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Jane Campion (‘The Piano’) returns to the screen with her latest and perhaps best work yet, ‘Bright Star.’ The film, about the poet John Keats and Fanny Brawne, the girl who steals his heart and becomes his muse, is the […]

An episode of a show that sounded lame, one that aired during a time that wasn’t really convenient, aired Thursday night.  I recommend you watch it online here at Were we born to cheat? Is adultery an outdated concept? Should […]

Missing the Sunday night appointment television rush of “True Blood?” Well, everyone’s favorite serial killer-killing serial killer (say that ten times fast) is back with an infusion of frightening fun. This season Dexter faces not only the complexities and sheer […]

I never really enjoyed the later “mythology” episodes of the “X-Files,” but sat through them dutifully so that I could get to the delicious monster-of-the-week episodes. But, I’ve never felt that way about “Supernatural,” the CW’s scarily witty and wittily […]

Edible publicity for the first ‘Twilight’ movie’ involved Godiva milk chocolate bars ($5.99) imprinted with the famous hands holding an apple. Now candy company Necco is producing boxes of sparkly Sweetheart conversation hearts($2.99) in four flavors (Tempting Apple, Orange Obsession, […]

Actor Kirk Cameron and friends are distributing versions of “Origin of Species” that includes a 50-page introduction presenting the theory intelligent design.

Are we born to cheat? Is lust a natural desire or a form of adultery? In part one of ABC Nightline’s ‘Ten Commandments’ series, the hot topic of adultery is openly debated between four panelists: Pastor Ed Young of Fellowship […]

Read an excerpt from sports host James “JB” Brown’s new book “Role of a Lifetime.”

10Q, a project of Reboot, helps repentance by sending this year’s promises back to us next year to see how we did at fulfilling them.

Cathleen Falsani’s latest book, “The Dude Abides: the Gospel According to the Coen Brothers,” caused me to notice something strange about Joel and Ethan Coen’s movies. Though I admire every one of their films–almost (what, the Alec Guinness version of […]