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Beyonce’s ‘Ave Maria': Disrespectful Or Not?

In typical fashion, this year’s BET Awards were a mishmash of randomness–not enough awards, too many sub-par performances and, even for a night that was to be dedicated to the late great King of Pop, Michael Jackson, it was barely that. There were so many moments I’d love to dig into, but I set aside this time to cover one and only one thing: Beyonce’s rendition of “Ave Maria.” I think Beyonce is a consummate entertainer. She can put on a show that I believe, in the years to come, will make her as legendary as Michael to this generation. The costumes, the dances, the hair, the preternatural beauty, the energy. I will not take any of those things away from her. But what I will take case with is her inability to determine what is appropriate and respectful in a moment when the world is mourning the loss of one of the biggest pop stars of our time.


Beyonce’s part in the BET Awards tribute to Michael Jackson was to do her cover of “Ave Maria,” the revered hymn in the Catholic and Eastern Orthodox church that calls for the intercession of Mary, the mother of Jesus. Given the hymn’s profound implications, you think that she would surrender herself and all that she knows, particularly her alter ego Sasha Fierce, and give the moment the utmost respect and reverence.


Such was not the case when Ms. Knowles hit the stage to perform. Decked out in a high-cut, strapless, bedazzled bustier paired with a floor-skimming jacket, Sasha Fierce Beyonce belted out the classic hymn. Problem with that is, “Ave Maria” is not meant to be sung just because you know how to sing–no Jamie Foxx, she can’t sing it just because she is that talented. “Ave Maria” is a song to be ministered because you understand the power of intercession and because you understand the sacred nature of Mary and her birth of a child who changed the course of millions.

I’ve long said that Beyonce can sing, but that’s where it stops. She knows how to take what people–or she–has written and perform it, but more often than not, it’s not from the depth of her being that she performs. This was a moment when we all could have benefitted from seeing a Beyonce less put-together and more in tune with her spirit and the grieving spirits of those all around the world. Unfortunately, all I saw was Beyonce doing what she does best–showcasing her talent, her body, and her beauty to the detriment of her spirit.

Maybe I’m taking this all too seriously. If I am, I want to hear the detractors and supporters of my view.

What did you think of Beyonce’s performance of “Ave Maria”?

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  • Kellz

    I wouldn’t say this was disrespectful. It may have been a little racey, but it was done very tastefully. It kinda reminded me of Madonna “Like a Prayer” in the sense that religion and sexuality was kind of fused together. I found it to be very artistic and she sounded amazing. I was actually offended with Little Wayne’s performance with all the elementary school girls [children] on stage while saying “I just wanna &%^$ every girl in the world.” That was aweful. Beyonce was awesome and the real Queen of the Night if you ask me.

  • Annapurna Moffatt

    I think she should have covered up a bit more (like, maybe leggings under the bustier–black or dark-grey would’ve looked good).
    Also, I think “Ave Maria” got swallowed up in the rest of the song.

  • Lola

    she did a great job. she did it in 2 languages i am impressed

  • Demidre’

    I would first like to say R.I.P Michael Jackson. Secondly, Beyonce is one of the best entertainers, if not the best, out today. The song was song perfectly. I know of the song singing it in grade school in the choir. Im not catholic, but i do feel that they probably would have been the only ones offended. Even though she cant help she is very sexy, i felt like she was giving the vibe of an angel. Some angels are naked anyway huh?

  • Sharayne

    I think that your just taking it too serious. Beyonce sung the song amazingly and okay, I understand it was an important song but either way I believe she showed respect. Its not as if she got up here and was shaking her stuff like Sasha Fierce would have. & plus it is her song on her CD> And I think she can sing it anyways she would like too.

  • Allene

    I agree with you it was bad. I also think she sounded off key and the outfit and stage show were over the top and off topic. I also agree with one of the commenters about Lil Wayne — two songs was two too much. AWFUL.
    I am a Beyonce fan but in this case she should’ve consulted a trusted advisor before choosing this song, sung live on this night. I still love her though. Great entertainer.

  • The Writer

    @Annapurna, I think you are definitely right that “Ave Maria” got swallowed up by the others song. It may not have been the best choice for a conglomeration.
    @Sharayne, maybe I am taking it too seriously, but I have no choice but to since the song is about a serious matter. And just to clarify, “Ave Maria” isn’t Beyonce’s song, she covered it, both Sunday evening and on her album. It was written in the 1800s, if not earlier.

  • Your Name

    Personally speaking I think it was not appropriate, granted Beyounce is a beautiful and talented young lady she is married. And I beleive she should have stayed in her own comfort zone. There are just somethings you just don’t do. With all due respect what was she trying to prove. We all know she can sing and carry herself as if she’s Diana Ross or the Queen of Hip Hop, Pop and any other Genere. This was a dedication to Michael Jackson. Just not the right time or place for that performance.

  • Faris

    I think you are taking it too seriously. It’s a song and she sounded great so end off.

  • pagansister

    Didn’t watch the award show. Listening to the YouTube video, I had a hard time even hearing the Ave Maria. As to disrespectful? I don’t think so. She is an entertainer….and will do what she thinks the audience wants. For sure the outfit she had on got their attention.

  • great

    she did it in english,so everyone could understand it.. most are done in latin,and I for one, don’t know latin.. It is one of my favorite

  • Kristen Jason

    BET said that they created that show in 2-3 days, so I can give her the benefit of the doubt that maybe that ‘fit she wore was for another song…But if you’re going to sing a religous song, dress conservatively. That’s just what makes sense. Beyonce doesn’t skank it up all the time, so why not let that have been one of the times that she wears one of her long gowns? She sang beautifully, it’s not like she needs to go on the the stage naked to compensate for lack of talent. All in all I think she made a bad choice, but I sure loved to hear her sing better than Ciara!

  • L. Apostle

    She looked silly and out of place with the clothes she selected while singing that sacred hymn. A more conservative opaque skirt that covered her legs would have been more appropriate to the song.

  • Vicki P

    I thought she did great!! I had chills when she sang that song, who cares what she was wearing, she sang from her heart, and it was beautiful. Michael would have love it!! RIP Michael.

  • Bey1

    I think you are taking it TOO SERIOUSLY….if that offends you and the rappers cursing on every other word doesn’t, that is very strange. You may need to reset your priorities.
    As for what she was wearing, come on now, we are in 2009, not 1909; and it was not a funeral, but a celebration, how many times do we have to say that?? A tribute does not HAVE to be somber.

  • Debra

    Beyonce’s performance was great! the dress attire was disgraceful, Ave Maria, not Ave Diva.

  • MAHJ

    The performance on the BET is actually the same thing she does on her tour. It’s rumored Beyonce sung or played Ave Maria at her wedding. Hence the contemporary wedding dress costume. Beyonce changed her performance at the last minute to tribute MJ. MJ died Thursday and Beyonce had a tour show Friday and Saturday on the East Coast. She basically had no time to conjur up a new and original performance. I don’t think her clothing was unappropriate at all. I was always told that the Bible says “Come as you are”. King David danced naked for God and I always thought angels were naked. God would not be displeased with her performance. The uptight Christian people would be. Beyonce’s voice was absolutely beautiful. Best vocal performance of the night. I know she could’ve worn something different but the entire show was a mess anyway.

  • The Writer

    @Bey1, I never said that I wasn’t offended by the rappers cursing on stage, I was actually really offended between the rappers cursing and bringing little girls on stage to dance to their expletive-filled and suggestive music. So please be clear, my priorities are straight. The reason why I wrote about Beyonce is because it would resonate with many of the readers here and because it was rather different from the rest of the show. Rappers like Lil’ Wayne getting on stage and embarrassing themselves and exploiting women is nothing new but I found Beyonce’s performance interesting and thought-provoking enough to write about it and gauge other people’s thoughts.


    I love Beyonce–she is a fabulous singer, a great entertainer but my one criticism of her is her overall lack of judgment in her wardrobe choices. The costume she wore singing “Ave Maria” was tacky and distateful in light of the reverence that should be given both the song she was performing and honoring the passing of Michael Jackson. Note to Beyonce: The whole world knows you have a gorgeous body and I totally believe “if you got it, flaunt it”–that is, SOMETIMES. It makes you look insecure and tacky when you take an occasion to sing “Ave Maria” in homage to the passing of Michael Jackson and put the spotlight on your body.
    A flowing floor length white gown would have added class and appropriateness to your otherwise beautiful rendition of “Ave Maria”.

  • Dee Dee

    I love Beyonce very much and admire everything she does, however I thinkg you missed it on this one.
    Out of respect for those, especailly Catholics, her costume was in poor taste. She looked fabulous but not for that song. We most respect each other’s differences and embrace our similarities.
    “AVE MARIA” is a very sacred song to some and just like we want to be respected then we should do the same. I think that the arangement of the song was great, however the attire was not appropriate.

  • Something To Consider

    It was a beautiful song and performance – the costume was inappropriate.

  • Life is over with out MJ

    If what she sang could only bring him back .
    I would watch her sing upside down and naked with 2 girls and 1 cup playing on the large screen in the background = (
    I miss you MJ!!!

  • Mary

    In Absolute Bad Taste!!!!

  • Lynda

    Dressing like a tramp or a circus performer and singing one of the most sacred and revered songs in the Catholic tradition was deeply insulting to me as a Catholic.
    The juxtaposition of a woman dressed like drag queen singing to the Mother of Christ, believed by many to have been the purest woman to have lived, made me feel very sad for the world and for Beyonce in particular. She may be a huge star in her own mind but she has lost her way.
    It is confusing to me as a woman and mother that young women today sell themselves like meat in an era that offers them every opportunity to advance themselves using their brains and talent alone.
    She showed poor taste, lack of consideration and respect for other people’s religion and really made a fool of herself.
    Talent and brains don’t necessarily reside in the same vessel, we see that proven every day.

  • Your Name

    I have been a fan of Beyonce and her performances are usually entertaining, if somewhat over the top. However, I was so disgusted by her inappropriate attire and demeanor singing Ave Maria. I am not Catholic, but I am a Christian, and even more importantly, I just feel there is a time and place for everything. That was definitely NOT the time nor place to dress provocatively as she was, and along with the grotesquely odd facial expressions, the entire performance was a travesty.
    I believe she should apologize for disrespecting the Catholic faith with her inappropriate performance.

  • Tesh

    As much as I like Beyonce, she didn’t do a good job singing Ava Maria at all. I couldn’t believe the costume change on stage and her weak voice. She also looked tired from all her touring. The girl is doing too much, better slow it down.

  • Kathy Settles

    When one is about money, sex and self anything goes. When one cares about how God views a matter, respect, reverance and humility exude. Sadly, many will think God is pleased until they stand before Him and hear Him say “Depart from me you worker of iniquity, I never knew you.” but then it will be too late. I pray we wake up, repent and turn to God as a nation before we self destruct from within like so many nations gone before us. Jesus Christ is the way and He is still available if we can put ourselves in a posture of repentance and get serious with God NoW while there is still time. Who knew last week that today Michael Jackson would be gone. Life is nothing to play with and God is not to be ignored. I pray we receive Him and see a better tomorrow.

  • Barbara Brooks

    I agree and viewing the performance I had to explain to my son that this song is to be sung with more reverence and care as it was being sung about the sacred Mother of Jesus. To me it was not even understood by the audience as to how this song was to have been done or the meaning. This was rush and done in bad taste.

  • Rae

    Ummm. I agree with everyone’s point of view. But I will not ever change the way I feel about her. She is a beautiful, and beyond great singer. She is human, and I’m pretty sure that after she performed: she had to re-think about what she did wrong. She might be well- aware of the fact that she could have done wayy better in her choice of clothes.

  • Jess

    I did not watch the BET Awards and I no longer watch the Emmys, Grammys, or Oscars. They all seem to be more about who can show the most body parts and who dressed whom rather than about talent. I think it is excess of the worst kind. I understand why some performers choose not to attend. It’s a waste of my precious time to spend 2-3 hours watching these exhibitions. Re: the song Ave Maria, I hardly think a secular awards show is the place to showcase such a moving and spiritual hymn – unless one actually feels it.

  • Your Name

    Traditional values have been kicked to the curb, labeled as old-fashioned and irreverence has taken its place except it’s not called irreverence it’s described as freedom of creativity, self-expression, and other lack-of-control, or the absence of self-discipline, modifiers. So there is probably some psycho-babble out there to justify singing a hymn such as “Ave Maria” as if it’s a pop song.

  • mila

    I agree I think beyonce did a terrible job at the awards…i believe she should have shown her talent by making a tribute to MJ through 1 of his songs thats just my opinion

  • Lolita Peralta

    Traditional values have been kicked to the curb, labeled as old-fashioned and irreverence has taken its place except it’s not called irreverence it’s described as freedom of creativity, self-expression, and other lack-of-control, or the absence of self-discipline, modifiers. So there is probably some psycho-babble out there to justify singing a hymn such as “Ave Maria” as if it’s a pop song.
    P.S. Forgot to add my name.

  • Your Name

    She was so rediculous during this performance, it made me sick! How dare this woman show up in a skimpy outfit, what was that thing she wore anyways?, and pretend she’s some type of heavenly angel sent to glorify us with her presence? During a past awards performance, she did some type of sexy strip tease, not to mention her skimpy videos showing ‘how great and wonderful’ her body is, and now she pretends to be the oppossite and wants to sing church songs? Please! She’s just as bad as the worst of them and her over dramatized performances and interviews (where she pretends to get emotional and starts to cry) are so overated it’s not even tolerable to me anymore. I can’t stand this two faced person! She will never be as huge as Michael, where in the world did this idea ever come from!? Bottom line, yes, she was and continues to be extremely disrespectful and should make up her mind as to what type of image she should portray.

  • Your Name

    I think that Beyonce is one of the greatest performers of our time. I did, however, find her clothing for the singing of the Ave Maria extremely disrespectful and in very poor taste. I truly thought it was horrible to watch the song being sung in a white bathing suit, followed by a see-through ballet type skirt that opened at the front. I was stunned and so terribly disappointed. I checked youtube and have noticed that Beyonce has performed this song at some of her concerts in a similar wardrobe. Am I missing some artistic symbolism here? I don’t think I will ever be able to see the justice/reason for having a song about our Blessed Virgin Mary portrayed this way.

  • G G Granroth

    The local ABC affiliate did not carry the BET awards show as promised network-wide which was in itself a flagrant abuse of its viewership. Since I don’t have the cable package that include BET therefore I didn’t get a chance to see Beyonce’s performance. I will just point out that the birth of Jesus in a manger by a woman pregnant by God was a very unconventional event for its time, and many rabbis and fellow Jews were condemning her so I don’t think we should think the Virgin Mary was deeply offended by whatever interpretation Beyonce carried off. With inner sincerity she may have pleased her more than an overly stiff and decorous version of Schubert’s hymn. Schubert himself was not an absolute paragon of holy virtue.

  • Your Name

    She’s overated! And yes, her performance was extremely disrespectful and out of place – especially as a tribute? When in the world has this woman cared so much about church music? And why does she have the need to start a river everytime? What a hoot!

  • Dimples

    I did not watch the awards but just watched the part that was on the internet piece here. I think the way she dresses just shows who she really is. Some people think that she is pretty, but she is so ugly inside it takes away her beauty. If she was honoring Micheal she did not do it, all it did was call attention to herself which is who she is and all about. Guess what “HELL IS REAL” whether people think it is or not.

  • pagansister

    Disrespectful? Come on folks, she was wearing White! Isn’t that the color for Purity? So what she WAS wearing was appropriate color for singing to Mary. Apologize? Why? She did what she always does….put on a show. Can’t please everyone all the time.

  • Digital Design

    Beautiful song. I even enjoyed her vocals on the song. However, Beyonce only cares about herself and how beatiful she thinks she is. Of course, she has a great body, has better control vocally then in the past, pretty face, talented but she needs to reach within her soul and stop letting her false ego take control. She is totally FAKE and shallow. When she sang this song, I was finally able to see that I don’t care too much for her and I know why now. FAKE A** PHONY!

  • Lisa

    OMG, I was so gotten away with what she had on that I couldn’t concentrate on such a beautiful and meaningful song. What was she thinking, or perhaps, she wasn’t. It was disrespectful on every level. The wedding gown with all of her private places being displayed like that was way too much for me. Someone clearly didn’t think that one out. I don’t buy that she had to make changes due to the show changing basically overnight. She is a performer and she’s not new at this. Performers are always prepared for changes. I was shocked and embarrassed.

  • Your Name

    I completely agree with you the song gave me chills. The Ave Maria has a special meaning to me and i was not expecting Beyonce to sing that i didnt even know she put it on her cd and when i heard the words come out of her mouth i could not believe how beautiful it was. I think her outfit was a ok choice. She wasnt being distasteful. It was also nice how the awards was a tribute to Michael. The other day i was in the car and You Are Not Alone came on and it gave me the chills. He will be missed.

  • Your Name

    I love B but this time I’ve had it with her not covering up her body she is married and seems to have forgotten that. Then to sing a song like AVE Marie!!!!!!!! with no clothes on when Mary covered her body herself is disrespectful poor choice of a clothing. May Michael RIP without all of these so called people who cared about him get to much reconition. I’m tired already. Show up show offs Quit it. Also stop Joe bashin if joe hadn’t been so strick it would not have been no Jackson nothing or they would have ended up like the Debarges I’m not saying I totally agree but its real talk
    I am a true fan MJ

  • KATE

    To remind you ppl that MJ died on FRIDAY! And this show is on Sun. She already had some other preparation done for BET, but had to change in the last minute, so this is her own tour material that she had to use (yeah, she’s still doing tour every week).
    You’re too demanding to ask for a full scale appropriate tribute show for MJ. He deserved it, but this is the best that they can come up with.

  • Loretta Gipson

    The song was sung beautifully. She is a talentent and gorgeous lady. The attire was very inappropriate. It took a lot from the whole performance. I couldn’t believe what I saw. Very bad Taste

  • ladyleo

    when the song first came on i don’t really get what she was singing and how it had anything to do with MJ but since i have read this blog it made a lot of sense to me now thanks for the understanding but her attire could have been a bit less revealing she is in deed a beautiful women inside and out and her talent is god given but we need to think about how we look when we giving honor to someone.

  • Simmie

    OUTRAGED is my word for that performance, simply OUTRAGED. I could not believe what I was watching and hearing. Half clothed, trying to look like an angel, making a mockery of one of the holiest of sacred hymns the “Ave Maria”. How dare anyone do that. What was Beyonce thinking, or was she thinking at all. I was ashamed and starting saying “Father forgive her for she know not what she do,” over and over again until the singing was over.

  • where is the real tribute

    The entire awards show was disgraceful. They should not have called it a tribute to Michael Jackson.
    How did soldier boy tell ’em get a record deal, he sounded tone def. Beyonce just used the time to put the spotlight on herself. No wonder Michael felt alone.
    Rest in Peace Michael.

  • pagansister

    Such a fuss over a costume. Amazing.

  • Arlisa

    She could have at least put on some clothes. Her attire was in poor taste for this song.

  • UntiltheMorning

    The 1st question that came to mind as I watched Beyonce’s performance was “Why is she half dressed on a night that is said to be in tribute to MJ?”. That was my honest reaction and I see I am not alone.
    It is not about being uptight is actually about showing respect

  • amazed

    Ave Maria…tribute to the Virgin Mary..performed half naked??!! where was the tribute? why not “Halo”..why not a formal, nice evening gown? WHY EVEN DO THAT SONG that is so contradicting to what it was meant to be…this is NOT a love song…Beyonce WAS one of my favorate artists…but this was byfar so shameful. Im not an uptight Catholic..but I believe an apology from Ms. Knowles is well deserved. DISGRACE…and so LOW!

  • nat

    I completely agree with this entire post. I was a godd Beyonce performance (random but good) yet it had nothing to do with a tribute or the songs. It was all about her and that made it very disappointing.

  • Anon

    No, kidding! I’m mortified by the lack of judgment that went into the execution of this “performance.” Like you, I agree that Ave Maria is a sacred hymn that glorifies The Holy and ministers to the ailing soul… What a profane way to “commemorate” (if you want to call it that) the life and the legacy of a profoundly prolific artist who help paved the way for artists like Beyonce to perform. I think she’s gorgeous. She has star power… but geez louise! Is it too much to ask for more appropriateness?

  • shon

    You people need to relax, you Catholics have far more to worry about than Beyonces ‘ performance!
    I bet none of you are African American… so you can’t relate to the energy or the feelings. I was moved
    to tears by her version of the song and it did make me think of Michael. Come on people a virgin can become pregnant????

  • Jim

    Wow….Beyonce took a deeply spiritual song and turned it into a narcissitic rant for attention. She may have a great voice and can sing, but she’s definitely a little stuck on herself and lacks heart and soul. She has no concept of humility…just how to shake her ass and boobs for the camera under a blue light to elicit thrills…just like any other Vegas pole dancer!

  • v

    Did she just wake up, and decided to sing dress in her robe?

  • d

    It’s completely insulting that she should expect us to see her as anything more substantial than a self-absorbed, money-driven, narcissistic pop star. No one can tell me that she couldn’t have found time to obtain a classy, understated, modest dress (that comes in less than 4 pieces and doesn’t require stage-hands, mid-performance, to assemble). Not only that, but what’s with the prancing across stage for–not one, not two, but THREE–different camera angles? Was it an homage to Michael Jackson or a freaking pageant?
    I hope it kills Beyoncé as much as it thrills me to know that Jennifer Hudson put her to SHAME at the *official* memorial–a tasteful, reverent and truly spiritual tribute to Michael, arranged by actual people close to Michael and knew he’d have preferred the even to be high-class.
    I agree: just because Beyoncé can sing doesn’t mean she has the right to croon any song on the planet. Some things are sacred and off-limits to even the richest, most powerful superstars. She should be ashamed of herself.

  • Your Name

    Firstly, don’t even get me started on that lump of horseshit called the BET Awards. Jamie Foxx was truly disappointing and irreverent. Did he not know that it was supposed to have been family oriented. The host himself opened the door for the rest of those fools to be profane. Secondly, I am young, black, non-religious, and a Beyonce fan, yet I am of the sane opinion that her performance was an absolute abomination and a disrespectful piece of claptrap. When the awful idea was copied (from Sarah Brightman, btw) to mix religion and death with sex, I should have been there to have pressed the “ABORT” button. That night could have been her opportunity to show her detractors and fans that she is not (at least not all the time) the scene-hoggin, avaricious, self-centered, spoiled pop star whom everyone thinks she is. Listen to the non-existent round of applause at the end of that ridiculousness. Everything about that performance was lost on everyone. Couldn’t she and her father have put self-promotion aside just for one night, like Ciara did, to pay proper homage to MJ? Shame on you Beyonce.
    To Beyonce: I am a fan of yours, so I want you to know that over-saturation will be the death of your career. Just in case you’re not paying attention, more and more people are becoming more tired of your image and voice being everywhere. You need to take a serious break and allow your beauty and talent to be missed. I know you’re probably afraid and thinking, “If I went away, I’d be forgotten, as so many have been, thus making my return either lukewarm or a failure.” So I understand why you and your father keep spreading your image so thinly. But you simply must allow adequate space between albums, videos, performances. You naturally possess that inexplicable thing that so many try to manufacture; I would hate to see it burn out. Please consider this. We will be waiting for you more grateful than ever when you get back.

  • joe

    Think of it this way im sure micheal would of been very happy for her to perform the way she did espcially as he wanted his funeral to be one of the biggest shows in the world and im sure it would be same for the many tributes done all over the world. Plus are some angels not naked? and i think that its depends on what background orr ethnicity you come from.i no many african americans who cried over micheal especially when Ave Maria was sung!!

  • Punk Girl

    I think Michael would have loved it. He was all about the spectacle, and I know that he would have approved of her dress. Also, the symbolic transformation from angel to bride was beautiful, and the progression of the song from Beyonce’s version asking for blessing of love through Sarah McLaughlin’s Angel to the traditional Ave Maria was perfect.

  • Your Name

    For all of you people calling beyonce you need to stop taking things so seriously, she sang a song big deal thats where it ends.Michael would have loved it and everyone thought it was a amzing she sang it with passion who cares what she was wearing god doesnt judge does he? If all you’ve got to do with your lives is Criticize other people then you need to get out more. people in this world take things too seriously! R.I.P michael

  • Dee

    This “Ava Marie” was trashy. Bad judgement. Disrespectful and silly.
    This was not the time to be underdrssed and stupid. Shameful..just shameful.

  • Random Poster

    The BET Awards was advertised as a tribute to Michael Jackson, but it clearly…CLEARLY…wasn’t! That up chuck of an “awards show” was planned a year in advance. MJ died a few days before it was supposed to go on. They threw some random crap together, cut out some award giving/receiving speeches, had a couple artists sing MJ songs, and had Janet Jackson appear and called it a tribute. Pfft.
    The person who made this blog said that Beyonce sung the hymn. I looked up the lyrics to the hymn (original and translated) and they were not the lyrics that Beyonce sung. Beyonce has a song on her album called “Ave Maria” and it was her new single at the time. That’s why she sung that song. If you though she was under dressed, fine. If you’re offended by her use of the words “Ave Maria” then okay. Though I don’t understand it that’s WAY more understandable than being upset over a hymn she didn’t even sing!

  • confused

    I am trying to understand why she used the words “Ave Maria” in her song. It didn’t make since at all. It was out of context big time. The song is not about the Blessed Mother, it is about her relationship with her boyfriend. It really makes me question her motives. Can she really be that dumb or was she making fun of something that catholics consider holy. (set apart) How did this song get this far? Didn’t anyone tell her “Ave Maria” means Hail Mary?

  • stacy

    “confused”- you are right to be confused- first off, this all the illuminati/masonry behind the music business and brainwashing artists to beleive in their religion, that of the ancient pagans- “maria” is not necessary the Christian Mary, but rather the mother-woman goddess from the pagan times being sung to. There is deeper meaning that goes very far..just read into the lines- she is talking how she felt it on earth- and in the darkness-even with her own friends she is alone- if she talking about Holy Mary it would be in the light and in more positive fashion not coming to her the darkness! only the evil comes to you in the darkness. You will be seeing a lot of illusions in the music industry to fallen angels, or angels coming to earth that are good- these are all references to satan, the fallen angel. (ie, chris brown’s fallen angel- lyrics are so obvious, jaz-z, rihanna, madonna etc talk about beautiful strangers and fallen angels, heaven on earth) they are talking about a bad thing, an evil thing. they beleive the fallen angel, satan, was improperly thrown out of heaven and they are all part of the religion that beleives he really is good and should be elevated and praised.. but this is another story.. beyonce is brainwashed to beleive evil is good, just as is most of hollywood…no respect and no business using the word Mary, she should have been using Venus or Isis cause those are the gods they pray to

  • fola

    you guys don’t get why the words ave maria are in the song because you don’t understand the song. Think about the song as a love song alright but not a love song between just any man and any woman but between God and Mary. And the love doesn’t necessarily have to be romantic in nature.

  • Your Name

    Mary was put on this earth to have the Son of Man. She was not”lost in darkness” and anything else that Beyonce talks about…

  • SuccIT^

    “Ave Maria” is a beautiful song. She’s not trying to offend anyone, or anyone’s religion… at all. I’m sure that was not her intentions, so it shouldn’t be held against her. Okay, “Ave Maria” means “Hail Mary”, right? Do you think that maybe Beyonce’, is saying Hail Mary, as in bless her (boyfriend), or whoever it is that she may be referring to? The guy she’s speaking of obviously has passed away, and love is no longer in her hands, so maybe she’s saying Hail Mary, be with my beloved, or something of the sort. You’re criticizing her for “singing about something she doesn’t know about”, but you’re doing the same in talking about her song when you don’t know what she’s talking about. I love Beyonce’ and her work, but if she’s wrong, then she’s wrong. That’s not the case here, she has done nothing wrong. I’m sure she apologizes for the offense she may have placed on anyone, but there’s no wrong in it.

  • LaTasha Covington

    First of all the tribute to Michael was going just fine with all the artist singing Michaels songs and getting his fans to remember the man as he was.. one of the greatest artist of all times.Then her come Beyonce like she was the Sugar Plum fairy! In that big see through skirt and the lights on her like she would be the first angel Michael sees when he reaches glory! We as society have put this woman on such a high hog that even the deceased is not worthy of her shine.I pray for her.

  • lou

    Succit you can’t speak for Beyonce because you don’t know what her true intentions are…however…the symbols and lyrics she’s been showing since her ‘crazy in love’ video indicate that she’s fallen to the darker side

  • Cisco

    I think you have missed the point. This song is not the traditional Ave Maria, which is the prayer, “Hail Mary full of grace, the Lord is with thee…” She is merely making reference to this prayer in her song. And, yes, the song Ave Maria is sung in a traditional mass, but Beyonce’s is not that song.

  • Ashleyist

    I’m late and stuff but your post makes no sense.
    There is a BIG difference between “Ave Maria” the hymn and Beyonce’s “Ave Maria.” Besides those two words, they have NOTHING in common. Beyonce’s “Ave Maria” is a frequently used incantation, just like “oh, my God” and “Lord, have mercy.” She is in no way referencing the hymn. This is very common in the South, including Houston, where B is from.

  • marilyn

    i wish beyonce her self would explain why she sung the ave maria, because the tune is the same as the Ave Maria sung to invoke the mother of our Lord………and which other Maria could she possibly be invoking…but the Mother of our Lord?

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  • Your Name

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  • Thaduwlms

    I think I found what I was looking for! Thanks for helping me out so much!

  • erbo gulang

    Beyonce walked down the aisle at her wedding to the Ave Maria in latin. When writing for her third album, she and her producer decided to write a love song about how she feels for her husband & incorporate the Ave Maria into the song, to reference their wedding day.
    The outfit Beyonce wore on tour & at this awards show while singing it, is supposed to represent a white tulle wedding dress. The lyrics talk of her being single, lost & alone, and finding her heaven on earth in her soulmate.
    When the BET awards was planned months before Michael Jackson’s death, Beyonce planned to sing this song. When Michael died & suddenly the show became a tribute, she asked to sing a Michael Jackson song, like many others did. They told her she could, then at the last minute told her she COULDN’T because the host, Jamie Foxx, wanted to sing that song instead. So she quickly went back to her original plan of performing her version of Ave Maria… and added the part in latin to evoke something religious, representing the loss many were feeling from losing Michael Jackson.
    Seriously, if you don’t know the dynamics or the intent behind someone’s actions, but will sit up here calling this woman everything but a child of God for having a leotard & a poofy skirt on while singing 1 minute & 45 seconds of the actual Ave Maria, after 4 minutes of non-religious, unrelated music… something’s wrong. How very disrespectful in & of itself.

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  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Jade

    I felt the same way back then and I thought it was just me. I found it highly inappropriate, I was offended and I can honestly say that my journey to not being a fan of hers started that night. I have been researching her and her spirit and I know now why she and that night have bothered me. She has sold her soul.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Jada

    Can’t please everybody. Damn if you do, damn if you don’t! Personally its a beautiful song and it was an awesome rendition! All who prophesize different religions and belief…ONLY THE ALMIGHTY CAN JUDGE ON THAT GLORIOUS DAY!! (Matthew 7:1 “Judge not, that you be not judged.”)

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Tina

    It was disrespectfull. Mary would not have been pleased. Its not about the sound its about the meaning behind it.. the fact that she sang the song in a unitard with her boobs popping out did NOT represent the meaning of the song. Your exactly right, this song isn’t sung to sound good it is knowing the beauty of calling on Mary’s intercession and expressing it vocally. Not abusing it and telling a personal story with it(that needless to say does not have anything to do with prayer nor the point of the original and only true “Ave Maria”) -_- First of all Mary represents PURITY and MODESTY and HUMBLENESS. She should have atleast been fully clothed. Adding her own lyrics to the song was kinda crazy too. That girl has too much power. God Bless her and help her to realize the seriousness of mocking the Blessed Virgin Mary.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Carmen

    Gorgeous song. If you have lost you human “heaven on earth” like your spouse, it is devastating, but somehow the example of Mary’s willingness to accept the will of the God in her life can encourage you to face the pain and make sense of it that way, trusting in God’s will for you, no matter what. That is what I got from the song.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Guest

    Beyonce’s song doesn’t have anything to do with “Ave Maria” except for the name. Yet another case when an artist uses religious themes to earn money.

  • elijahsmom

    I just came across this beyonce TRAGEDY while skimming youtube to play the song for my son since he loves listening to me sing along with it, and wow….listen to the lyrics. Its not even relevant to the beautiful song by Shubert, or Maria Callas….just to perform the original song without using just two words of the original wouldve been perfect but she has to turn everything into something about her relationship…

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