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My Favorite Inspiring Pop Culture Finds for the Summer

posted by Kris Rasmussen

Here are a few fun pop culture finds for summer.

This Week’s Inspirational Pop Culture Moments

posted by Idol Chatter

By Amy & Nancy Harrington, Pop Culture Passionistas This week a musician considers a run for Haitian President, a self-help superstar mends broken spirits, and a “Little House on the Prairie” alum works to PROTECT children. Here are this week’s […]

Anne Rice Breaks Up With Christianity via Facebook

posted by Kris Rasmussen

Anne Rice makes a startling announement via facebook and her website.

The Do Something Awards and More of This Week’s Inspirational Pop Culture Moments

posted by Idol Chatter

By Amy & Nancy Harrington, Pop Culture Passionistas This week a “Glee” star honors celebs who get out and Do Something, a movie star gets a big honor from the TV Academy, and a famous chef goes meatless on Mondays. […]

Mad Men Season Premiere

posted by Douglas Howe

“Mad Men” launches its Season Four this Sunday night, and, like several other ensemble dramas before it (“West Wing,” “24,” etc.), it’s moving beyond a cult-type audience to a wider viewership. The show had some more Emmy nominations and wins […]

HBO’s ‘True Blood': Season 3 Goes ‘Twilight’ (with a twist)

posted by Donna Freitas

Yes, yes, yes: despite the fact that I think HBO’s smash hit series ‘True Blood’ is as depraved as it gets, which is not exactly up my alley, I still keep watching it. It might be the train wreck effect […]

Primetime TV, FCC and Court Rulings

posted by Douglas Howe

“Fade whatever is left of the family hour,” said the story. “It’s about to get even racier out there.” When it comes to primetime television, the gap between what’s in the public interest and what will profit private sector just […]

Death on Facebook: Not so Graceful Apparently

posted by Donna Freitas

I’ve occasionally wondered what happens to a person’s facebook account when they die. I suppose it’s up to family members and friends to deactivate the account–that is, if they know the password. Or maybe you contact the some administrator at […]

Sting’s Inspiring Concert Tour with the RPCO

posted by Douglas Howe

I saw the best concert of the Summer Season last night and I hope you’ll get a chance to as well. The Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra is touring the United States as part of its current world tour with…Sting! Yes […]

“Footnote” is a New Kind of Show

posted by Douglas Howe

We told you earlier this summer about “Secrets of the Mountain,” a family friendly TV movie from faith-based guys led by Brian Wells. It did very well, thanks also to the sponsorship of Wal-Mart, Procter & Gamble and some key […]

‘Deadliest Catch': The Death of Captain Phil

posted by Ellen Leventry

As the sixth season of the Discovery Channel hit comes to a close, audiences will bid a long goodbye to Captain Phil Harris and witness the realities of experiencing a stroke.

‘The Choir’ and ‘Gutted': Must Watch Wednesday TV

posted by Ellen Leventry

Brit shows “The Choir” and “Gutted” make Wednesday night must-see reality TV.

‘Screwtape’ and ‘Freud': Searching for God Off-Broadway

posted by Kris Rasmussen

Two plays featuring C.S. Lewis a re getting great reviews.

Purity Promises on ‘Make It Or Break It’

posted by Donna Freitas

Chastity pledges and promise rings are all the rage on ABC Family’s hit shows (even if some teens are also having sex on those very same shows). Between a high school club called “Real Love Waits” on ‘Pretty Little Liars,’ […]

‘The Gates': Oh, But I Want So Badly to be Good!

posted by Donna Freitas

Yes it is true that I watch any and every show that features vampires and werewolves. I just can’t help myself. The latest addition to this tv series trend is ABC’s new, ‘The Gates.’ To be honest, I didn’t even […]

Real Love Waits on ‘Pretty Little Liars’

posted by Donna Freitas

So I confess: I am pretty obsessed with ‘Pretty Little Liars.’ Yes, it’s ABC Family’s newest high school soap, but it’s more or less a ‘Gossip Girl’ series with a mystery twist. And the girls are more likable (more or […]

Betty White’s Upcoming Calendar and More of This Week’s Inspiring Pop Culture Moments

posted by Idol Chatter

By Amy & Nancy Harrington, Pop Culture Passionistas This week a Hollywood heavy-hitter continues to give up glamour for giving, a “Survivor” raises AIDS awareness through soccer, and everyone’s favorite octagenarian sells beefcake for pets. Here are this week’s most […]

Watch Trailer: ‘Charlie St. Cloud’

posted by dross

Based on the book “The Death and Life of Charlie St. Cloud” the title character (Zac Efron) survives a car accident that takes the life of his younger brother. After the funeral, he sees his brother’s ghost and fulfills a […]

Whoopi Goldberg: Mel Gibson’s Only Ally?

posted by Kris Rasmussen

Whoopi is possibly the only person who is defending Mel Gibson right now.

‘Cheating’ Celebs and More of This Week’s Inspirational Pop Culture Moments

posted by Idol Chatter

By Amy & Nancy Harrington, Pop Culture Passionistas This week Hollywood hot shots cheat for charity, celebs offer walk-on roles for cold hard cash, and two city slicker farmers help out their local community artisans. Here are this week’s most […]

In the Age of Twitter: Bringing Hindu Epics to Film

posted by Donna Freitas

These days people tweet mass on Sundays. My fellow Beliefnet blogger, Jana Riess (of Flunking Sainthood) is even tweeting the ENTIRE bible, one tweet per chapter–she calls it the Twible. (Yes, really, Jana is doing this–it’s awesome. And her tweets […]

Orthodox Jewish Doctor Joins the Cast of ‘Big Brother’

posted by Kris Rasmussen

A Jewish doctor says he will abide by all Orthodox Jewish laws while in the “Big Brother” house.

2010 Emmys: ‘Friday Night Lights’ Receives First Major Emmy Nods!!!

posted by Kris Rasmussen

Friday Night Lights finally gets an Emmy nod.

Jon Gosselin May Pen Memoir with Help of New Life Coach

posted by Kris Rasmussen

Jon Gosselin is possibly writing a memoir.

‘Eclipse': Why I Loved It

posted by Donna Freitas

It’s official: ‘Eclipse’ is not only the third movie installment in the ‘Twilight Saga,’ it’s also the best. It’s fast, intense, dramatic and manages not to take itself too seriously (at one point Edward quips–to Jacob: “Do you ever wear […]

My Fourth of July DVD Picks

posted by Kris Rasmussen

Here are a few undiscovered DVD picks for the holiday.

A Bald Beauty Wins Miss Delaware Pageant and More of This Week’s Inspirational Pop Culture Moments

posted by Idol Chatter

By Amy & Nancy Harrington, Pop Culture PassionistasThis week Matt Damon offered to take one in the kisser for a good cause, Miss (Bald) America took the crown, and Sir Paul McCartney went viral for charity. Here are this week’s […]

‘In Plain Sight': Once a Priest, Always a Priest

posted by Donna Freitas

I love ‘In Plain Sight,’ the Marshall Service/Witness Protection show on USA. Not only does it star two fantastic actors from West Wing, Mary McCormack and Joshua Malina, but I find the relationship (and growing, sweet romantic tension) between the […]

Watch Trailer: ‘The Jensen Project’

posted by dross

Walmart and P & G present a new TV movie about a secret community of geniuses who conduct research to solve the world’s most important problems and who must stop dangerous technology from falling into the wrong hands. The movie […]

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