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After a day or two to reflect–and allow all you TiVO-ers to see the final show–I hope “24” will be back, though I didn’t expect to be thinking this as the show entered its final few weeks. You can watch […]

So I can’t help but respond to Dena’s Idol Chatter post about the release of the “New Moon” movie poster to the press–especially since I hate it! I am Team Edward through and through, and it was one thing to […]

Yufuf Islam, the artist formerly known as Cat Stevens, made an appearance on “The Colbert Report” earlier this week to promote his new album, “Roadsinger.”Apparently, the Muslim singer is going by his first name only these days as he “prefers […]

Hugh Jackman’s latest installment of the X-Men saga may not be wowing critics, but fans are still showing his trademark character, Wolverine some love at the box office for “X-Men Origins: Wolverine.” Maybe that’s because in real life, Jackman is […]

“Glee” is a show built on cliches–the teacher who will do anything for the kids, the jock who’ll give up popularity to pursue his dorky dream, the talented gal who dreams of becoming a star–but the sum of its parts […]

Jason Dolley plays Newt in the Disney Channel’s popular series “Cory in the House” and stars in “Hatching Pete,” now out on DVD with another family-friendly feature, “Dadnapped.” Jason found time to talk to me between finals in his college […]

A documentary paying tribute to the unsung heroes of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan–the military doctors, nurses, and medics who fight every day to save the lives of soldiers and Marines wounded in battle. The film will air on […]

Remember the Woody Allen billboard for American Apparel? Remember the lawsuit for $10M by the Woodman against the “vertically integrated” clothing company that indicated the billboard wasn’t in any way approved of by Woody Allen? Well, there’s a settlement, and […]

As someone who both writes and adores YA (young adult) novels, and has her own share of prom-going experiences to draw on, I get a bit nostalgic this time of year when I see a limo pull up at a […]

For all you “Twilight”-obsessed out there (I’m looking at you Donna Freitas), check out what I just received in my inbox–a first look at the upcoming “The Twilight Saga: New Moon,” which hits theaters November 20. The new film stars […]