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Since Idol Chatter blogger Donna Freitas would never toot her own horn and promote her brand new young adult novel “This Gorgeous Game” here, I’m going to do it for her! “This Gorgeous Game” is about a teenage girl’s experience […]

“Lost” wasn’t the best , worst, or most controversial T.V. finale.

Well, I know deep down that I am supposed to dislike Boyd Crowder, the complicated villain from FX’s new show ‘Justified’ who bombs a black church in episode one. After Raylan (Timothy Olyphant) nearly kills Boyd while trying to apprehend […]

Six years ago, when Oceanic Flight 815 first crashed, the word “purgatory” was tossed around a lot. Viewers and, at times, even the survivors themselves thought they were already dead and the Island was a temporary place of punishment. They […]

My Idol Chatter colleague, Esther, did a wonderful summary and analysis of why the ‘Lost’ series finale was disappointing, but I can’t resist chiming in for a few moments on this because while Esther feels disappointed, I feel even stronger: […]

Some initial thoughts about the Lost series finale.

Here are a few favorite movies of mine that celebrate Jewish American heritage.

By Amy & Nancy Harrington, Pop Culture PassionistasCelebs were spreading the good vibes this week. A “Desperate Housewives” star was spotlighted for her good deeds on NBC Nightly News, primetime network anchors joined forces to Stand Up to Cancer, two […]

While it isn’t as popular as Chanukah or Passover, the Jewish holiday of Shavuot (Feast of Weeks, which counts the weeks between Passover and this holiday), which Jews celebrated this week, represents what I think are some of the best […]

A couple of years back I reviewed “Into Great Silence” for Idol Chatter, a several hour film that chronicles the lives of Carthusian monks at Grande Chartreuse in the French Alps. These monks take a vow of silence and so, […]