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Touched by an Angel Inspiration Collection HopeWere you inspired and uplifted by the TV show “Touched by an Angel”? If so, you’ll love our latest giveaway.
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Post a comment below by November 19, 2009, answering the question: Have you ever been visited by an angel? Tell us about it.
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  • cheryl lang

    I’ve been sick with a mental illnes since I was in the 20’s and now 60 years old. I’ve been blessed because I have done some really weird things.. I don’t know how it happened but a few years ago I would wake up to someone calling my name. If I forgot to take my meds, Or left the dogs out, or oversleeping when I had appointments with caseworkers, doctors or others. It’s so strange to get a call when I’m asleep. It’s a gentle nudge in my brain to wake up. I told my friend about it and she told me it was my guardian angel. I’ve been stable for about 4 years now and I wouldn’t want to go thru what has happened in the past. I was miserable. I can safely say there is someone watching over me all these years and now that things are under control something is telling me not to give up or loose control again.

  • Melissa Blubaugh

    In November of 1994,2 days before Thanksgiving,I went to the hospital for pain in my right upper chest area.At the hospital I had xrays taken and then a lung scan.I was then told I had a pulmonary embolism(blood clot in lung)I did not realize how serious this was at the time.I was admitted in the hospital.The next morning,I had a test done to determine how much blockage there was.It was very bad news.I was put in intensive care and put on TPA medicine intravenious.The medicine was to dissolve the clot.I know angels were watching over me and visited me while I was in the intensive care unit for 3 days.I was tested again and the TPA medicine had worked.I then was tranferred to a regular room for 7 more days.I truly am thankful for my life and to the angels who looked after me.

  • Don

    I have this dream several times a year. This has been going on since I was a young boy.I’m on a battlefield in France.It’s 1918.A young soldier is waving to me for help.His left arm is missing and he is limping badly.On his right shoulder is a Canadian patch.There is blood all over his uniform.There are bomb craters and barbed wire all around him.He needs my help but there is nothing I can do.He calls out to me,private Flood from Ottawa,help me.I wake up looking around trying to remember what I can,but the dream fades away.There may be some kind of Angel trying to communicate for this poor soul who died in battle.It may come clear some day,but for know,it’s just a dream.

  • Your Name

    When I was in 1st grade my mother got a call late at night to let her know that my dad’s father had passed away. I knew as soon as the phone rang that something was wrong, but could not hear what was said. My mom came to check on me and when she saw that I was awake she told me about my grandfather. When she left I started to cry a mans voice came to me and told me not to ever cry when some died because heaven was such a wonderful place and that I should be happy for them. This comforted me and I stopped crying. I thought for years that it was my grandfather that told me this.
    I recently learned that it was a good friend of the family that was in the military with my dad (and passed away a year earlier). They had the same job and when my dad was gone he was not, so he helped out when we needed as my mom did not drive. When we were to transfer to Texas, he was going to transfer with us. He took a flight for my dad saying that he had a family (he didn’t) and needed to help us get ready to move. I knew when he came to see us that time that it would be important and that I needed to remember everything. He bought a raffle ticket from my mom and told her to give me the prize if he won (he did win a stuffed animal that I named after him). The next morning we got a call that the plane had crashed and that he had died. I always knew that he took that flight on purpose and knew something was going to happen. I recently found out from a friend who is a medium that he was the one that given me that message and has been looking out for me ever since.

  • Sharon Chewning


  • Mary Hicks

    My brother Michael died in 1998 3 months after my dad..I was with him the last 6 weeks. I was in the room wth him when he died. That night (in the house he died in) I felt a presence behind the sofa I was sleping on It was my brother. I could see a faint glow and a sense of peace that he was ok.WE were a family of 10 not much love, but I know he was angel letting me know, He was with God.I am forever a believer of angels.
    Mary Hicks

  • Your Name

    Many years ago when I was in college my friends and I decided to ditch class and go to the mall. After a fun day of people watching in the food court we decided to head back to school for supper. On the way back our friend that was driving decided to take a shortcut thru the mountains (our college was in TN)and was flying around those hairpin curves. One of my friends and I got scared and started screaming and begging for him to stop but he thought it was funny and kept going even faster. At the biggest hairpin curve of the mountain as we went around we saw a big Ryder truck, we slammed right into it. Police later estimated we were going over 65mph on impact on a 15mph curve. People came out of a small little house and rushed over to help us. They came with blankets and checked to see if we were ok. They went inside to call 911 and brought me inside so I could use the phone. I was hurt badly so they cleaned up the the cuts and scrapes as I called the dean and my boss to let them know what had happened. The house was warm with a fire going in the fireplace (it was early December and very cold), a Christmas tree in the corner and the smell of Christmas in the air, it was so warm and comforting. We heard a siren coming up the mountain so we went outside so that the paramedics could look us over. We were all transported in an ambulance. Police upon looking at the wreckage said there was no way that anyone SHOULD have survived that accident. A few weeks later right before we were going to head home for Christmas Break, my friends and I decided to drive up the mountain to say thank you and give the kind people some flowers as a thank you. We got to the hairpin curve, saw broken glass in the dirt on the side, saw skid marks, but there was NO HOUSE! Thinking that we may have been mistaken we went to the 911 dispatch center to find out where the call was placed from, they checked records and found that there was no call placed anywhere near that time and that no ambulances had been dispatched. I still get goosebumps when I tell the story or think about it every December and thank God for sparing my life!



  • Wyonta Ferguson

    I like the show it lifted my spirits. The ones that touch
    me more were the was one ones at Christmas.

  • Vikki Allen Paschall

    I totally enjoyed the TV show Touched By An Angel. It symbolized what true “Reality TV” was all about. There was an obvious purpose to every episode, and it did not have to include vulgarity, sexual content and satanic behavior to make it interesting?!? Realizing that this is a new generation of censorship and choice to what viewed as entertainment, one can only imagine what is in store for viewers in the new seasons. The best thing that ever happened was the invention of the VCR and DVDs. These “reruns” one can enjoy for many years to come. To the creator and producers of the show, I say Thank You for your gift of inspiration, I was certainly Touched By An Angel!

  • Your Name

    My 22-year-old daughter was on a super-loop road trip, starting in Seattle, circling down through Grand Teton, Estes Park, Canyonlands and Capitol Reef, and finally resting at home in southern Nevada for a few days. She would continue on to Oregon to enroll in OSU at Bend, but not without stopping at Mt. Whitney to do the semi-technical climb.
    During her trip I was frantic, welcoming her phone calls and trying to calm her during a couple of melt-downs coming from being alone on a long and lonely trip. But Mt. Whitney? I was frantic. Sure, she could climb, but not alone and not up the front. She couldn’t get the permit to walk up the back side of the mountain as thousands do, and she only had one day to do it.
    I knew her day was beginning around 4:00 a.m., so mine did to, with lots of prayer. I was surprisingly at peace throughout the day, even though I didn’t hear from her until close to 9:00 that night, a tired and not-so-exhuberant girl. She hadn’t made it to the top, and even starting out she realized the enormity of doing the climb alone. She told me that as she was checking her pack, a woman suddenly came up to her (she hadn’t seen her at the trailhead before) and asked if she was going up alone. My daughter said yes, and the woman said she was too, how about if they climbed together? There were parts of the climb that needed two people to get over, and this woman’s pace and strength lent itself to my daughter throughout the day. They missed the trail for the final push up, and as three men came down on the correct trail, letting them know how far they had to go, the woman was firm in the decision that they should turn around and get off the mountain before dark.
    When they got to the bottom, the woman who said she was from Salt Lake City, hugged my daughter good-bye and was gone before she could get her gear in her truck and leave the area. Although my daughter feels this was a flesh-and-blood person, I have no doubt that she was in the company of an angel throughout the day.

  • Margie Orr

    About 20 years ago, I was in a very bad mental state….severely depressed and actually thought that I had “gone crazy”! I could not even get out of bed in the morning, when one morning I received a call from my younger sister, Marie (I have 10 brothers and 7 sisters)who lives across the country in Florida. She immediately starting asking me “what was wrong”?? She had apparently received an urgent message from HER best friend,Sascha, whom I had met briefly for about 5 minutes, one time when I visited my sister at her Florida home. Sascha proceeded to tell my sister that she had had a very disturbing dream the night before. In Sascha’s dream, she could see the back of a woman that she thought was my sister, Marie, who was speaking with my father. My father had passed away only a few years prior to this and Sascha had never met HIM. The man (my father) was reassuring Marie (actually me) that I was going to get better and that everything would be fine! Sascha called Marie’s name out to get her attention and when the woman she thought was Marie actually turned around, she saw ME! She immediately called my sister and told her that she (Marie)needed to call me, as something was seriously wrong with me. She did not know “what or why”, but it was urgent to her, upon waking, to alert Marie to a serious problem with me! Marie recited Sascha’s dream to me and I “broke down” and cried, because it was THEN that I knew that the angels were working with and for me and that I, truly would get better. Sascha and my sister Marie were instrumental in bringing me out of my severe depression via my deceased father in a dream! Life is truly amazing and I DO beleive that angels work through us!! They come in all shapes, sizes and circumstances and always when we need them the most!

  • Laura

    Touch by an angel always brings faith and hope in my heart.
    I can only thank Rev. Dela and her cast of actors who worked
    so beautifully for so long. I miss the show.
    This show got me through very difficult time in my life
    one I can thankfully say has provided lessons, growth and a very comfortable woman who has been blessed by spirit and this show.
    Thank-you to all who worked on the project for providing such great
    insight and blessing.

  • mary kay frank

    back in 1989 i was coming home work, it had been snowing rather hard and i knew that i was going to be able to go. But as i about a mile out of town, i began to realize that i made a bad mistake. I could no longer see the road, and no one else was on the road. I was getting scared, and i slowed right down and i looked up i said God please help me out here, i know it is bad weather but i want to get home. Just about then someone said turn down the radio, clear the passenger seat and do not look to your right, i did so, i was no longer scared. Then it was like a bright white light was in the center of the front of my car, and i could see very clear. I drove home, as i was about half way home, a on coming truck stopped me, he said mam you need to turn around, it is bad up there, i just said i am fine. I finally got home, and as i was about to turn into my driveway, i could hear the same voice gently say you are home now. As i got into the driveway, i reached over i could see a indentation on the seat, it was still warm, and so peaceful. My mom came running out mary kay, why did you drive it is dangerous you could have been killed, i said no mom i was fine i was not alone. 8 months later i gave birth to my son, i know that night God sent his angel down to bring me home safely so i could give birth to my pride and joy, and still after 20 years, i know that young man is truly a miracle baby.
    I wish they would bring back touched by an angel in today’s world there is so much going on, and yet when that show was on it gave us some ray of hope that angels are everywhere, and that they can touch the most oddest and most beaten people in the world. I surely do miss that program, and i know there will never be another show to replace that one, that one was the best.

  • Janice B.

    My family have watched Touched by an Angel since it has been on TV and now we are watching re-runs and still enjoy them so much. It seems that every time we watch them we get something new each time. That God is right there in the room. All of the actors seem so real in what they do. I would love the have a copy of all their shows for my on personal use. They have helped me so much. I am a Christian and when a show like Touched by an Angel comes on it makes me feel so good.

  • Your Name

    When I was recovering from surgery at home I had a complication. Of course it happened on a weekend. At first my ankles started to swell and as the day went on my legs swelled up all the way to my knees and I was beginning to have breathing problems. I propped up pillows to help me breathe but as I lay there that night I felt really scared and couldn’t wait for morning to come to go to the Dr. (I know I probably should have gone to the ER but I really didn’t want to). As I lay there I started talking to God and told him how scared I was that there was something really wrong and to please ease my mind and help me go to sleep and of course to wake up in the morning. I felt a presence in the room after I prayed and I could have sworn I felt a light touch on my shoulder. I assume it was an angel God sent. Anyway, I was able to fall asleep and the next day when I saw the Dr. I found out I had water on my left lung. They gave me diuretics and potassium and I started to feel better right away. I thank God for the comfort he sent me that night.

  • Janis from Tennessee

    Touched by an Angel confirms God’s presence in wanting the best for all of us.I have been ” Touched ” with three beautiful grandaughters,son,daughter-in-law and loving husband of 37 years.
    Great show about the power of out almighty God.

  • Your Name

    Don’t know the URL?
    Well, it startedin 96, I lost my brother, 98, my mother, in Novemeber of 04, I lost my job, April of 05 I lost my husband, and my dog of 10 years (Shanie), went back to school at the age of 50, 2 weeks later, 6 months later I lost my dad. Times were hard and my faith was withering along with my will to survive. I finished school in May of 07 but couldn’t find a job. Now I was really lost, most of my family had moved on, I was without them, a job, money, and my best friend. I did alot of crying and praying. I neverthought that I would be blessed twice in a life time. In February I got together with an old friend from my childhood. He was a sweetie then, always kind and gentle. I went to Florida right after we went on our first date. While me, my sister and her partner were driving I took a picture of a cloud I saw, it was amazing and made my heart melt. It is a picture of a man holding something up in his hand, I still can’t believe how clear it is. Me and Bobby are engaged now. Even though you may think he’s not listening he is, and he does answer your prayers. He gave me a guardian angel to watch over me and protect me. And I found love for the 2nd time in my life. I find myself blessed twice.
    Blessed twice in a lifetime!!!

  • Sandy Thompson

    Last year, my daughter and I were having a tough time getting along. Bad went to worse, and we got into a physical altercation, in which her glasses had gotten broke. I felt absolutely crushed. I was looking for the pieces to her glasses, and found all but one lense. I looked EVERYWHERE! I was almost in a state of panic! I prayed for angels to PLEASE help me find the other lense! The next day when I came home from work, there laid the lense beside the sidewalk in PLAIN view of where I had looked a hundred times! I know that an angel put that lense where I would find it. I’m happy to say that my daughter and I have the close relationship now that a mother and daughter should have! I know that angels exist, for they have taken care of me and my loved ones all our lives!

  • teresa anderson

    this show is one of the best shows on tv this is how tv should be today with good christian shows not the trash we have today this is so wonderful i know a lot of people love this show.

  • Melissa

    I truly enjoyed the show touch by and angel.
    My mom and I would watch the show each week.
    the show was a blessing and it made you think about the things that you were going through how small they were compare to someone eles problem or situation.

  • Edie Feiste

    “Touch by an Angel” has always been my favorite TV Show. And I have many “angel stories” that are mostly still in my memory. But one of my most memorable took place when I was struggling through a divorce from a physically abusive husband. I had moved to a new location, and a friend helped me find a small frame house to rent. My three children and I had not lived there very long when I was awakened one night by pains in my stomach that made me jump up to rush to the bathroom. As I rounded the corner to go into the bathroom, I noticed a very bright light behind the bamboo curtain that hung in front of the furnace and hot water heater. I found myself pulling back the curtain and saw that the hot water heater was completely engulfed in flames from the bottom to the top. I then found myself reaching down to a handle and turning off the gas. The flames immediately went out. I did not fully awaken until after the flames were out, and it was then that I saw how charred the bamboo curtain was and realized how easily the house could have gone up in flames while we were sleeping. If someone had asked me during my waking hours what I would do if I found my hot water heater engulfed in flames…or where the handle was to turn off the gas…I would have said, “I have no idea.” And the only pains I felt in my stomach were the ones that got me up and out of bed. I discovered that I did not really have to go to the bathroom. So I was definitely awakened by a guardian angel and guided through the entire event. God is so good and I am so grateful for the guardian angels He has given us!

  • Kenneth L Spriggs

    “Touched By An Angel” and all other religious movies, etc. are what I watch. The questions answered by Martha were excellent responses. Movies are definately not “fun” but are indeed “work.” – Thanks much for honesty.

  • Your Name

    In September of 2002, my husband Peter had back surgery. Shortly after the surgery, his kidneys failed, and he was put on Dialysis 3 days a week. He was put in intensive care, and it seemed like everything went wrong. He got several infections (life threatening ones). After weeks in the hospital he was finally able to come home to me. He started falling, and was put back in the hospital. In 2003, he was in the hospital for 4-1/2 months, being transferred from one hospital to another trying to help him. In Sept. of 2003, I had to take a leave from my job to be with him 24/7. One day while he was hospitalized, I was waiting while the nurse helped him back to bed, and he went into cardiac arrest. While I stood paralysed, the doctors & nurses worked frantically to get him stabalized. They ended up having to put in a pacemaker. He needed a 2nd back surgery. While doing the ct scans they needed, they discovered that he had bone cancer. They did the back surgery, and after a few weeks he came home again, only to have to be hospitalized again after a few weeks. This time, on Good Friday morning he made the decision that he didn’t want anymore dialysis or anything. The doctor made arrangements for hospice to come to our home. He only lived 3 days after coming home this time. I laid down one afternoon, facing the wall of my bedroom. All of a sudden I felt someone sit on the bed beside me. I was scared to turn around, because I was the only one in the house at the time. Then I heard someone whisper “I love you.” I turned around and there was noone there. I believe my husband visited me to let me know he was okay. He is my angel. 6 weeks later my youngest brother who had helped me so much, passed away. I believe they are both my guardian angels, and are watching over me every day.

  • Your Name

    I watch the show evey night. I was wanting to find out where i can get the dvds on the show. full screen is alot better then the wide screen. i buy full screen dvds only. some of the shows are very heart touching and alot of true meaning in the shows that deal with everyday life. In 1995 i was in a train car accident and the only thing that saved me was i was asleep and i had my seatbelt on. I found out that the guy driving thought if he can not have me no one will. he tried to kill me and him both, but his plan did not work, because i had GOD and my mom and dad beside me, also my grandparents. I tank god everyday that i am alive.

  • Peter Clark

    When I was a boy about 9 or 10 years old, I came down with a pretty serious illness. We lived in the country where snow can pile up quickly, and my parents decided to accept the invitation of a friend and stay with them until the snow could be plowed off the dirt road that led to our house. My dad wouln\dn’t have to worry about trying to drive through a snowbank to get home. When we arrived at the friends’ house, everyone had their own bedroom except me. Due to my illness, I got to sleep on the couch so I wouldn’t spread the disease around. I was pretty sick, running a temperature, and my parents were worried about me. One morning, the day my fever broke, I woke up in time to see someone or something white go out the front door. I asked who had left, figuring someone had gotten the doctor or something. They must have thought I was delirious. No one had heard the front door open or close or seen anyone wearing white enter or leave. AAll we knew is that my fever broke, I started getting better, and within a week we could go back home. I didn’t think much about it at the time–who would believe a nine-year-old boy with a vivid imagination anyway?–and I pretty much forgot about the event. Later, when I started believing in angels and the healing power of God, every now and then that event would creep back through the cracks in my memory. I am writing this now at age 65, fairly healthy, and somehow recollecting this event for this contest. God and the angels have been with me always.


    I watch the show every night. I was wanting to find out where i can get the dvds on the show? Full screen is better then the wide screen. I buy full screen dvds only. Some of the shows are heart touching and alot of true meaning in the shows thatdeal with everyday life. In 1995 i was in a train car accident and the only thing that saved me was i was asleep and i had my seatbelt on.I found out that the guy driving thought if he could not have me no one will, he tried to kill him and me both, but his plan did not work, because i had GOD and my mom and dad beside me, also my grandparents. I thank god everyday that i am alive

  • Jane Burnette

    Many years ago, I took my young son snow skiing in our NC mountains. I wasn’t that good of a skier, but I wanted some practice, my son to have experience in the sport and wanted to spend time with him also. I had a GM Cutlass diesel which was an oddity at the time and as it was very cold, I spent more time than I wanted finding an electrical plugin to keep the engine block warm. Feeling rushed and a little overwhelmed, we finally made it to the main ski lift after a few runs on the bunny slope. We had difficulty after getting off the chair lift and my lttle guy just shut down and refused to go any further. Here we were on the top of the mountain and he couldn’t have been more than six or seven with his refusing to go any further and telling me loudly that if he EVER got off that mountain, he’d never speak to me again. It must have been a comical sight as folks passing by were laughing and I probably would have also, except for the realization that while I could ski, I didn’t have enough skill or experience to get him off the mountain. In my mother’s frustration, I thought – more to myself than anyone in particular, “Lord, how am I ever going to get this child off this mountain?” Suddenly a gentleman appeared in mechanics overalls, a little scruffy and VERY tall. He asked if he could help and I gratefully accepted. His presence seemed to abate my son’s aggravation. He placed my son’s feet on top of his own which were within his skis and like ballroom dancing with children in which you dance around the floor with their little feet on top of yours, they proceeded down the mountain. When I got to the bottom of the run, and I thanked him as he walked away and disappeared into the crowd. After coming home, I relayed the story to my friend and she said, “That was an angel that helped you.” She’d been reading a book on them and said, “They always appear in humble attire and are very tall and are an answer to an immediate need.” I never questioned her comments. In my recollection, that’s what I beleive happened.

  • destiny jackson

    September 29th of 1999, I delivered my first baby of 9 pound 4 ounce baby boy. Around 10pm I was breast feeding my precious son as we laid in the very quit hospital bed. I felt that there was someone else there with us and i could smell my grandmothers perfume. I felt the hospital bed move a little and I heard my grandmother say “he is very handsome.”
    I felt so releived because all my life I felt that my grandmother hated me because I was not a boy at birth. Being able to feel her presents and the smell of her perfume put me at ease.
    My grandmother passed away when I was 2 months pregnant. As we was finishing up her funeral I was talking to the Reveren and I got really dizzy and fainted. My family and reveren helped me to a chair and the reveren told me and my family that I needed to go to a doctor because I was 2 months pregnant. I was shocked at what he had just told me and my family that we doubted what he said. The fallowing week I made an appointment to only find out that the reveren was right.
    I contacted him to tell him what I found out from my doctor and to inform him that I was well. After I gave birth to my son. The reveren came to visit me and my son. The reveren told me that he would see us soon and I wasnt sure what he ment by that until 4 days later he baptisted my son.
    I hold my grandmother and reveren deep in my heart….

  • A.M. Reynolds

    I’ll start with i don’t think i’ve every seen a angel, unless, he came in human form.but I will tell you about the time, when I was 19 yrs. old was at work, and some friends came by on my lunch break. and wanted to just go for a ride for a half hour. being young and implusive. i said ok. never did i know or expect to have an automobile accident in Oaklandon, Indiana, but we did and it was 4 of us, when the emt. got there he asked us (me) if we believed in God, and we said yes, he told us, that we better thank God that all lived. and the worse was a broken collar bone. the car which was a buick invictor flipped over about 10 times, knocking down a lot of mailboxes in the path. it slide on it’s top for a while, i went thru the windshield. and all of this is documented, at Wishard Hospital. i have always believed in God even when i didn’t show it. and now i am a converted christian. and living my life for God.

  • A.M. Reynolds

    I’m now 62 years old. THANK THE LORD.

  • maritia iotte

    Touched by an angel hits the heart of ordinary people. It show’s that if a person is willing to accept GOD’S help and angles too that there
    is an answer for all who will accept the help. Each person has a choice to choose God or not but those who do will have eternal life with God.
    His love is beyond measure. His love is so great that all a person has to do is reach out and accept his help. God Bless all of you on the show who have the wisdom to help people reach out to God by the shows example. Thank you for helping ordinary people reach out to the only one who can help them.

  • Brenda Henning`

    It was Christmas probably about the year 1977, I had lit a candle and fallen asleep on my apartment sofa only to awake with my apartment in flames. I knew it was my dad “my special angel” keeping watch over me. What was the reason I was awakened, I know it was an angel on my shoulder. My cat had jumped on the room divider and knocked over the burning candle and set the bookshelf on fire. I awoke in time to put out the fire and have very minimal damage, my cat Sabrina and I both survived thanks to my dad who had passed on in 1974.



  • Your Name

    In 2002 when my daughter was 17, I found out that the father of my last three children and the man I lived with for 16 years had molested my oldest daughter, who he had been around since she was one and a half years old as her father. I was totally distraught that this had happened and had been happening for years. I had him arrested and I just could not find the strength to go on, so I had a nervous breakdown, I was diagnosed as a manic depressive, became addicted to alcohol/drugs very bad and lost everything I had, my job of 18 years, my home and my children to DCFS as well as my self respect. After being addicted for about two years I tried to kill myself and was placed in a state mental institution for three months, a live in treatment center for three months and a drug free home with other women and men battling the same addictions for nine months. During that time I found God again and believe that he placed many angels in me and my children’s lives, they were taken very good care of by a relative foster parent so I did not have to worry about them and could focus on regaining my sober indepencence and work on my relationship with god. I worked very hard on my recovery from drugs/alcohol and peiced my life back together, and in 2006 I got another good job, in 2008 my children were returned to me permenantly. To this day I believe that there were many angels looking over me and my children. God puts people in your path that can help you, be it financially, physically, emotionally. I also found

  • Paula Morris

    In 2002 when my daughter was 17, I found out that the father of my last three children and the man I lived with for 16 years had molested my oldest daughter, who he had been around since she was one and a half years old as her father. I was totally distraught that this had happened and had been happening for years. I had him arrested and I just could not find the strength to go on, so I had a nervous breakdown, I was diagnosed as a manic depressive, became addicted to alcohol/drugs very bad and lost everything I had, my job of 18 years, my home and my children to DCFS as well as my self respect. After being addicted for about two years I tried to kill myself and was placed in a state mental institution for three months, a live in treatment center for three months and a drug free home with other women and men battling the same addictions for nine months. During that time I found God again and believe that he placed many angels in me and my children’s lives, they were taken very good care of by a relative foster parent so I did not have to worry about them and could focus on regaining my sober indepencence and work on my relationship with god. I worked very hard on my recovery from drugs/alcohol and peiced my life back together, and in 2006 I got another good job, in 2008 my children were returned to me permenantly. To this day I believe that there were many angels looking over me and my children. God puts people in your path that can help you, be it financially, physically, emotionally. I also found God again.

  • Donna

    I have a guardian angel who has been with me on many occasions. One I remember vividly was when I was in a car accident – my car was hit on the driver’s front corner and should have spun around into oncoming traffic. Of course the airbag was in my face, I had no idea where the car was going – it felt like it was spinning – and it felt like I was sitting in someone’s lap. Then the car came to a natural stop, just as if the brakes had been applied in the normal manner. There I was, on the shoulder of the up ramp, out of harm’s way. I thank God and my angels regularly, as I always feel I am being helped and looked after.

  • Gina Pace

    Hi my name is Gina. About 16 years ago I had an experience with one of God’s messengers that has & probably will stay with me the rest of my life. One day I was experiencing car trouble & like most people I ignored the problem so I could get to work on time. At the end of my day when I went to leave for home, the sound my car was making got worse. So, I proceeded to head towards the entrance of the freeway when I heard a very loud, but gently commanding voice say “NO”! Granted, I thought at this point I was going crazy & then I felt a gentle touch on my right shoulder. Knowing no one was in the backseat. I started to shake. Then the voice said “it’s alright & please listen to me. “Proceed slowly no faster than 15 mi per hour to the nearest service station”. So I followed what the voice told me & as soon as I pulled into the driveway of the auto repair shop, a mechanic came running up to me. What I didn’t know was that both of my U-Joints located under my car had both dropped to the ground. The mechanic was so nice & told me to wait & that he’d be right back. I then saw three men push my car into an open bay. The nice mechanic came back & asked where I was heading to before arriving there. I told him home but, something told me not to get on the freeway. This was the mechanic’s exact words “Lady, God must really like you because if you had of gotten on the freeway you would have been killed”.
    Ever since that day my life has had many blessings. I know that where ever I am, an angel is always present in our of lives.

  • Doris

    I was on my way to the North side when my car stopped two and one half blocks away. It was dark and at a very dangerous interesection. I called for a tow truck to get my car. While I was waiting, a man drove up and offered to push my car out of the street. The geers had locked, so the car would not move. The man said that he couldn’t leave me by myself, so he stayed with me until the tow truck arrived. While I was waiting, a traffic controller came and directed traffic around my car. At first, no police car would stop to help me. One stopped only after the tow truck arrived. One of the police officers asked me if I knew that I was surrounded by angels. I told her that I didn’t. She also told me that the people that were helping me were not real people, but were angels. Later, she stated that more angels has surrounded me. I have always asked the Lord to surround me with His angels. He did that night. He really protected me.

  • Diane Millard

    In 1990, my 8yr old daughter was very ill and had abdominal surgery at Children’s Hosp. She was in excrutiating pain and the slightest touch anywhere was torture for her. I was lost because I knew she needed a hug and comfort, yet she hurt too much to give her one. She was whimpering and unable to sleep for hours, so I got close to her ear and talked to her. I told her there were Angels with her and (trying to distract her from the pain)asked if she could see them. She shook her head and slowly her heart rate came down and she was calming. I then asked her if she would close her eyes and picture Jesus. She did. I then told her to picture him sitting down, She did, all the while, her vitals were getting better, I then told her to go sit on Jesus’ lap and get a hug, because “it doesn’t hurt when He hugs you”. A smile came across her face as she drifted off to sleep, sitting in his lap, surrounded by Angels!! She is almost 28 now and can describe the Angels that were there that night, where they were sitting in her room and on her bed and I believe with every ounce of my person, that she saw them!! The room had taken over a surreal aura, the room mate fell asleep also, as did I!! She got better from that and healed completely!! She is now very “in tune” with the world that surrounds her!! Even though I no longer believe in a god, I do believe that we are surrounded by Angels and all we need do is talk to them constantly for guidance and assistance!! They sometimes appear as humans & animals and are Always there!!

  • Helga Rodriguez-Brandt

    During a summer cruise trip with members from my family, we all decided to go on a small day trip on a commercial yacht to a smaller, private island. On the way there we enjoyed music, refreshments, etc. Once we arrived to our destination, we were told that due to the size and depth of our yacht it would not go all the way to the shore. We could go to land by riding on a smaller motor boat or, we could swim to shore from the yacht. My sister decided to go on the smaller boat. I have a condition known as Attention Deficit Disorder (A.D.D). Impulsivity is one of the characteristics of this ‘disorder’. My husband handed me the towels and other belongings since he was going to swim to shore. Mind you, my inattention did not allow me to ‘hear’ that life vests were recommended if you were to swim to shore. My husband, step-son and nephew jumped in the ocean and swam to shore. Of course, my husband took a life vest, another detail I did not notice, in case he or the two teenagers needed it. I am not a long distance swimmer nor do I know how to float…I leaped in the ocean, after my husband but they were way ahead of me. Suddenly, I ran out of air and I could not find a way to float. I looked both ways. I was too far from the boat and too far from the shore. No one would hear me or see me. I could see my sister in the small boat boat along the other tourists waiting for their ride. She could not see me! I could not call out or speak due to fatigue. I WAS SO SCARED. I lifted my eye to heaven and said: Please God, don’t let it end this way. I knew I was close to drowning. Suddenly, out of the corner of my left eye, I tall muscular, young lady swam close to me and said: May I help you?. All I could say was: Help me, I’m not going to make it. Immediately she offered to put me on her back. I am only 5ft tall and weighed around 105lbs. She was at least 6 ft. tall. I asked her if she was sure, since I did not want to cause her to drown. She replied: “It’s alright, I worked as a lifeguard at a summer camp.” I climbed on her back and tried to help her by paddling with my tippy toes. (I joke that I felt like a chihuahua on a surf board). We made it to shore. I saw her briefly sitting next to a young man that looked almost identical to her. When I went to introduce my husband to her, I could not find her. Then I saw her one last time on the yacht on our way back. She was sitting like watching me. I was dancing on a conga line and as I went by her I said to her: I may not know how to swim but I sure can dance. She smiled broadly and AGAIN, I went to get my husband to meet her. We could not find her. When we docked, I ran to the side balcony to find her leaving. I never saw her again. YES, I BELIEVE IN ANGELS. I have many of them that come to my help, as appropriate. I always call upon them and I always try to show my appreciation. I now never go into a pool or any body of water alone and/or without a floating device. I believe angels are everywhere. We need to call on them. I believe animals, especially dogs, in my case, have angelic energy. In this crazy and unreliable world we need to believe and welcome the presence and protection of ‘good’ angels. Oh, one more thing, I am extremely careful and responsible taking my medication for AD/HD since I am convinced that when I neglect to take them as indicated I increase my chances of doing careless and impulsive things.

  • Deborah Germond

    My son is 34 now, but when he was 11, he went to PA from CA to visit my Mom. I went to get him from the airport and got there a couple hours early as it was LAX. While waiting for a light to go into the parking area, another car ran a red light and hit me broad-side, but not T-bone. The other driver told the LAX police that I “over anticipated a green light”, but he had been in a hurry to leave LAX and ran a red light. I told the officer that “If God would come down as my witness, he would tell you that I didn’t do anything wrong”. A woman cleaning up the area gave me a card and said she worked for an attorney part time and that she saw what happened – not my fault. I parked and went into the tower that has the turning restaurant on top as she said there were pay phones in there. As I was calling my Mother in PA, I was looking towards the elevators, and a couple came towards me. They stopped and listened to what I said on the phone and when I hung up, they told me that they saw what happened and would be witnesses for me. It turned out that the couple was from Australia and he was a Minister, she his wife. It doesn’t stop there – eventually, but late, my son’s flight came in and I collected his luggage and we went to the car. The front right passengar was pushed in from the hit, but nevertheless, it drove, so we headed home – almost one hour away. It was around 1am when we left and started home, but soon I found it harder and harder to see the freeway. My lights were dimming and I pulled to the side of the road near the Carson exit. The car just didn’t have any energy, and I wasn’t sure if it needed gas or what. I am not a mechanic. I went down to a gas station off the exit and bought some gasoline in a borrowed can from the station. I put the gas in my tank, but still nothing, it wouldn’t go. I told my son, as there was no cell phone of course, that we would have to wait and hopefully a highway patrol would find us. My son fell asleep in the passenger side and I started to doze as well. Soon a light was hitting my eyes, a red colored light and I opened them to see someone backing up in a pick up truck. Immediately I noticed the sign of the fish on the back of the truck. I woke my son and told him to roll his window down slightly as the man was coming to that side of the car. The man bent down (I drove a Rabbit) and asked if we needed help and I told him what had happened at the airport. He asked me to pop the hood and told me that my alternator was crushed and that is why my car didn’t move. He then helped us push the car down the exit while I steered and I parked it at the gas station and returned the gas can. I was leery that he was out at 3am, but he said he worked for a large jet making company (M.D.) and was getting off his shift. I made sure that I told my son that I would sit in the middle of the pick up, and if anything should happen, he was to open the door and jump out. I looked to make sure the handles for opening the door and window were in place, and then we got in. We still had a good 40 or so minutes to home in Orange, CA, and it was out of “Carey’s” way. Still, he said he wanted to make sure we got home. When we arrived home, I asked for his full name, address, and phone number. I wrote them down, thanked him, and he drove off. I went to the store and bought a Thank You card and a little stuffed animal to mail to his home. After mailing it off, I called the home number to say Thank You again, but a woman there told me no such person was at that number. I called his work (M.D.) and was told that they could not find him in their employee directory, but that they had so many employees, that wasn’t unusual. I never was able to reach him, and yes, the package came back undeliverable. The “fish” on his truck, the time of night he was out, and the over-the-top effort to make sure we got safely home…I believed then, as I believe now, that he was an Angel sent by God to help us. I will never forget that incident all my life. I truly do believe in Angels.

  • Your Name

    Normally, Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year. I love the sense of joy and excitement, the lights, etc. Not this time. Money was tight and I didn’t know how I was going to handle the holidays. My husband and I had had a fight. Everything was crushing down on me. To get out of the house, I went to a local discount store to see if there were any presents I could afford. Feeling overwhelmed, I went to the ladies room and hid in a stall to cry. While I was there, I heard someone come in and then heard a beautiful voice start humming one of my favorite hymns. She never entered a stall or ran the water or did anything but stand and sing to me. I calmed down and wiped my eyes, the music quieting my heart. I heard the door open. As fast as I could I opened the door to the hall to catch the person to thank them for lifting my spirits. The hallway stretched for 35 feet from the doorway where I stood and was totally empty. That was when I realized an angel had been singing to me.

  • http://Hello Janice Wujciak

    Hi, I am a big fan of “Touch By An Angel”. I love the show and the actresses and actors that played in the show. I was told 5 years ago that I had cancer. I am still alive and I love the show. Janice

  • Verona Harris

    One Thanksgiving day my mom and I were preparing dinner. As I grabbed the marshmallows, I found them to be stale. I offered to go to the store. I had gone to 3 stores and had only found some marshmallows that were as stale as the ones at home. I was at a red light and felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned to yell at the child that had snuck in my car. There was no one there. I turned around to check the light and there was my Aunt Wanda’s face, in my rearview mirror and across my windshield. I felt a deep sense of comfort. After we had finished our dinner and were getting ready to clean up, the phone rang. It was my cousin. Dear Aunt Wanda had passed a few short hours ago. I began to cry and then was comforted as I felt the hand on my shoulder and the incident earlier in the day. I saw her sweet face and knew that she was at peace and comfortable in the arms of our Heavenly Father.

  • Mary Heckel


  • Briggette

    I am going to tell you a story that my dad had happen to him. This is before I was born, but it is such an ispirational story that it has always stuck with me. One day my dad was on his way to work (he was working first shift at a factory)and he was running a little late and was low on gas. Suddenly he noticed an older man walking along the street without a coat on. It was snowing and the gentleman was wearing very shabby and cold clothing. My dad stopped to offer the man a ride, they were near a Walmart, so they drove there. When they got there, my dad offered to get him some breakfast and a coffee, but the man told him no thanks. Then he turned to my dad and said, “And don’t worry about getting to work on time, you will be there in plenty of time with plenty of gas.” My dad was astounded as he had not said a word about being late for work. Well the man got out of the truck and walked away. My dad got out also, because he could not see the man anywhere and thought that maybe he had fallen down on the icy ground, but he was nowhere to be seen. He looked for about five minutes before getting back in the truck and leaving. As it turned out, he got to work with five minutes to spare ( he had been a half hour away with less than ten minutes to get there) and he had a half a tank of gas. My dad believes to this day, and I do too, that the gentleman had been an angel. It just goes to show that a little kindness goes a long long way.

  • Your Name

    I did not see an angel, but I saw one through my sons’ eyes. We were in my car that morning, getting ready to head off to work/daycare. All of a sudden from the backseat, my son said to me, several times “Look mama…it’s beautiful.” I finally asked him what he was talking about. He stated “An angel…it’s beautiful,” while pointing to the front of my car. I asked him a couple of non-leading questions. What color was the angel? “White, with wings.” I asked him where the angel was. He pointed towards the front of my car, on the hood. He said she was flapping her wings, as he made the gesture with his arms. He said “The angel is big like you mama.” The look on his face was one of awe. I have always believed in angels, but I do tend to overanalyze everything. I did so with my sons’ angel. It was an overcast morning, no sun at all. It was not a reflection of light. And if you could of seen the look on his face, you too would of believed he saw what he did. He was only three years old at the time this happened, and he is now seven. We still occasionally talk about the special day when he saw an angel, and he remembers with absolute clarity. I always tell him how thankful I am that he shared the angel with his sister and I. Because even though we did not see the angel, we saw it through his eyes. I hope he remembers the experience for the rest of his life, and knows that his angels are with him every step of the way, guiding, protecting and loving him. I know I will!

  • Your Name

    It was Christmas Eve 1997. I had taken a friend to Greensboro, NC to spend Christmas with his family. I was heading back to my home in the southern part of Greenville, SC on Interstate 85 when my car stopped for no apparent reason. It must have been around 5:30 pm. It was two miles or more to the nearest exit. It was dark. I managed to get to the shoulder of the road. No sooner than I gotten out of my car than a car pulled in behind me. I thought that it was someone stopping to see if I needed help, but instead it was a woman with a flat tire. (I am a black man. She was a lone white woman.) She didn’t know that her tire was flat. Just that she had trouble steering. I told her that her tire was flat and asked if she had a spare. She wasn’t sure and didn’t know whether or not she had a jack. She said she knew nothing about changing a tire. When she opened her truck I found both her spare and her jack. In a few minutes I had her tire changed and asked if she would give me a ride to a service station. She did and I was able to rent a gas can and purchase some gas. She drove me back to my car. Although my gauge registered a quarter of a tank, I thought that I would try adding gas. I did not have to prime the carburator. It started right up. She followed me back to the service station and then left. I have often wondered; If my car stopped so that I would be there to help her or if her tire went flat so that she would be there to help me?

  • Carol Preston

    Touched by an angel was one of the best shows on TV! My family and I watched it every time it was on. The morning my son called me to tell me he had taken my Mom to the hospital by ambulance will stay in my mind forever! When I got to the hospital they where admitting my Mom to the ICU of the hospital and once they got her in the bed they said we could see her. My son and I were sitting in the waiting room outside of ICU and he told me that his Grandma was talking out of her head because she was asking her brothers that had already left this earthly home if they wore eyeglasses or clothes! I told him that she was being called for in heaven and her brothers had came for her! As soon as I said those words the nurse came to call us into the ICU to tell us that my Mom was trying to pass on from this earth into heaven and allowed us to be with her the last few minutes of her life! My son stood on one side of the bed and held her hand and I stood on the other side and held her other hand…my son said Grandma if you understand what I am saying to you blink your eyes twice and she did and she could not speak because they had a breathing tube on her! Then my son said to her we Love you Grandma and about that time she was gone from us! It was a great comfort to me to know that my uncles had came for her so she would be away from us but with her loved ones who had passed before her by her side. Yes, the angels touched me indirectly because I did not see or hear them but what my son told me made heaven seem so much closer to me! I just hope that they all come for me when my time to leave earth happens. My mother’s two brothers who came for her where in Germany during world war two and the one was accidently bombed by our own troops and threw his brain out of the cup it sets in and they said the injury would leave him disabled the rest of his life if he even lived…but he recovered and became a well known Golf Pro and ran several Golf courses during his life time! Thank God for our angels!

  • Leanne D. Williams

    Actaully, I have two experiences to share where God sent his angels to comfort me. On March 9, 2001 I had major surgery and the following day I was told I had no cancer. Unfortuntely, on March 11, 2001 my Mother passed away sooner than expected of cancer. I was laying in a hospital bed recovering from my surgery when I received the telephone call that she had passed away. She had held on until I had had my surgery and knew that I was going to be okay. Not long after that I had a dream where the angels were around this white bridge and I was standing on it with my Mom. I was not able to see her before she died; however, I had the opportunity to see her in the dream. After I came home from the hospital alone to my own place, and my Dad had made the arrangements for my Mom, my Dad came to my home to stay with me as i recovered. The second was actually a series of events: the first was being clipped by a car in a crosswalk and getting up and walking away from it with only a bruised foot from the left front tire rolling over it and a sore back that the chripractor adjusted. My guardian angel was on my shoulders when I was clipped. The other event was being falsely accused of a crime I did not commit. Both judges ruled in my favor; and although I lost all of my money and belongings – including my clothes – I was free with no criminal record to follow me for the rest of my life. Because my charges were dismissed, I am now able to file a lawsuit against the company who employed the women who filed the false charges against me. By filing against the company, they will know what kind of employees they have and I will be able to be compensated for everything I lost and then some. Although I went through a horrible ordeal being in jail for two days, I was never afraid as I had a sense of peace within me. The Good Lord and his angels looked over me through the two Judges and a wonderful woman attorney that I interviewed with while waiting for the legal matter to reside. As soon as she said background check, she said she was becoming involved in my case. I am now residing with my 81 year old father who now needs my help.

  • Your Name

    I know that my oldest daughter and I were both “Touched by an Angel”. Maybe even two. This is what happened…
    It was about 4 years ago, in August. My DD and I were going to the local mall in our minivan to pay a couple of bills. She did not want to wear her seatbelt propperly and I had just reminded her why it was so important. She fixed her seatbelt, and then we started to make the turn to go into the mall parking lot. Next thing I saw, out of the corner of my eye, was a speeding car comming out of the on comming traffic turn lane. I tried to hit the gas. The car hit us just past the front passenger side door sparing my DD. The impact was so hard that our minivan flipped onto the driverside, knocking down a road sign in the process, and landing on top of the curb. It seemed to me to happen in slow motion. I just remember thinking “help us”.
    Where we turned in. there was an auto shop, and the people there managed to get us out of the car safely. I was told that the person who hit our car jumped out of his and took off running. His car was totaled and the air bag was deployed.
    My DD and I were very shaken up, but superisingly (sp?) we managed to get not even so much as a scratch.
    When I got my new SUV in August of that year, a picture was taken with me standing at my SUV. I wish I had a copy of that picture!!! It showed a spirit standing right with me.

  • Amber Izer

    i didnt see one i heard one and it saved my life. i was getting ready for school one morning like i always did. and i heard a voice in my ear say dont go. i turned around to see who was there and of course no one was. i shruged it off and i figured it was my mind playing tricks on me for lack of sleep. and i went down the stairs to eat and again i heard dont go. plan as day. again no one was there. and now im a little scared. so i finished eatting and was putting on my backpack and coat and as i oppened the door i heard it again. dont go. but this time it was like a very stern order. so i closed the door and went back to bed. i assumed that i realy needed the sleep. i sleept all day. my mom woke me up when she charged into my room. and she was histarical. to make a long story short. the bus i normaly take was in a realy bad accident with a simmi truck and there wernt to meny survivers. and the bus i would have been on was pushed over the bridge and hit the ice cold water. i guess the truck driver fell asleep and crossed the lane and hit the back of the buss wile it was stopped at a light. and the force of the impact pushed the buss threw the rails and the weight of the bus pulled it over. im lucky to be here.

  • Lily Kullhawick

    In October 2002 I was stricken with Herpes Simplex Encephalitis (swelling of the brain caused by the herpes virus from a cold sore.)
    I was in a coma for 4 days.
    During that time I was in the presence of Christ. I did not see Him, but I knew I was in his light. If you can imagine all the “good” emotions that we have on the earth multiplied by 1,000,000 or more that is what it was like. When I came back I was guided by an Angel reassuring me that all would be well.
    Swelling of the brain can cause numerous of problems, physical, emotional, memory, cognitive, etc. God truly blessed me. I was not physically impaired, but I have cognitive, short term and long term memory problems. Even though I have those problems all is well with me. Especially my soul! Like the song: “It is well with my soul!” How great is our God to let me have a taste of His presence and have one of His Angels to lead me back home.
    I love “Touched By An Angel”. I especially like the one that is call
    Psalm 152. (I think it is called that.) Winona Judd starred in the show and sang. It was one of the few shows that made me cry.
    I would love to win the “Touched By An Angel” DVD set.
    Thank You and God Bless You,
    Lil Kulhawick

  • Your Name

    I love watching Touched by an Angel. I look forward everynight to watching it on Hallmark Channel. I believe I have had two experiences with angels. One was around Christmas and my sister, mother and I saw a homeless man outside the restaurant. My sister gave his some money but instead he just asked if we could bring him out some food. We did, and as we turned around the tell the man Merry Christmas he was instantly gone. Another time was when my sister was in the airport trying to load a newborn baby, stroller, carseat, and a lot of other stuff. At that very moment a woman came up to her and started to help her. As my sister around, the woman was gone, nowhere to be seen. I believe these have been two experiences with angels. I would love to win the Touched by an Angel DVD set. You see, I live in a rest home and I am only 42 years old. I am in here due to chronic pain and I have been looking all over for these DVD sets but could not afford them. You see, we are only allowed 66.00 dollars per month and by the time I pay cable and internet bills, it is about gone. Please take pity on me and reward me with one of the DVD sets. God Bless you and thank you.

  • Your Name

    I was a lttle girl, when I was hit by a car. I was about 5 yrs. old, It was 1956 and those cars at that time were built very strong. It was a hit and run accident, I hope that person has forgiven themselves for that. Anyway the car hit me and I actually flew in the air, I was a very skinny child so anything could of moved me around. When I fell, which I don’t remember the accident at all, the only thing I remember very well is that as I lay on the ground with my eyes closed I saw the brightest light and it was so bright, brighter than the sun. It sparkled and glittered and it had some kind of shape to it, it was absolutely beautiful. To this day I really believe it was a Angel, as I opened My eyes It went up into the heavens like a burst of light. The inpact of the car hitting my head made a hole in my fore-head,I saw blood everywhere. The doctor told my mother that it was a miracle that I was alive. I hardly had no blood in my body, he also said that I would be very slow and might not be able to take care of myself. But guess what, with the grace of “GOD” I grew up to be perfectly normal and healty, through that Angel that the Lord send me that summer afternoon, I now collect Angels all the time because I know for sure they are all around us. I love Touch by a Angel, I watch it all the time, Thank-You for that program It educates people to believe in Angels and the Lord, instead of only money and materials things. Bless-You, Nydia

  • Your Name

    I didn’t see an angel but I heard one. One evening when I got home no one was there so I decided to go work on my corvette I was leaning over under the hood when all of a sudden I heard my name called i raised up to answer thinking my wife had come home and the hood fell against my head if I hadn’t raise up it would have fell all the way down maybe braking my neck I am convinced and angel called me to lessen the blow.

  • anGel

    so many angelz have touched my life hard to make public……….unbelivable moments each dai if you open that realm of life…..I have never seen touched by an angel but I read your experience ……….moving… television just GOds moments all dai long…..I would love to share the movies and I thank you for sharing such moving moments with me……………God sends me to others in divine unexpected wayz to let them know words I may never speak again……..moving my fingerz NOW>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  • caressanmea cortez

    hi i like your show it touch me alot i like to have a copy of your movie please thank you

  • Angela Hayes

    I like to look at touched by a angel and every show it really touch me because it reminded me of something that I was going through. I can trully say that has bless me and keep doing it. THANK YOU.



  • 1capegirl

    I have many stories to tell but I remember when I was four years old I was climbing a 150 ft cliff around my home, when I slipped and started to fall. I felt two hands gently push me back on the face to regain my footing, thanks for the save. Another was I was stranded in the middle of no where at night with two sleeping children in the backseat. My truck lost all power. I prayed for help, then a vehicle suddenly showed up from no where and told me I needed gas, even though my tank read half full. Turns out the gas hand was broke and he gave me enough to get into town. I would love this VDV collection as I found it was inspiring and uplifting every week. It gave me strength and courage. I would cry at every episode. I don;t get to see re-runs as it doesn’t play on TV in this part of the country. I really miss seeing it.

  • TC

    Without question Touched By An Angel was a refreshing and inspiring program. It was enjoyed by both youth and adults alike and I think afforded families quality time together as they watched it. These days there aren’t enough good programs on like this. I used to always wonder if angels indeed helped us in ways we didn’t notice and certainly when a seemingly random stranger came into our lives and then left just as suddenly. The cast worked so well together and I’ve no doubt developed a strong friendship off-screen in the process.
    If only we could have more wholesome programs today I think people would act with kindness towards one another.

  • Your Name

    First I would like to tell the sister that wrote about the show when Ms. Ryder sang that it wasn’t the 152 Psalms but it was the 151 Psalms ( there are only 150). I love Tess, Monica and Andrew i have had many Angel experiences. Yes I have several times One in particular, One christmas when my children were small, and I was working as a Home Health Aide to the High School music teacher I was on an errand for her at K-Mart to purchase some items for her. I needed just maybe one huindred dollars more to complete my gift list;being a single parent who a few years earlier had an angel to save me thru a domestic abuse. I wanted to buy a Poinsetta to place at my front door, I didn’t have enough money,I was on the way to the toy aisle a pretty lady in the prettiest pink outfit patted me on the shoulder and gave me an envelope. When i opened the envelope inside was a Christmas card with the picture of apoinsetta and 2 $50 bills

  • Carla Stewart Tampa Fl

    I forget my name on my comment I watch the show nigthly and I own several VCR tapes esp. the one about the 151 Psalms

  • Dixie Denton

    I have never seen or heard or had an angel to help me. I believe in God and i have seen a view of him once when i was a child. I have seen the show toiuched by an angel and i do think every one has one. I would very much like to have the DVD:s i loved the show. I was told by the Dr. i could not undergo surgery that i needed as part of my lungs are dead and we all said a prayer before and i came thru it in a breeze and some one helped me then is all i know.

  • Your Name

    when i was 25 years old I went thourgh a very bad divorce i lost my kids and went to drinking and doing alot of things i should not have done. but it always seemed that someone was watching out for me. I would pray and ask god for a 2nd chance. he did answer my prayers. sometimes angels are people he sent me my 2nd husband of 25 years, and now all my childern are grown and i see them and my 10 grandchildern. so i beleave in angels that you see and that the ones that you don’t see. i love the show it is uplifting and gives you hope in things not seen.

  • Your Name

    Hi, yes, I beleive in angels and that we all have guardian angels and spirit guides. I have seen angels in many forms; in the sky among the clouds, in pictures that have been taken, in my dreams, too.
    I love “Touched by an Angel” and have watched many, many episodes and reruns. I also have one of the books.
    You asked if I have been visited by an angel and I’ll said definitly. The most moving one was when I was in the hospital haveing a “D & C” after a miscarriage. I was coming out of the surgery and I saw a male angel- all dressed in white holding the hands of two small children, with one of the children asking where was she– I took it to mean they were there for the child I had miscarried. I also knew those two children- one a boy and one a girl were also mine from other miscarriges. The tall angel was so loving and kind and he looked at me and told me all would be OK. I later on had a healthy baby girl and she is 21 years old now.

  • Rose Torres

    I believe that I had the pleasure of meeting an Angel. Years ago when we were on our way to Laredo, Texas. We had car trouble in between San Antonio and Laredo. Back then there was nothing in between there. This wrecker drove up and took us to his lot. He let me and my son then around 5 years old rest inside his trailer while he got the car going again. Then we were back on our way again thanks to this gentleman. We usually drove this way at least twice a year so on the next trip I had made him a thank you basket to let him know how much we had appreciated his help. When we got to his place it was vacant and it looked as if it had been like this for a long time. We found a nearby gas station and asked about him and they said that they had only been there a couple of years but that place was vacant even then. Now there is no doubt in my mind that he was definitely an Angel.

  • Emily

    When I was six years old I was stricken with cancer (leukemia). While in the hospital I contracted the chicken pox which left me in a coma for about three weeks. I believe that an angel or angels took me from my body that was suffering with cancer and brought me to heaven for those three weeks. It was the most peaceful time of my life so far. God was obviously there and so were the angels.

  • J Koelsch

    As a hospice chaplain, I saw angels many times. The most memorable experience I had was a patient who had not seen one of his daughters for several years. He was actively dying and the other daughter had made her peace with him. He had also made peace with God and accepted Jesus as Saviour. Yet he continued to linger. I prayed with the other daughter and her dad, our patient, that daughter would be found and she would come visit. The one daughter went to look for her sister.
    While that daughter was gone, I sat with the patient. He has drifted into sleep. I was reading scripture. I looked up and in the corner of the room was a very life size angel with the most gorgeous wings I had ever seen. She (yes, it was a she) had on a flowing white gown. She was pacing back and forth from the corner of the room to this patient’s bedside. The only thing that I could do was sit in awe at what I witnessed. Finally the angel shook her hand and left.
    Approximately an hour after this visitation, the missing daughter came to see her dad. He was lucid and they made their peace with each other. After her visit, he lost consciousness and died the next day.
    Angels do exist. They come in many forms. I can only imagine what the grandeur of heaven will be like when we see myriads of angels there with God, the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

  • Victor Alvarez

    I once picked up a hitchhiker just outside of White Sands, New Mexifco enroute to a bowling tournament in Ruidoso, NM. I had a Chevy 2 +2 hartchback with a V8 engine. I was in a hurry because I didn’t want to be late for the tournament. I told my passenger my plans to get to this bowling tournament and would he mind if I drove a little fast. He replied that he did not. He was an older unshaven gentleman and did not talk much. Well, I did arrive with about 20 or 30 minutes to spare and proceeded to unload my bowling equipment. I only took my eyes off him to get my bowling ball bag and when I turned around he was gone. Disappeared. I realized then that he must have been an angel sent to keep me from having a car accident as I was at times driving 70 miles per hour. This is my angel story and it’s true.

  • wayne


  • judy nichols

    if it wasn’t for God i don’t think i could had gone on with my live i lost my husband to death and had to raise my 4 kids by my self and everone how meet me and get to know me said they didn’t know how i was making it i smail and say thanks to God.

  • http://depressed Shirley

    I was ver depressed about my life and I did not want to live anymore,so I tried to take my life, in the hospital I saw two angels flowing above me, after I left the hospital with a lot of help I got my life back together and started praying to God for help and starting watching touched by an angel and I still watch it today even if they are repeates.
    Today I am very happy with myself and I know it was God who sent the angels to save me as he was not done with me and he had other plans for me.

  • naomi barlow

    Im truely Blessed I have lived in a Church up bringing.Im Blessed ihave a wonderful Husband and a wonderful mother-law and the best family-laws a girl could ever be Blessed with.I love God he is my everything with out him I’m nothing.I love him so.

  • Lmeyr

    We all have angels around us, it’s a matter of knowing and being able to feel them but they are always there. My son and I were on our way back home and I had this old Caravan it decided to act up 6 hours before our destination, I said to my son put your hands on the icon and pray just pray the Lord’s prayer. We kept going a little farther , about 2 hours before we arrived to our home it totally broke down it wouldn’t move we were stuck on the side of the highway with a big dog and two cats. I do believe angels were all around us and helped us get off the highway and get to an area we could be safe. The human angels that were with us drove all the way back to our home unloaded the moving truck and came back to get us. I will never forget the kindness of these two men, angels kept us safe and angels helped us come back home. Forever grateful. May God Bless you all. Lmeyr

  • Your Name

    I was in the Army and serving in Somalia when I was blessed by my angel. On any day I would get up and do my PT (exercise) every morning with my Command Sergant Major. Because of his rank I would always have to run on a certain side of him. Each morning we would do this for months. But on one night at about 1 am I was awakened by a voice that kept calling my name saying “Kathy are you okay”. I looked around the tent and I didn’t see any one awake that could call my name. I went back to sleep and I heard my name called again, this time about 2 am. Still no one awake. At 3 am the same thing this time I got up and looked outside the tent, nothing. This went on until 5 am. At six the Command Sergant Major came by to get me for PT, I told him that I was up most of the night and didn’t feel up to it and would go with him in the afternoon to do PT. He said he was going anyway. Within 15 minutes of him leaving, he came back and told me to be greatful for not going that morning. As he rounded the back part of our running trail gun fire whizzed by him right where I would be running. So I feel that my angel kept me up all night so I would not go the next morning. I told this to my children one night when they had just come home from Iraq and they told me of times when angels had been with them during their time in Iraq.

  • Norm

    A few years ago my mother sold her house due to financial constraints and was going to be living alone for the first time in her life at about 80 years old.
    One of her regular visitors was Andy, her grandson. He commented many times about how he enjoyed “chilling” with her.
    The first January that she was in her new place, Andy lost his life in a house fire. Needless to say we were all devastated by this.
    The following spring, his sister, Cherilyn was walking the beach alone, remembering Andy. Her attention was drawn to a 7-11 big gulp cup that was one of Andy’s trademarks. When she picked it up, it started to move. Inside was a tied plastic bag containing a very tiny, very black kitten that apparently someone saw as evil. She gasped for air as the bag was untied as if she had been in there for quite some time. A few more seconds would have been too late for her.
    Although she has said many times in her life that she was not a “cat person” this gift from Andy (who was named Angel) has become as important a part of her life as anyone else in her family and has brought a tremendous amount of joy to her life

  • A. Anderson

    I had a lot of things going on when I was growing up and didnt understand most. When I got older I radiated toward the guys that would not treat me so good. I had two children with a man that was an alcoholic and started treating us very bad. I feel I had an angel watching over me when I finally got the strength and made him leave. I took 3 years to heal but was able to support my two children on my own and used that time to make our lives better. God then led me to a man that I am now with that give me nothing but respect and treats both my children like they were his own. I feel I had an angel watching over me the whole time I just needed to let them in and to put my faith in God that he would help me through everything I was going through. When I did that things started to change for me.

  • Nichole

    It was November of 1997. My husband, Don, and I were frustrated by our efforts to conceive a child and beginning to face the reality that we may never have the chance to experience the love and joy of our own children. The previous two years had been filled with elation and then devastation as we learned three times that I was pregnant and then three times that I had miscarried. We were frustrated with trying and frustrated with God for what seemed like denial of this precious gift. We were also not living our lives as each of us knew God intended. Both raised in Christian homes where weekly church attendance was a part of family life, we knew that the fact we no longer attended church was a source of grief for our families and certainly not pleasing to God. One night, a beautiful angel came to me in a dream and told me to turn my life around and I would conceive. After an emotional conversation about the dream with Don, and the shared knowledge that we needed to get back to where God wanted us to be, we visited the local Methodist church the following weekend. We were welcomed with open arms, and within two weeks, I learned that I was again pregnant. This time, following the previous years testing that found absolutely no reason for the miscarriages, my doctor came to me on a hunch and suggested that I try taking a baby aspirin each day. She had found higher than normal levels of a particular antigen in my blood that made my blood clot more readily than most and perhaps thicker in nature than ideal. Her theory was that the blood was too thick to travel through the narrow vessels that fed the fetus, and the baby was being deprived of blood and oxygen. Nine months later, and many bottles of baby aspirin consumed, we were rewarded with a handsome baby boy. I thank God every day for sending me two angels – one in the middle of the night – and one in a doctors coat. They helped me turn my life around and rewarded me with God’s most precious gift.

  • Linda Camarata

    From my earliest memories I remember being alone, left by my parents to work on the farm. I was the first born so there was no one to care for me, and mom needed to help take care of the garden and the fields and animals. After crying one day until I could not cry any more, I realized, there was someone in the room with me, and I heard soft soothing sounds. There were these little figures in my room around the crib and the soft soothing sounds were in balls of light, that I could grasp, and let float away, entertaining me for hours while my parents took care of the farm work. I do not blame my parents for doing what they did, leaving me alone for long periods of time, they were doing the best they knew how to do to take care of themselves, and now a family. I thank the angels for entertaining me as a child. These beings were with me until I went to school whenever I was lonely they appeared to occupy my mind. To this day I know they are still with me, and I hear the soft soothing music resonates in my soul.

  • Sandra

    When I was only 18 I lost my husband of 4 months in a tragic accident at work. He had left early that morning before I had waken up and I had not told him goodbye. I had been staying at my parents house after he died and the nite after the funeral I was startled during the nite, the rocking chair in the room was creaking and there sitting in the rocker was my husband!! He told me things were going to be okay and for me to be strong… the next thing I know my mother comes into the room and asks me who I am talking to… it wasn’t me talking!!! She had heard him too!! That was such a comfort. God knew I needed to say goodbye.

  • Lori Williams

    I know we have angels all around us, and that many times we are helped by angels because of God’s grace and mercy. This particular story is a very short, and I have told very few people about it because it hurts so much. I worked at my church as the secretary/bookkeeper. I got to work and was sitting at my desk. I could look out the front window and see the side of the building of the Sanctuary. As I glanced out the window, I saw a young lady sitting on the ground at the corner of the church building, her knees brought up to her chest, and her arms around her legs. Her head was bowed down to her knees, and it looked to me that she may be crying. I had so much work to do, and so I thought I would go and see what I could do to help her after I did I few things. I turned around, ignoring the prompting of the Holy Spirit, and did some work. I don’t know how much time had passed, I don’t think it was very long, but when I turned back around, she was gone. I went outside and walked around the church building…….no sign of this young lady. I never saw her again. I truly believe that this young lady was an angel that I was supposed to help. I let my self be led by my flesh, instead of the Holy Spirit, and missed a great opportunity to minister to this angel of God. I pray every day that I will never again let that happen.

  • MikeyB

    My angel, throughout my life, is my Mom! No matter how sick or sorry or troubled, or how much trouble I may have gotten into, Mom was always there with a hug and a word, and often just silence… and this angel is still with me everywhere I go and every time I turn around.

  • Your Name

    I believed there are angels all around us, that protect us.

  • karla morgan

    angels are real as they have kept me going for a long time and so has god thank you for being there

  • tjzlof

    I believe I have 2 angels in heaven and 1 here on earth in the form of 2 dogs (in heaven) and the cat here on earth. These furry little creatures have been there for me whenever I have been feeling down and they bring me such joy! I believe they came to me to make my life more joyful and to remind me to have fun while on Earth and to love unconditionally and make no judgements.

  • Mary S.

    I feel angels all the time in my life and I did not know untill it was here in 1999 when I came to USA from Peru that I saw my Angel really clearly, one of my daughter at that time she was 9 years old was crying all the time she got depressed I got depressed we homesick,one night I was in bed and the phone ringed I opened my eyes to answer the phone beside my bed and the light that was in my room was so hard that I have to closed my eyes but I took the phone to proved myself that I was not dreaming I asked the person in the line if I was dreaming he said no I am calling you from Peru (it was my boyfriend)I slowly tried to open my eyes again and I hardly saw this big angel lighting everywhere like the firelights that we used in new year day. Since then my daughter knew a girl in the school who help her to adjust and connect with the people in this country and me, I felt an inner peace and the security since then that GOD is with me all the time that I feel scared I remember that time and the inner peace come back to me to streght my faith, that is the reason that touched by an angel was the way that God tell me all the time: “I am here, you just turn to me”, and its good to feel his arms to hold me again. Thanks! Mary.

  • Bev

    I was visited by two angels when I almost lost my son when pregnant, nothing was said but just seen faint images,yet I still can hear the sound of their wings. I know they came to visit me while resting to let me know we’d be alright.

  • Andrea

    I never had a stable home, seemed I was always moving and running from something rather towards something. In 1998 I married my husband and we moved in to a beautiful home he built. 10 months later a wildfire broke out and 265 acres was burning heading right toward our home. I was inside trying to gather some of our belongings while my husband was trying to save our house. A fireman made me get out of the house yelling they couldn’t save it As i stood on our pond bank another fireman yelled to pull out they couldn’t save it, I dropped to the ground and yelled “God can”! A lightning bolt hit the ground and it started raining, it hadn’t rained in 30 days of august 1999. The inferno stopped in our back yard, killing a huge tree but saving our home. I prayed for guardian angels to surround our home and protect it, they shed tears and put out the inferno. An insurance ad appeared with our house in it with fire shooting over the 2-story roof showing people why they need insurance that might be true but all we needed was God and the guardian angels who save our home. 10 years later our home is still beautiful and filled with happiness.

  • Your Name

    When my father died 23 years ago, my son told me the next morning that his grandfather slept with him that night. My dad only had girls and no boys. My son was the son that he never had. My son said that he held him all night long. And told him that he would always would be with him. My son and his grandfter was very close and he or I will never forget that. He also still comes to all of us. It could be while we are fishing or whatever we are doing. Thank You, Lynn Eggert

  • Etornam

    My Angel is my nine year son. He is always around to help and to console me in time of difficulties. He is so innocent and speak out his mind freely. He always turn my attention to occurances around us. He never refuse to go an errance for me. He is so energetic and sympathetic to everything that happen in my life. He is too quick to offer a help and quick to critised. He is my Angel!

  • Lorie

    There was a time when I owned my first car back in 1982, I was 19 years old, and I always felt afraid and anxious to go places by myself. I always wanted someone to go with me. Then one time when there was no one to go with me to the store, I was driving down the road and I felt a strong presence of someone in the car with me. I actually looked over in the passenger front seat expecting to see someone, but there wasn’t anyone there. At that moment, I knew my guardian angel was with me. I felt comfortable going places by myself ever since.

  • Annamarie Meyers

    Eight years ago my friend’s son fell down a fight of steps and was not found until the next morning. His skull was split in four, and by then the brain was swollen beyond recovery. They prepared the family that he would not make it. That day i started a pray chain in state and out of state, to please send angels to be by his side and help him through it. That night i slept on the couch and something woke me up. I looked up at the ceiling and saw a snow angel figure there, at first i was scared because it was black. Then within a minute or two a calming feeling came over me and i heard a voice in my mind that told me he was going to make it, it would be a tough road and things would not be the same for him but he would live. The voice also told me to let his Mother know what had happened. Today he is still alive and leading a happy life, he has no sense of smell, memory lose and cannot retain a lot of information all at once. But, my prayers were answered. Thank you God for sending the Angels and power of prayer.

  • Your Name

    I was touched by an angel at the age of 6. I am now 54. I have felt the present of my angel all these years. I have had ery tough times
    in my life but am a greater person for it. I have felt the hand of my angel on my shoulder, I have felt my angel’s hand on the cheek of my face comforting me. In 1991. I had surgery and complications where I was no longer her for short period of time and when I woke I felt such a presence not only outside of my body but within my heart. I truly believe my Angel has never left me. At six I was so lost and missed my Mother who has left and my Angel stayed by my side quiding me as if my Mother was still there. Most of my life I have collected Angels, give to others Angels and tell them This Angel will protect you. I pay if forward with all that I meet. I have been blessed to know and feel my Angel. I have been told on many occasions after doing a kind deed, You are an Angel, then I think…It is my Angel, that quided me to you.

  • Your Name

    me and my mom loved there show we would watchit togeather that was very inportant to us both i miss doing that with her for one thing it is not on tv anymore and two she is not with me anymore oh how i loved my mom i miss her so now she is up in heaven with our fauther god and are brouther jesus i wish that she was back with me and i wish that the show was still on tv that is one show that i wish they never stop makeing because it touched so many lives even afthe she was gone when i would watch it it would be that i could feel that she was still here with me she has been gone since 04/09/2002 there is not a day that goes by that i think about my mom and another thing they qalways take something off tv when it is good for you they should stop doing that and take something that is bad for you off tv that show was the best thing that they had put on tv it was just as bad when they took god out of school!!

  • Donna

    I would have to say I have been touched many times. My life should have been over and always someone unseen steps in and saves me. I could never say there is just one that stands out. I also have earthly angels who bless my life in little ways every day. I hope that people will learn to look with their hearts and not their eyes. They will “see” angels then. Open up what God has filled.

  • Janice M Doss

    Yes I have been visited by angels all the time. I loved touched by an Angel T.V. shows. When you are living in a place where there is no ne that you know or relative around yes your angles guides you through good times and bad. I am a Veteran and have traveled and lived in many different places. When things are tough for me I put my trust in God and he does the rest. I pray all the time whether good or bad, and most of Thank God just for being alive. When I sometimes can’t think clearly a stranger comes into my life but so does the devil and you have to know the difference between the two, so I pray and ask God to show me the difference, but I know that if I put my trust in God and know that he will not mislead me I will make the right choice.
    When I make the right choice it leaves me with a warm feeling inside.
    I know then that God has sent me a Angel to help guide me through whatever I am going through at that time. It is always a good feeling knowing that God loves me for me, and that no one can take that away as long as I have God in my life.

  • Scott Olson

    Three years ago I was in a terrible car wreck after working all day and trying to get home to take my sons to a doctors appointment. I hydroplaned off the highway across a ditch and did a 360 turn around while taking out a tree with the back of my Tahoe truck. I was unconcious and my right ear was severed off. I was taken to the local hospital then airlifted to a major trauma center where I spent the next five months recovering. I suffered a traumatic brain injury and remembered losing the love of my life in another car accident just two years prior to this one. When I regained conciousness I thought about Kim and how close I came to being with her again. Her angelic vision appeared to me and she told me that I needed to heel and take care of my boys. She also wanted me to visit her mother and sisters. Kim’s dad died in October 2008 the same month my dad died. I visited with her mother and sisters and she still calls me her stepson. Kim’s love shined down on me and helped me to survive and restore a beautiful relationship I now have with her family. Kim is my angel and I will always love her!

  • Joye

    Just last week I was surrounded by 7 angels. I was in my room and on the phone with a prayer partner. I was deeply distressed over the fact that my mom is dying of Alzheimers and she is so pitiful it just breaks my heart. Besides that I am 500 miles away from her and have not seen her in 5 years. I felt a sense of guilt for not being there even though there is nothing I can do. I’m disabled and it’s very difficult for me to travel. All of a sudden when my friend was praying he said 7 angels were coming to my room. I soon felt a peace that I have not felt in a long time. In the spirit I saw the seven angels: three on my right, three on my left and one in front of me. For the first time in a while I really felt like I was loved and that God was in control. I know my mom is safe and I don’t have to worry.

  • http://umrq4n Shirley M.

    One Saturday morning, I was sitting in front of our garage watching my husband work on his car. All of a sudden out of nowhere, a little bird walked over to me. I thought it was unable to fly, but when I extended my arm, it flew on me as if he knew me. It got on top of my shoulder, and started to peck on my cheek with it’s beek. I was able to take it inside of my house and fed him in the palm of my hand. The bird spent the whole afternoon with me and my husband and it just felt that he belonged with us. My 7 year old grandson asked if we can keep it, and we told him it was not ours to keep, and he says his name is Michael. My husband and I looked at each other, and asked could that be a message from our Archangel MICHAEL telling us that he is there?? We took pictures of me feeding the bird in my hand, cause nobody would believe me if I just told them without proof. everyone who saw this picture says they had never seen anything like this before, and it was from above.

  • Your Name

    My parents had just picked up their van from the shop. They had their grandchildren in the van with them. In San Pedro, California, going up busy Gaffy, their van died. After a few minutes of the van blocking busy traffic. A man in a white coat, came to the van, and told my Mom to go to the sidewalk, and he said that he’d move the van around the corner to the curb. Somehow the man in the white coat started the van and moved it. When my Mom walked over to the van, as the children were still in the van, and the man in the white coat had disappeared. My Mom still says like an Angel dropped from Heaven, moved their van off of a very busy street and then disappeared.

  • Yvonne Keller

    My parents had just picked up their van from the shop. They had their grandchildren in the van with them. In San Pedro, California, going up busy Gaffy, their van died. After a few minutes of the van blocking busy traffic. A man in a white coat, came to the van, and told my Mom to go to the sidewalk, and he said that he’d move the van around the corner to the curb. Somehow the man in the white coat started the van and moved it. When my Mom walked over to the van, as the children were still in the van, and the man in the white coat had disappeared. My Mom still says like an Angel dropped from Heaven, moved their van off of a very busy street and then disappeared.
    Yvonne Keller

  • Carole

    While changing a tire on the pickup, the jack slipped and the truck fell on my hand. My husband was frail and sickly and had a fresh broken shoulder. He tried several times with about as much strength as a child to lift the truck off my hand. I was in too much pain to think of calling 911.
    A deep unfamilar voice came out of me telling my husband to lift the truck up. He did it without any effort!
    We went to emergency room to get my hand taken care of, it was smashed flat. The next day we went back to pick up our tools and hubcap and stuff from trying to change the tire, Everything was gone. We knocked on doors, no one had picked them up. A few days later we found everything in the locked toolbox of the truck.

  • Your Name

    14 Years ago I had become very ill and my doctor could not figure out what exactly the problem was. I was sent for further tests and was told that I had cancer and an appointment was made at a doctor/surgeon in another town about an hour away. I completely broke down and cried for days. At the first appointment with the new doctor I was greeted by a nice young nurse with the sweetest Irish accent. She talked with me and told me what would be taking place that day and that she would be with me through all the tests and examinations. She made me feel so at ease under the circumstances. After several weeks of appointments, tests, etc. surgery was scheduled. The Irish nurse was there with me every time and was even in the prep room before surgery and said a prayer with me that made me have so much peace. When I awakened from surgery and was aware of what was going on I found out that I did not have cancer, that there had been multiple cysts on my ovaries that had ruptured. Thank God…. when I asked where the nice nurse was that had been with me during all of the tests, etc. I was told that there was no one at that hospital who fitted my description. I was astonished,but I knew she had been there and had helped and comforted me through my ordeal. I now know that she was one of God’s angels sent to help me.

  • Rachel Rose

    I was visited by my Inner Child in an outfit of white but with a soft heavenly glow that was bright white but not harsh on the eyes. I had been doing some heavy duty spiritual healing work, such as learning to be still, to listen to God, and to be alert to His will for my life. It was not easy, but it was the best thing I have ever done for myself. I learned to honor my feelings, realized my self worth and most of all how much God loves me. I had invited my broken inner child into my bedroom, with her sores, scars and feelings of being repulsive. She at first was very awkward in accepting my invitation to sit on my lap. I have to admit I at first did feel repulsed by her. But in time with paying attention to my feelings and caring for myself, I learned to treat that little girl with love and respect. In turn one night when I was feeling lonely rocking myself in an old rocker and cradling a teddy bear, she came to me. In a glorified brillance and she was beautiful, happy and carefree. She was up in the air surrounded and giving off a glow of light. Then she danced for me. It was so special. When she finished her dance she blew a kiss to the left and a kiss to the right, then a kiss in the middle ( I think she did it this third time, I don’t have my notes.) And then she was gone. I knew my inner child was an angel who came to visit me and returned to me what I had given to her.

  • Your Name

    I an my four small children had just arrived home from a prayer service, it was x-mas eve. My children were hungry so, I went into the kitchen to see what I could cook. My twins took the candle I had lit on my altar table. They brought it to the bedroom an put in on the bed. Since synthetic material is highly flammable in a few seconds the entire room was in flames. I came down the hallway from the kitchen. I tried to put out the fire with water several times an I wasn’t able to. I got scared an was going to take the children an run. Then I heard a voice say “You have to put the fire out or one of your children will die.” By that time the black smoke was near the ground, so I crawled to the bathroom an got a towel wet an beat the fire out. I had a water bed so, then I could feel the electric current running thru the water on the floor. I began to look for my 4 year old daughter. I could not find her. I looked for 45 minutes scared that she had been lying in the bed an was melted in the synthetic comfortors. I finally found her she was lying behind the x-mas tree behind the presents in the corner. I would have never found her she would have been the one that died, but that voice spared her life.

  • Your Name

    27 years ago my son was scheduled for a 8 hours surgery. He was diagnoised with a Cleft chest (breast bone recontruction). On the morning of surgery I went to the chapel and was very greived knowing that anything cold wrong being that my son was only 7 at the time. So I was praying and crying earnestly and a Nurse came and knelt and prayed for me and my son said he was going to be okay and left. I later went out and asked the security gaurd if he had seen where the nurse went and said no one has come out of the chapel except me. I knew that she was an Angel in disguise and had a peace knowing that God had sent her to me at the time I needed reassurance. My son came out fine.

  • Irene Fernandez

    27 years ago my Son was scheduled for a 8 hour surgery and was considered to be dangerous since he was only 7 at the time. He had a Cleft chest and it needed to be reconstructed. I went to the chapel that morning and was praying earnestly and beside myself when a Nurse came in and knelt next to me and prayed for me. She said that He was going to be okay and recover quickly. She left and I went out to thank her and she was gone, I asked the security guard if knew which way the nurse had gone that had just come out of the chapel. He said no one had come out from the chapel except me. It was then that I knew she was an Angel sent to me by God. Angels do come unaware and minister as God’s helpers.

  • Janice Larson

    My family and I moved to Somerset, NJ in July, 1985. My mother suddenly died of a heart attack two weeks prior to my daughter’s high school graduation in May, 1987. Then, my husband and I divorced. My daughter got her own apartment and I was in this house all alone. After I would go to bed, just before REM sleep, I would feel something walking across the bed. I would put the overhead light on, but found no one. This went on for months and then years. I never told anyone. In the spring of 1994, my sister came to visit from Minnesota. I gave her my bed up stairs so she would have privacy and it is quieter on the second floor. On that Saturday morning, I was up working in the kitchen downstairs. My sister was sleeping in. About noon, sis came downstairs to tell me that Christi woke her up to tell her that she had to go to work, but would be back after while. I guess I had a strange look on my face and she asked me what was wrong. I told her Christi had not been to the house that morning. My sister was shocked. She said the girl was pretty with long blonde hair and looked to be in her mid-twenties. She assumed it was Christi. The girl told her she had to go to work, but would see her later. Then, I told my sister about the spirit walking on my bed. This spirit never revealed herself again, but I felt something walking on my bed. I knew I was not alone.

  • Dawn Ezell

    I think I was visited by and Angel, but the Angel was my Grandmother. After my Grandmother died in 2003, I would “smell” her all over my house. Her home was made from cedar and cypress and had a very distinct smell. When coming home, I would say “Grandma is here”. I would also find dimes, nickels, and quarters “dropped” all over my home and vehicle. This came from the times I would bring my children to visit Grnadma. She was always trying to find any coin to give them. She would ask me to find her purse so she could give them a coin each. I think Grandma was still with us, dropping coins for the children to find. I haven’t smelled Grandma or found any coins lately, but I sure do miss her. I do believe she is an angel, because she was the most selfless and the kindest person I ever knew.

  • wanda roberts

    In March of 2003 my step father passed away of cancer. During the last 3 months of his life I traveled from Cola,SC to Orlando, FL, every 4-5 days to be there for him and my mother. As a RN, Papa Doc was very proud of me, thinking of me as a daughter. During this time, mama would tell me that he only felt safe with me or her with him. On Saturday, March 22nd, I awake around 5am. Even though I was traveling over 1000 miles her week and suffer with a form of
    Rheumatoid Arthritis, I woke extremely calm and without pain. After looking in on papa and mama, I got a cup of coffee and walked out on their dock.Early morning, a light mist on the lake. The humidity had not sit in yet.In this extreme calm, I look out over the lake and saw a most beautiful duck. Now seeing duck is nothing unusual, we often fed ducks. But this one was different, I had never seen one like it.As I watched it, it swam over to the dock and stopped right below me. As strange as it might sound to some, this beautiful duck was looking back at me.This lasted for several minutes. At this moment, I knew that today was the day that papa would be called home. My mother came out with her coffe and saw the duck. As she did, the duck looked at me one last time and swam away. We were quiet as we both watched it. Mama said ” I think It will be soon”. I said “yes, mama, it will be today.” It was almost 12 exactly to the minute, that papa drew his last breath. I believe, this angel in duck form, was telling me to prepare myself so I could be strong for what I had to do. And although my heart was broken for a man who I had prayed would come into my mother’s life, I calmly watched him take his last breathe. I was strong as I pronouced his time of death and was able to stand strong beside my mother. I do not know the angel that chose to bless me with peace. It has now been 6 yrs and that duck or eve one like it has not been seen at the lake again.

  • http://angels sherri hall

    i believe i am an angel in the flesh…ive obeyed god and have followed him all my life,,,im not like others..and have many spiriatial gifts..always at the right place at the right time for a spiritual blessing or miracle to happen..i could write a book on all the incounters in my life…the angels are totally with me and do so many things for me…they reveal themselves to me all the time…they answer all my prayers and very thankful god gave them charge over me…hope to tell you more,,,,sherri

  • Barbara

    I love watching Touched By A Angel. tThe show made a differance in people. I know that it made a differance in me. I respect others and my self. I hope that i can win the collection.
    Barbara Hardin9r

  • Eric

    Three years ago this January my wife had just picked up my children from school and were headed home amidst the first very bad snowstorm we had had that year. As they tried to navigate the ever increasingly hazardous roads my wife began to lose control of the vehicle that they were in and ended up spinning onto the railroad tracks. Like a scene from a movie the van would not start, and the arms of the security gates of the railroad were lowering down on either side of them. The sound of a train horn filled the air. My wife yelled for the kids to get out and run. As this was our first snowstorm of the season, neither had winter boots on just sneakers and slip on shoes. (The remainder of this story we only heard from the witnesses interviewed on TV as we could not see what happened) My daughter ran and had nearly reached safety when she turned to see her brother slipping and falling as he struggled in the ice and snow, she turned and went back, grabbing him and pulling him to her, as she did the train made impact with the van sending the van crashing into and rolling over them both. When they were found their hands were barely touching… The witnesses said that when Marylynn pulled on her brother Zach they appeared to actually fly through the air, with one witness stating that it looked like an Angel had whisked them through the air. The Police, paramedics, and Doctors all stated that had Marylynn not gone back for her brother that he would certainly have been killed by the impact. As it was they both suffered multiple fractures, both breaking their femurs, broken collarbones, collapsed lungs, both lost their spleens, Dr’s say they actually exploded on impact within them. Both suffered internal injuries and internal bleeding and much more. But now, both are healthy and amazing, barely able to tell the ordeal that they endured. My daughter KNOWS that an Angel grabbed onto her brother with her, for she is a self confessed weakling, but the strength of an Angel pulled them through. Thank you for your time.

  • Karen Ferrari

    I have had encounters with, I believe, my guardian angel, Arianna. (I had read that if you want to know their name, you ask them and the first name that comes to mind is that name. That is what I did a few years ago and the name Arianna came to me and I know nobody by that name.) Once I was driving home in a heavy rain and I had stopped for a light. When the light turned green, I started going but suddenly out of nowhere a car came swinging out of a side street running the red light and was barreling toward me. I started to swing the car to the right and I was heading for a telephone pole. Next thing I know, the car turned itself to the left and somehow missed both the oncoming car and the telephone pole. I knew as if it had been told to me that my guardian angel had interceded for me. Also, whenever I’m frightened at night before sleeping (I live alone) and want to feel my GA’s presence, I lie on my right side and pray the Guardian Angel prayer. Without fail, before I finish the prayer, I feel my GA sitting on the bed. The first time I did this, it startled me but now I know that my GA is making me aware that she is always with me.
    Thank you Arianna for always being here with me. I can’t wait until the day I meet her in Heaven.

  • Mel Juarez

    enter to win cd’s

  • georgia jackson

    I have never miss a show “Touch By An Angel” It is the best show. Please enter me into the giveaway of the DVD

  • Ericka Mendez

    Eight years ago, after I passed for a veeery bad experience, I had a dream, one little boy said hi to me, and called me mom, he said, hi mom, dont you cry anymore, I will be with you shortly, my name is Daniel. And that is what happened, I was pregnant and my boy is exactly the one I dreamed, I do believe he is the angel God sent me to stop my sadness, he and my darling guardian angel, Lander.
    I hope I win the DVD’s. Thanks. Ericka.

  • Renato Cuna

    i believe in angels . . .

  • Joyce Sharier

    4 an a half years ago my husband died from a barnroof.I was so unhappy for a long time after he died,i cried a lot i felt he died that day because i made him go to work.After feeling this way for over a year i knew i needed help,i needed to talk to someone.I was doing that & my son by him (I had my son when i was 15 but didn’t marry his father for 36 years later) we loved each other all that time but things just kspt getting in the way.Jim & I were married 2 years when he fell.I day i was on this computer nameing a star after our love after i turned the computer off got really for bed,i went to the kitchen to get something & was looking in the livingroom were the computer was and there stood Jim (my husband) in white light. the next morning my TV came on by itself also by the computer. A couple weeks later i felt him hugging me after i was talking about him tp our son.Afew days later my son & I was gone for the day when we got home my message light was on so i was listening to them one message was from Jim telling me & our son that he was OK in a whispering voice,anyone that knew Jim & hears the message knows it was he telling me he was OK so I would be Ok to go on.And since that time i have been OK.I guess he loved me enough to let me know he was OK so i would be ok.Its hard to find a love that strong to come to you after his death so i could go on & live.I thank him every day for that call & seeing him as my angel.


    about 18 years ago i was riding in the passengers side of my sons car
    and we hit a slick spot on the street and it was slippery with ice. and i felt that we we going to have a accident because the car would not stop. and i told my so that we were going to have a accident. a voice whisperd in my ear and told me to lean forward and put my knees up against the glove compartment to balance my self. well we slide into the back of the car in front of us and tore up the front of our fender. when i lifted my head up to look up, there in front of me of the dash board was st. michale with his white wings and spear pushing me back into the seat. he was smiling at me. i ask my son did he see any thing and he said no . i started believeing in angle at that time.

  • Bev Martin

    My Husband died a few years ago after three surgeries and amputation of his leg. He was truly the love of my life. We are Christians so he looked forward to coming face to face with his heavenly Father he would share with others. Several times since his death I have called out to him in my lonliness and I have felt his arms around me and many times I’ve sought his wisdom and he has helped me get through these most difficult years. As difficult as it has been to lose him, I know now how much God loved me to bring him back to me when needed in the form of an Angel. I am blessed. I love Touch by Angel and would be ever so delighted to win your contest. Thank you

  • Cara Talley

    I love recieving the daily bible readings and jokes from this website. It gives me a good to put God first in the morning. I also love touched by an angel too. I wish it was on Hallmark again. Thank you for allowing this contest.

  • crystal

    i was in seryce realationship with guy for 7 years he is father of my 10 yearold son one moreing i woke up he left use for nother woman i came home he was their we got in big fight i was 8months pregant with my son my ex beat me in the stomach told me to lose the baby or lose him i choose my baby over him he almost killed my baby in my stomach one moring i woke up i was bleeding i thought i lost my baby i ask god to help me i went to the hospital my son was born god saved my baby i thank god everyday he saved my baby ,after i had my son i almost died on the table angles save me that was scared of my life

  • Phillip Clark

    Was A wonderful Show, John “Dye” Made the show very interesting.

  • Rose Marie

    One of our favorite T.V shows. You made the various stories down to earth. You showed that everday problems could be overcome with faith. I collect angels, as a hobbies, and belive that Our Heavenly Father indeed give his angels assignments to help people in need. I always enjoyed the various angels personalites. I really missed this wonderful show. In Christ Love, Rose

  • Karen

    Several years ago I delived the local newspaper for additional income. I entered one area of my route. I was trying to open the door of my car, the biggest and ugliest black dog, was standing against my door. After a few seconds, the dog moved, what I saw was very strange for this house, the enterance patio was filled with mud tracks. At several of my stops, I noticed garage doors open, which were normally closed. This dog ran and stayed by my car through this route (the route was broken into several areas).The next night the same thing happened. I received a call from my district manager who asked me if I had seen anything strange, a car normally not in the area or anything else. I answered yes. This was just before Christmas, my customers had been robbed, when I told my manager, the make and model of the car and where I had seen it before. Two men were arrested. The dog was not on my route that night. Angels can come in any form or size.

  • Susan

    My husband and I used to love to watch “Touched By An Angel”. Is there any chance for a reunion show?
    My husband was out riding his bicycle alone, when he had a flat tire. A man came by and helped him change the tire and said ” Help the next person you see with a flat tire.” He gave him a bike tool kit and when my husband turned to thank him, there was no one there. We believe he was visited by an angel that day. He also has listened to the angel and has helped a lot of people with bike problems.

  • Bj Kapple

    I have always had a guardian Angel who helped me when I got Polio at age 14 months. However, a few years ago, I was headed home to MO A driver kept swerving on the road and I was sure I would going to get hit. I slowed down, and she hit the right side of my car throwing me into oncoming traffic. I missed the traffic and went airborne into an empty field. An Angel told me to relax and having listened, the only injuries I received was a bad bruise on my Polio leg. I believe the Angel assisted me in steering the car in the right direction so that I would not hit any other cars. Jesus and my Angel has been with me all my life. For someone who was not supposed to live past age 7 because of the Polio, I thank the Lord everyday for allowing me to rise another day.

  • janet dent

    i loved to watch this show i truely believe in angels and have a collection of them i have about 100 all different kinds i some times give them away to people that need them

  • Your Name

    I am grateful for this opportunity to share my experience of being blessed by angels in my life. There has been much tragedy in my life and the life of my children but I have been comforted by angels. After becoming aware that angels had been around me protecting me, I became very curious about my guardian angel. I researched angels in the bible and other readings and became somewhat fearful yet my curiousity kept me wanting to know who my guardian was and what he or she looked like. I was experiencing some feelings of helplessness and hopelessness and began to pray and meditate on this. While I was sleeping one night a portrait of a grey haired middle aged woman with beautiful smooth skin appeared to me. I knew when I awoke that this was my guardian angel and she was presented to me in this way because of my fear of this unknown. I knew that she was the one sent to guide me in my troublesome times. I was surprised at what I discovered because I was expecting something more like the winged creatures portrayed in art.

  • Your Name

    This past summer(09) was a very trying time in my life with depression. I was suicidal for three months. Then Hallmark started showing Touched By An Angel three times in one evening a few times a week. This really and truly helped me hang on. I tried to thank Hallmark but couldn’t get an email into them. I hope others appreciated the extra shows as I did.

  • Diana

    My husband and I were visiting Ottawa, taking pictures of statues in the park, I have always remenbered someone telling me that God comes to see how we would help the poor. I saw an old man sitting on the bench, as I came toward him, I had a feeling I should share my left-overs with him. I ask him if I could help, he said some-else had given him a sandwich before me, so I gave him mine, as I walked away for about 1 second, I turned and He was no where to be found. I knew I had just talked to an angel. What a wonderful feeling, I felt very special in that moment. and gave thanks to the Lord. I have had many ther times which the same thing happened to me. In God I trust. Diana

  • thea

    Yes I very much believe in angels,I have angels that listen to my small prayer before or as I step into my car to drive they help to guide me and keep me save. I have one favorite guardian angel her name is Marina ,she has been with me since I was a child of 4,she came to me when I was crying as my dad cut all my hair she came to comfort me and promised that I would have my hair returned to me I saw her floating around my bed she was very encouraging and has been with me my whole life. I am now 76 still talk to her and still see her guiding me protecting me true life.

  • Willie McCoy

    I have always believed in Angels since I can remember. When I was 10 years old, I arose early that Easter Sunday morning to watch the sun rise. After watching for several minutes, there appeared to be something dark in the center of the sun. As I continued to watch, the darkness turned into the shape of a person standing with their arms stretched out, one to each side. I called my parents out to show them but, they could not see anything. The following year, the same thing happened again. I saw this shadow of a person standing with outstretched arms. I never could figure out what it was. I only saw this for those two years and never again. I had always thought it was Jesus because he was resurrected on Easter Sunday. Or, could it have been my Guardian Angel?

  • Joseph Jarvis

    It is very uplifting, when i read these
    verses DAILY.

  • Sally ODell

    After months of giving hospice care to my Mothers only sister (which was a very extra special person because she was a deaf mute that never let her handicap get in the way and she was very inspersional to everyone she came in touch with) she passed away. It was on my birthday July 17. I felt so close to her and somehow I just knew her day of death would be on my birthday. My Mother and I as well as my brother and 2 of my sisters all felt sadness as her time approached. Aunt T (we called her that although her real nome was Zelma) was tired of being in pain and tired of suffering. She was ready to go and when she saw our grief she wanted to confort us even at the end and a little after. I was not actually there when she passed, but my Mother came to my house at about 1030 pm on my birthday and told me she had passed. Then after she left and I was in bed , perhaps asleep I am not sure , it happened. I invisioned Aunt T in a beautifil white flowing gown and a brass bed with all white covers
    floating upward. She was not in the bed though, she was above it and she was holding a golden horn and singing in the most beautiful voice and she was so happy. Aunt T had appeared at the end of my bed to say good bye. She always liked birthdays and I know she stayed alive long enough for one more birthday celebration. One I will never ever forget, and never have another so special as the birthday my Aunt T went to heaven and let me know she was finally free and that she would be waiting for me on the other side watchin over me until then.

  • Dora Richardson

    When my son died in 1990 at the age of 8 God sent an angel to comfort me on the day I was to view the body. I was crying out to the Lord that morning when my youngest son (age 3 at the time now is 22 and a greaat man of God) was sniffling I asked if he needed a tissue and he said yes. I went into his room and screamed. On his pillow was blood. Imagine my feelings at this time. but god sent help quickly. a hand bigger than my back touched me and said “hush child he only has a nose bleed like you had as a child just take care of it as I would take care of you. It still is very vivid in my mind today nineteen years later. God knows when we are at the very end of our endurance and always sends help if we will except it. I haven’t told that story in years but perhaps there is another parent out there that needs to Know Jesus will always be there to comfort in time of need. God is more than awesome.

  • thomas j mitchell jr

    need angle to kep me safe at night

  • Your Name

    I just attended the Women of Faith Conference and heard a song that touched my heart. I had a heavy burden to send it to a friend who is dying of cancer. I emailed the words to He Is With You to her so her husband could read them to her. I believe an angel put that burden on my heart and that an angel made sure she got those words. Thank you

  • Martin Hughes

    I have been touched by an angel many times in my life. At the times I felt an angel I would be driving on the freeway and becausof my sleep apnea I would get drowsy and dose off. God sent an angel to protect me and other people who were also traveling on the freeway. One particular time I went off the road, but God sent an angel to protect me and I was able to get back on the road.

  • willy haskell

    god has been with very since he let my father june 9th 1962 and my son nov. 11th veterans day 1976 come home

  • Anonymous

    I was raised by a Godly grandmother through most of my younger years. When my grandmother went on to be with her Lord I was standing alone at the funeral in the pews and felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned to speak to the person and no-one was there. I had an angel watching over me that day. I do believe in angels! They are with me every day and help me stay safe (if I only listen and accept their guidence).

  • Rose King

    I am sure i was since i was saved from dying when i was hit by a car,had a 10# 11oz healthy son and i was 5 feet tall,had severe pneumonia 3 times and survived so i have been blessed by God’s angels

  • Jeannie K

    I need an angel to help me get through all the loss that I had encounter over the last 5 year.. I need direction to where I need to go.. Thank You

  • Jeannie K

    I have seen many angels around me through all the difficult times I have gone through. I had an angel once look out for me. i had a deer run into the driver side of my window in my car. the deer smashed the glass and it shattered all over me. I got out of my car I had a little scratch on my hand. The cop said I should of had more cuts then i had. I definatley do believe in god’s angels

  • Dolores Roux

    I sometimes do graveyard tours and sometimes I visit just to learn about the many people that founded our town and made it what it is today. On three different occasions. I have seen a gentlemen standing several feet away from me. At first I thought perhaps he wants to join my tour but when I take a step towards him he vanishes. He is dressed in a brown suit and has a gold watch fob and wears a hat. I have never seen a picture of this man so cannot put a name to him.I believe he is an angel watching out for me.K7YU5bK

  • julie

    The year my brother died I was working in a retail store and a mom came in with a darling baby boy about 6 monts old. I asked if I could hold him while she shopped. She said yes and I picked him up and he just gave me the biggest hug I could have ever wanted at Christmas time. I asked the mom what the baby’s name was and she said Carl. My brother name was Carl. I felt like my brother had given me a big hug! He had commited suicide and it was a very hard Christmas to look forward to. It had been 6 months since my brother died. I beleive I had been sent an angel to let me know all was OK with God and him!

  • cynthia

    this one one of the most spetacular shows on network t.v. ever! i watched the show from beginning to end. it got me through some rough patches, made me laugh, made me cry,mad me think,reflect and woder but most of all help me to understand the LOVE of GOD! the cast were special and heaven picked for each role. the writing and direction were akways timely. Thank You for a special, special show. Wish it were still on.

  • June

    I don’t always remember my dreams but it always seems that when I am really struggling with something that I dream of my husband who died nine years ago. It is always a happy dream. I feel that God has sent me an angel in the form of my husband to help me be at peace with whatever it may be and to let me know it will be okay. God said that he would never leave us,
    And what a better way than an angel to remind us. I believe that everyone is sent an angel everyday but it is up to us to recognize him or her. God wants us all to have Hope because when we lose it then we have lost everything.
    I love the Touched by an Angel show because it gives me peace and hope at the end of a day and some of these stories you can relate to. I watch all the reruns I can. I just wished we had more shows on like Touched by an Angel and less violent shows.

  • Lora Dietrich

    When I was driving across country with my Mom and 2 little daughters, we had the axle of a U haul trailer brake off.I just pulled the car over to the side of a road. I had 2 guys driving the opposite way that returned my wheel to me and unhooked the car from the trailer.They told us to drive down the road to the rest stop and there was a payphone. when we got to the payphone there was no phone book. there was a man in a pickup truck that came up to me and called the u haul place for me, said he knew them and then he was gone.I actually turned back to say something and he wasn’t there. my Mom never saw him leave either. the u haul people came and brought a new trailer and we were on our way, but my Mother and I truly believe that God had sent an angel to help us in our need.

  • Judy Garner

    Last year I was driving home alone after visiting my husband in the hospital in a town about 50 miles away. I was driving on the interstate and was very tired but thought I was okay until at one point I “woke up” and was on the exit road and there were no other cars around me and my car was stopped. I truly believe that an angel put me there and kept me safe from the heavy traffic on the interstate. I was able to drive the remainder of the way home without incident but I thank my lucky angel for watching out for me that day.

  • elizabeth allweiss

    I received the direct assistance of many angels, when I was strangled and left to die at the hands of an ex-boyfriend. While I was unconscious, I saw myself carried into space by several angelic beings who bathed me in a warm light- the golden light made me feel instantly at peace. One stream of light was lighter in shade than the rest and contacted my forehead only and pulled me through space like a cord, while the angels held me at my sides. We arrived at an island in space, cloaked in darkness, with adult people, male and female standing elbow to elbow in a long line on the shore, blocking my view of the island behind them. I could only see their outline and clothing,it was too dark to see any faces. Their bodies were trim, fit, perfect. As I descended to land on this island, I heard a male voice behind me to my left say “This is a mistake, she is not supposed to be here. She is supposed to raise her little daughter.” Another voice, female,behind me on my right, said “An error, terrible wrong done her. We need to take her back”. I was three inches from touching the ground and knew somehow that if my foot touched the ground I would be dead. The beam of light on my forehead now went over my head and attached to the back of my head, and pulled me back through space the same way I had come,but backwards! I heard the sounds of thousands of angels singing louder and louder, but couldnt understand a single word. They put breath back in my lungs and woke me up with their singing. I woke up finding myself lying in a field,bruised and bleeding with a rope tied around my neck but it was loose for some reason and I was able to loosen it further and slide it over my head. The angels saved my life that day by waking me out of a coma with the increasing loudness of their songs, by loosening the rope, and putting breath into my lungs. This is a true story and one I will never forget.

  • mary anne smith

    I am around angels every day. When you know that angels come in every person and believe it, then you see them everywhere! Every person that I meet has some kind of purpose in my life. When you look for it, you see it-God is awesome!!!

  • William (B.J.) Stephens

    Approximately 12 years ago, God sent my wife and I an Angel in the form of a special needs child. Her name is Jordan. She has been diagnosed with Autism, seizures, and developmental delay. She at one time had seizures so bad that her respiratory system would shut down and I, personally, had to perform CPR on her to get her breathing again,minutes before rescue squad personnel arrived. As of the last 2 1/2 years, with the help of God and her medications she has been seizure free. I know in my heart God gave her to us for a reason- to love her and be loved by her. God knows that there isn’t anything we wouldn’t do or sacrifice for her. Thank You.

  • Donna Kavanagh

    After 2 miscarriages I gave birth to my son Christopher, I had two more miscarriages and had resigned myself to the fact that I was only going to be blessed with one child. When Chris was 5 and started school, I started nursing school. During this time I made sure I was careful not to become pregnant. Well God had other plans. When we came back from Christmas break one of the other nursing students called to me down the hall and asked when I was due. I laughed it off, told her she was wrong. She said she knew I was pregnant by the way I was walking. I then thought about it and yes I had misse a cycle! I took a pregnancy test and it was postive. I went to the doctor, he knew I was in nursing school and asked if I was sure I wanted to keep the baby. There was no question if I was pregnant I was keeping the baby. I would have to deal with school as best I could.
    I had just pasted the magic 3 month point, this pregnancy was going to make it. I was on my way to school when my car broke down. I pulled over. It was a clod and rainy morning and none of the other drivers stopped to offer help and this was before everyone had a cell phone. I knew I was going to have to get out and walk for help.
    I put my head down on the steering wheel and prayed “Dear God please I’ve lost some many children. I don’t want to lose this one. when I looked up there were blue lights in my rear veiw mirror. It was a State Highway patrolman from another part of the State on his way to court. We decided we could not do anything with the car so he gave me a ride to school. I know that that Highway Patrolman was my and my daughter’s heaven sent angel. My daughter is now 20 years old and I will never forget how God answered my prayer with an agel.

  • Linda E. Mazurek

    I have many, many encounters w/my angels. They have saved my life numerous times. I even wrote 2 poems about my experiences.
    Here is just one of them: I was riding home from work on a very busy highway. A picture of a huge truck, going from the right lane into my lane and into a car, was put very clearly into my head. I kinda laughed it off.
    Around 5 minutes later, I approached a huge truck on my right and started to pass it on the left lane which I was riding in. As I got even with the cab, I had a voice scream at me “MOVE IT”. It made me push down the excelerater very fast. Within seconds, I heard the truck lay down on his loud horn. As I looked into my mirror, he moved from his lane to my lane, right behind my car. He did this because someone pulled out from his right side right into his lane.
    Not only did I have the picture, I had the spoken word. My car would have been crushed against the divider w/the truck on top of me.

  • Your Name

    You asked if we had ever been visited by an angel and to tell you about that.
    In 1989 or 1990, there were two angels at the foot of our bed. My husband was sound asleep but I was wide awake. I knew there were two angels there because I saw the brightness of each one. I was laying on my stomach looking to the side at the time. Since I wanted to see them more clearly, I turned over to see them. As I did, they dissappead, then when I rolled back on my stomach they were there again, and so clear! I spoke to these angels too. I asked them their names. I am so sorry but I don’t recall their names now. I wish I did.
    There was a bright glowing light they brought with them or the light brought the angels…I’m really not sure. This light was there all the while they were.
    Thanks for the opportunity to revisit this wonderous time in my life.

  • John Boggs

    In 1968 five friends and I were planning a trip to a lake in our area of Michigan. While we waited for the girls, the 3 boys including me, sat on a 1957 Thunderbird owned by one of the girls. She came out and said she needed something from her house for the picnic, we said Ok and continued to sit on the car. Her house was at the far end of the block and she started the car and put it in gear. You could walk faster than the car was traveling, she punched the gas for some reason and the car drove out from my friend sitting on the trunk. She saw him fall in the street while my other friend facing the sidewalk had already jumped off. I started to turn and ask her to just let the car slow down when she hit the brake throwing me off the front of the car and under the front end, she pancked and put the car into reverse. As I laid there in the street I could clearly see the church on the street and felt such a peace. I went back to the accident site several years later and there is no curch on that street. Angels can take many forms…

  • Wil Lavender

    I will never forget one day when I was coming home from a job that I just started. I know that I should not have been trying to work. My doctor told me that my HIV was getting worse and I was not getting better. Then praying about my situation I could not just pray about it and let it go. I felt that day as I was coming home my situation could not be any worse, but alas, it was. My brakes on my car failed. In the area that I was in, I knew no one and did not have any money to use a pay phone. As I was sitting in my car about to cry and wonder why God has forgotten about me in the day-to-day grind all of a sudden an older man saw me after he was finished pumping his gas. He walked over to me as I thought he was coming to complain about the smell that my brakes was making and where I was parked in relation to the exit of the station. As I looked at him even closer, I felt no fear. I felt the doubt for a moment go away. He came to ask me if I needed any help. I told him of my situation but I did not know if I could make it home because I lived on the opposite side of town. He told me not worry; I could follow him to my house just in case. Revealed that he was not mad but he was willing to help me. A stranger, why would he help a person that was looking so sick that you could tell? There was no promise of anything for his time and help. I was able to make it home and he assured me not worry that everything would be OK. He asked me did I carry a bible with me. I told him no, he then proceeded to hand me a pocket bible. He told me that when I think that God is not here with me that is when he is. I was going to offer him what I had–which was not much but he refused. Still to this day, I think of him and wonder what happen to him. For me, that day, he was my angel.

  • Your Name

    I looked forword each week to watch Touched by an Angel.
    When my now 18 year old,when she was 3 years old, she feal between
    15- to 17 feet on her head on the hard packed grand. In the hospital
    Sarah told us she saw JESUS and he held her hand all the way to the
    grand. Sarah got a black eye and a mild concuion.

  • Midge Bowman

    No I’m sorry I have never been visited by an angel,but after being married for 24 years,and tried for years to have a baby,but to no avail, then one day my neice called me and told me my nephew ( her brother) and his ex-wife lost costody of there 10 month old son because of drugs and alcohol. And my neice couldn’t keep him because she had 4 kids and her husband and living in a 2 bedroom apt. could I take him for awhile. So my husband and I said yes. So now almost 15 years later we still have that wonderful boy. He is a straight A student his teachers all bragg about him,he plays soccer, baseball & basketball. And he is trying to win a scholarship to go to college.
    And all this time my husband and I prayed for a Miracle, and sure enough we were Blessed with 1.

  • Your Name

    You guys were commenting on Angels, I saw several but one inperticular stood out, My third son who was only 24 at the time was in a bad car wreck, it injured him leaving him paralyzed from the chest down he could only turn his neck and move his arms a little, he could not move anything eles but he could still feel you touching him, because of his nerves being damaged he was still and now is in great pain, once when visitng him in a faraway rehab he was lying in a hospital bed and after visiting then before leaving we began to pray together, I looked and saw and Angel standing at the foot of his bed, he and no one eles saw it, when I stopped praying the Angel would vanish, but when I started back there was the Angel it was a woman with beautiful material like chaffon or maybe it was silk I heard a voice also said that the Angel’s name was Healing and that she had been with my son since the car wreak.

  • sandra eppert

    my mother went to heaven 2 years ago,august5,2007.the first christmas came and she wasnt with us,but i took a picther of the snow falling it was beauitfull,when i got the pictures develop there was an angel froclking in the air instead of the snow falling!i believe with all of my heart god let his angel come to let me know my mother was FINE!

  • Deanna Brown

    my mother passed away a year ago and about three weeks are so after she had died it was early on morning and my husband came back into the bedrrom and asked me if I had got up out of bed I told him no. When I looked out in the hallway under the light there sttod a perfect figure of my mom in a long flannel gown and her face was just a glow and she told me she was finally at rest and didn’t hurt anymore so for me to be happy and she would see me when I got to heaven then she vanished.

  • Marty Napolitano

    I’m in my 8th week of treatment for Prostrate Cancer, and with much serious Pain.I am the Sacristant at my Church and also a Eucharistic Minister.after coming
    home from a treatment session at the Clinic. I was sitting in my parlor chair and in much pain I was using my Rosary and asking for God to relieve my Pain.
    I saw a very faint white mist by our front window which was moving closer to me and I felt a hand grab each of my shoulders,I started to tremble , I was scared and saw a shadow resembling an Angel,I was actually praying to Mother Cabrini for she was at our church and also had a school here by our church for her nuns.My Pain went away as did the white cloud.One hears about these things happening but I never thought
    it whould happen to me.I send this not to win a dvd I rather you give it to some one more worthy . I send this to tell others to believe in miracles for they are only a Prayer away.God Bless all who read this,as we all are Brothers & Sisters n Christ Jesus

  • Donna

    I met an angel at my supermarket.…..
    We thought 2008 was going to be a good year. My husband’s parents were arriving Jan 15th for a 3 month visit. We had a family wedding in February and after making arrangements to come out for their granddaughters wedding, they decided to extend their visit, spend some time with us and enjoy our warm weather.
    On the Sunday before their arrival I was doing some cleaning and organizing and fell and broke my left wrist in 2 places. Of course, I am left handed. Due to the severity of the break, I ended up in a full arm cast and off work for 6 weeks. I was unable to do anything for myself and needed help with everything; showering, dressing, eating, etc.
    Our parents arrived 3 days later, and we laughed about the fact that I could now spend my “unexpected” time off with them. The next morning, on Thursday Jan 16th, our mom said she wasn’t feeling well, and attributed it to being over tired from the long trip. She rested on and off most of the day and around 1 pm, she was in the bathroom, and after calling in to see if she was ok, and getting no response, my husband entered and found her unconscious. He and my son performed CPR; she was rushed to the hospital, but passed away later that afternoon. She was with us less than 24 hours.
    Family arrived over the next few days and we had a memorial service here in Las Vegas. With my arm in a cast, I was feeling so helpless, unable to take care of myself, let alone help my husband and his family in their time of grief.
    After the family returned home to Buffalo, we spent the next week or so trying to spend time with our dad and adjust to everything that had happened, all so quickly that we never had time for it to sink in.
    I had my 2 week doctor’s appointment and graduated to a short cast. I called our employee health nurse, hoping I could return to work, I was willing to type with my right hand and usable left fingers. I was informed I could not return to work until I had no cast or splint.
    I would be off work for at least another month and by now had used up all my paid time off. My husband has non- Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and has not worked in 3 years. He is currently still fighting to get his disability, so I am the only source of income. We had used up whatever savings we had in December, when our only car needed over $2000.00 in repairs, and we had to pay to rent a car for 2 weeks.
    I was getting discouraged, but tried to keep a positive attitude. Our niece works for the county and has access to community program information. She called me with a list of more than 20 phone numbers to call to see if we were eligible for some sort of temporary assistance until I got back to work. Ok I thought, surely there is help out there, so I enthusiastically put my blue tooth in, turned my computer on so I could type the information I received, (at this point I still couldn’t write) and starting making the calls.
    After 2 days of calling over 30 phone numbers, being referred to numerous different agencies and explaining my situation over and over again, I realized there was no help out there. Even though I was out of work with no money coming in, we were still considered over income for any type of government program.
    Now I was really discouraged and could feel myself falling into a depression. How would we survive? Why was this all happening?
    My niece’s wedding was in a week and we had family coming to stay with us. We had to do a big grocery shopping. I dreaded going because I would have to charge the groceries, but it had to be done. Life goes on….
    My husband and I went to the store, and he had to come in to help me with the shopping. He hates shopping, and I can’t remember the last time, if ever, that he came in to shop. After we completed our shopping and were ready to check out, I said, “oh no, I forgot the dog treats and they’re back on the other side of the store.” Both of us were tired, and my husband said to forget about them, but I told my husband to sit and wait and I would go get the treats.
    On my way back across the store, a man called out to me “I see you have a nice purple one, see, we’re twins. He had a cast on his left arm, identical to mine, only in blue. He was selling subscriptions to the newspaper. He asked me what happened and I told him, and he then proceeded to tell me his story. He told me he was walking out of church with his daughter and as he was crossing the parking lot he tripped and fell. Not only did he hit his head, causing a concussion, but he shattered his arm in 3 places. He had to have surgery on his wrist, and ended up with pins and screws holding it together.
    I said “well at least you’re back to work, I’m out of work for at least 4 more weeks”. He asked me where I worked and after I told him I worked in a business office for several hospitals, he went on to explain that his current job did not provide medical insurance and he owed the hospital over $20,000 for his surgery.
    Then people started gathering around him, so we said “good-bye, take care of yourself”, and I went to find my husband.
    As we were walking out I was telling my husband about the man I had just met and how I actually felt lucky, because even though we were going though what we were, it could have been a lot worse. My injury could have been a lot more serious, and I was lucky to have a job to go back to and medical insurance that covered my hospital and doctor bills. I thanked God and actually felt blessed. My entire attitude changed after talking to that man.
    When I got home I started thinking that I should go back and give him the numbers of places to call for assistance, and advise him to call the hospital to se if he could qualify for any assistance through them. It was the least I could do for someone else in my situation.
    I called the store the next day and asked if the man working in the front of the store selling newspaper subscriptions was going to be there that day and was told by the store manager that there was no one selling subscriptions that day or the day before. It was not permitted.
    I knew then that the wonderful man was an angel, sent from God to give me a reality check and make me feel better. It was a gentle reminder that even when we feel overwhelmed by what is going on in or lives, there are so many other people in similar or worse situations.
    I have always believed in angels and have even witnessed a miracle and an angel presence when my own mother passed away. But this felt different because this was a special message, just for me.

  • Dede

    One year times were real difficult for me and my 2 children. There was great financial stuggles in my small but loving home. My children never wanted things the other children had so it was a blessing to me. Left alone with two childen to raise it was hard this particular year to even think of having a Thanksgiving dinner for my home. I worked full time and had a church family but never did I speak of any distress raising my family. I had told the boys we would have a different kind of Thanksgiving with pancakes! They were happy..they loved pancakes! So with smiles and laughter we agreed this would be a cool thing to do.
    I cried that night silently in my room as I thought about families celebrating Thanksgiving with Americas traditional meal of turkey, dressing and crandberry sauce. I was somewhat embarresed as I prayed to God about my tears for such a desire, for the Lord had always given me what I needed. So, I asked forgivness for that selfish thought and praise God for all He had brought me through.
    The following morning when I opened the door to let the sun shine into the kitchen, there was a box on my little porch. There was nothing to let me know where it came from, but inside…there was the THANKSGIVING dinner that I had dreamed of having.
    It was brought by an angel…just the way the Lord wanted it to be. Tears filled my eyes and I looked up to the heaven and thanked the Lord.
    Praise to the Lord for all things.

  • David Blanks

    Touched By An Angel was and is still a wonderful show,that i miss watching very much.I hope to win these DVD’s of the show,so i can continue watching the Angels that starred in the show itself?

  • Mark L.Thompson

    After my Mom passed,that following Christmas.I put the tree up.even though I didn’t want to.I noticed a christmas tear drop that I hadn’t seen for some time,it belonged to it got into my decorations I didn’t know.I asked every one I could,fially,my aunt told me that she remembered it,but Mom had gave it away one year as a gift,she never seen it again,Then,it came to was Mom’s way of saying,”its ok,Im with you.and it’s ok”.people may not believe this,but I do,as a Funeral Home director,I see these things all the time,or people will tell me of different things happening,So,yes,you can believe,its all true.

  • Tammy Strickler

    My story begins back in December of 2000. My mom had just passed away that September of 2000. My husband was admitted to the UVA hospital for a major open heart surgery, his second one….I had left my small children with friends that we were close to so I could stay with my husband. 8 long days in the hospital and 8 long days without my children…I have never been away from them at this point. My daughter was a fourth grader and she stayed with her 3rd grade teacher who she just loved! My son was in 6th grade and stayed with some friends that he was close to. One evening I decided I would go to the cafeteria to get a bite to eat. This was after a long day of medical problems….my husband had developed 2 blood clots in his left lung. Praise God they found them in time. While in the cafeteria waiting to order, there was a young couple in front of me. The lady turned to me and struck up a conversation with me asking me what “suckatash” was that was listed on the menu. I began to explain to her what it was. We also shared why we were at UVA…I told her about my husband having surgery and she told me she was there to have inner ear surgery. As we proceeded to the counter to pay we exchanged names, and for the life of me I can’t remember now what her name was. She and her husband bought my dinner for me and we wished each other the best and went our seperate ways. The next afternoon I went to the front desk to look her up so I could go check on her to see how she had gotten along. There was no on in the hospital by that name (that I now don’t remember). Chills came over me and I just bowed my head and thanked God for sending me an angel….I truly believe that my mom was watching over me and that evening and she and God had sent those angels to give me comfort that evening. I get chills and want to cry each time I think about this….every since then I have always believed that we enterain angels among us….unaware!
    That is my story! I will treasure it forever!

  • Teresa

    I have been watching touched by an angel for years and it is still my favorite show.
    My husband and I was trying to have a baby, we had tried for 6 years so far and finally had decided to go have him tested.
    The doctors had told us that he could not have kids.
    We go to church every service and I had watched “Touched by an angel” right after we had went to chuch and it reminded me that miracle still do happen.
    So when we went to church we had everyone pray for this miracle.
    Less that a month later I found out that I was pregnate.
    I now have a beautiful baby girl named Hannah that is a miracle from GOD.

  • Judith Bridges

    I had a full size refrigerator fall 12 steps and crush me to my front door.My face was smashed to the glass,my leg felt like it was cut off.I yelled out the window God Save Me, I kept on screaming this. I all of a sudden was able to unpin myself,drag myself over the refrigerator,drag myself up the stairs,I was on my hands and knees when dialing the phone, I dialed 911 and the whole while I was screaming God Save Me.The police and firemen had to climb a ladder to get to the second floor. My pelvic bone was broken in two places, I have no disc in lower back, but alot of surgeons looked at my exrays and said I should have been crushed, I am a small framed person. They said they have seen large men have this happen to them and had bones crushed. I still have problems, but God did send me an angle that day. I was told my 911 recording, just has me screaming God Save Me.
    He did.
    Sincerely Judith Bridges

  • Richard Fowler

    I have love the sow of Touch by an Angel i watch it all the time my friends use to tease me about it but i never miss it,And yes my life was save by an Angel it happen when i was in my 20s i had this bad car wreck and was told by every body that seen the car that i shouldn’t have walk away from it after i got out of the hospital i got to see the car the drive side was flat even i couldn’t see how i walk away.Cause the roof was right down on the seats so i know my life was save by an Angel.

  • tonisavage

    this is toni i live wonching your showes eveyday that i can and i hope theres more showes come out because i have my faimly and they love your showes and i whented to get your books and i hope that you are going to get this tell eveyone that is working with you in this show to keep up the good work and i love there show

  • Rose Danielewicz

    My gram passed away in 1964,and over the years I kept a keychain of hers because it had her initial on it. Yes, my Gram & I were close. Over the yrs I would think I wonder should I keep these keys they really don’t go to anything but yet I still kept them. Well this year my oldest uncle passed awy which was my Gram’s oldest son so I decided it was time to send the keychain and keys back to Gram. I placed the keychain under my uncles hands in the casket and said to him please give these to Gram. Well to my surprise when I opened my change purse there inside were two of the keys that were on that chain now mind you that keychian was intact, it was as if my Gram was saying ,you keep these keys and I will always be with you.

  • Anita

    I watch “Touched By An Angel” to remind me of all of the wonderful things that happen to people unaware that there are Angel’s among us. I have many encounters with Angel’s. My two beautiful daughter’s have had many experiences too. I am not supposed to be alive, I died. I tried to take my life because I was so tired of being an addict. I was touched by an Angel in my hospital bed. I was told that God loved me and I was going to live a long time and to except it. I woke to see my family standing over me. The doctor’s told me that I was a miracle and ask why I had done this. I told them I was so tired I just wanted to sleep. I was already dying from silicone poisoning. I felt I did not deserve to live, vanity had caused me to get breast implants. Now I am still here and I have only 13 percent of my lungs, I have an enlarged heart and Atypical Connective Tissue Disease. However I get out of bed every morning praising God for another day. I live every day Blessed by the Lord and diffently have Angel’s looking out for me. Thank you Jesus!

  • melissa simmons

    i love that show

  • Christina Eckelbarger

    I have been Touched by an Angel” More then once.. My 3yr old son has died in my arms 3 times since he was 18 months due to some kind of seizure disorder.. Well, some reason after his heart stops and you wanna give up hope Angels save him… This past summer we went on our first family vacation My son and I decided we were gonna go into the indoor waterpark and get on a tube and float around the lazy river,well I can’t swim not a lick and I figured well its only 2 ft deep we will be ok.I was afraid to get in the tube with my 3yr old so I just put him in it and walked along with him.. I then decided to jump up and just sit on my knees with him in front of me I mean it was only 2ft deep… Well,as we floated around someone came up and bumped our tube which sent us in the wave area where the waves were 8 ft deep.. I was so scared it flipped our tube over and I was holding on to the tube with one hand and with it slipping and holding my son with my arm holding his head above water.. I yelled and screamed which no one could hear cuz of the noise I felt my life flash before my eyes.. I was beginning to let go I was so tired from holding on then finally I let one more huge scream and said God please save us!!!!!! Finally lifeguards jumped in and saved us.. We were both ok my throat was sore from screaming and legs and arms were sore from holding on for our lives.Jordan my 3yr old was ok too the Angel is was watching over us saved us….

  • melissa simmons

    no i never been visit by one. but mom died last year of january. i think she visit me at the grave because i can feel her presnt there.

  • Your Name

    At the time my late husband was robbed — and murdered — we had a young child, but were seperated because of some issues (that NOW make no sense!). He refused to come together and talk, so I had questions about his love and commitment to me! His death was the day after what would have been our 8th wedding anniversary. The following year I was looking back at wedding pictures, I ran across a card — which he had purchased earlier — with note to me and our child, but had never given to me. (His father had passed about 3 years prior to his death of cancer. So, I thought maybe he had had a scare!) The note confirmed his love for me (AND, our child), and assured me of his confidence in me to raise our child. That night I felt him come into the bedroom, sit on the edge of our bed and stroked my face — as he had done numerous times. He whispered “I Love you, tell (the baby) I love her”, take care …”, kissed me on the cheek, and left. I could hear and feel him — but by the time I awoke he was gone.

  • Julia

    My husband and I were going through a rough time trying to remodel our old home. The architect quit after drawing one set of plans and we faced starting the whole process over again. We were not in the market for a new home, however my Mom was insistent we take a look at a house near her. We were living about 15 minutes away at that time. I decided to listen to my Mom and take a look at the house. The one my Mom wanted to show me was much too expensive and I was feeling kind of sad, but then in the front yard of the house across from the over-priced home, we spotted a tiny, handwritten “For Sale” sign, with a phone number. I called the number and asked the owner if I could bring my husband by to see the house. My Step-father drove us over to view it later that same day. We parked in the driveway and the moment my feet touched the concrete I felt a jolt of lightning course through my body and it was like God himself had touched me on the head and the jolt surged through from the top of my head down to my feet. The jolt was followed immediately by a disembodied voice telling me “You will own this home”. I was so taken aback I could not speak and I just shook my head in amazement, and thought to myself, “but I haven’t even looked inside yet!”. The home was custom ordered to my needs. I could hardly believe my eyes when I looked through the home and realized this truly could be my new home. My parents were flipping houses during this time and offered to buy our old home immediately for cash so we could put an offer on the new home. We asked the owners if they would accept $10,000 less than asking price and they agreed. At that time, homes in the area were going for almost twice what we ended up paying for our new home. We had an effortless transition from our old home to new and our lives have changed for the better since living in the new home, over 4 years now. I feel that was truly a divine encounter with an angel and I have thought about it almost non-stop since that day. The show Touched by an Angel is one of my all time favorite series. Thank you! Julia
    By the way—-the home we bought was only put up for sale that very same day. The home was meant, only for us.

  • gene biller

    i love the show

  • Lisa Stratton

    In 1996, I was driving down the interstate and due to the rain that day there was a wreck that had traffic at a stand still. While I managed to come to a stop the gentleman behind me did not and rear ended me. The doctors informed me that I had damaged two of L1 & L2 bones in my spine but thank to protection from above my five children, two of which were my stepdaughters, had a few bruise but were otherwise ok.
    I was a single parent with four children of my own at home to take care of but with my back injury I was unable to work for over a year. Through that entire year my family might not have had what they wanted but they always had what they needed because heaven was watching over us.
    And with the pain and distress I was going through I began to get real depressed as Christmas was getting closer not for myself but for my children. I was listening to a radio station where people were calling in about different thing and getting advice from others as well as the host. I prayed that GOD would help me through this problem like all the rest and then I felt the urge to call into this show and asked if anyone had any suggestions for how I could get my Chrstmas spirit back. I explained that Christmas was always my favorite time of the year and with everything that had happened to us I was down and couldn’t seem to get my spirit up at least for my children. The host asked me to hold on and when off the air asked for my name and phone number, which I gave him. I listened for a little bit to people telling me to keep my chin up and things would get better and feeling a little better I went to bed. Over the next few days I received a handful of phone calls asking about my children, how old? boy or girl? etc.
    By Christmas morning there was so much stuff brought to me for my children that it covered half of my living room. One couple had even made homemade wooden cars and babydoll bed with a pillow and blanket hand made. There was even food to cook a great Christmas dinner. I will never forget that period in my life when my family learned first hand about Christmas Angels and that there are still people out there who know the true meaning of Christmas.

  • Your Name

    Yes, I have been visited by many angels so far in my life. Every time I think of a loved one or friend who has gone on to heaven, I know that they are there cheering me on to victory and ministering to me as God commands them. :)

  • Your Name

    When I was a kid I use to always watch ‘Touched by An Angel’. The TV show gave me hope for another force of Spirits, called Angels, that were employeed by God. I have alway thought I was forgottend untail of course the TV show as a reminder every time I felt sad or in some kind of distress. The show made me feel a simularity feeling that I always have felt inside, “Everything happens for a reason, and everyone who crosses my path is for a cause higher than explanation”. The warmth feeling the actress and actors gave me that settled inside me as the cared so much through love to feel the victam or the one who is needing service, to be able to help when needed. The part that inspired me the most was when the Angels learned new reasoning when they thought the situation ment otherwise. To have a thought not even higher forces may not be perfect either helps me to never give up from learning from my mistakes and to fight to understand myself and others around me to become a more Riteouse Human as the ‘Touched by An Angel’ taught me.

  • montie nocita

    enter my name contest.

  • Your Name

    Several months ago, while I was driving to deliver a bed to a friend, I passed out and had a roll-over accident. I had been working months of long shifts and had not been sleeping well. I had slept the night before but it obviously had not been enough…. The last thing I recall was going down the road and then all was black.. and I was floating, I remember hearing my deceased father’s voice and then seeing light. When I came to, I was in the back seat of the vehicle (although I distinctly recall putting on my seat belt) and buried under some clothing I meant to donate to a locale homeless shelter. I had some cuts from the flying glass and had to climb out of the totalled vehicle, as it was in a ditch… but other than that, I was able to walk away…. I have been touched by angel’s on multiple occasions, and as a police officer believe that I have been saved multiple times, this is just one of the examples of how I truly believe that a higher power has saved me for whatever purpose he has set out for my life…. God Bless you all!

  • Katherine Terry

    when i turned 41 i woke up one morning and my toes were black i walked over to work next door and showed them they said work or lose your job I worked 8 hours got off work went to the hospital and there I stayed 58 days i had blood clots and my leg had to be ampitated. Then after that i got really sick again went to the hospital and they sent me home and said i had a cysit on ovary,sat all weekend and went to my gynocologist and he put me in the hospital again my appendixs had busted and they gave me 48 hours to live and here i sit today.God and the angles watched over me for sure.

  • Betty Benner

    My sixteen year old son & I were driving to my sister’s about 8 hours away. I drove for a little while and felt like I was getting tired. Erin said he could drive for a little while so I let him take the wheel.
    I know that it was my guardian angel who make me wake up. Erin was going 60 miles an hour in a very dense fog with the lights on high beam. You could not see the road in front of you. I almost had a heart attack when I opened my eyes. I quickly but quietly asked Erin to take his foot off the gas and put the lights on dim. When I realized where we were, I thanked my guardian angel for being with us.
    We were going over a bridge that was about 600 feet high.
    I truly do believe in guradian angels and this story is only one of many.

  • Ann Buongiorno

    I have had some very unusual experiences, I know that Jesus knows my name and he works everyday in my life. I have to express in writing to only those who would only and really beleive of what Jesus had done in my life. I was lying down onw day and Jesus appeared to me and said: Ann This is Jesus Christ, tell the Nations that I am alive and well. After that I got saved in New York and found what the Bible was all about. Right now I am working through the Holy Spirit to tell of how I have been touching lives even through watching your programs years ago. I have mission that is unbelievable. If you would like to reach and really get to know what Jesus and I have been, doing since I have been activated with the Lord. Thank You for hearing me. Ann Buongiorno

  • Your Name

    My Grandmother passed away before my son was born so I was very upset that she didn’t see him….I know they always say that your family members see even if they have passed,but I was a skeptic I needed to know for sure I prayed for something anything.One day I layed down for a nap with the baby in my bed and it was so real my Grandmother was over me talking and she said Oh Christy he is a beautiful baby…I know it sounds crazy but she came to me and I NEEDED THAT..
    I will never forget how real it was ,like I didn’t wake up cause I never really fell asleep.. she was so real…



  • Linda Qualls

    This happened to a friend of mine: On night S. was driving home after picking up a used car that she purchased. It was a long way home on roads that she were unknown for her. She drove for about 15 miles and the car died, she pulled it to the side of the road and called her Triple A for assistance – they said someone would be there in an hour. The hour passed and no Triple A, she called Triple A again and didn;t get and answer. S. became afraid and then she thought about her sprirt and rested then she woke up it was quiet dark. S. bcame afraid, as she heard a lawn tracter she looked out an sure enough a lawn tractor was coming down the side of the road. There was an older man driving the lawn tractor, he got off and can to S, driver door and ask if she needed help. S. told him and he said, ” There is women in the house on the right, just up ahead who will let you use her phone to call Triple A.” S. thought about it as the man got back on the tractor. She grabbed her purse and got out of the car the man and the tractor were not there. S. walk to the house wasd greeted by a lovel women who let her use her phone and they watched “Touched by an Angel” and had a nice visit. The lovely women did not know of any older man in the area. An one who used a rididng mower when there is snow on the ground.

  • Tammy Hughey

    About a year ago my nephew was convicted and sentenced to death for the murder’s of our two neighbor’s.Soon after this his friend(which just happened to be the couple’s son)started bragging to people that he set my nephew up to take the blame for everything.I witnessed this man and his girlfriend leaving the house about an hour after the murder’s were commited~~~the man i actually seen come out of the house and close the door behind him.But this was not allowed for the jury to hear.Month’s passed and my husband’s cousin(who was also my nephew’s friend)told people that he knew the truth and it was all about to come out.Three day’s later he was found pinned under the tire of a Ford Expedition and the vehicle was still in park.Shortly after this someone told police and their mother (whom i know) that they hid in the back of the vehicle when they saw someone approach him and he was killed intentionally,that it was no accident.I have not had a full night’s sleep since this all happened two and a half year’s ago.I moved into this young man’s house after his parent’s bought a home elsewhere year’s ago, I told him we were moving into his old house about a month before he was killed.About a month ago I was lying in bed when i felt someone’s hand on my side ,I soon fell asleep.I believe this is my nephew’s guardian angel and he was letting me know that all will come out during the appeal’s process and my nephew will be exhonerated.

  • http://angle Juan Naputi

    I always love that show I think it’s great to have those kind of shows

  • annette paprocki

    i love your show

  • Your Name

    My life had been in crumbles through all my school years. When I got up to Junior High (7th-8th Grade), I was touched by an angel. I met a lovely girl that lifted up my life and helped me turn around and feel better about myself. Her name is Heather and to this day we are still best friends going on 21 years. She has always been there for me through rough times, lonely times, and times when I really needed someone to talk to all hours of the night. I did the same thing for her in return by being an angel to her because she was always cutting her wrist and no one ever knew that but me. We have always trusted each other and still do. I am so very blessed to have her as my best friend and I am very thankful to God that he has kept her so very close to me. I praise God that he has always been there for me just like Heather has been and still is.

  • Your Name

    To Whom It should Concern;
    After I visited my closest friend at Florida Hospital (Don Elderdice) and prayed by his bed-side, I was transformed spiritually by a similar experience. 5 days after my visit I too slipped into a coma (massive bleed to the frontal lobe). I was rushed to Altamonte Springs Hospital and pronounced brain-dead. Simultaneously my mother-in-law received a call (out-of-the-blue) from the 700 Club asking her if there was anyone that needed prayers! I was eventually moved to Florida Hospital South and placed in the room directly adjacent to my friend Don! – we were both coma-tose and beside each other. The Good News was all around us. We both fully recovered and went through “re-hab” together. I and Don still play (old-timers) ice hockey together and continue to spread the Good News and the fact that we were touched by Angels!

  • Ken Wheeler

    When I was a small boy, before I started to school, I was walking around in our yard during Fall on the warm south side of our home when a woman appeared before me. She worn clothing that was all white including her cape. She looked down on me and smiled. It made me think that I could do anything. She vanished as quickly as she appeared. Thinking that I could do anything, I fell farward on my face. It hurt. I then went into the house and asked my mother, “Who was the woman that I met in the yard?” She replied, “There was no woman in the yard for you to meet. I was watching you all the time.”
    Another time, during a bad divorce, I was driving down the Interstate Highway and I saw a young man who was hitchhiking. I stopped and picked him up. He gave me some very good comforting advice. As I was approaching my exit, I turned toward him to tell him that this is where I turn off. He wasn’t there.

  • Patty Updike

    In February, on a Saturday night my appendix ruptured. I am on pain medication for my back, but I prayed and tried to make it through. I went to the Dr. on Monday and had a CAT Scan on Tuesday. The Dr. said my appendix had burst Sat. and a wall had been formed around it holding all the poison in it. I believe that was the hand of God holding it. The Dr. couldn’t believe it. He was amazed, but I wasn’t.
    Love the show.
    Patty Updike

  • Keith Keller

    I have watched “Touched by An Angel” on Hallmark Channel everyday.
    I have mild cerebral palsy and hearing impairment.

  • rebecca traxler

    id love to be a winner from you im a low income mother of three and could use any kinda help i can get to benifit my children. your truely rebeeca

  • Your Name

    While out driving around looking for my daughter, I had stopped at a red light and a black car driving on the side of the road was going so fast that he ran the light. It was just like he went right through my car.I was almost in shock. I had two of my grand children in the car, plus my oldest daughter. Even people in other cars around me just set there with amaze. I heard a whisper in my head that told me to go home and stop worrying, or something bad could happen because of the emotional state I was in looking for her. I will never forget that day and still don’t know how we aren’t all dead.

  • Tara P Hill

    I was in the Navy and came back from the Gulf with a rare muscle disease back in 1994. Went into the hospital in December 94. Had a lot of complications with meds which caused me to have multiple abdominal surgeries. While on a ventilator my first husband left me in the VA hospital in Portland, OR. Came back to live with family in April but was only out of the hospital long enough to drive across country. Went back into the VA hospital in Durham, NC. I was extremely depressed and scared. Doctors had given me up to die several times.
    I kept my window curtains closed. I just knew I was just gonna die in the hospital. Never go anywhere or do anything ever again. My parents came to visit one weekend and I was upset crying. My mom said pray and ask God to send you a sign that you will know you will get better.
    Well, I did….I prayed that God would send me a rainbow. Now how was I suppose to see a rainbow with my curtains closed all the time. That Sunday my Aunt came to see me. She brought me a card. It had a rainbow on the inside. I just started crying and it took me a few minutes to tell her about my prayer.
    God sends Angels in many different ways.

  • Virginia Kolsch

    When I was 6 years old I had inflammed tonsils and my parents could not afford the surgery to remove them so I laid in a deep sleep from November until April. On the last day of this deep sleep a nun, who was the principal of my grammar school, came over to my house and prayed with my mother. My breathing was shallow and the nun expected the worst and comforted my mother the best she could. This is what my mother told me when I was a child. While in this deep sleep I can only remember that I was in someones arms, being carried up some stairs, laid on a big table and turned to look to see who was standing there. All I could see was Death, in a black garment, and the Four Horsemen. I closed my eyes and the next time I opened them I was on the lap of my guardian angel. I remember him to this day. I asked him where baby Jesus was. He just smiled and said, “Jesus is not a baby. One day you will understand.” Then an old man with a partial bald head and a long white beard entered with a big staff. He yelled to the angel, “That sinner doesn’t belong here! Return her now, she does not belong here!” I became so scared I just hugged the angel and asked him to please not return me. I liked it here. It was peaceful and for the first time I felt safe. He said he couldn’t keep me and had to return me but that I would understand as time went by and would be able to understand things that would happen in my life.
    To this day I am still able to remember this event. Also, more things happened to me over the years involving heaven and deceased relatives that passed away. And yes, the devil tries to put his evil spin in, but I’m being protected and watched over.
    My husband and I have struggled financially in our lives and have had similar dreams. I didn’t know how to find a man to love and marry. A dream came to me and a dream came to the husband I am living with today. We both were told who we would marry and it happened. I even saw the dresses my mother and mother-in-law would be wearing and what my color scheme would be for my wedding. It all happened! When we lost our home 3 weeks ago due to me losing my job we both had a dream about which mobile home we needed help buying with the help of relatives. Sure enough, the second mobile home we saw with a really big clock over the fireplace was the one were were to buy. It was the cheapest and the worst looking ever! I awoke the next day to tell my husband. As I was about to tell him which one he said it first and said he felt we were being told to buy that one in particular. I agreed and told him the rest of my story.
    If you ever have things like this happen to you, please share them with me. I’m not nuts. I have a brother and nieces and nephews that have seen angels.
    If you ever have had rays of light shine on you, and more than once, and have had things happen to you and you had a feeling something good was about to happen, share that with me too! I believe your faith in Jesus keeps you connected to him.
    Coincidence? No. I feel like I have an extra big brother or family member that loves me and cares about me. This is the greatest feeling I’ve ever had but I can’t tell anyone else because other people tend I am insane and going off the deep end. I just remain quite. Oh, well. Their loss. One day I will be able to fit in with others who have been having similar experiences. Yes, the devil tries to get in there, but Jesus and my angel are there. I just let Jesus and my guardian angel take over and protect me. I love them right back and trust them. That’s not to say nothing bad will ever happen to me. After all, I am a sinner and I am human.

  • dianarudolph

    i have watch this sine a same child

  • Amber

    when i was 15 i was hanging out with some friends who against better judgement were drinking. and there was a girl there who i didn’t know and we started talking and she asked if i wanted to go for a ride with her and her brother in there cool car. i told her that i was supposed to leave with some other friends and she said that we wouldn’t be gone that long. we also invited 2 other people so i said ok. anyway when i was gone my friends left without me and got into a bad car wreck. i think that the girl and her brother were sent to save me. i never saw either of them after that night and nobody but the 3 of us that went for the ride with them even remembered them being at the house.

  • Your Name

    I was in avery abuses marriage @ one time in my life and the man that Iwas married to attempted to take my life we were in a very secluced place and out of the blue sky. I saw a man who looked just like Jesus.

  • Your Name

    As a child I believed in an angel watching over me. I was sure there was only one because God had so many people to care for daily. Over the years I have prayed to my guardian angel for guidance and even felt the hand over my mouth many times to not respond in anger and hurt someone verbally. I have been very ill in recent months and feel my time is limited. One night I awoke suddenly about two months ago and laid feeling very peaceful. The room was dark but all at once there was a bright area on a clear wall. Two beautiful angel wings softly fluttered. Over my dresser mirror were 4 or 5 half wings and I felt totally blessed. Whatever my future holds I felt acceptance and comfort. Trust your angel-they’ll lead you well.

  • Your Name

    When my grandchildren were small they used to argue so badly among themselves that it would upset me terribly.
    I prayed so hard The Lord would give me something to help us all.
    I turned on Touched By An Angel one day and we watched it together.
    It was so touching and so reality that the arguing stopped and everyone was kinder to one another.
    I began tapeing every episode I could and would play them each night just b-4 bedtime. What a difference it made in my home. I then began sending the tapes home with them and their parents remarked what a difference in everyones attitude after watching Touched By An Angel.
    God sure sent us an angel!!! In fact several!!!
    What a blessing Touched By An Angel has been to my whole family!
    I would love so very very much to have dvd’s of Touched By An Angel series.
    thank you for listening
    Hildia Ball

  • alexandra

    A few weeks After my youngest daughter died, I saw this beautiful angel walking in front of me, and when I spoke to him, letting him know that I could see him, he disappeared. I was also, priviledged to see Arch Angel Michael in my daughters play room, along with two other angels behind him in orb form. Her play room was bathed in gold, and I watched him swinging his sword all around, and the sword was throwing off blue light off into the room.
    A few years later I woke up in the middle of the night to see the shadow of this taller than life angel on the wall of my guest room, at my parents home. My cat was laying at the bottom of my feet, and he sat up, and looked at me, and then back at the figure on the wall.
    All of these spiritual experiences since my daughter passed away at a young age, have solidified my faith in God, and Angel, and ArchaAngels, and that we are not alone. My little girl used to tell me to believe in angels, and in God because they are real

  • Marianne

    When I was almost 22, My infant son and I were driving for my doctor’s check-up for six-weeks after giving birth. I had terrible stomach pains (which I guess I had never impressed the actual severity on my physician!) and the REST, which I’ve heard about, but don’t actually remember, I was driving to have lunch with my husband and the baby and I PASSED OUT (from a gall bladder attack) at a stoplight—causing my foot to slip off the clutch and the car to HOP forward on a redlight! My son was killed instantly and I was (according to witnesses) peeled out of the car! I was comatose for six weeks, so I’m not sure when my “vision” was, but it allowed me to stay in the coma until I was better and, then, recover what-I-believe-to-be COMPLETELY! I was “told” that I HAD to come back—that my husband needed me!

  • Roselene Plazola

    It was October 2003, I was driving home with my three chilren one of which was only three weeks old. Somehow I went off the shoulder of the road and hit a telephone pole. The truck rolled five times landing next to a train track. When the truck came to a stop I franticaaly looked to see that my children were okay. My three year old was gone. He had been thrown from the truck on impact and came to rest on the roads edge. My three month olds car seat was flipped upside down and my oldest child was crying in terror. A passer by came to assist us. After all of us were cared for and transported to the hospital I was lying in my hospital bed and as I pulled the blanket back I saw that there was a hand shaped bruise on my left thigh. I instantly knew that an Angel held me down as that truck rolled.

  • salimah

    Angels are sent down from the Creator to watch over all of us there good angels,death, and a bad angels we learn from angels it a sprit, sign

  • michael ramos

    hi im michael i have new girlfriend name Debra Batchelder iwas engaged with a girl name Georgiana lightfritz for 3 years when she broke up on my birthday i been for over 3years,until i meet her i really love Debra i believe i fallen in love with and i really care about her i wish we could get married someday,she loves me with all her hearth,she is sick with a cold flu and i wish she could give up smoking,and drinking alcohol i hope GOD will heal her i havent so happy in my life until i meet her i want a new life with her because i believe she is the one can you please prey for her to get better and our relantionship to be stronger i don’t want to loose her to the cold flu or cigarettes please pray for us thanks and GOD bless from michael ramos.

  • Bobbie Pleasant


  • brenda hennessy

    When I was younger all I wanted to be was a mom. I prayed to God for an angel. Well, I got one. You see, my first born was born severely retarded, not talking or even walking right. She was born with epilepsy seizures, both grand mal and also the little one. I used to be ashamed for me and her. But a friend of mind said I was lucky to have her. He pointed out she never can sin or do anything malicious or even think that. After he said that, I smiled, because God was listening to me when I was younger, I had asked for an angel, and I got one.

  • Stefani

    I used to watch Touched By Am Angel back when I was younger, I used to watch it with my mom & my younger sister!! That was 1 of many ways we would connect!!

  • The Barking Unicorn

    June 21, 2009: The Barking Unicorn came upon Holy Ghost Church early one Saturday morning. It was a Goddess-kissed Spring day and the homeless did not shiver as they stood in a patient, ragged line at the side door. He was drawn into the flower-and-concrete courtyard, enchanted by the purest sounds he had ever heard in all his beginning-less existence.
    A young man with dark hair and the smooth, shining face of an Angel sat on a bench, and he played a harp. His hands faced each other as in prayer, but his fingers flickered with the delicate speed of hummingbird wings. Music rippled in golden circles of Light from the strings, pushing back the dark brown noise of traffic and the indigo moans of the miserable. The Unicorn sat himself before the young man and listened for an eternal instant.
    Tears poured down the Unicorn’s cheeks, as they always and only do when he is touched by Power. His shoulders shook uncontrollably; his lips quivered violently; clear mucus ran freely from his nose.
    “I weep like I just learned my only child has been killed,” he thought, “Yet I have never vibrated to greater Joy.”
    After a while, he rose silently and dropped some money into the young man’s open backpack. But the man tried to refuse it.
    “I play for the Lord,” he said quietly, Divine light glowing softly from his deep brown eyes.
    “Give it to your Lord, then,” said the Unicorn as he dropped more bills in the bag. The line at the church’s door was lengthening.
    “OK. Thank you,” said the young man with a sweet, sad smile.
    The Unicorn dipped his Horn respectfully to the young man and his Lord, then continued on his way. As he strode on through the canyons of tall buildings he sang in a voice that stunned pigeons from the air; but we will spare you that horror and offer in its place the definitive version! :-) (See link to my blog above for Judy Collins’ “Amazing Grace”)

  • Deb

    My granddaughter was born with heart problems, her main valves were reversed. She had three surgeries before she was a year old. After the second one the doctor came out and said “She is not waking up, we have done all we can, the rest is up to her” I went to the window, it was a beautiful cloudless day, I prayed to God to send his healing angels for my precious baby. I looked back up and all of a sudden there were millions of little wispy clouds that looked like angels wings. A few minutes later the doctor came out and said she was waking up and all her vitals had returned to normal. She is now a healthy normal six year old and the sunshine of my life. I DO believe in angels and the power of prayer.

  • Vicki Sheehan

    Touched by an Angel is one of the most memorable shows of all times for me. Every episode carried a good will to all message. That show helped to mold me into the person that I am today. The show was all about God and his wishes for mankind. The morals reinforced the Commandments and most brought a tear to my eye. In this time of our lives, the way the world has gone awray, this show could help people get back on track. I have been privy to others experiencing miracles time and time again, although the miracles weren’t due to the show, they do have a common thread, God. I would like to say that I would love a remake of this show, but, the characters could not nail the personas of the original ensemble. Therefore, if I would be so lucky to win one of the dvd sets, I could share the show’s messages with everyone around me.

  • Patricia CARLOS


  • Your Name

    I had been feeling down and out for months about my life, family and everyday situation that we must face in today world. I wanted to leave my home town and start a new life somewhere else.
    I was driving on the highway and when I turn into another inter-section the traffic was coming towards me head on, I say Oh God help me and a male Angle appear in front of the head on traffic and told me to quickly go to the right. I latter turn around to look for this man to thank him and he was gone he had disappear. I then say “thank you Jesus” for saving my life. This had upset me for days because I was affair and could not understand how I ended up on the wrong side of the road. When I final got myself together I went back and could not find that inter -section. Every-time I go that way it reminds me that an Angle is looking over me and I must be doing things right. As the days,weeks, months, and years went by things started to give me a new outlook on handling my situation, people started to change. I know that I had backup with an Angle, and plus God, I knew thing would be alright no matter were I live or go.

  • Your Name

    Back in 2007 I became unresponsive to my wife and was taken to the hospital where they discovered I had some sort of brain infection and my body was starting to shutdown. I went into a comma but the strange part about this was that I was seeing everything that was going on, it was like I was watching a movie. As I was watching this “movie” a very nice young gentleman put his hand on my shoulder and asked me how I was feeling. It was really strange, because I had never before seen this man but yet I felt like he was my best friend, and that I had known him forever. It turned out this he was my gaurdian angel and everything it was meant for me to see while I was in my more than a week comma was shown to me. My daughters visting me, my wife being by my side constantly, my pastor stopping by to pray with my family. But what really sort of “freaked” me out was when I heard the doctors tell my wife that they did not give me a chance to make it. I asked my angel friend, “Is this true? Will I die?” “No he said, it is not yet your time”. The doctors obviously felt different however and I was put on life support.
    That was just one of the many things that happened while I was in the comma and to this day I know that my gaurdian angel will always be with me.

  • Sindy

    I worked second shift at a hospital about 30 miles from my home at the time. I was driving home after work between 1130pm and midnight when apparently I had fallen asleep at the wheel and was going down the road in the ditch. I was awoken by my grandfather’s voice yelling in my ear “WAKE UP NOW” and when I woke there was a mail box right in front of my car. I stopped with the front bumper touching the mailbox support beam. I thanked my grandfather and GOD for sending him to wake me.

  • Carm

    4 years ago I fell on my way to work. At the time I had a job that I had to be at my desk ready to go by 8am. I lived close enough to walk. There was a dusting of snow nothing major at all for this weatern Pa girl. I walked my usual route to work part of which is going down this little downgrade that leads to a parking lot. Never had a problem with it until that morning. I slid and my left leg went beneath me as I slid down this little dowgrade. I was like oh well went to get up and could not my left leg did not seem to listen to me at all I tried numerous ways to get up. No I was a bit concerned at this point here it is about 7:15am now I don’t know about where you live there are not many people out at 7:15am and I had not in 3yrs of walking to work seen anyone else walking to work . Then a a young lady maybe in her 20’s came up behind me asked if I was okay, and if I needed help. I was like yes I do need help, for some reason sitting there in the snow I was warmed and knew I would be okay. She went to the store across the way an ambulance was called. I do not know who it was I never saw her again, she didn’t work in the office area, it was surreal. So 7 surgeries plus a knee replacement later what I remember most about that morning is how I felt in my soul when she came along I have yold many that , that was my guardian angel.



  • anastasia del vecchio

    I have been praying to my guardian angel since I was a child.
    I am a therapist and i help people withj many transitional problems and hold space for people to change unwanted patterns in their lives..
    This past year has been especially hard with many deaths of personal friends and my clients family members. For those of us who work in the service fields , doc, nurses, caregivers and so on… The main thing to remember is to love ourselves first so we have the strenght to love and care for others.
    Not the other way around! It takes practice to say no in a healthy way and consider ones self before going into to support anyone else…
    With all that said, I had lost sight of that this past spring. I was getting caught up into to much care taking of others and not enough time for me.
    It got to the point where I was running on empty.
    I got so tired I just collasped in bed and slept for about a week.
    At the end of that week I was out in my garden and I was enjoying the sun. I had been praying and grieving the loss of so many lives and was sitting out by the huge Ash tree in our front yard. I was reflecting on the recent death of my dear mentor and friend. I closed my eyes and I could feel the warmth of a huge hand on my shoulder.
    I stopped and it was if a movie was playing right before my eyes…I was suddenly in a town that looked like old world and there were people all around walking with baskets of food and flowers. I was standing in a court yard looking up at a huge set of stone stars, almost like the kind in a greek
    I heard this voice that said..come here my friend…I started to assend the stairs…they were really big and warm under my bare feet…I must have climbed 6 steps and then as I got to the top this very very large
    blonde maie got up and said to me come here let me hold you. Well I was so small and he was so big. I climbed on his lap and he held me and told me it was time to let it all go.. God sent me to you he said to let you know you can come here when you need rest and I will hold you and you can set all the cares of the world aside . Its is not your time to see your God and I am here to carry the burdon with you when it get just too much out there… I was crying and so grateful that he understood my heart. At that
    very moment. I turned and I saw my dear friend who had died…He was walking by me and he said.
    Hey you! listen to your angel there…God has got me covered!…What a silly thing. I knew it in my head but my heart just got over involved with all of what it means to be a caretaker and humanity. I forget that I have helpers and they are with me and I can access my angel now anytimg I want. I just climb up in his lap and its all becomes safe again..
    What a blessing!!!
    The most amazing part of this story to me is that I never saw one touched by and angel eposide till this summer when the hallmark channel had them back to back for 3 hours at time.. I starated watching this in June and have been glued to the T.V. every night!!! So I had nothing to compare my experience too!
    I was floored at how my experience was like some of the shows I viewed… God really uses this show to help people and I am so glad I fianally had the time some of them…I keep looking for a way to purchase the past shows…to no avail!! so I hope I am a contender…The show has really supported me in my work with others….

  • Cecile Moore

    My family is close and share everything, burdens and good times alike. God has been good to us through the years, and had spared us a lot of serious illness and tragedy. In 1996, our dad was diagnosed with a brain tumor, which was found to be cancerous. We all shared the load of helping him get to doctors appointments, treatments, and as he declined, helping with his confinement to the bed. By August, 1997, he had endured so much, and we could all see that his life was drawing to a close. Hospice had been called in, and on Saturday, August 2, we were all called together to wait for his departure from this life to the next. My older sister had been staying at mom and dad’s for a few days and had been trying to call her husband but couldn’t find him. Someone went by their home and found him alone, in his bedroom, where he has suffered a massive heart attack. Just a couple hours later, Dad left us. We had a full week of arrangements to make and go through the process of viewings and funerals two days apart. The most amazing thing through this was my sisters’ strength and faith. She was such an inspiration to all of us. Though she was grieving the loss of Dad and husband, her strength was a witness to all of us and to so many others. Eight months later, on Easter Sunday, Rosa, our beautiful sister, was in a fatal accident. She was my best friend, confidant, my “angel on earth”. There were so many people at her funeral! It was very obvious that her life was a living witness to God. The service was a celebration to that fact. The Marquee in front of the church read, “Earth has lost a saint, Heaven has gained an Angel”. After everything had settled down, I sunk into a deep depression, and didn’t care if I ever left my room again. I prayed and went through the routine I had to, but I was so alone! Several months of this and I told God how angry I was. I cried until I had no tears left. I was a huge fan of “Touched by an Angel”, and hardly missed an episode. I knew Angels were real. My husband worked nights, but one night, in my despair, I was just tossing and sleeping restlessly. I awoke, feeling someone was with me. I never turned my lamp on, but there was light. I looked up, and standing in front of me was a male angel, who never spoke, but put his arm around my shoulders. In that moment, the depression lifted and the burden of grief was lifted! Now, on occasion, I can sense his presence in the difficult times. What a comfort to know we are truly never alone. This show ministered to me and my family many times! Thank you for this awesome show.

  • Your Name

    I had been in an accident. The convertable I was a passenger in hit a power line pole, flipped upside down and slide across a four lane street. I was under it. Doctors said I would never walk without crutches. I went to a prayer service and when we prayed. it felt as if cool air came over me from above my head and it came down through my body. The coolness circled in my stomach and went down the leg that had been pulled from my body with the exception of the skin and muscles. I felt the presences of God and blacked out under the power of God. I came too running and praising God. I have been walking ever since God healed me that wonderful night. M A

  • Melvin Arnold

    Please keep the show on the air and Keep God in it. Should anyone wish to hear more about how God Healed my body they may contact

  • Bryan C

    Yes, I have been visited by an angel on several occasions. Touched By An Angel solidified my belief in God, and in His never ending love for us.

  • Jennie

    I worked about 25-30 miles from home. I was on my way to work one morning and as I was entering the township where I worked a voice kept telling me to get the car off the road. I could feel a very strong presents in the car with me, so I pulled off the road in a parking lot of a local supper market. I called work and asked if someone could come pick me up. When I got to work I called a friend who took my car to a garage to be checked out and sure enough there was something dangerously wrong with the driver’s side front wheel.
    When the mechanic put his hands on the wheel and wiggled it a bit, the whole wheel came off in his hands. He said if I had driven the car and further I could have caused an accident and may have been very badly injured or killed. These things have happened to me more then once, so I do strongly believe in Angels.
    I thank God for my guardian Angel.
    God Bless

  • Donna

    I love that show i fell like i was touch by a Angel

  • Donna

    I Love that show i fell like i was touch by a Angel

  • susan ruger

    My Mother & I were traveling to WVa. to visit my girls. I ran out of gas around Wytheville Va. on I 77, On the off ramp. I got out leaving my 70 yr old mother alone in the car & started walking. I came to a country road noone around, no signs, nothing. I took a right & started walking again. I was passed by 2 cars & a van, noone stopped so I kept walking.Finally I saw a gas station ,I ran up to the door. There was a big sign CLOSED. What was I gonna do . I started walking back.I saw the same van that passed a while back & it turned around & stopped. It was a man & a woman, They asked if I needed help? I said I had run out of gas. I also told them of my mother in the car. They said, Lets go getsome gas then go get your mom , then we will go get some gasin the car. While we were driving I was thinking Are these people ok? or are they gonna harm me? The lady must have known I was scared so she popped a tape in & the most beautiful Gospel Music came out.We finally arrived at the gas station The man got out Opened up the Station with a set of keys.He came out with a gas can & filled it up & put it in the van. We got back to my car & mom he put the gas in & told me to follow him to the station. We arrived & he filled my car up to full. I pulled some money out to pay him for the gas & he said keep it, The lord told us you needed our help & we were glad to do it. I started Bawling & hugged Him & Her…I have since been back to this same off ramp & could not find this station or this couple .I know the Lord was with me that day !!!

  • Your Name

    I was driving alone when I left Orlando, FL. I was getting very sleepy driving. I prayed to God to send me someone who could keep me awake while I was driving. I saw a tall old man by the side of the road and I slowed down and gave him a ride. He kept me awake the whole time I was driving, telling me about his old Army days. When I reached a small town, he got out of the car and I got out of the car. I went to thank him for riding with me, but I could not find him anywhere. God had sent me an angel to ride with me. I thank God to this day. This happened in 1988.

  • Cassandra A. Woodard

    I was driving North Freeway in Houston going to the Southwest side of town. It started raining very hard. I had passed a truck and was driving very carefully when suddenly two cars ahead of me hit each other. It was trying a avoid being hit, but when I turned my wheel my car hit the medium in the middle of the freeway and the truck I had passed (Mr. Been) he hit me twice and mashed up my trunk. I could not get out of my car, my door was ajarred. I was so freightened because I thought my gas tank would explode. But an angel had kept me alive and I only suffered neck and head injuries and had back spasms, but I was alive. Thank God, I thank God.

  • Donovan M.

    When I was 9 years old I went fishing with my step dad and my grandfather. My brother and I went off to play on the frozen lake and while we were playing I fell through the Ice, it was very cold. I remember coming back up through the the whole I had fallen in but when I would grab for more ice it would just break off in my hand. My brother tried to to get me but I was to far away. I remember getting tired of trying to swim and I just couldn’t keep myself afloat any longer my snowmobile suit and boots had soak up to much water for me to hold myself above the water. It was then that I remember going under for the last time, I could see the ice above me and I could feel myself being pulled away from the whole that I had fallen through. “I had given up!” I couldn’t feel anything and I blacked out. The next thing I knew I was being force back to the surface of the Ice hole, my arms were being flung out to the side of the ice to hold my body on the Ice and my glove, and sleeves froze to the ice so I couldn’t go back under. It felt like someone had grabbed from behind, under my arm and lifted me to the surface and moved my hands into position, because I was limp like a rag doll and did have the strength or energy to get back to the surface myself. when I regain all of my facalties I noticed my brother throwing our sled out to me so I could grab the back end. I grabbed it and he pulled me out of the hole, the interesting thing was that he didn’t dive in after me and there was noone else there. My grandpa and Dad were across the lake.
    Well, that was the first of many life threataning occurance… I have survived 13 car accient, and 2 armed robberies as well. In one car accient I was driving to work early in the morning and I fell asleep behind the wheel on a mountain road, when I awroke up my car was rolling down a 75 to 100 ft embankment, the roof crushed down on me, a tree branch pearced through the other side of the windsheild, my head got smashed down between the stering wheel and the door and my seat back broke back. My car finally came to rest at the bottom of the embankment wedged between a concrete colvert and a tree upside down. When I came to I was upside down still buckeled into the car. I screamed for held but noone was around and noone was going to hear me! I was almost 100 ft off the mountain road and it was still early morning, so I knew that I needed to get out of the car and go for help myself. I unbuckled, and found a small hole in the back window that had been shattered out. I then crawled out the window and proceded to climb this steep 85 degree embankment covered with black berry bushes all the way to the top. I got to the top and flagged down a passing truck, then colasped on the road. The trucker called EMS and when they got there they didn’t know what had happened because they couldn’t see my car. When I showed them were my car was, they all were amazed that I made it out of that wreck alive, in fact anumber of them said that someone was watching out for me! I shouldn’t be here now. I can go on with the miricles of God that have happened in my life! He has kept me safe! Police officers and Ems works have told me in at least 3 different accidents that I should not have survived! Even the way I got save was a miricle of its own! So, I have dedicated my life to serving God. It is his to keep, protect or take what ever he chooses.
    In His Service,

  • Diane

    My daughter was 13 years old and on her way home from school. My daughter has some special needs and doesn’t always think as fast as others. This particular day as she was getting off the school bus, she decided to stop and tie her shoes. She bent down near the back wheel and the driver thinking all was clear began to pull away. There was a thump and another thump the driver stoped as there were kids screeming. The driver got out of the bus to find my daughter lying underneath the bus. The bus had run over both her legs and she was taken by ambulance to the hospital. There was bruising and the doctors were amazed that no broken bones exsisted, none. When they asked my daughter what had happened she said, ” I bent down to tie my shoe and the bus went forward and I went under the bus but I saw an angel lift the bus up and let it down two times, so I didn’t get hurt” To this day we believe she was touched by an angel.

  • Anne-Marie St-Germain McInnis

    My North Star
    Please meet my best friend, my mentor and the person who has blessed my life with a true sense of direction: Cecile!
    Cecile fought a year and a half courageous battle against ALS, giving hope and devoted love to people around her till the end. She never complained but made the best of a bad situation. Life had indeed thrown her a bunch of lemons and she still made the best of lemonades with it all, even teaching me the art of “lemonading” along the way.
    Sometimes I think that people who have ALS are Heroic Angels…! Let me tell you about “my Angel.” Cecile passed away on January 4th of this year and I miss her tremendously. Cecile believed in an after-life where she again would see her sister Margo who had passed away many years before her and with whom she had had so much fun. Cecile always told me that Margo made her laugh like crazy and Cecile was a sucker for a good laugh. She would also see her little dog that also passed long ago and her dear father whom she loved so much, the only parent that made her feel that she belonged. And maybe waiting her up there was a marvelously fine eternal mate and companion…wink!
    She had a strong faith in God…well, more of a knowledge of Him actually, So she knew exactly where she was going after this life here on earth and she had lived her life righteously, in preparation for the day when she would meet her Savior and “reported” to Him. She led a good, rich and complete life, filled with experiences and learning. She never had an easy life, starting with leaving school at a very young age to help out on the farm (which was very common in the poor, hard working farming families of the nineteen-thirties).
    Later on, she self-taught herself French, English, biology, natural healing, palliative care training, and animal care (she took care of lots of birds with broken wings, a lot of them humans too…). She taught physical activity for the elderly, health food nutrition and herbology to all she came in contact with (she knew just about all medicinal plants). She also mastered the art of breathing and detaching through meditation. All these life skills would prove to serve her well later on in her life when she was diagnosed with ALS at the age of 71 years old. She enjoyed good literature (she could tell you all about Victor Hugo’s “Les Miserables,” Dickens’ “Tale of Two Cities,” C.S. Lewis), good books and learned much through her readings.
    All her life she worked hard, for herself, and for her 5 children that she raised on her own after going through a bitter divorce when her children where young. She worked through life’s challenges and adversities, never complaining, but praying for strength, courage and wisdom. She learned much…she was “an encyclopedia”. A good acquaintance of mine Yves Dumoulin, once told me, and he was right, “each time an elderly person passes away, a library burns down with them.”
    When I needed to know something, I’d call on my dear Cecile. When I was sad or distressed about something, Cecile was right around the corner with her ever so discrete, loyal, loving and listening heart. When I was excited about something and had a cool story to share with her, she came running, with her childlike amazement and twinkle in the eye. She was my best trooper! She’d listen to me ramble about my fascination with NDE’S, and the works of such people as Elizabeth Kübler-Ross and Melvin Morse (she had read all their works…)
    She knew more than me about death as she had accompanied many, many people and held their hands on their death beds, through her voluntary work with palliative care patients and their families. Maybe her knowledge about death taught her about life…for she knew much more about life than me, not only because she had “a few” years advantage over me, but because of her large scale of life interests and passions. Her time was precious and she mastered the skills to make the best of it. She impressed me as she could work on the roof of her house during the day, plant flowers, and then give a talk at a social event at night. She was a classy lady, looking as terrific in a pair of jeans as she did in a dress.
    Cecile was a bright, vivacious, witty, petite little woman, 5’2’’, weighed 100 pounds, strong as a horse (guess all the farm work paid off…), and sharp as a whip. She had this amazing sense of inner direction and this life compass that directed her. She had the strongest willpower and this aura about her…even one of my neighbors who met her only once a few years ago, to this day still talks about her, as her having something “special!”
    She not only influenced me, but touched the lives of many other through her generous contributions to their lives, through her faith in people and her encouraging them to be the best of who they are, for she had this strength to “see” the good in people and believe in them even when they failed to do so themselves. Kathleen, her grand-daughter whom she was so close to, describes her as the most courageous and independent woman this hearth has known. Imagine this young woman in her twenties saying this about her grand-mother: “She is my life model, my rock and my compass!” She made “a difference” not only in her grand-daughter’s life, but in many, many other people’s lives as well, including mine. For Cecile had such a gentle, tender and lasting influence through her loving ways. Her teachings and her influence will always be imprinted in my heart. And should I have the wisdom (with the help of God) to apply them in my every day life, I shall forever honor her, my most precious, precious friend!
    I’d like to thank Melina Monson for giving me this opportunity to write about this wonderful soul, my best friend, my “Morrie” (the professor Morrie Schwartz who taught and mentored Mitch Albom). My Cecile (she was of course never “mine” as people don’t “belong” to us…but yet I call her “mine”) was a true gift to me and yes, lent to by The Maker of men. As I was reflecting on what to write in this article (there are so many things to say about Cecile as she was such an interesting, inspiring person), it brought me to meditate on a list of things Cecile taught me through the blessed years of our shared friendship. I made a mental list of all the precious teachings she so willingly and generously shared with me. If I could remember them all, they would be good material for a tremendous “encyclopedia”, filled with stories of a self-giving, gentle caring heartfelt, joyful soul.
    I was fortunate enough to be one of her blessed beneficiaries. Without her, I would probably have never heard about ALS nor discovered the “Heroic Angels”, I would of never have paid much attention to “the wiser” (my term for our elderly, the one’s that know better). Thank you so very much Cecile for touching my life with your unforgettable, most loving and precious spirit and for spreading your silver wings all over my soul.
    Love to you my forever North Star!
    Anne-Marie St-Germain McInnis

  • Lydia

    I belive that I was touhed by an angel in 1981. I had lost y frist baby, I ryed all the time, I prayed that I wanted to know that he was alright. I didn,t know that I had lost my daughter also but both of them ran to me , hugged me and told me they was alright. There was a woman there but I couldn,t make out who she was. I belive it was an angel.

  • Lydia

    I belive that I was touhed by an angel in 1981. I had lost y frist baby, I ryed all the time, I prayed that I wanted to know that he was alright. I didn,t know that I had lost my daughter also but both of them ran to me , hugged me and told me they was alright. There was a woman there but I couldn,t make out who she was. I belive it was an angel.

  • Jenifer Segler

    Roma came a few years ago to try to get my Auntie Peggy Chun on your show. She lost her battle with ALS on Nov.19.It was her favorite show and if she were to miss it we HAD to record it! That show gave her great comfort before she met God. The family would always get together and watch and then cry and then cry some more. Peggy Chun was one of the most WONDERFUL artist’s ever! She would paint animals with wings on days she was sad…and waterfalls and Hawaiian plant life on the others. She was the most magical woman I ever met. She was my forever and beautiful Auntie.My husbands mother(Peggy’s twin sister) also lost her battle with ALS and so did their mother and grandfather. My husband, my children, friends & family all got to put our hands on her body and at the count of three we all yelled ‘GO PEGGY GO!’and she left us all that moment in her bed, in her room, in her home, that was her Gallery.Five months later, my husband went to her home to pick up the remainding art work of his mother (Peggy’s sister Bobbie) and the landlord of Peggy’s house (that she rented for 22 years) showed up and offered it to us!!!!! My husband and my 2 little girls that grew up in that house, are now filling her home with more happy memories….and my husband and I sleep in the very spot, in her bedroom where she passed, she would of loved that. We miss her everyday, but what a miracle to have been loved by such an angel!

  • Jenifer Segler

    Jenifer Segler
    3115 Alika Ave
    Honolulu,Hawaii 96817

  • ingrid rhody

    god send him people to wtach over u when u need help they just seem to know when u need a helping hands. One time i was drive down a dark road and i took my off the road for a few moments and before i hit a curve and it seem like god send a angle to tell me to look up and i just think my angle work overtime. I always getting took things and the one angle that god has for me work a lot to keep me safe from harm. This is my thought about my angle that watch over me when jesuse can’t…..

  • Jenan

    I continuously watched the series ( Touched By an Angel). At first it was because I loved angels and was fascinated by angel stories, I also collected angels since I was a child… Little did I know then that God would give me the priceless chance I’ve dreamed of and prayed for, the ability to connect with my angel, who happen to be my grand-mother…It started by smelling her home made rose water perfume, then along with her smell, in the stillness of the night, I would hear the rustling of leaves,I remember her doing that when she worked in her garden, pruning her fruit trees and picking the dead leaves from her grape vines, i used to comment on how she enjoyed the sound of the leaves as she crumbled them between her fingers, and she would say . If you listen close , it’s Gods music. She made sure I knew she was there, most of the time, especially when I was about to make an important decision, I’d ask for her help. and usually I’d feel warm and secure if it was the right decision, and scared and irritated if it was the wrong one… I know it is her because last Christmas she came to me and sat at the edge of my bed, she smiled , I was awake, as if to tell me she is proud of me, and of my decisions. I’m blessed to have her around me, when I need her the most…. Thank you for the opportunity to tell you about my angel, And thank you to the producers and writers of the best series ever, because of you I’m blessed to be able to see , smell and hear my angel. Thank you and may God bless you !!!!!!

  • Eileen Hasek

    I have been touched by angels severl times in my life. I was driving on a country road that was flooded, I prayed for help to get me thru and I felt someone(an angel) steer my car until I was out of the water. I was out of work and afraid to try for a job due to lack of experience. I was at a dance one night when a gentleman asked me if I worked I told him no and the second time he asked me, he suggested I go to the place where he worked. When I asked him what he did he said he “worked upstairs”. I got the job and not long after when he knew that I was doing fine he was fired because of his attendance.

  • Beverly Soisson


  • Julie Spears

    I have had many experiences with angels through my lifetime but there is one such incident that frequently comes to mind and still provides comfort and enhances my faith. I was working as a journalist for a local paper and feeling let down, depressed, disappointed and questioning myself about many issues on many levels of my being. The pouring rain and cold temperatures made me feel even worse so on the ride home I decided to stop at the store and get a coffee for the road. My attention was drawn to a man standing near the door with the strangest pale blue eyes. Before I was done he was gone. As I got further down the road he was hitch-hiking and deep inside I questioned offering him a ride. Curiosity got the best of me. I stopped. He tried to put his belongings into the backseat and acknowledged my uneasiness so just hopped into the front seat putting his belongings at his feet. I felt deep peace as we began to talk. He told me he was traveling searching for work and all he had was what he carried with him. He believed that his needs were met each time he said a prayer. “I just said a prayer for someone to stop so I could get out of this rain and you came along.” The conversation continued about his faith and keeping a strong faith in God. His face looked weathered with these pale blue unusual eyes that seemed to melt away my concerns. “God does answer prayers and sometimes in ways we don’t expect,” he told me with a smile. When we reached my turn towards home, he graciously thanked me for the ride and discussion. We talked for a few more minutes and then he got out. In a second,I turned to tell him I would take him to the next town but he was no wheres to be found. I drove around looking for him and what seemed spooky was there were no cars on this road and he could not be found anywhere. It was as if he stepped out of the car and just disappeared. I pulled over to the roadside and sat for a few minutes to ponder the discussion, envision his eyes, and enjoy the warmth and peace I felt. He appeared in my life for a reason and provided special guidance that was lost in the midst of a busy life. I felt a sense of renewal of my faith and trust in a higher being. I can’t tell you his name, but I can close my eyes and see him as if he were standing right infront of me. His words reminding me to keep strong faith and bring through peace, unconditional love and a deeper sense of understanding. The feeling of being wrapped in angel wings is warm and wonderful. I spoke with a friend and described him to her. She asked about his eyes and then said “Honey, you’ve been touched by an angel.” She asked if she could share my story with Doreen Virtue. I hope she did because there is nothing in this world to compare.

  • Crystal


  • Wyonta Ferguson

    Lately more and more I believe that there are angels that do touch
    our lives when we least expect in another real person or the kind that visit us when we need it in our lives.

  • Your Name

    I am a 12 year Breast Cancer Survivor and I know I have angels with me all the time. The Bible tells me so and I do believe. My personal relationship with Jesus is very important to me. I couldn’t exist without him. I’ve had numerous things happen in my 54 years that I wouldn’t have survived without my guardian angels. Example: My sister and I was involved in a accident that was caused by a drunk driver that turned my car over and broke every window and destroyed the car but my sister & I didn’t even receive a cut and we had minor injuries. Angels, yes we all have them with us.
    Kathy Lewis

  • undefined


  • sheena strong

    No I haven’t been visited by an angel.

  • Your Name

    Angels do exists and I have been touched by them my entire life. I grew up in a home that was very disfunctional. My escape was either the library or my church. I always felt that someone was always there to guide me. My first physical experience with angels was when I was married. We lived in an area that had no natural gas at the time so we had tank gas. It had run out so we were using an electric plate to cook on. My son got up in the middle of the night and heated something up. He forgot to turn off the plate and went to sleep. I was sleeping at the time but I felt something brush against my cheek. At first I ignored it but something told me to get up. I got up and I walked down the hall towards the kitchen but I didn’t see anything. I was about to go back to my bedroom when I felt a hand on my cheek which literally turned my face toward the plate which had a pan with hamburger grease about to burst into flames. I quickly removed the pan and turned off the plate. My guardian angel had come to my rescue!! There are many instances where my angel has been with me but this one is the one I will always remember because the angel that saved our family will always be my hero!!

  • Debbie Hargrove

    I believe in Angels and that they do exist. There have been times I have not thought about the risk I took in my life and have been spared for a reason. I know the Lord has provided Angels to look over me and protect me from harm.
    Glory to God!

  • Your Name

    Yes, Yes, Yes,
    I have always believed in Angels….
    I knew they were all around us and I accepted that and went on with my life ……….
    I would look at my Angel collection and smile, knowing they were near.. I just never realized how near…….
    It came to pass one nite, I had just gotten divorced and problems were adding up……….I did my regular routine, go have a coffee on payday and sit with my list of bills ……….
    That nite, after taking care of what I could, I had $5.oo left..
    FIVE DOLLARS, AND TWO CHILDREN and still other bills ….
    Well, I took a bus part way home, then started to walk so I could compose myself before the children saw me….
    I remember that Fall evening, chilly, damp and a little rain…..
    I thought and walked and walked, then the tears started, I did not know what I was going to do, what about my children and their needs..
    I continued to walk down the street, nobody was around and my steps became shorter, as I was still trying to compose myself, when all of
    a sudden I felt a hug!!!!!!!!
    I turned and nobody was around, but the feeling of the hug stayed with me and I knew then and there, that somehow there would be a change …………and within two weeks there was and at that time, I started to think back and I started to remember of times that
    IT sometimes takes us longer to realize that we are not alone in our walk of life ..
    We must remember to be thankful…..

  • laurie scott

    i belive we all is here for a reason but dont know what and it all about love one another until we really think about it everybody is for there self i help people out all the time even if i dont have nothin now for been so nice fin lose my home and my job close down i still help other and pray.

  • laurie scott

    yes ther are angel every wait on there turn to help others

  • Chara Williams-Hampton

    A few years ago, I underwent a stressful time involving church members. I prayed to God for relief from this situation. I crawled into bed that night, still perplexed. My husband assured me that things would work out, and I kept praying. Now across from my bed I have a huge mirror. Later that night, tossing and turning, sat up in bed, and looked into the mirror. There I saw four angels watching over me. I was so happy and thankful to God for sending angels to help me through this situation. I slept well the rest of the night.
    In the morning, I began to wonder — why did God send me four angels? I had always heard that we each have two guardian angels. Then I realized that they were always there — two for me, and the other two were my husband’s angels!!! God is awesome!!!

  • ellen

    I was in a rush when I pulled my car into a local 7-11 to get a cup of coffee. I was walking toward the building when a young boy with a badge and a container approached me for a donation. Being in a rush, I told him no in response to his question for a donation. I took a few steps away from him and then turned around and he was gone! I went to the adjacent street and looked down the block and saw no one around. It all happened within a few seconds! This happened a few years ago and I have been bothered about this since then.

  • Sherrie Morris

    I have not been visited by an angel but I surely would like to have a visit by one.

  • Mary

    I believe I was touched by an angel before my dear husband passed away. In a bright light one morning a being told me not to question the path they had chosen for me. Two weeks later my husband passed over. He came to me in a dream also. He was in a bright light and dressed in gold and white

  • Faith Webster

    I have been visited by angels on a couple of occasions. The first was when I was 7 years old, in the hospital after having my tonsils removed. I had complications and stopped breathing for 3 hours, unassisted. My angel was in the corner of the room, smiling and keeping me calm through the ordeal. The second time I was 13 awaiting the outcome of a rape trial, of which I was the victim. I remember being so worried and in the middle of the night I was awoken and thought it was morning. It was my angel shining peaceful light on me, and telling me that everything would be ok, and that I had nothing to fear.

  • Tim hersey

    I have had “an angel on my shoulder” for as long as I can remember.
    My first “intervention” by an angel occurred when, after losing the only key to unlock my Schwinn heavyweight bike (this was about 1954-55) in the gravel driveway of my church, I offered to perform the rosary for a month if I could find the key. Now, I looked for a good hour, scouring the ground while on my hands and knees and found nothing in a 30’ circle around the bike.
    As soon as I completed my offer to say the rosary, I looked at the ground below the handlebars and the key was right at my feet. Could I have missed it for all the time I was looking before my offer? I didn’t care; I said the rosary anyway as a thank you.
    This however, was nothing compared to what happened to me years later.
    I had an elective surgery to repair a hernia in 1979.
    When the surgeon was closing the incision at around 9:00am, he sutured right through the right femoral artery. And, for the next 22 hours, every time my heart beat, it pumped blood past the suture and into my abdomen. When the day shift nurse found me, I was sitting on the side of the bed with my upper torso resting on the bed tray. When she shook me to wake me up, I fell back exposing what she later told me was “the bluest white man she had ever seen still alive”. My heart was beating so fast trying to move the 60% of the blood still in my veins that they could not read my heart rate, estimating it as “well in excess of 200 beats a minute” and a blood pressure so low that they could not read it.
    My wife was called and advised to get to the hospital immediately “if she wanted to see me still alive”.
    She was told that they had no idea what was wrong with me and gave me a 5% chance of coming through it alive. This sent my wife and family to the chapel to pray for my recovery, even though our family doctor told them there was very little hope.
    When I went into ventricular fibrillation, they had to stop my heart and restart it to restore the correct heartbeat and when they put a scalpel in my lower abdomen, the blood squirted out so strongly that it hit the doctor in the face and drenched a wall 5 feet behind him.
    This showed them where the problem was and, after opening the incision they found a hematoma the size of a small grapefruit surrounding the artery and the two holes where the suture had gone straight through (if he had torn the artery, I would have bled to death within an hour). My family doctor, who was there the entire time, declared to my wife that “he’s a miracle man, no one should have survived the excruciating pain that his body was put through” and that it was “nothing short of a miracle that I survived”.
    Fast forward about 15 years to the evening I was driving on a six lane highway here on Long Island (New York). I am in the right lane heading to an auto repair shop about two miles ahead. Just as I reached an intersection, my steering wheel made a hard right turn (I had no intention to turn at this point, the steering wheel turned on its own with my hands still gripping it), but I avoided a head on collision with a car that ran the red light coming from my right and, instead, plowed the car next to me.
    Now, I was a professional truck driver at the time, and had experienced blow outs and hitting road debris that tried to tear the wheel from my hands without ever experiencing anything like this. The steering wheel just made a hard right turn and I was powerless to prevent it.
    So, do I believe in angels, even though I see myself as agnostic? How can I not, when it’s obvious that they believe in me enough to “bend the rules” and directly intervene to save my life.

  • Joann Tesoro

    When coming back from New Jersey where we had just visited my husbands daughter and grand children, all of a sudden we hit a very icey area without notice. Our car spun around several times and landed in a snow bank facing the oposite direction on the right side of the road. On the left side was a very extreme drop off down the mountain and we would have been in a real trajedy if we had gone over the edge. While we were sitting there, in a matter of seconds, someone knocked on my window to make sure we were alright. There weren’t any cars that passed us or who were traveling close by. The person who knocked said he would put out flares so no one would hit us and they would know we were in a distressed situation. No sooner had that person put out the flares and disappeared, then a large truck pulled up in front of us and a gentleman hopped out and asked if we were alright. I remember he was a big buirly guy with a Santa Clause look about him – in fact the front of his truck had litted candy canes in a x design with a cross in the middle. He immediately hooked up our car with a chain attached to his truck and pulled us out. No sooner did he do that than he too disappeared. We quicky got turned around, heading the the original direction we were going, hoping to catch up with the two Good Samaritans that helped us. As we went around the corner of the road – which was a long straightaway – no one was there at all. No large truck or even a passenger car could be seen for miles. I do know that we were visited by two angels who came to get us out of our difficulty and scurried on their way to help someone else. Oh yes, we thanked God and our Angels for being with us to avoid any trajedy.

  • Paula

    I believe I was visited by an angel with a sense of humor.
    Back in my thirties, I lived alone, except for 2 doachshunds who slept with me. I was single, and bemoaned the fact that I would never meet a partner who wouldbe willing to share my bed with 2 dogs.
    One day, I was walking the dogs around the condo complex, and there was the strangest looking old woman. She had an extremely stange looking old dachshund with her who barked, deeply, at my 2 girls. Then, unprompted, the woman volunteered that her dog slept with her and her husband, except on the nights he was out playing poker. Those nights, the dog woul not let him in the wife’s bed!!
    I walked away, marvelling at this encounter, and then began laughing. These two beings had been angels with a sense of humor. I never saw them again, but they still make me smile.

  • Brenda Carpenter

    I look at the show every night and no I don’t I have been visited by an angel, but I would realy like to have those dvd. Thank You.

  • tressa hoffman

    I was cleaning my house and truly believe that my son was close by when I found a completely white feather like one of those prefabricated ones you find at the store. I believe it was one of his angel wing feathers. I want my son to never be forgotten so let this be a tribute to him. I believe he likes to show himself when I periodically see a white flash coming from one of his favorite rooms like the basement from the bottom of the stairs. He always wore a white shirt that he just adored. In loving memory…………

  • Your Name

    I have loved that show since it first came on & still watch it on the Hallmark channel every chance I get. To recieve those DVD’s would be wonderful. Here is the story of just one of my visits. (I do believe there are angels around us everyday). I had to travel to New York in 2002 as my mother lay dying in her hospital bed. I prayed that she would wait for me so I could say goodbye. With the grace of God she did and we had a few final moments together. The next morning I called my son at home in NC to let him know that his grandmother had passed away. As we spoke a hawk landed on our wooden fence and looked right into the window. I knew that it was a messenger from God sent to bring peace to my son. They were so very close. The next year on the one year anniversary of my mother’s passing a hawk again visited us and landed in the same spot. We had decided to move and were looking for a new piece of property but it had to be just right. I had a feeling one day that we should drive down this road. Just then a small index card on a post on a vacant lot caught my eye. It said “for sale.” I looked up & above the land a hawk was circling. I knew this was the place for us to be. That messenger was once again sent by God to help us find the perfect place to build our home. We have been happy there for the past 3 years and I know your not surprised to hear but that hawk made her nest in a tree on the property. God is forever looking over us.

  • Sharon Hester

    I would love to win this. I have already posted one e-mail about 2 angel encounters but let me tell you this. I live in a rest home and I am only 42 years of age. Touched by an Angel is an ispiration to me. I watch it every night on the Hallmark Channel every night. Please let me win so I can enjoy these dvds all year long. Thank you and God Bless You….Sharon Denine Hester

  • Ashley

    I was visted by my Gaurdian Angel last summer when I was trying to take my own life. her name was Candi.She came in the chatroom one day and told me she was my angel. At first i thought it was somebody messing with me because I got bullied alot and picked on. So I didn’t Believe it at first and she said ” Ashley I feel you don’t beleive in me” and she left the room. I created a room that day so she had to go through the lobby in order to come back in to the room I was in. But I typed “wait please come back” and she came back straight to the room without going through the lobby. At that point I’m freakin out. I typed in the chatroom to her “If you are an angel why would god send someone after all these years and why in a chatroom” and she responded,”because you are his child and he knew this was the best way to contact you and I’ve come to lead you home”. I’m thinking to myself how did she know that I come here alot. So after we talk for alittle I mean she even knew about my friend’s grandma and how she died but after the talk she says “I’ll be checking in on you so don’t do anything crazy” and left the chatroom. Once you leave the room you can’t see what people write in that room. after she left i said “watch me she can’t think she’s gonna stop me” she popped back in and said “you better not missy” Everybody in that room was in shocked that she even saw that. After she said that she left the room again. nobody barely said a word after that. Candi did keep her word and checked on me once in a while and we got to know eachother. But one day my mom made me angry to where i started cutting again. I was in the chatroom in a private room by myself but I was nowhere near the computer at the time. when i finally walked back in my room there was Another person in there the first thing he said was “why did you do it?” and I said “what are you talking about? who are you?” he replied, “I’m Candi’s friend Gemini Evans and I know what you did. she asked me to check on you” at that point i felt like i was being grounded so I responded ” I had to it was the only way to get anger out” after me and him talked for a while we talked for awhile he left the room and I felt better but i still felt alittle scared. The next day I went into the chatroom me and my friends was talking normally though I still felt depressed but I didn’t show feelings towards my friends. after an hour in the room another screenname comes in the room and asks ” Ashley whats wrong?” and i responded “nothing just fed up with drama the normal things” and she said “I need you to get your pink bible and write down a psalm and sprinkle salt around your house while saying it because it seems the devil is in your house” I’m thinking to myself ok how did she know i had a pink bible. I mean I have 2 bibles but the main one i use is my pink bible with my name on it. I told her i couldn’t find it so she wrote the psalm out for me (at that time i really did lose my bible) when i finished writing it down I asked ” may i ask who are you?’ and she responds ” an angel” and i just smiled. after that I saw Candi a few more times afterwards but once i finally got out of depression we had to say our farwells and she said she’ll be watching me and be there when i really need her. After all that I became a believer I never in my life thought i would get to talk to my angel. I was blessed that God took the time to not send 1 or 2 angels but 3 angels to help me. I still to this day have depression days but I just think of last summer and cheer myself up and thankful to have a wonderful memory of that. Not many believe me because it was all in a chatroom. but everyword I said was true and I’m thankful and blessed that the lord helped me.

  • Kimberly

    I love watching Touched By An Angel. It has always given me a good feeling after watching an episode. I am not sure if I was touched by an angel, but that is what I think happened. It was right after my mother passed away. I was sleeping one night, and all of the sudden I was enveloped in the most brilliant light I have ever seen or felt. I remember feeling total complete, calm, tranquil, at ease. It lasted for what seemed like a very long time.

  • Frank

    Win or lose, I have been touched by the best Angel ever. She is my Godchild, named Angela, and we all call her Angel. She has brought me more joy and happiness than could ever be imagined. I am single, and she has become like a daughter to me. She will soon be 23 years old, attends college, does tons of works of charity, from teaching religion class to grade school children, to delivering food to shut-ins. And the best part is that she has been doing these good works for years. I am so very proud of her; so you can see why she is an Angel, my Angel. I pray for her daily, talk to her frequently, and see her often. She is more than an Angel on my shoulder, or a pin on my jacket…she is an Angel in my heart. Thank you.

  • Frank

    Win or lose, I have been touched by the best Angel ever. She is my Godchild, named Angela, and we all call her Angel. She has brought me more joy and happiness than could ever be imagined. I am single, and she has become like a daughter to me. She will soon be 23 years old, attends college, does tons of works of charity, from teaching religion class to grade school children, to delivering food to shut-ins. And the best part is that she has been doing these good works for years. I am so very proud of her; so you can see why she is an Angel, my Angel. I pray for her daily, talk to her frequently, and see her often. She is more than an Angel on my shoulder, or a pin on my jacket…she is an Angel in my heart. Thank you.

  • eileen

    As I watched the buck sprang up and the ‘being’ pointed again. The deer turned in mid air and went back the other way.
    I was overwhelmed and know I had been saved by an angel.

  • jacqueline

    i haven’t really seen a angel but i have been watching touch by a angel since 1960 when it first ame on tv and i still watch it to this day and now i can see it twice a day and i love this show and ih
    ihope they never take it off tv again della i love u in this tv show.this show has help me deal with alot of things in my life good or bad it help me deal with losing my mother and now my father in oct 2009 and grandmother last year thank god for this show and the cast

  • Your Name

    i have had 2 viset,s from angel,s one whan my douther was dieing his name was michell . and i dident know it till after she had passed with one tuch on my sholder i trusted him and i had never trusted aney one to this day i dont know why i did . she was 10 1/2 and had a long medical histrey . and i was never trusting in aney one .but i did fulley trust her surgent and nurolgest thay had won my trust .how ever i wood not alow aney one els near her then she was dieing and we had spent 2 week,s in icu on life suports .whan this nuris came in and sad tonya im hear for you honey.then turnd and told me that his name was michell and that he had been with tonya befor that thay were old frends.put his hand on my sholder and told me to go home and get some sleep that he was thare for 12 houers and promest that he wood call if thare was chang .whan the outher,s tryed that i wood not alow them near her. but i did with this one then at2,25 am i got a call frome him telling me that things are bad i flue to the hospitaland asked ware the male nurse was thay told me thare was no male nurse in that icu.i looked at my douter and she was gon nouthing but her body was left.23 years later this is the first time i have talked of this .the 2ent was 4 years a go i was in a bad car crash i was pined in the car the back of the car was gon and the front of the car was sitting on my lap.i was frantic trying to get my legs out and trying to get the door opend whan an old man came out of know ware pated myarm and told me to be com that hellp was on the way with that pat i did and he was gon i never seen him agen.

  • Your Name


  • Lori Reed

    I believe I had an Angel contact me through a dream once. She told me “Yes, you can” But, I woke wondering “I can WHAT?” LOL !! But, she held me like I was a 5-year old and smiled down on me…
    It was a so real feeling and the most comforted I have felt in a LONG time. I just wish she’d come back and hold me and tell me what it is she thinks I can do :-)

  • Your Name

    Several years ago while driving on the taconic parkway in West.cty.N.Y.ipulled my car off the road finding I had a flat tire on the rear drivers’ side.This area of the road had no shoulder & the flat was actually on the traffic side.I tried with no luck to get the lugnuts off & kept praying to God to help me out.After a few minutes more, I was about to give up & from behind me came a voice asking if I could use a hand.It was a man actually dressed in a white suit,he got the nuts off in what seemed seconds & asked for the new tire that he placed on very quickly.I kept asking him but where did you park? How did you get to me? There was no room to even walk in that area &I
    saw no car?? Hsimply told me to put the flat in the trunk & when I turned to thank him-he was gone !!It was like he simply disappeared.To this day, I feel an ANGEL helped me that night.GOD BLESS YOU- REGARDS TOM MCCULLOUGH-I REALLY WAS TOUCHED BY AN ANGEL…

  • Your Name

    I worked 3 to 9 pm when I was in high school.I took the bus to and home from work.I took the last bus home at night.
    One night it was snowing very hard.It took me longer to get to the bus station.I could see the bus starting up to leave. I quickly ran across the front of it ~ thinking the bus driver would see me and stop.I almost got hit my the bus.While I was in front of the bus,I felt two big hands on back and was shoved across the road!
    The bus driver thought he hit me! I told him about the man who helped me get across.Well, there no man around and no foot prints!
    The bus driver couldn’t understand what happened. He yelled at me and told me never do a thing like that again! When I told my Mom the story
    ~she said an Angel saved me! Make sure I say thank you! I thank the Angels and God every day! Touched by an Angel will always be my favorite show!

  • Your Name

    “Touched By An Angel” has helped me so many times. I took care of my Grandfather for the last 4 years of his life. His final wish was to die at home with dignity instead of going to a rest home. My Grandparents provided me with so much love and happy memories I was honored to grant him this final wish. I knew when the time was drawing near and as I stayed by his side I saw an angel in the corner of the room and I felt a strange peace come over me as his spirit left this world. It was an experience I will always cherish and I wrote him this poem.
    “Good Bye To Grandfather”
    (A farewell poem to my beloved Grandfather Nov. 10th 2003)
    We saw the shadows for a couple of days now
    I know they were angels preparing to take you home
    and they were waiting for me to let go
    I saw the light fading in your eyes
    and a glow appeared in the room
    so I sang softly to you and held your hand
    I spoke of Grandma and how long she had waited
    you looked at me as if to say “I understand”
    You seemed content then so with tears I got down on my knees
    and prayed you would no longer suffer
    then I leaned over and for a moment
    put my cheek against your forehead
    kissed you good bye
    and so quickly you slipped away
    Tonight I went in and sat by your empty bed
    and alone with a heavy heart I cried
    for my sweet beloved “Pa” has died
    but I try to hold on to the comfort
    knowing you are now with Grandma
    and the Lord is by your side
    Ann Smith

  • Cynthia D. Benjamin

    Approximately 13 years ago, I ran a stop sign at a 2 way stop sign, to the left of me was a 18 wheeler truck and it had the right of way, there was no way that I could miss that truck. As I was looking with my own two eyes, the van that I was driving in went around the truck, however it was as though i was not in control of the van, because it was a head on collision and i didn’t hit the truck. in my minds eye i was running into a house right to the left of me, however and I don’t know how I ended up on the other side of the road. I was very shaken and amazed at the incident that just happen. My son and another young lady was in the van, and acted as if everything was normal. It amazed me. and I give God all the Glory and the Praise….I was a prayer warrior..Cynthia D. Benjamin

  • Sandy

    I lost a my first child a son. He only lived 12 hours because he was born at 26 weeks weighed 2’2ozs. While visiting his grave several years ago, just as I arrived at the cemetary it started to pour rain. I’ve never gotten over loosing Royal. Back when I lost him they didn’t let bond or hold your child like now and he had been moved to another hospital then me. As the rain fell I saw an angel in the distance and I believe it saved my life because I was so depressed that day I wanted to lie on my babys grave and be with him! I was going to over dose and the angel was so beautiful it gave me a sense of peace knowing my son was being looked after by God and all the angels. I have 3 grown children now but no one can ever replace Royal! I still cry and talk to him when I visit his grave and also ask him to take care of my grandson who died during birth at 20 weeks along. I’m glad to know Royal is there to be with my grandson!

  • dana wallen

    My mother was driving us to Florida and my sister and her two kids were in the back and I was sound asleep in the front. All of a sudden I woke up and a milk crate had crash trough the window and I look at myself shaken but I was not cut anywhere and I had to believe that an angel was watching and pushed it so it would not land on my mother’s side because if it is did she would have been killed we all could have been killed and to this day I believe my Grandmother her mother was the angel.

  • Your Name

    I did submit my comments

  • Your Name

    I have been watching Touched By An Agel for sometime, I t really helped me so much. I lost my mother in 1983 to lung cancer ,I couldnt understand at first why, I had so many questions, One day As i sat in my bedroom while on the computer I felt something cool touch my arm, I really didnt think much about it and went about what I was doing, then suddenly from the corner of my eye I saw something like a mist coming from my corner of the room, I turned to see what it was and I was really shocked to see my mothers face there and to see her smile really made me feel at ease, I knew she was happy and right then i felt a warmth about me and I knew she was happy and well and was watching over me. I still have her here with me different times in my life and it feels really good to know she has her place with our lord and is there to help me through anything.

  • Lee Weiszhaar

    One day when I was driving home on a busy road, my car stopped and a safe place on the road. There was no reason for the car to stall. I put on the four-way flashers and waited by the car. In a couple of minutes a lady pulled up behind me and offered to help me. She gave me a ride home. I phoned my mechanic and had the car towed to his garage. The next day when I talked to him, he advised me that my brakes would have failed the next time I tried to stop. I realize now that the angels looked after me by having my car stall at a safe place on a busy road.

  • Audrey

    I had left my boyfriend’s (now husband) apartment one morning to go to work. It was rush hour and I was the first in line at the stop light at a VERY busy intersection on a major road in the city. The light turned green and as I began to go I heard a voice say, “Don’t go!” and felt a light pressure on my shoulder pushing me down. The man in the car behind me honked his horn, so I started to go. I heard the voice again and felt pressure, this time harder, on both shoulders. So, I didn’t move. The car behind me honked again. At that moment, an 18-wheeler truck ran the red light! I looked in the mirror and the guy behind me looked as shocked as I felt. After the truck went through, the pressure on my shoulder was gone, so I went through the light safely, and so did the guy behind me. I know it was an angel that saved my life.

  • Connie Holmes

    Hi, I have been touched by a few angels in my life. One was my Aunt who pasted away in October 1974. The night she became ill and had a heart attack,that day we had a tremendous argument, I was trying to get her not to eat candy. She was a diabetic and the doctor told us not to let her have any more. As my dad was trying to save her I told her I was sorry and I loved her, and I didn’t want her to go away. After she passed and we buried her I was feeling so guilty not knowing if she heard me. That Christmas eve, I was awakened by a presence, I looked up by my bed and there she was standing over me, and told me it was okay and that she loved me and to have a Wonderful Christmas, that she was in Heaven with our Lord and Grandpa told her to say Merry Christmas to me and He loves me!
    My second touch was bymy fiancee, my son became very ill at school, they called me to come get him and told me to get there quickly, I prayed for a angel to be by his side until I was there by him, and to care for him myself. When I entered the nurse’s station and saw him laying there lithless, I asked the school staff how come the paremdic’s wasn’t called? My son replied” it is okay Mom Steve is here breathing for me until you get here to take me to the hospital, he said I would be alright, and he was keeping my safe!” I had a cold chill overcome me then, my son said,” Mom that was Steve giving you a kiss goodbye, he told me to tell you he loved you and to go on with life, and to take care of us and you! He would always be there in heaven to care for all of us!” I too my son to hte er, and automatically he was put on oxygen, and had to have a heart monitor on. He told me he was okay becasue Steve saved his life and things would be alright now. That was six years ago, I went on with my life and have a wonderful husband and family, with my angels looking after me and my children! May God Bless the Angels he has prepared for us!!

  • Connie Holmes

    May God Bless all the Angels that come into our Life! Amen!

  • Your Name

    I don’t know if I was touched by an angel, or if God himself had to do with an almost tragedy. Two years ago, my children had a campout with their classmates (it was an entire school activity). My son was four -he was in pre-k-, and my eldest daughter was 5 (by then).
    The place the school had taken us, had a swimming pool, it was very a small place, and full of students as well as teachers. Everyone was around the pool, sitting…but no one was in it.
    After a few minutes I’ve become aware that my son wasn’t anywhere around, and my daughter was crying out her brother’s name…Bruno, Bruno, so she and I started looking for him, none of us knew where he was….Something, or someone…I can’t explain until now, led us to the pool…and there he was…my four year old son sinking, he was purple-blue…his face was white, I thought I had lost him.
    I remember I yelled his name, he opened his eyes, reached his hand towards me, and then I pulled him out. There are things I can’t remember about that day, but fortunately he came back. He is strong, healthy, and happy…but what happened the next day was what convinced me that he lived because of a miracle.
    He went to the wall, and drew the body of an angel, with the light around his head, and something like wings. HE said “MOM, HE IS THE NICE MAN WHO TOLD ME TO HOLD ON…HE SAID THAT YOU WERE GOING TO RESCUE ME, AND YOU DID”. I cried of joy, and thank God every single day. My son and daughter pray to their guardian angel every night since then.
    Yes, not only I, but my children too were touched by an Angel.

  • Your Name

    It was a very dark time for me about 6 yrs ago. I had miscarried my second pregnancy that we had conceived through invitro fertilization. I carried my daughter for about 9 1/2 weeks. After we lost that pregnancy, I was told that the medications effected my liver, and I would not ever be able to have children. I was absolutely devistated and inconsolably grieving. I went to sleep one night, my then husband working night shift. I distinctly felt a presence in the room with me. I sat up in bed to see my grandmother, who had passed some 15 yrs earlier, holding both babies I had lost, a boy in 1990 and the girl in 2003. She, as clear as day said to me “your babies are safe here with me and I have them in my arms.” I was overcome with a sense of peace. It was exactly what I needed to know, that my two beautiful souls were safe with God, and my grandmother was watching over them and protecting them. It has not been easy, and though no one ever forgets, it helped begin the healing process.
    My other angel came to me when I had a near death experience, and I was guided back to this existence, being told it was not my time. I welcome with open arms the gift of being visited by my angels.

  • Your Name

    Recently on November 8 I lost my Dear Son, 32 years of age to a massive heart attack. No Mother should have to loose their children before them,its a pain unexplainable, unimagineable,at times unbearable. Just when I tought I couldn’t take it anymore I could feel the presence of my son, his arms around my waist his hand on my face, I can hear him saying I love you and miss you mommy don’t worry. He shows up when I’m cooking (he was a chef) telling me what to do,I hear him say add the garlic and pepper,not thinking I went to add cinnamon instead of parprika and I felt something grab my hand. I know he be around us, I have his two children living with me and I hear them always talking to him,& laughing, this Angel is here to stay and I have to say a Blessing from above.

  • Anonymous

    About 15 years ago my 33-year old husband died of a heart attack in his sleep leaving me to raise three daughters alone. About a week before he doed I had an angelic visit that at the time I did not understand. A bright white light filled my room and I tried to awaken my husband but no luck. I sat there and stared at it and tried to see if it was car lights or somthing shining in my room. There was nothing but this bright light. And through this light I got the message, “Life as you know it is ending. Things will change. But you and the girls will be all right.” And a week later my husband died. I’ve had many other communications with spirits and angels since then but I’ll always remember that one. Today, we ARE all right. Two of my girls are 21 and 19 and in college and my youngest is in high school and she is my gift (she was only 16 months when he died. She makes me smile everyday. I went back to school and got my degree. I am happy. My girls are happy. Thank you God. Thank you Angels. God Bless.

  • Your Name

    I would love to be in the drawing for “Touch By An Angel” I would love to win a dvd.

  • Ann Smith

    I forgot to add my name before. The real reason I would love to win these DVD’s is because two angels live with me. My daughter and her fiance’ both have serious (terminal) illnesses and the shows are so inspirational. I believe “Touched By An Angel” has helped me so many times. I also took care of my Grandfather for the last 4 years of his life. His final wish was to die at home with dignity instead of going to a rest home. My Grandparents provided me with so much love and happy memories I was honored to grant him this final wish. I knew when the time was drawing near and as I stayed by his side I saw an angel in the corner of the room and I felt a strange peace come over me as his spirit left this world. It was an experience I will always cherish and I wrote him this poem.
    “Good Bye To Grandfather”
    (A farewell poem to my beloved Grandfather Nov. 10th 2003)
    We saw the shadows for a couple of days now
    I know they were angels preparing to take you home
    and they were waiting for me to let go
    I saw the light fading in your eyes
    and a glow appeared in the room
    so I sang softly to you and held your hand
    I spoke of Grandma and how long she had waited
    you looked at me as if to say “I understand”
    You seemed content then so with tears I got down on my knees
    and prayed you would no longer suffer
    then I leaned over and for a moment
    put my cheek against your forehead
    kissed you good bye
    and so quickly you slipped away
    Tonight I went in and sat by your empty bed
    and alone with a heavy heart I cried
    for my sweet beloved “Pa” has died
    but I try to hold on to the comfort
    knowing you are now with Grandma
    and the Lord is by your side
    Ann Smith

  • Your Name

    Angels are all around me.My Mama died 17 years ago and every Christmas a non-working musical angel figurine turns and plays a tune in my Sister’s house. My other Sister died 11 years ago.The day she died,I was in a store and felt a small push against my back.I turned around and no one was there.The next day, at the funeral home,I was signing the guest book and again felt the small push on my back.Turning around,again,there was no one there. I still feel, occasionally, that small push against my back. She makes herself known to all our family.Lights are turned off,toys make a trail to her bedroom, and other happenings.Her grandchildren have seen the angel in a tree at her gravesite. And in their rooms. She has also held our hands at night. It is comforting to us to know she is near.The night my Daddy died,a cell phone with no service,was in the glove compartment. It began ringing and ringing.My Brother-in-law said that it was Pappaw letting us know he had made it home. all our family lets us know they are watching out for us.They are true angels.

  • Judy

    I was 7 months pregnant with my second son – I had lost several babies and we really looked forward to this one going to term. One morning, I to an angel casually leaning against my closet as if waiting for me to wake up. He disappeared when I sat up, but he was very really and even today, 7 years later, I remember his image. Within a few days after the sighting, we were in the hospital with an emergency C-Section. And 10 days later, I said goodbye to my son. I wonder what the angel was there to do – show me he was watching over me, almost warning me about the upcoming crisis, or comforting my baby who was not well in my womb. I’ve seen the angel since then, just as I wake up. Sometimes he walks through the hall and I find myself walking behind hoping to see him or assuming it is my husband who cannot sleep. I wonder if he is the same one who talks to me when I listen or keeps me aware that there is a greater existence beyond just my earthly body.
    But because of his visit, and then the horrible loss of our son, I have begun to investigate into angels, even signed on to Beliefnet as a subscriber.
    Writing this is cathartic – the pain and the images of 7 years ago are still very apparent and real. I know I have grown and I believe there are angels in our presence who guide, comfort and help us cope with life’s tramatic circumstances. I believe they also help us appreciate the good things too. As my 11 year old approaches is 11th surgery, I know our angel is there with our family, reminding us of what is truly important: our time together.

  • Christina

    I really don’t know if I had Angels around me but I have seen figures at times when things were bad and I have dreamed of Jesus sitting with me and talking when things were bad one time and now when things are bad I remember all that I have seen or dreamed of. And it helps alot.

  • Diane Beach

    I have been held in the arms by an angel. Many years ago i had back surgery and after a week in the hospital was sent home. After being home for a week i fell and the insition broke open. I laid on the dining room floor for approx 30 min until the paramedics could come to my rescue. In the meantime, i could hear the rustle of angel wings and feel the wings cradle me while laying there. A sweet soft voice told me to have no fear that all was well. I fell asleep and felt no pain and woke when we reached the hospital. Never once did i fear, but had peace and was warm from the loving touch.

  • perla

    Hi my name is perla long time ago my mom was friend with this clarivoyant and i pretty much never believed in clarivoyants but this lady for some reason gave me some peace and everything she told me became true she sanged like an angel one time as she was singing a soft song to the heavens she told me to look up and i did the first thing i saw was christ face engraved in the sky so perfectly formed his eyes and features where perfectly defined next to him i saw an angel looking at me smiling his face like a babys face with wings just smilling like in the painting that was such a powerful blessing i coulnt belief i had seen that when everything got hard and my mom would tell me i was good for nothing and what a dissapointment i was she would tell perla you are so great just because you have gone through alot emotionally and mentally you are brave because everyday you are still living breathing being strong and that to god is bravery and he will bless you because he is love and he has no limit to how much he loves you you can do it you can with this depression anxiety and more he loves you and he woulnt give you anything you coulnt handle and then there i felt like god had sent an angel in my life to help me and remind me there was a higher power and purpose i love god even when i start loosing faith i remeber that image

  • Your Name

    I was diagnosed with sever lower back and Osteoporsis~Surgery for “Tuma” lower side of head, benign… Also, ended up on having to get on a “Breathing-Machine”RX~4-times a day. ended up having to have a Pacemaker~slow-heart-beat… I lost my job with benifits, but you know what i am in a better place than before,because God’s grace took over and prepared “Angels” in every corner of my life!!! I have been “Blessed” by so many angels. Giving God “All” the glory!!! Praise Him!!! Angels are Special~So much Love,Peace,Joy, etc., I know they are there~Amen~Halleluia!!!!!!!! Ruby Bradley

  • Your Name

    On the early morning of June 13, 1997 I was on my way to work in New York City waiting to cross the street in front of my office. I had the right of way when a small SUV came off the Brooklyn Bridge and ran the red light while making a left turn onto the street I was crossing the street.
    The car hit me head on from the driver’s side. I rolled up onto the hood, looked at the male driver in the eyes and remember saying in my mind: “Oh Dear God, no! I can’t die now, my son is young, and he needs me. Please help me, I can’t die just yet, I have to be there for him.”
    What happened next felt like hours, but in fact it was only seconds. I rolled around to the driver’s door, pushed my body away from the car with my right arm, felt myself being thrown in the air, all the while my life rewinding to my childhood in my head. As I was about to come crashing onto the pavement, a very strong person came from behind and caught me in mid-fall. The person had huge & strong hands like those of a linebacker. The man gently deposited me on the street as I watched in horror the left rear tire of the Chevy Blazer run over my ankles.
    I lay on the street, and people were screaming for the driver to stop (ended up being a hit&run accident.) It was at that moment that I realized that I was not hurt; my legs were fine, no lacerations anywhere, only a bruise on my right forearm. I turned around to thank the stranger, but there was no one there. I asked the people about the man who had held me as I fell, the response; “What man? You were the only one there, nobody picked you up.” “Perhaps you hit your head and should go to the hospital.”
    I did go to the hospital and was given a clean bill of health, no internal injuries and no broken bones. I was advised to take some Motrin and go home. I went back to my office instead absolutely convinced that I had encountered an angel and that God had answered my desperate prayer.
    About two weeks later, the receptionist called me to say I had two visitors. I advised her I was not expecting anyone, she told me I should come to the front office because she was sure I wanted to speak to them. Turned out to be two elderly African-American women, who looked at me and said; “We found you! We’ve been looking for you since the day of the accident, we witnessed it.” I thought they’d gotten the plate number of the car and wanted to tell me, but that was not the case.
    I worked for the City of New York in a building that housed multiple City agencies, my offices were on the sixth floor. The women were also City employees, since the day of the accident they had been taking their breaks and going from office to office starting on the first floor looking for me. They said they felt compelled to do this because: “you had a very powerful angelic presence around you at the time of the accident. Best case scenario, you should have been severely injured; in reality you should have been killed. No way should you have walked unscathed as you did, with not even a run on your hose.” “As soon as it happened you were surrounded by a very bright light and a very peaceful and calming air.” “We had to find you and meet you, the angelic presence around you is very, very strong and you are a very blessed woman, it’s clear you live your life right. God Bless you.” And with that, they went back to work.
    To this day, I can feel those hands holding and carrying me to safety. The two women confirmed what I already knew – God sent me an angel in my hour of need.

  • Ruby Bradley

    My angels are Super!!!!!! Peace, Love, Joy, Protection, Security… By the grace of God~My “Angels” bought me out of every need i was ever place into… Halleluia~Amen!!!!!

  • Joyce Dobbins

    In l989 I was living in Ramstein Germany. My husbandof 28 years had passed away in 1987. One of my angels had visited me at the grave site one evening and reassured me that my husband was in heaven with the Lord and that he was happy and well. (he died of cancer). Then in 1989 in had a job at the BX at Ramstein Air Force Base and when I was on my home from work around 8:00pm I missed my exit for home. I ended up in Heidelburg Germany four hours later trying to find out how to turn around and go back to Ramstein. My now it is 2:00am and I am completely lost. I said, “Lord, you are the only one on this earth who knows where I am right now. Please help me. About the time I finished praying I noticed a “service station” up the dark road that was all lit up. When I pulled up there were two men in overhauls and flannel shirts. All I noticed were them and that everything was so bright. I said to them “Ramstein” and they pointed down the road. I thanked them and went maybe two blocks and there was a sign that said Ramstein and a road number that I recognized. Thanking God I was on my way home and arrived home safely. I know these were my angels (there is no service stations open at 2am in Germany) and after a while I remembered that one of the angels was the angel that had visited me at my husbands gravesite in 1987. I am so thankful God has given me these two angels and I try to live a life that will not trouble them too much. Khu5gj

  • Betty Cargill

    I know I have angels all around me. Sometimes I just have to stop what I’m doing to look around and be blessed by their presence. I could go on and on about the experiences I’ve had. I know my disabled girl has them and I’ve had a few people in church that says that she can see them. I was told that she wouldn’t live past two years old if she made it. She is now 19 years. She was born on Valentine’s. I know God put her for a reason. She tells me alot that she has cats in her vent in her bedroom. Noone can see them but she knows they’re there. They are big and 1 is green, 1 is red, and 1 is orange. The angels in the trees are the ones that I see when I am feeling down or having a stressful day. I have one in a tree behind our home. If you look you can see the head, wings and flowing gown. The perfect image of one. Also, when the wind blows I can feel their presence and reminds me of the song “Dancing With The Angels”. I’ve had an experience of seeing the #3 as clouds. A friend told me that symbolized The Father, The Son, and the Holy Ghost. I’ve had the white dove to come around my home. It is also the Holy Spirit. I’ve seen the angels in the clouds. I also enjoy watching Touched By An Angel. Sometimes I need reminded that no matter what is going on in my life, there are always “Angels Watching Over Me”.

  • Nikki Rose

    I see angels everywhere in the clouds. The funny thing is that two of my five kids see them too. On Sept. 3, 2009 I was driving home from work when the sky got a dark angelic shape over it. I thought it was kind of scary- I never saw this one before, I thought. Then my phone rang just as I was at the top of GCS hill looking down on my entire town covered by this angel. My doctor said she had something to tell me. I said go a head. She told me that I had a brain tumor and that it was probably cancer, to spend as much time with my kids as I can. I could loose my sight, and all of my pituitary functions. It was not good. The angelic shape got darker and moved over the area of my two little one’s day care. By this time at least 15 minutes had past and I stopped the crying to put on good front for my kids. The angel got smaller in the sky as I looked up, it looked as though it was getting closer to where I was. I watched in the sky, my heart was aching, and I was still crying a little over my bad news. Then the angel cloud turned white and turned fluffy as it faded away and the sky was blue again. I felt relief- I had a sense that I was going to be okay. It is one year later and two months. I am still alive. My tumor is shrinking, I still have it, but I am ok. Every time I see the doctors I see my angel in the clouds. It is going to be ok. Sept. 3 was also my birthday.

  • Judy Wheeler

    yes I have when my daughter was 2 weeks old and ever since all I have to do is pray and I get the warm confirming feeling from the Lord that if I need them they will be right there for me

  • Maryleen R. Mullert

    I have. They have been helping me every time that I needed them. Sometime when I look at the beauty of mother nature I know they are
    around me. They helped me with the passing of my mother. They took me
    directly to the gift shop at the hospital lobby, and they had a little
    bowl with some angels that had written ( I will never leave you). I
    have them with me all the time. I thank them all the time for helping me.

  • Your Name

    I remember watching the t.v. series Touched By An Angel, and knowing that there are angels among us everyday. I have been visited by Angels on various occasions before. Perhaps the most touching, was the one that happened just the yesterday, on November 18th.
    I was working on the Oncology unit of the hospital that I work at. A patient’s family and I, had become close. You can’t help not to get attached to someone you see and talk to for at least a month.
    The mother of this family, was terminal. For some reason, she was hanging on. When I saw that they were taking her by ambulance to another place, I knew I had to say goodbye to the family and wish them well. They gave me a hug and shed tears and thanked me for all that I did.
    My job being an Environmental Service Person, put me into the room that the family’s mother had occupied to clean it, as a stat clean.
    It was roughly 3:15 p.m., when I turned to where I would write little notes to the family, and there was this autumn gold light, shining beneath the board for a few minutes. I knew in my heart, she had come to say goodbye to me. I found out, that is the time she had passed on.
    I’m glad to see she had made it and suffered no more.
    A second instance, was when my daughter was young. I was in the grocery store, and I wanted to know if everything would be okay, as I was a single parent, and was being harrassed by my daughter’s father.
    Well, as I was pushing her down the aisle in the cart, I saw a gentleman with a flannel jacket and brown cortaroy pants on. He smiles and bobbed his head yes. Seconds later, he disappeared. I looked up and down all the aisles, but the man had vanished. A few months later, I gained soul custody of my daughter, who is now 14 years old!

  • Your Name

    I was touched by an angel presence who wiped my tears away when i was driving. many years ago when my oldest son timothy was only two months old. I had went and visit my husband on a job at night with my baby. IT WAS IN another town, my husband scolded me because i didn’t see the dangers of being by myself with the baby at night in my car. I was crushed and started crying so hard I couldn’t see anything in front of my car. I JUST PRAYED FOR HELP AND SUDDENLY I COULD SEE THE ROAD EVEN THOUGH I WAS STILL CRYING. I MADE IT HOME SAFELY WITH MY SON, THANKS TO THE ANGELS WHO WATCH OVER US AND OUR CHILDREN.

  • Your Name

    Back in 1996 my husband had open heart surg. which turned out to be a quaddruple bypass,when the surg. was over and he was in recovery I looked in on him and to my surprise I seen Angels around his bed.Do I believe in Angels I sure do.

  • Your Name

    I have been visited by angels.I have seen my grandfather who has been gone since 1977.He walked by the end of my bed once when i was sick.I have seen my mom when she was dying and telling me of the bright colors in the hospital room and all i saw was an old shelf for sheets.Then when i looked at where she pointing i saw the light and an angel appeared and a warm feeling came over me.I am a minister and i believe in visions and miracles and i believe God sends us angels to confort us and help us renew our faith in his everlasting love for us.God gives us confort throught doubtful times and hardships.He sends the one’s we loved so much on this earth to give us peace and tranquilly for a closer relationship with the father and the son.

  • Your Name

    I am sure I have been visited by angels many times. My husband and I were told that we couldn´t have any children, and we had 3, with each one we had health problems and acording to doctors they weren´t suppose to survive to the problem presented to each one at it´s one time. But they did!! . I am sure that it was with the angels help that each one of them came through and are in perfect health.
    They are all married and have children of their own, my husband past away 11 years ago, and I still consider that my children are God gift brought by angels.
    Thank you.

  • Your Name

    Angels have come to help me many times. When I was driving to visit friends in the mountains of Colorado one night,the roads were covered by snow/ice. It was also snowing and I had taken the wrong road. As I was backing down yet not able to see where the road ended,,all of a sudden my car just stopped, as I was getting out of the car I saw 3 dazzeling figures. Then as I was checking around the car I realized the back wheel was halfway off the 2 ft. drainage pipe. The figures appeared to be holding the car from falling off the pipe and tumbelling down the cliff which would of happened. After thanking the angels and God I drove off the pipe with the angels now in front guiding me to my friends home as by now it was snowing hard everywhere was white,had no idea where I was. To this day when I think of that night,,I praise the Lord for my life thanking Him for sending the angels_or I would not be writing this today. Angels are allways around me these days yet when I get to see & talk with with them it’s a wonderful gift that makes my spirit soar!!!!


    My car broke down out in the country. I lady stopped to check on me. I felt comfort and safe right awy. I told her I was heading to Bible study in the town nearby. AS she drove we talked. She said a prayer for me and that I would be blessed. My car was shot. I needed a new engine. The car was not worth it. My husband was already driving an old used car and all we had was on older van that wasn’t running so well. We came into a good deal with a friend of my husbands and was able to purchase a car for $400.00. My had an oppourtunity to work over time wich was rare. That paid for the car. I believe she was an angel sent from God in my time of need.

  • Betty Cribbs Smith

    I know that I’m a day late but I didn’t have a computer until now.I never have been touched by an Angel but I always love the three Angel moves.Touch By an Angel,Promise Land and High Way to Heaven. There should be move movies made in this order they give people hope.

  • Your Name

    There was a time in my life when I was in a valley and did not know how to change my circumstances…One evening I went outside knowing that, that evening I would have to spend another cold night as a homeless person…but for some reason I knew I had to continue to praise the Lord. I looked up to the sky and said “Lord you know my needs but one need I have is I need for you to reveal to me who my gaurdian Angel is…So that night as I slept I dreamed I was riding in a car and pull up to a corner and my dear departed Aunt Doris (my first cousins mother) walked up to the passengers window stuck her head in and said “How you doing kiddo?” “Not to good Aunt Doris…” “Well don’t worry Tonnie everything is going to be alright! Keep your head up!” The next day while packing my things I found a photo of my Aunt Doris favorite and 1st born Grandson…With in an hour her first born son (my cousin) Randy showed up at the door and annouced that he had recieve some unexpected money and wanted to share with his family members “And Tonnie you have always been my favorite cousin… so here!” He handed me $200.00 dollars, and from that moment on I knew that there are diffinitly Angels!

  • Karen Hernandez

    After an 8 hour surgery on my back, I had a type of psychotic episode which they thought was bought on by a reaction to the morphine. I didnt know who I was or anyone around me, including my husband of 27 yrs. I was afraid and did not want to have anyone near me. Paramedics came, two men, and i would not let them near me. Suddenly a woman came into the room and calmed me and was able to get me on the gurney. While I was being wheeled out of the house, I looked up and saw a sky filled with beautiful Cherubs and some had the faces of my loved ones who had passed away. When it came to seeing my daddy, I immediately calmed down and was at ease the rest of the trip to the hospital. I knew then it was ok, that they were with me and I was protected. It was the most beautiful vision of grace I had ever witnessed. Since then, I have seen many clouds of angels and heard many messages. I am truly blessed.

  • Your Name

    I was sick one time with severe back pain. So I decide to take a muscle relaxer to control the pain. Finally I drifted off to sleep and all of asudden I awoke to the jerky motion all over my body and I couldn’t stop. I tried calling out to my husband to come and lay beside me to calm my spasm or whatever was going on with me. To my surprise he told me he never heard me clling out to him,So out of nowhere a sudden calmness came over my whole body. Then I open my eyes and a shawdow od a lady body was hover outstretch over my entire body to calm me down so that I could sleep. I just looked at the figure and my body went limp and I wasn’t afraid. Later my husband came to bed and i turn to him and asked him didn’t you hear me calling he said no. And I then told him that a angel or his grandmother came to my aide to calm my fears.

  • Your Name

    I know was vistited by an angel when 7 yrs ago my ex-husband was drunk and we were in my car because I was taking him home. When I parked the car he took out a hunting knife and tried stabbing me in the face. I know God had my guardian angel with me because something told me to grab the blade of the knife and hold on to it. Because if I had grabbed the handle he would have succeeded in stabbing me in the face. Then all of a sudden I some how got the door open which I don’t remember, and got out and ran to the managers office at the apts he was living at. The manager then called the police and he was arrested. I know by grace of God that I had my guardian angel there with me and was helped that day, because who knows what could have happeded to me otherwise, I had to have had help. Praise the Lord.

  • Ree Cann

    “Touched by an angel” was one of my favorite shows. It really taught me how to change my life. I did a lot of gambling and it put me quite in debt. Last New years Day I made a resolution to God that if he would send his angels and Holy Spirit to guide me and lead me away from casino’s, I would pay off all my bills and not put one more coin in a slot machine. It was hard at first but each day became easier and easier.My special angel and Holy Spirit led my thoughts away from gambling. As a result all my bills are paid off,money comes from heaven when I least expect it, and it is such a good feeling to tithe in a proper fashion,donate to various charities “Catholic”ones, for example Association of the Miraculous Medal, amongst others and I am now able to help my daughter financially with the economy the way it is and having 4 little children and her husband’s hours being cut. All the money I wasted on gambling is now being put to good use. Thank You “touched by an angel” and now Martha Williamson. I look forward listening to her.This January will make 1 year since I have been in a casino, and I have no desire to go into one. I pass them all the time and its just like passing any other store. How I wish they would bring back “Touch by an “Angel”. We all can benefit by being touched by an angel.Praise the Lord and all His heavenly hosts of angels.

  • Rickey Black

    Yes indead I was saved by an Angel!
    I was working in a Steel Facorty that melted brass metal to be made into plumbing products. I was to dump this large hopper into the pot that was about 260000 thousand degres hot and I had the controls in my hand and it had a very long cable on it, so I streached it out as far as I could and little did’not know at the time time that it had rained the day befor and I didnot know there was water in the bottom !! so when I pressed that buttom and the Hopper started to turn and dump the brass in the into the bubbling moton brass ore and when that wet brass hit that hot !! brass metal hit it exploded and all I could see was a Large Sheet holding up between me and the hopper and I knew that I was touched by an ANGEL of GOD

  • renea


  • Janice Minor

    Before my grandmother passed away she told me that I was going to have another baby and three months after her death I became pregnant. I had many problems during the pregnancy and every time I was down or felt alone I could feel my grandmother with me always telling me that everything was going to be ok. My grandmother has always been a angel to kee my life on track. My grandmother’s family say she will live on through me as long as I live because the older I get they say I have acquired some of her talents from God to help some others. When my brother passed away I took my parents to see him on the day he passed away. My brother passed away about 2 hours after I took my father home that day. My grandmother told me that no matter what my father had to go see his oldest son before it was too late. My father died an a day I was going to church on Sunday morning about two and a half year’s later from cancer also. So when I feel down I know my guardian angel, my grandmother, is always close bye to take my hand and give me a hug and say it will be ok. So just say a prayer and together you and I with God’s helping hand will make it ok.

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