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The numbers aren’t official yet, but undoubtedly last night’s much hyped season premiere of “Jon & Kate Plus 8″ set ratings records for TLC. But for anyone tuning in who thought that the couple were going to engage in some […]

I guess Britain’s infatuation with overnight sensation Susan Boyle isn’t over yet. The 47-year old singer who wowed audiences on “Britain’s Got Talent” a few weeks ago was back onstage last Sunday for the semi-finals and received another standing ovation […]

Fox L.A.’s morning show reported in an oh-so-brief clip last week that the pending divorce between Sean Penn and Robin Wright Penn is off, as Mr. Penn withdrew the divorce petition he had filed. I’m glad it got a mention […]

In this clip from Quentin Tarantino’s upcoming World War II movie, the leader of a group of Jewish-American soldiers who hunt and kill Nazis (Brad Pitt), interrogates a German to find out information about nearby Nazis. The film releases Aug […]

The oldest social network–after all, who but the early Christians invented the idea of “friending” even your enemies?–made a first tentative move onto the latest social network when the Vatican announced their new papal Facebook app yesterday. Part of a […]

One of the most interesting media stories of our generation–in terms of personal development, professional growth and spiritual relevance–has been the journey of Amy Grant. From Evangelical Christian Music Star to Pop Music Crossover Success to Country Singer to Celebrity […]

On the “Stuff Christians Like” blog website the other day, “Prodigal” Jon Acuff tries to come up with a “Christian Secular Culture Disclaimer“–a boilerplate excuse-me phrase like “Spoiler Alert!” or NSFW (“Not safe for work”) that appears to warn Christians […]

In this Hallmark Channel Original Movie, a newly retired couple, played by Treat Williams and Nancy Travis, looking forward to a trip on their boat, are asked a favor by a family friend, which changes their plans. “Safe Harbor” premieres […]

I stopped writing about Christian music full-time several years ago, mainly because I became tired of using words like “fresh,” “innovative,” or “inspired” for music that often wasn’t. In fact, it is a rare occurrence these days when I feel […]

Memorial Day weekend is upon us, and if this is the year to stay home, I suggest you gather with those you love and watch great war movies. Here are ten of my favorite military movies of all-time which you […]