t hope there is one. It is just an observation by a mind that is greatly ahead of all the posters here (myself included). His statement must be having a similar impact as earlier statements did about the Earth not being the center of the universe did hundreds of years ago.
    The attacks on his thinking demonstrate one thing, believers are scared. These reactions are from people who deep inside are fearful that he may be right. These are fear arguments folks. If you really believe it, it should cause no panic responses like many of the responses here. Now I expect the usual ‘I ain’t affeared’ posts to come in followed by some castigation of infidels and pronouncement of fearful judgement to come. Predictable!

  • lee

    I’m sure mr. Hawking is one of the most intelligent people on earth. I can”t begin to understand how someone can have an idea about how gravity can bend the fabric of space/time and then go about creating a math formula to prove that idea. My brain simply doesn’t work that way;and according to my wife it doesn”t at all most of the time. I haven’t read this book, nor do I intend to; probably wouldn’t understand most of it anyway; I don’t think he can dumb it down far enough for that.Still I don’t see where it is addresses where everything came from.’In the begining God created”. The Hebrew word used here for created is “BARA”. It means to create out of nothing;and the only time it is used is in reference to God. In the begining there was God and nothing else.Then God said let there be, and there was. Mr Hawking, where did all the atoms that make up all that there is come from? Did gravity waves create them out of nothing?
    Did they say “Let there be”, and there was? As it has been stated “I don’t have enough faith to be an atheist.

  • Karen Walters

    Could it be that he could be coming in as helper to the AntiChrist? I love the Lord with all my heart and my belief is the Bible. That’s all we need to understand who and how we got here. Stephen Hawking is indeed devil possessed. I think he is a miserable crackpot.

  • Anthony Douglas

    Mr. Hawkin is a perfect example of what the Christian Bible means , when it refers to original sin, you see the “natural man understands not the things of God”.
    For the natural man to understand the world in which he lives, or mankind as God’s creation, he (man) must be born again.
    Unless he is born again, then the things of God, are but foolishness to him.
    “There is a way that seems right unto man, but the ways there-of, is death.”

  • Tim in Colorado

    I think some of the questions about the origins of our universe, and approaches to those questions from both science and religion, may come into clearer focus when we consider the undeniable complexity and excellence of the world in which we live. Scientific inquiry has peered into our universe with the lens of the Hubble telescope and found worlds that, by our best estimates, are hundreds of millions or billions of years old, because we understand them to be millions of light-years away. On these facts, scientific and religious observers can both agree. In all our inquiries, including not only the Hubble but radio signals being beamed as far into the universe as we can beam them and retrieve data, we have yet to discover other sentient life in the universe, yet most religious and scientific observers would agree that we ought not preclude that possibility. And we know that none of us had the slightest thing to do with creating or sustaining these far-flung worlds.
    Yet when we look back from the far reaches of the universe at our Earth, and its steady course of supporting human, animal and plant life due to its distinct position in our solar system, we can do no less than marvel at the forces at work preserving life in our world. Yes, there are natural disasters, hurricanes, floods and earthquakes that interrupt this contemplation and tell us that the Earth is not entirely friendly to human life in every instance; yet our observations tell us that the biggest obstacles to preserving life, and the factors foreshortening it, are not from natural disaster, but from human decisions and activities: wars, murder and crime, failure to feed and clothe the poor, cavalier treatment of our environment, etc. These decisions and activities are at odds with the observed excellence and artistry of our world; we universally recognize that any act that destroys or kills–that is thus not creative–is not a loving act. And herein we acknowledge that every act of creativity, including whatever it was that masterfully and artfully put together our universe, is also an act of love. This is where religion and science intersect.
    Some may argue that they can’t go so far as to say that the artistry of our universe can be credited to a divine hand. They say that a God is not necessary to explain the marvelous universe in which we find ourselves. And many find difficulty in linking up the marvel of our world with the God of the Bible—who is unique among gods in the world of religion in making claim to be a Creator. But that is almost beside the point. If there is good inherent in life itself—if holding together the atoms and molecules that compose the stunning work of art that is the human body can be considered a moral imperative because of what we observe about its value—then we agree that we must be creative ourselves in preserving and sustaining human life with that creative stamp. If there is a God in the universe behind its artistry, then by definition we follow that Creator when we preserve humanity and our planet in every way possible. If there is no God behind the artistry, our minds grow cold and numb for a moment, but we still have every reason to act on the creative urge to preserve our fellow human beings and our environment.
    Perhaps by now you can see that I’ve come down on the side of those who believe in a divine Creator. If every act of creativity is an act of love, then a Creator-God by definition must be loving. In his first epistle in the New Testament, the Apostle John wrote, very simply and succinctly, that God is love. What is so hard to believe about that? I would postulate that Professor Hawking might at least be tempted to think that the God others tell him about is not in fact loving because of his physical impairment. Yet where else is there to go for love or good, if by definition the force or forces that formed his deformed-yet-still-highly-functional body can be observed everywhere in the universe he believes has no God? When Professor Hawking turns his sights on applying his brilliant scientific mind toward acts of creativity that preserve life, our hearts warm toward him and we believe his heart warms toward the marvelous universe he has devoted his life to observing. At that point there is a truce between religious and scientific orthodoxies, and the two schools of thought begin to peacefully coexist once again.

  • Tom Cooke

    I still have only one question to all those who oppose a Divine creation. They come up with a “big bang” or some other type theory. I don’t know what all this guy is presenting but what little is revealed it looks like an expansion on the “big bang.” So, my question is “WHERE DID THE STUFF HE PROPOSES IN HIS THEORY COME FROM (“space-time dimensions with “vibrating strings, … point particles, two-dimensional membranes, three-dimensional blobs and other objects that are more difficult to picture and occupy even more dimensions of space.”
    )? At some point in the eternity past there had to be nothing! So, he now has all the following in his theory (space, time, vibrating strings, particles, membranes, blobs and other objects). By what scientific theory does something produce from NOTHING? No matter how far back you take it something had to be CREATED to produce something. I just don’t have enough scientific faith to believe something could be here to produce creation without first being created out of nothing, and that could only be done by a DIVINE intervention.

  • kaysi

    I would be remiss if I did not urge all of you to fall on your faces and ask Christ into your hearts. Hell has been watered down for too long. No hellfire and brimstone damnation any more, just love your neighbor and say 15 affirmations each day…feel good about yourself! Even though Hell has fallen out of favor with pastors, it is still there and it’s still real.I’m not a religious frootloop…not gonna go all churchy here but Math.7:13 says the majority will go to Hell. Just sayin!
    Get the book “Divine Revelations of Hell” and get right with God. The Bible says if your eye causes you to sin, pluck it out…ok boys and girls, we know this isn’t literal, but God thinks it’s pretty important not to sin…Do whatever you need to do to keep from sinning.Even to the point of maiming yourself (again not literal people)whatever it takes. And it is getting close. Jesus will return soon and I’m begging you to get right.

  • kaysi

    I am not a religious frootloop and I’m not gonna go all preachy here…well not much, but I think everyone that is denying God here may be in for a big surprise. Hell seems to have fallen out of favor in most church’s. Love everyone and say 15 affirmations before you go to bed…wesure wouldn’t want to offend anyone. Well this might offend, but I would be remiss if I did not say that Hell is a real place and Matthew 7:13 says the majority will go there. Hell fire and brimstone has not been taught much to this generation and watered down Christiantiy has created arrogance in unbelievers. The Bible says if your eye causes you to sin then pluck it out…ok boys and girls, this is not literal. What Jesus is saying is that not sinning is so important, that it would be better to do whatever it takes not to do it. If that means going to heaven maimed (again, not literal people)then pluck that eye out…whatever it takes…get right. Get the book, Divine Revelations of Hell. You won’t want to stay on the Hell train…believe me.

  • Tim in Colorado

    Forbear me one further comment about creation and physics, if you will, that has to do with the principle of entropy. In physics, the principle of entropy states that our universe is in a state of winding down and breaking down, of going from more complex structural forms to simpler ones. Potential energy is constantly being realized as kinetic energy.
    Here’s where I think it gets interesting for both scientific and religious thinkers: at some point or other, the principle of entropy had to be reversed. In our current state, energy and matter are converted from one form to another, but, generally speaking, energy and matter (as a product of energy as we understand it) are conserved—another widely held principle of physics. Mathematically, what this presupposes is a discrete, predetermined amount of energy and matter in the universe—an amount, of course, well beyond our wildest imaginings to measure or comprehend. The question then becomes, at what point did the more-complex structures of our universe become complex, and how did they become more organized if the principle of entropy that we currently observe informs us that they can only become less organized?
    Though we could still be surprised at some point, what we observe in astronomy and physics does seem to support the Big Bang Theory, which observes that the universe appears to be expanding outward as the result of energy being released outward, a pertinent illustration of entropy in action. Yet we also have to believe somehow that entropy reverses itself in an organization of biological life—science postulates a theory of biological evolution—that appears to be at odds with entropy as we observe it in the astronomical universe. What we have here is a universe that somehow is evolving and devolving at the same time, violating its own physical laws!
    If scientific law cannot be invoked and applied consistently and in perpetuity, does that not beg another explanation? If nature and its laws are this imponderable, how does it then become impossible to have a spiritual realm or a Creator at work in the universe? Food for thought for those rigidly in the agnostic/atheist camp.


    All those things that Hawkins is proposing is to confuse mankind into believing that man was created from another animal which evolved into a human. Then you have physics which is the study of matter and its motin through space-time. It is all theory based off of confusion. The key here is scientists, physicists or whatever who do not believe in God and his son are trying to create made up versions of creation to get our attention on crazy antics rather than full proven facts and truths which is there is a God who created everything and to deny him would be to deny our entire existence and everything in and out of earth. That is the whole point of these scientific theories. Its all foolishness. See the game plan here is we are to read what Hawkins, Darwin etc. are proposing and then process it in our minds to try to understand it to get our attention off of what is important which is God and his divine plan for us and why we should stay away from people who state otherwise. I am not getting churchy or religious. I am speaking reality and what is important for us if we want to live better lives peacefully and humble. We as humans go out of our nature and why we were created when we stray away and keep our minds on unrealistic very fictious accounts of garbage that come from Satan. God is the beginning and the end. Enough explanation. Everything else in between is just what it is in between. Biblically speaking Ps.14:1 speaks of a person who denies God’s existence. Persons who do not possess wisdom are called fools and their behavior is folly. A certain kind of wisdom can actually be folly such as that which is based only on human intellect and experiences without considering God. Matt. 7:26; 25:2-3;Rom. 2:20. We should not call each other fools however if the shoe fits, wear it. I did not say it. It was spoken long before I came into this world and I’m just stating the facts. Scientists are trying to prove that there is life on other planets that they have not found yet. It is true. I believe that but I also know that the reason that God will not let us see or know where other life is because look at what we as humans have done to mother Earth and to each other. So disrespectful and uncivilized toward one another. Happens everyday.

  • g

    Just a rebuttal to the old ‘entropy’ argument. The entropy argument is an argument based on an erroneous definition of the 2nd law of thermodynamics. For the actual scientific definition and explanation go here ;
    This article will also explain the misconception by those using this argument to argue against evolution and or in this case, beginning and sustaining of the cosmos.

  • Gordon Tatro

    Scientists usually say something to the tune of: “science is science and theology is…well, for church folk”. Science looks to test things empirically, that is: to have repeatability…to see it happen under controlled experiment(s) and in a clean lab where there are controls. That is understandable because scientists are basically materialists (see it, feel it, slice it, or dice it–and a scientists will believe it); however, no scientist can cut off three feet of ‘Love’ or nine pounds of honesty…yet stick them next to their wife (or hubby) and they will honestly confess their love for the other! Aaaah, let me see it before I’ll believe it…just doesn’t work with Love! Yet it is the most sought after desire in this ‘materialist’ world (be you scientists or most pious Christian). One thing that has pinched me about scientists is their (mostly) hard-hearted and spiritually disconcerned reference frame yet they all MUST be open-mined if they are truly going to search for scientific truths. Being open-minded is very important as Romans 12:2 (go find it) aptly states and so we church folk (Christians only: Sorry); should not give up on them but just keep feeding them Truth (spiritual Truth–Special Revelation and scientific Truth–General Revelation) and then watch what occurs…as scientists back themselves into their own painted corner (You do remember when…in 1948 Fred Hoyle, Thomas Gold, and Hermann Bondi proposed the steady state theory of the universe. Hoyle was incensed to considered a beginning which was offered up cosmologist and Belgian priest George Lemaitre as his “Cosmic Egg”. Hoyle ridiculed Lemaitre calling his Cosmic Egg a “Big Bang” and it stuck to this day—unfortunately. But let me ‘clue’ you: it was not Big and there was no Bang and when the WMAP and COBE Satellites demonstrated the Cosmic Background Radiation signature it was then PROVED that there was a beginning…scientists then had to walked out of the corner they painted themselves into with steady-state).
    God is the Author of all Truth (that which is abstract and too that which is material) and all of it melds together in a relationship…it is these relationships (constants of the universe: See Martin Rees’s “Just Six Numbers”) that give the Universe (to include biology) order, repeatability, and ‘should’ cause us to wonder…that this universe seems as if it knew we were coming and that Someone has been stirring the cosmic pot and for the past 13 billion years…seasoning the ‘soup’ just right…for life but more so for us! Scientists should entertain ‘everything’ as a strange conspiracy rather than just coincidence. So when we are called to seek, and test and too by Jeremiah 33:3 to ask for great and unsearchable things that we at present do not know; it becomes humbling to see someone like Anthony Flew (an ardent atheist for the majority of his life) change his MIND (Romans 12:2 again) and submit to Occam’s Razor and give God credit where credit most certainly is due. But further, scientists seem to forget that not all worldly science(s) have to be empirical: Crime Scene investigation (forensics), paleontology, cryptography, and too cosmology…cannot repeat what it is they seek truth for…yet from many empirically impossible conclusions some people are locked away for life because the preponderance of the evidence has convicted them of (say) murder…beyond a shadow of a doubt (yet no one can repeat the murder…exactly…and too for some it is just the fact of overwhelming motive or greed desire…an abstract…that removes them from society).
    I have the majority of Hawkins’s books and too his words sprinkle the approximately 500 books I have on this overall subject and he too has made comments similar to Einstein’s “God does not play dice with the Universe” and too; “I find it strange that we can comprehend the incomprehensible.” Was Albert a God fairing Christian? Geee Whizz I do not know…that’s not my place to change hearts. Is Hawkins a believer in God as Creator and Christ as Savior? Aaaah, come on! That’s not my place either to ‘figure’ his heart out (nor is it yours…but; who knows what his heart asks…during the dark nights in his damaged body? Perhaps his heart cried out to God many years ago). Remember, God’s ways are not ours–He does not grade on the curve! We are here to recognize God’s creation and to steward this planet and to understand (and accept) God’s rescue Plan for us in Christ (Ephesians 2:8-9). One word sums up the entire Bible: RELATIONSHIP! Even Gravity is relationship (it’s an inverse-square-law. We know how it works, but we do not know WHY it works). God does not ask us to commit intellectual suicide, rather He asks (and insists) that we “reason together”, that we “test everything and hold onto the good”. There are many atheists who will not even consider the logic of Pascal’s Wager yet they have helped me and too helped God in that through their (honest) search for truth I have seen where God and His word fit and join together: science, Christianity and philosophy. And that then boosts my Faith in that I see God in Design as Creator (in His General Revelation) adding strength to my sealed spirit in Christ by His Special Revelation. We are to be in the world but not of the world–we are set apart and different from the other creatures here on this planet…similar in some ways vastly different in others. See Hugh Ross and his team at (Reasons to Believe) at
    Dark Matter and Dark Energy is spinning the quantum world (should I capitalize the “Q”?) to the point where scientists and cosmologists state that we only have a handle on about 25% of what makes up the universe…all the rest is unknown as if we are looking through a mirror dimly lit and further that such belief in the Quantum world requires a far greater faith in its chance workings than to pick God (as designer and Creator and Lover). Faith is the substance of things hoped for the evidence not seen (Heb 11:1-3)…are we not having faith in the quantum world that it will perhaps lead us to further knowledge? If what we now see and know of the material world is only 25% of the truth, then why cannot there be God…in the other 75% via our searching? Maybe our humbled searching in the Quantum world will woo Him to come closer!!? If there is the slightest logical possibility that there is something special in us other than just this sack of mostly water–then put me to the front of the line–I WANT TO KNOW MORE OF HIM!
    Dawkings, Dennett, Hitchens and Harris are the leading (forceful) atheists (they are called the Four Horsemen of Atheists–go ahead Google it). Typically those ‘types’ are the problem for they also have closed-minds and for them it is anything EXCEPT God…Dawkins once stated he would believe in the flying spaghetti monster first and his comment quoted by Dinesh D’ Souza (What’s So Great About Christianity) on page 225 (the start of chapter 20) is a perfect example of an ad hominem attack. Hating God is far different and removed from a Truth seeking atheist. We all come into this world ‘poisoned’ but the awe and wonder of DNA or how a butterfly ‘knows’ how to fly against the wind (when the leaves are going helter-skelter in the other direction) and too even the design (fusion) of the stars which makes-up the elements in our bodies (the proton-proton and CNO chain of nucleosynthesis) into what we call the periodic table–it should drop your jaw and make you ask WHY each and every morning of your life!
    Look! God is Spirit and so too do each of us have something IN US behind our eyes that is eternal (Ecclesiastes 3:11)–that is, our spirit is not restricted to, or limited by, time once it is released from this EarthSuit. God does not make junk…and we are made in His Image for we have qualities that do not fit any darwinistic survival value traits: such as beauty, art, music, poetry, integrity, and too love etc. YOU ARE NOT A MEAT ROBOT! You are a conscious observer and moral agent knowing intuitively and immediately the difference between right and wrong! You have a conscience! Conscience means…from the Latin (with knowledge)! I was reminded once that: pain is to the body as a troubled conscious is to ones spirit (and then I read Acts 24:16 “Always Strive to keep your conscience clear before God and Man”). No one tolerates unfairness (you rather swallow it and become frustrated with the stupid way the world functions! You actually have a God fearing right to be angry at injustice and unfairness)!! Yet…where then is there the something that is “fair” by which we can stand firm on and then judge that which is not fair? ANS: Nowhere! So how then is it that we suddenly and with conviction even to putting our life in jeopardy stand by fairness when it does not exist anywhere in this world? And too this can be said for perfection (everyone wants the perfect car and marriage and offspring and job) yet even the Second Law of Thermodynamics (entropy) says “NO!” to this desire…then why do we desire it if it can never be had? ANS: it does exists in God’s Kingdom! Also there is changelessness and the security that comes from it (a desire sought in this world). CS Lewis stated: “If there exists in me a desire that nothing in this world can satisfy then most likely I was made for another world”. You were! This is not your Home…you are (according to the Bible) a foreigner in a strange and hostile land on a Journey to give Glory to God. AND nothing else will be satisfied until God is first in ones heart. Hey, no one asked to be here in this life and it is a bit of a mess too…but that is mostly our doing…we are to “steward this planet” and relate with others in Godly love!! Sorry, but I did not make up the rules nor did I design the Universe or your Earthsuit!
    Life is truly odd and when you look out the window in the morning the first and continuous question that should greet you is: “Why is there something rather than nothing?” In fact, we should not even be ABLE to ask this question!! The fact now seems to be drifting towards the answer that: there is NO SUCH THING AS NOTHING. Hence that is why God told Moses “I AM” (God resides outside of our limited and restricted four dimensions just as the author of any book is NOT limited by his plot…the ink, or the paper. God however, upped the ante by becoming man…and by transcending His 10 to 11 dimensions in order to come into our life and offer us a rescue plan in His Son Jesus the Christ and Savior). Mankind in his ‘method’ of earning his way through life, cannot seem to comprehend this ‘Gift’ from God (in that, God does the work for us; A King and Creator gives up His life for our spirit)…OK then…how did we get it written to paper then if we do not think that way…ever?
    Let me ask you all one basic question? How is it possible that we humans who have been allowed the smarts to get on the moon been so totaled duped by this ‘Biblical’ Camp-Fire Myth Book? And How is it that sheepherders being chased and harassed by the Romans (Jews: persecuted by everyone at every turn in history), who wear flip-flops…can find the time to sit down and write all this stuff (that is in the Bible)…? It is not as if they can scurry to the corner wall-mart and buy a pack of notebook paper and a ball-point pen to…make all this up. Papyrus was valued and only scribes got the ‘duty’. Such Imagination by about 40 different people over the course of thousands of years then all fit in and make up 60 books?! Aaaah Com-on? What if it is TRUE!?
    St Augustine stated: “For thou (God) hast made us for theyself and our hearts are restless until they rest in thee”. Go ahead and try to satisfy your searching and desires…not much will make sense in your life unless you give Credit to God who cast your spirit inside you…for you will graduate life through death and you will come ‘out’ the other side of time and your spirit will go back to Him who gave it…like it or not, believe it or not…you were bought at a severe price and you are accountable to that spirits condition. Before you run out of time open your mind and let your heart be softened…it is IN TIME that change is made for what your spirit will be and where you can go outside of time. When your spirit is thrust into a dimension of no limit (no time) there is then no ‘then’ in which to make heartfelt change to your spirit. Change requires time–no time…no change! God will love you enough to let you go to where your heart most desires and if that is not Him then you are on your own…chaos will reign in a place of no order away from God…for in God’s Kingdom entropy must be very very low…aaaah rather (I suspect) non-existent! By God’s Grace…Know Him NOW!

  • g

    Well, once again I am seeing arguments against the scientific method that are really the strength of science. Namely the honesty and ability to postulate, test and find out it was a wrong idea then move on to a theory that fits the facts and new information.
    That is the strength of science! That is the weakness of religion, when religion is confronted with facts that contradict orthodoxy the first reaction is to condemn, demonize and burn the heretics along with their books.
    As far as the ‘Pascal’s wager’ argument : i;e; I would rather believe in God and find out he doesn’t exist then to not believe and find out he exists and end up in hell:
    That is absurd!! Is that a saving faith? What, God is too much of a dupe to see through that kind of selfish self-interested faith which is not faith?? What an insult to God.
    Fact is, a lot of theology about God’s nature and attributes have evolved thanks to science. For instance God’s size. The theology about God’s size has evolved from just bigger than the world ( a flat Earth to the early believers) to a God the size and bigger than the Universe.
    That info didn’t come from the Bible or revelation in prayer..It came from Astronomy!!
    So quit condemning the table at which you yourselves sit and eat from!!
    Every one of you faithful are dining at the table of scientific discovery and many have their wives and husbands and children still with them and are able to enjoy more love because of scientific breakthrough in medicine. Many are alive today to write here (myself included) thanks to innovations in engineering which makes our cars less of a death trap in bad accidents. And yes I thank God for those innovations and many of them came through the brilliance of unbelieving minds and Gay people and all those sinners you are so quick to dismiss into hell!
    Thanks to Stephen Hawking and the likes, our world has a brighter future,,a future of space exploration (if the religious fanatics don’t blow it up first) of conquering all kinds of diseases of greater understanding of the Cosmos.
    Stephen Hawking’s insights have made the world a better place and his statements are no threat to anything, not to God not to believer’s.
    Guess what, God is big enough to have a completely self-generating cosmos, or don’t you have enough faith to believe that?

  • sandra

    TO Gordon Tatro:
    I just wanted to comment on your comment above: I just wanted to say that your explanation absolutely touched my heart! I am a new believer and still trying to understand everything. I thought your words were beautiful and very sobering. Thank you, God bless!


    Stephen Hawking does not believe in God because of his situation. How could and why would God inflict such horrible suffering on such a “bright” individual? Hawking has been wrong on many occasions. Many of his peers refuse to challenge him because of his physical condition. At conferences it would be mean to challenge him particularly since he speaks with the aid of a computer. Thus, people did not challenge him. In peer-reviewed journals, he was proven wrong on his main contributions – He even admitted that he was wrong. It is not bad to be wrong as long as you provoke thought. The problem here is that people held him in high esteem, not because he proposed incorrect novel theories but because he struggles daily to survive. The current theory that he proposes in his new book is also wrong. His assumption is that there is no God so you have to come up with some cockamamie theory to explain what is and how it came to be. This conjecture cannot be tested directly. Moreover, the assumption is wrong. May be some day Stephen Hawing will see the Light. Maybe the world should ignore him since he is wrong time and time again!

  • Dennis Pence

    “O Timothy, keep that which is committed to thy trust [see Timothy 6:14], avoiding profane and vain babblings, and the oppositions of science falsely so called: which some professing have erred concerning the faith” (1 Timothy 6:20–21, KJV).
    If you have faith – no explanation is necessary. If you do not have faith – no explanation is possible. Very sad that Mr. Hawking would put so much “faith” in his “science” and so little faith in his Creator.

  • RASmeaboutGOD

    Why does a pilot say, oh God right before he crashes?
    So I need to say nothing more!

  • Jimi Fountain

    Stephen Hawking is a brilliaint physicist. The fact he is physically disabled has nothing to do with “God”. He thinks much like I do, amnd I’m no physicist. I do have my probleams with Gods. Excuse the typos, arthritis. My issue is, “something from nothing?” Always had problems wit that too and I’m pretty smart. Hence, agnostic rather than atheiest. God bless Stephen Haking, though neither one of us believes in God.



  • Wamda

    No matter who says or makes a claim, it all still boils down to God. God is the ultimate physicist of all. Everything is too perfect. We can breath and eat food provided by Earth. It’s not coincidence nor a freak accident. We are magnificent creation created by God. No matter what Stephen Hawkings say. He’s imperfect just like the rest of us imperfect magnificent human beings created in God’s image.

  • isaias


  • Suzito

    For those that believe, no more evidence is necessary, for those that do not believe there could never be enough!

  • g

    For those that believe, no more evidence is necessary, for those that do not believe there could never be enough!
    This is a compliment to scientists and a sad commentary for the faithful.
    ‘Don’t confuse me with facts, my faith is made up”! If it was left up the that attitude we would still be in the Dark Ages.
    Speaking of the Dark Ages, interesting that the period of the Church’s greatest power and influence is known as the ‘Dark Ages’.
    ‘Oh God’ at the point of impending disaster is really meaningless for many..that can attributed to social conditioning. I have more often heard curse words at the point sudden panic. Meaningless!

  • liz

    My challenge to Mr. Hawking and other scientists who do not believe God is to create something from nothing. When any of you are able to do that, I might accept and believe your THEORIES. How’s that for a challenge?

  • g

    Well Liz, how is this for a challenge…you have God, you create something from nothing..end result, Stephen Hawking =0 who has the truth as the end result is the same for both??

  • Nick Spez

    Stephen Hawking has the intelligence of a cockroach compared to the Higher Power (God) that has been influencing this planet from it’s inception. Our thinking and abilities are limited to where we are in the infiniteness of time and space. Hawking may be one of our great thinkers of today, but it is the ego of the human spirit that leads he, and all of us, to think that we are the be all and end all of the universe.

  • Cathy

    As for me, it is much more reasonable to believe in an omnipotent and omniscient God who transcends all time, space and knowledge known to mankind, and who created the universe and everything in it, than it is to believe in random particles, energy, anti-matter or whatever that just happened to collide, with NOTHING to initiate it. God can create “something from nothing” because He has ALWAYS existed. It is difficult for us to fathom that because our understanding is limited to our human existence.
    But someday we will see things clearly, as it says in I Corinthians 13:12: “Now we see but a poor reflection as in a mirror; then we shall see face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I am fully known.” (NIV) Sometimes we humans just have to learn to think “outside the box”.

  • Your Name Lou

    Faith and science have always battled between themselves..Strange. how it seems to be growing closer together as time passes.. As we look deeper into space and dig deeper in the ground we are finding things we dont completely understand. Being man.. we put our own interpretation on everything..Science says we had a BIG Bang to get everything going.. I believe that,it makes sense. I also believe it didnt just pop into existence without alot of help from someone greater than we can imagine. Scientist are some what awed at that possibity because they cant prove it.. Hey that where this Faith thing comes into play. God gives you that option. If we could just turn lose and really see what we have in each other..all these answers might be explained..They will in time anyway.. GOD BLESS

  • Rodger D

    your Name Lou
    That is very very well said and if I had to pick one it would be yours because you leave room for more untell you know it all there is always room for more. I really think we don’t understand the two seen an unseen but seen has the upper hand that why there is Faith that it will reveal it’s self an be seen or known. And just to let you know it was not just God in the begining but the Host of Heaven as well witch included Jesus witch you do know..! Well for some of us anyway.

  • Your Name

    To Sandra and Gordan Tatro
    Sandra yes I am glad he has help you an keep it close to you it will hell you a lot .
    And to Gordan you have done your home work I salute you on a job well done your comment was long but it had to be and you are on the road to the true truth don’t get side tract it gets harder as we go we will hafe to be strong to hold on but with God we have all we need to get it done. God Bless both of you in Jesus name please pray for us all and for me love you my Brother and Sister..!

  • Rodger D

    To Sandra and Gordan Tatro
    “Sandra yes I am glad he has help you an keep it close to you it will (hell) you a lot.”
    The word “hell” should have been “help” and not hell I am very sorry for that typeo forgive me again I am very sorry..!
    Ps It was commented under (Your Name) as the commenter

  • Your Name

    Liz and G
    (Liz) My challenge to Mr. Hawking and other scientists who do not believe God is to create something from nothing. When any of you are able to do that, I might accept and believe your THEORIES. How’s that for a challenge?
    (G) Well Liz, how is this for a challenge…you have God, you create something from nothing..end result, Stephen Hawking =0 who has the truth as the end result is the same for both??
    To both of you. In the begining was the (Word) an the word was God and the word was with God.
    so G if Stephen Hawking =0 Liz =0 then the Word =3 how is that for a chaiienge?

  • Greg E Schecher

    I really do not understand the significance of Hawkins latest rant. I realize he is a very smart man, IQ of 160 or something like that. However, he has no proof to support his theory that something was created from nothing.Even if he had proof; the the moment something is derived from “nothing” then nothing by definition WAS something. Ipso facto the question remains who created the “nothing” ?

  • Freerick Arend

    Why is there something instead of nothing? After we have something it is easy to build a Universe. But something cannot come from nothing because nothing too, is impossible. An absolute vacuum is logically and scientifically impossible. The Universe, therefore, had to come from less than nothing. Which is also impossible. Only something that was eternal could bring the Universe into existence. The Universe could only come from something eternal and infinite.


    This comment is for g. why r u so argumentive dear? This is just a debate! You leave room for chrisitans to defend the creator, God when you get all offended about the way they feel. If you believe that Hawkins is a great physicists/ scientists well you are free to do so. That is the power of choice. A gift given to all of us from our Creator. Have you ever heard the saying that some things are better left unsaid? Some of us have faith and some of us don’t and that what makes us imperfect. We are all humans and most of us are all struggling to find the truth. Yes it is true about what u stated because of the Dark Ages but did u not understand that the reason that the Dark Ages even happened was because man was trying to force people to believe what they wanted thm to thus taking our choices away from them. This was not God’s doing and he proved that is was wrong because it is no longer. The U S A is doing this present day and saying that even though we may be ignorant to some laws since they change daily that does not stop us from breaking the law and being penalized for it. Right? Thus taking our choice of free will and God is no where in that chaos and confusion and so how do you explain that one? To you what I have said might not make any sense and what you are saying makes no sense to most of us either. You are taking offense for someone who knows you not but your creator knows all of us and you too! God knowing a person can mean God choosing a person for His purposes (Jer. 1:5;Amos 3:2;Gal. 4:9). How do you explain things that just happen? Would you say that is science which I believe would be or a coincidence or would you give the credit where credit is due and who is responsible for all things that occur. How do you know that Hawkins does not pray to God before he sleeps at night? You don’t and none of us do but we all know that he makes money off his books no matter how many crazy antics he comes up with. How much richer did it make him versus you who are steading arguing his and other scientists points. My point exactly! It did not profit you. And how do you know that Hawkins may be just testing the Spirit? Who knows! Jesus says for us to test the Spirit in the NT. For us to waste our time arguing and acting hostile towards each other is not wise. We should in fact test the Spirit and find out our questions for ourselves and not depend on others nor get upset with others when our views are different. No one is saying that scientists have not improved our lives through their inventions. But the knowledge that they were blessed to have still comes from God. Knowledge of God is the greatest knowledge(Prov. 9:10) and the cheif duty of humankind(Hos. 6:6). Knowledge is a spiritual gift that can grow, increase, be filled, and abound (Phil. 1:9; Col.1:9-10; 2Cor.8:7)Knowledge exercised by the strong in faith can cause the weak in faith to go against their Christian conscience and lead to their spiritual ruin. Love is more important than knowledge (Cor. 13) This is why I’m sharing this with you! Knowledge is still a gift necessary for Chrisitian teaching (1Cor. 14:6). The point is God’s purpose existed before humankind’s response to God (Ps.139:16). God bless u g!

  • blythe

    I believe in a Universal Intelligenc and Evolution. Thiswould not stop me from Believing in a Devine Being except for the fact that
    We Are Still Killing Each Other. Killing and Torturing Innoent Animals, Children and Old people.

  • Ossie (Buck)

    I know this there will be a day when all this will be settle, whether you believe in The Living God or not, and in that day some of us will wish we would have confess that Jesus Christ was really a flesh and blood person,and God in the flesh. And took 30 seconds of our time and confess that he (Jesus) die on a cross and rose from the dead for our Sins. And that’s all that really matter, whether the Universe came into existed by a boom or not a boom, that’s really not going too matter in that day…… The bottom line is all that you see the sun,moon,stars,planets,seas,mountains,animals,lasers,human beings,mammals, fishes,and all the other galaxies,and all the other things the universes that all out there and still growing more and more each day, if you have an ounce of sense you would KNOW that there has a GOD to make all these things, they just did’nt boom and there they were, in the right spots,with the right amounts,right distances, everything in all the world in the right places…..
    Thank you

  • Wearedivine

    I say that there is no need to create another being, give it a name and claim that he sent down a person to die for our sins. If we are prepared to not question the origin of god, then why do we need to question the origin of us. We find the area of a square by multiplying the 2 sides; believing that there is another being to create human being is “to find the area of a square by dividing the square into 2 triangles and adding up the area of the triangles”.
    We, as humans do not pre-decide who, where, when we were created. We, as humans, dwell into our origin without having the need to finally know the answer as to our origin. The journey of finding out our origin is the purpose of human supremacy. Whether we find it or not does not matter and we must not end it all by placing another higher being on top of us.
    This sums up also of what Stephen Hawking meant. The Big Bang came into existence only when humans observe it, observing it now. Our observation, wakefulness and intelligence is the supreme being.
    We are what we are and accept and be proud of the supremacy of humankind, the ultimate being.

  • Wearedivine

    The creationist should ask yourselves. If this being who created the universe and heavens is named god, ask yourself, did he speak English? Is he able to reason, make logic? Did he created Adam and eve. Did he flood the earth and spoke to Noah? Is he able to condemn those who do not belief in him to a fiery eternity? Did he send one down to earth to die for our sins? Are we sinful or is it the laws of nature in ensuring only the fittest alive. Is he an image like man? Did he forbade the forbidden apple to be eaten?
    If the answer is no, then the whole belief of the god whom you believe in crumbles like a pack of cards. This ‘god’ as we know in the scientific community is the law of physics who never had a child sent down to ‘die’ for us. It never spoke English or any language. It never can reason, debate, pass judgment or give love. It is an inanimate object. If there ever is a creator, it will be us humans who are the creators who created a god (who created us??).
    Think intelligently.

  • Mike

    Creationists, by and large do not know that they have contributes nothing to who we are, only to leave it to a Creator whom they choose to subordinate their questions. This is quite consistent with the quantum wave theory which also postulate that any particle or here any opinion takes an infinite superposition.
    The difference is that Creationists should understand that they are knowledge hijackers doing intellectual piracy. Each time the scientific community works out something for the understanding of the world, it is immediately stolen by Creationists to promulgate their values. Creationists already decided who they want their Lord to be. Their destiny type decision means they will not question and work for the advancement of knowledge. A writer has mentioned earlier that the Dark Ages was when the Church’s power and influence was the greatest. Copernicus, Kepler, Galileo all had been put down as their scientific quest for knowledge went against the Church’s teachings which are Creationists’ destiny-type of ‘knowledge’.
    All Creationists should reflect on their non-contribution to knowledge and their piracy of knowledge from the scientific community. Either prove His existence or He should prove himself.

  • :P

    tsk tsk.. hawking.. if time is needed for gravity to exist would you mind explaining how time is created?

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