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Whoopi Goldberg: Mel Gibson’s Only Ally?

I am actually glad I haven’t seen numerous posts popping up here at Idol Chatter speculating about Mel Gibson and his latest scandal surrounding leaked tapes that contain verbal assaults and references to possible physical abuse in relation to his ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva. I don’t want to speak for my fellow bloggers, but I know I have been reluctant, indeed, cautious, to weigh in on the latest Mel Gibson scandal. The information is spreading across the web at a frantic pace, and separating fact from presumption is difficult. The allegations are also of such a grave nature that any kind of glib rant or witty pontification seem completely inappropriate. In fact, the only response I have heard in the media to all of this drama that I think has a note of calmness and reason is the voice of Whoopi Goldberg and her other “View” co-hosts.


Yesterday on “The View” Whoopi Goldberg declared she does not believe Gibson to be a racist, even though she is not condoning the alleged behavior and comments. Today on the show she again affirmed she has seen goodness in Mel, even though she can’t understand completely reconcile what she knows of Mel with what is on the leaked tapes. (She also pointed out that instead of taking the tapes to the police first, the tapes seemed to have always been released to a tabloid first.)
Whoopi’s co-hosts have also shown some restraint for a change and not piled on Mel. Elizabeth Hasselbeck joined in with her own support by commenting that it is not impossible for Mel to find redemption. Sherri Shepherd admitted she is praying for Mel even as she struggles with her own personal disappointment that someone who created a film like “The Passion of the Christ” could possibly be committing such cruel acts.
None of these ladies are condoning what we are hearing about Mel from these tapes. Neither am I.But they are wisely acknowledging that obviously the problems that are being revealed are complex, unresolved, and probably go back much further than the last few months. Any kind of help that is needed is probably going to be on a level far beyond making a quick stint to a rehab facility. And I found it refreshing that each of these ladies seemed to recognize it takes real courage and faith to not give up on someone in their most heinous moments while at the same time not excusing their actions. That’s something I am not hearing other people who have known Gibson for years doing.

  • Stephen Real

    I Forgive Mel Gibson
    “We may see the shadow in others and,
    if we dare,
    know it in ourselves.
    Mostly, however, we deny it in ourselves
    and project it onto others.
    It can also have a life of its own, as the Other.
    A powerful goal that some undertake is
    to re-integrate the shadow, the dark side,
    and the light of the ‘real’ self.
    If this can be done effectively,
    then we can become ‘whole’ once again,
    bringing together that which was
    once split from us.”
    – Carl Jung
    “The glory of Christianity is to conquer by foprgiveness”
    -William Blake

  • klm

    Is this still in the news. enough already.

  • name

    Mel Gibson is slime. Whoopi Goldberg, and The View, by their employment and connection to her, have just taken on the ire and contempt of hundreds of thousands of people. There is no redemption for Mel Gibson. You reap what you sow in this life. The only redemption is karma and Mr. Gibson will soon find out about that in spades! I will never watch any show again that Whoopi Goldberg hosts, co-hosts or has any regular appearance on, and if she appears on a talk-show or as a guest on a show, I will not watch that episode of that program. Nor will anyone I know or anyone in my family. And unless ABC does something about this FAST, I will be removing from my DVR cue any and all shows on the ABC Network. Even a heartfelt apology will not suffice. The way she spoke to the viewers of ‘The View’ on national television, Whoopi should be fired immediately. Opinions are one thing. Insulting viewers is another. They are going to drastically lose viewership if they do not quickly and effectively patch this up, and that includes removing Whoopi from her post. I hope she is reading this, because her standing by the side of an unequivocal hate-monger like Mr. Mel Gibson, in the middle of a tornado of awful hateful things he has done and said in the past few years, is completely and totally unacceptable to many many many people. Good riddance Whoopi! You will not be missed by me!!

  • Gwyddion9

    Personally, I very much enjoy Whoopi in her various movies as well as on
    The View. I find that she is often a voice of calm as well as sensibility on many things. I’ve found too many people screaming about many things but she still remains calm and add her voice of wisdom.
    She is a wise woman and personally, I’ve found that it never hurts to listen to her and consider what is being said.
    Personally, I’ve never really enjoyed any of Mel Gibsons movies but as a gay man, one of his first movies of him getting up and you seeing him from the back side has always endeared me to his side, sort-of-speak.
    Our country has become a place of madness and stupidity and people yelling at anything that offends them. Whoopi, is one of the voices of reason in this country. I don’t think anyone can be so cocked sure about their opinion that they can’t take the time to listen to differing opinions.

  • Barb

    We are all flesh and with that comes the ability to hurt others and behave badly….most of us don’t have to deal with the media when that happens….celebs do….knowing God can and will help us to walk the walk if we choose to listen….it can make the difference in how we live our lives….

  • JM

    to “NAME”
    wow are you harsh. I guess freedom of speach does not apply to Whoopi?
    As a woman who has left an abusive husband I try to keep in mind that the press will only report what they want. Also, unless I am on a jury then I have no right to judge other people.
    I have always liked Mel and was very upset at his divorce…I had thought that there was an example of an individual not being ground up and spit out by our society. I find his decent very sad and wish him well and hope he recovers from whatever demons are plaguing him in his life right now.

  • Therese

    At first I was very upset with Mel Gibson and felt he and the mother of his latest child deserve each other and the troubles they are getting. After all the girlfriend knew he was married with seven children when she got involved with him and cared nothing for the feelings of his wife and seven children, so in a sense she deserves what she is getting. If he mistreated his first wife, he would surely mistreat her. Many times men and women feel guilty for what they did wrong and take it out on the person with whom they did the wrong later. Nevertheless, I find myself praying for all involved that they will do the will of the Lord in all things and do what is right for everyone involved and get their lives straightened out. After all, none of us should be punished forever for our sins and vices if we are sorry and change for the better.

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