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A new website asks for donations to help restore the lost wealth of outspoken Christian actor Stephen Baldwin.

In celebration of pastor Joel Osteen’s new audiobook “Living in Favor, Abundance, And Joy,” (which includes 10 of his most inspiring semons, recorded live at Lakewood Church), we are giving away one grand prize: four of Osteen’s audiobooks which includes […]

Sir Robin Longstride, played by Russell Crowe, returns to his English village after fighting in the Third Crusade, only to find his village taken over by a tyrant. He uses his military skills to gather an army to fight to […]

By Amy & Nancy Harrington, Pop Culture PassionistasGood feelings were flowing again this week. Esquire announced a surprising choice for best looking woman in America. One famous chef helped another make a comeback. A trailblazing star released a third memoir. […]

I am totally the target market for the ongoing, “Will they or won’t they?” romantic story line of the television series. You know, those ongoing love stories where you wait and wait for the characters to get together and they […]

What a bonanza tonight should be for Christian music fans. Late night, Amy Grant will be talking about her first album in six years on ABC’s “Nightline,” while on CNN at 9 p.m., Larry King interviews Jennifer Knapp, the Christian […]

I am a huge college football fan, but I can’t say I pay that much attention to the NFL draft when it rolls around. But talk about one college football player’s faith and his NFL prospects caught my attention yesterday […]

Here are some recommendations for movies influenced by William Shakespeare!

This week’s Glee tackled teen sexuality – against the empowering backdrop of Madonna’s music.

If you like HBO’s new series “Treme” about musicians in New Orleans struggling to rebuild their city post-Katrina, you’ll love the documentary “Music Rising.” The documentary follows musicians dedicated to helping New Orleans residents replace musical instruments detroyed by the […]