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The Real Lesson Behind ‘Jon & Kate Plus 8′ Season Premiere

jonandkatepic.jpgThe numbers aren’t official yet, but undoubtedly last night’s much hyped season premiere of “Jon & Kate Plus 8″ set ratings records for TLC. But for anyone tuning in who thought that the couple were going to engage in some true confessions about what’s really going on in their marriage amidst all of the tabloid rumors about infidelity and possible divorce didn’t necessarily find what they were looking for. Jon still denied infidelity– sort of–and Kate denied her alleged infidelity emphatically. Jon also played coy throughout most of the episode as to whether he is truly living with the family or if he is living elsewhere and caring for them sometimes. And in their separate interviews they both focused more on the strains of different goals and ambitions , not other people, as the reason they are having problems.


Jon and Kate were rarely seen together on last night’s episode and actual eye contact was even more scarce. They both vaguely addressed the possibility of divorce at the end of the episode–though Kate did so more strongly than Jon.
But for someone who has rarely watched “Jon & Kate Plus 8,” I came away feeling that much of this reality show drama is not being contrived for ratings as some have suspected. Regardless of what Jon did or didn’t do after hours, I think he is completely sincere in wanting to pull his children back out of the limelight for their own good. And I think he is wise to come to that revelation. As the children grow up they are naturally going to become more and more aware of their unusual surrounding s and daily lifestyle. I think Jon has realized he has sacrificed too much of his own spirit at the altar of reality TV and he is trying to pull his family back from the brink of celebrity overload, but, uh, not everyone is listening.
As Jon rather poetically and sadly said in last night’s episode, their family has turned into a business and the price of doing business has gotten too high. Yet, reality television is something akin to joining the mafia. As Al Pacino once said “They keep pulling me back in.” The Gossleins can’t just disappear off of the media radar because of what it would do to them economically, and because they have already been in the spotlight too long for people to suddenly stop having interest in them.
I think the bravest, smartest action they could take is to walk away from it all–at least for now. Let this season’s finale be the finale of this family soap opera.
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  • Robert Tyson

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  • Dena

    Robert: If you hover over the “Add to” link at the bottom of the post (to the far right of “posted by Kris Rasmussen”) the “Add to Facebook” option is there.

  • Your Name


  • Jon Gossling

    It is incredible that no one sees this for what it is – This is all about ratings and money – The show needs to have at least 7 million viewers to be successful – Getting an new house did not improve the ratings enough – getting a pair of puppies did not help the ratings – renewing vows did not help the ratings – so the latest thing to do is invent a “new story” to build up ratings – This situation is pathetic – Both parents are making their living off of publicizing their children’s lives! Look at some of the facts finally reveled – Jon quit his job 2 years ago (he does not work from home) – Kate has plenty of helpers (all hidden from the camera – a chef, a nutritionist, baby sitters, cleaning personnel and so on) – now add to that how Kate has eliminated “family” from the show (remember Aunt Jodie? and Kate is estranged from her parents and siblings) – the idea is to eliminate any “leaks” to the truth – To continue to make a living off of their kids – an illusion must be created!

  • Your Name

    I fall in love with a family that despite all the craziness around… they worked out; That was the magic of the show John and Kate + eight.
    I understand that to create ratings “drama has to be created”… however I still see two parents that love their children and that can overcome all obstacles.
    Do not allow the world dictate your life… getting your lives together will take Forgiveness, sacrifice, love and effort; if the heads of this family are willing to agree with this maybe there is a chance of saving this wonderful family. If you are willing to do the possible God will take care of the impossible. Trust in him and he will deliver.
    With love – to an adorable family.

  • Your Name

    Jon. I totally agree with you. But love can conquer all. Please try to save this marrige if at all possible.You deserve better,Kate deserves better and those bueatiful kids deserve better. If it means walking away from a show I absulutly love then do so.Wether any of it is true or not I think with help you all can be saved.You have to believe in yourselfs. I hope you guys try for the sake of those kids. Good luck and God Bless. Do whats right for all involved. Debbie

  • Your Name

    It is obvious that this is not a happy couple. Sadly much of the public has been sucked in and can’t see the show for what it is. Jon was fired from his job 2 years ago because he couldn’t stay focoused at work. Well maybe rightly so because poor Kate hounded the man to death and then some after putting in a full day away from the kids. She complained of never getting a break. Well guess what Kate that is what being a full time mom is all about. And most of us moms don’t have the staff you do. Kate grew up in a trailer park. She saw this as an oppurtunity to capitalize to her benefit. Great you have done that and now when the costs have come too great you cry. Well honey I don’t feel sorry for anyone in that household but the kids. If they call you the babysitter’s name then you have gotten what you have rightly deserved. Never in any of the episodes do they show extended family? Why? My guess is they are embarrassed as to what these two have done at the expense of the children. I don’t agree with Jon’s actions at all. He is just as guilty as of taking advantage of the situation as Kate. If he is trying to change the rules now because it is not as exciting anymore…well you should have thought about how this would affect your family. Interesting for people who put their children first supposedly…..neither one of them have shown a very convincing example of it. Feel sorry for these two…..not me….feel bad for the mess they have made of their children……yes.

  • Your Name

    Wow! Who needs their life splashed all over the world? I understand the economy of having such a large family. And the need for money to raise them. However, Kate you are a nurse. You knew what would happen with fertility drugs, you should have used common sense in preparing for them. Jon, life’s a _itch and you live with one. But you chose her before all the limelight. Now deal with it. People every day have to get real jobs to support their families. We have to use extended family and friends to get by day to day. So if you want to plaster your life on TV then deal with the gossip or get out. But remember, those little ones will grow up one day and then what will you have? The good lord gave you these children for a reason, now you need to figure it out. But believe me, it wasn’t to make a fast buck off of them. So TLC, leave them alone. Help find real jobs for the parents so they can live in reality not in fantasy land of the tv cameras. I really feel sorry for you two because you let your life get away from you, but you made your bed, so lie in it or get up, smell the coffee and straighten up before it is too late.

  • Tired Of The Media’s Lies

    I’ve been watching this show from day one. I tend to agree, these past 6 months have been an absolute *stage* job for the show. If Jon and Kate absolutely felt they were tired of this, felt invaded, felt their children were being exploited they’d WALK away. I’m sure Jon and Kate both could get jobs like normal people and survive. They had to have invested money to live off of etc. Life can go on. The premiere show left me feeling *used*, this is all so staged. The show was supposed to be about the CHILDRENS 5th birthday party, but yet it dwelled on the parents and the he said she said routine of the past 6 months, tears, accusations, anger, the news media following Kate etc. Where did the FUN go anymore with this show? Its gone. Its turned into another typical *negative* show. I used to love watching this show because I felt uplifted and LOVED the interactions of the family members. If I want to hear about cheaters etc I’ll go buy the latest issue of People or Star..which I can honestly say…I DON’T. There’s enough sadness and negativity in the world. I am not watching this anymore if this is what its going to portray, sadness, negativity, anger and blame throwing. Its suddenly a soap opera with a script written thats nothing like it used to be…..HONEST and LOVING.

  • Tuddie

    I really believe that all Jon and Kate need to do to stay together as a family is to go back to their beliefs in christ. You cannot serve money and God. You have to love and hate the other. Chose Christ jon and Kate. Dont let satan win. God created the institute of marraige. You all belong together it’s no accident it is fate.
    Love your sister in christ

  • Your Name

    I must say, when this show first started, I watched it briefly, I was intrigued as to how this family came to be and how would the parents ultimately deal with 8 eight children. As a single parent of one child, my life is hectic enough, but to see how the parents would deal with sibling rivalry and mischievious behaviour (eight times over), not to mention the in-laws and just the day-to-day goings on fasinated me. Then one day I just stopped watching it — long before Jon and Kate started having marital problems, I guess the show really wasn’t doing anything for me anymore and also the way she would talk at him, as if he was one of the children was rather annoying.

  • Your Name

    My daughter in law watches this show, and is a reality “junky”. For myself I can’t see the attraction, other than the false image that TLC is trying to sell the American TV watching audience.
    One big happy family… It was doomed from the first, real families don’t exist under those conditions.
    While the show is “charming” at first look, it is a wish fulfillment fantasy for every childless couple (who want children), “maybe it could happen to us, we could get pregnant just like Jon and Kate” and now the “reality” check is setting in.
    Its time to let those children try to find out what a “normal” childhood is like. Jon, Kate, get jobs! You created those children they are your responsibility…step up and get it done.
    Realist in S. Cal

  • Your Name

    why are they letting this happen to them?

  • Charm

    The real lesson behing Jon & Kate Plus 8 is that when you agree to put your life and your family on TV for fun and profit, things can go horribly wrong.
    Stop treating your children like meal tickets, get out of the limelite, get some counselling, and see what you want to happen with your relationship. Maybe you need to go your seperate ways, but for god’s sake, don’t stay together for the sake of the ratings.
    Nobody could have a normal life with television cameras in their face every day. Nobody’s life could live up to that kind of scrutiny. Time to get a private life.

  • Donna

    I feel sorry for this family and I believe they should stay together and get marriage counseling. Economically I don’t think they should end the show. Being on a reality show has opened up the door for this family to experience and have things they never would of had. I don’t think the problem is because of the show, I think it’s because of the stress of having so many babies. Don’t get me wrong please, children are a blessing. Financially, raising a family that size would be overwhelming. The demands of children, work and running a household has a way of swallowing up a couple so they no longer take or have the time to be a couple and enjoy each other. I wish them the very best and hope they are able to keep their marriage together for their sake as well as the children.

  • Your Name

    I believe that Jon and Kate needs to go out to the real world and stand up to the plate and be responsible getting a real job. They wanted to be in front of the spot light look where it got them. I believe Kate seems she is so perfect, nobody is perfect except God. I use to watch the show but my opinion I don’t think the show is reality like Kate and Jon says. Anyways they put theirselves and their children in front of the spot light now they have to take what comes with it being on Television and the circumstances. I agree I also believe Kate and Jon plus eight is a false image and unrealistic. As their parents to these 8 children, Jon and Kate teach these children what a child normal life is instead using them to make a buck and Kate is annoying how she treats her husband as one of her children. Get a real life and see how other families out there lives that don’t have things handed down to them.

  • Robin

    What a heartbreaking situation Jon & Kate Plus 8 has turned out to be. My heart & prayers go out to the Gosselins. I am most upset with TLC network producers & some media. They have pushed the boundaries with a young couple who are apparently in trouble & in need of solid, sound and caring advice. I would hope someone would step in privately & offer assistance. TLC should have postponed the season allowing their “stars” – the children – the protection they deserve. As a boycott, I don’t think I’ll watch other shows on TLC any longer. “The Learning Channel” has taught me nothing from how this has been handled by their staff.

  • Dawn

    They are under contract for at least one more season. I hope they stop after this for the sake of their children.
    With the younger ones turning five and starting school this fall I hope that they can both finally give some needed attention to their marriage. Please get some marriage counseling.

  • Kissysquirrel

    I personally do not think this sad state of affairs is being done for ratings or $$$. I can truly see the pain and anger in each of their facesand their body language speaks volumes. I have really grown to like this family and I pray that they will step away from the limelight….not only for their children but for their marriage as well. I still don’t know what did or didn’t happen or who is guilty or who is innocent. I am keeping this family in prayer that they will come away from all this a stronger unit. I wouldn’t think they need more money.

  • Your Name

    Jon and Kate, I dearly love you. But, you need to get back to basics.
    Are you still activily going to church with your children? You need to get Christ back in your lives. It would not have gotten this far if you had kept with Gods simple rules. Christ first, Spouse second,
    Children third, then everything else. Money is the root of all evil.
    Has it been worth the pain I see in both of your faces? Your children deserve so much more. Jon how’s your self worth? Kate be back with the babies you gave life to. Iam praying for your marriage. Don’t make the mistakes I have. There is no one like your own childrens parents. Think about what happiness you could have in years to come
    when your grandparents and still being together. May God protect your 8 blessings with all this mess. God Speed.

  • Evelyn


  • Your Name

    Dear Evelyn, “Your Name” is correct in the order she stated. God, Spouse, and kids. My children although a part of me and my husband can easily divide us. We have to put our spouse first before our children. It is Gods plan. You know (Two are better than one. For if they fall, one will lift up his companion But woe to him who is alone when he falls, For he has no one to help him up. Ecclesiastes 4: 9, and 10)
    I chose my husband and I have to stick by that choice. He the same. If you are putting your children before your spouse you may be headed down the same path as Jon and Kate. My prayers go to all of you.

  • Your Name

    Dear Jon & Kate,
    Remember, that God loves us unconditonally and so shall we.
    Forgive eachother and don’t bicker to whom did what it will never solve anything. God and you know what went wrong. Surrender, give up the fame, and God will provide. Divorce is to easy. Fight for your marriage and children in the name of Jesus Christ. God Bless You All!

  • Charm

    Sorry, I’m with Evelyn on this one. Too many times I have seen husbands walk out on wives and children. Children come before spouse in my book. Actually, children are number one in my books. My daughter is my number one concern, as she should be. She didn’t ask to be brought in to this world. I put her here, and I owe her everything I can give her to go forward into this world and be a successful, productive human being.

  • Angie

    I agree that Jon is right in trying to get himself and his children out of the spotlight. As much as I enjoyed watching this show, it has become nothing but pure spectatorship for everyone. This is no longer a show about a family with 8 kids, it’s about watching a wife emasculate her husband and show her kids that money is more important than them. I have watched this show from the beginning and have seen Kate go from a regular mom in regular clothes to a woman who is obsessed with looking a certain way because of the money she has grown used to having. I would much rather watch something boring than to know this family is suffering just so I can have entertainment on a Monday night.

  • Mrs. D B

    “They made their bed”… they decided to have a family as soon as they got married. The children DID NOT ASKED TO BE BORN… they have the responsibility NOW to raise these children! JON tries his best,
    but the mrs. is just too ‘unwilling’ to help him. I feel bad for the children… after everything jon/kate went thru… they should be here for these children!

  • Catch

    This show needs to be taken off the air, so the family can once again reconnect. Divorce isn’t going to make it all go away, it will only make things worse. Kate also needs to change her attitude towards everything and everyone. Remember Kate you stated till death do us part. Your family is not a business.

  • He Who Walks Behind

    Family should never be a business. The show has given the Gosselin children many great experiences, but at what cost? The children are NOT living a normal life, far from it. They can never be comfortable in a normal life as long as their life is documented and projected to the world. They need to get off television and settle the problems and differences between the parents and move on, away from television and eventually away from the spotlight.

  • Your Name

    If you are on a Christian site, how can you say your child comes before God? Jon and Kate have made the mistake of loving money, at the expense of their family. These kids deserve BOTH parents to raise and care for them. Also, in most of these reality shows there is staf, etc, behind the camera making life flow easily. Kate demeans her husband, who is suppose to be the head of the household according to God, at every turn. I pray they turn to Christ, learn forgiveness and get back to REALITY not REALITY TV.

  • Your Name

    I have watched the show and heard about all the rumors. Both Jon and Kate need to be off tv and start working on their marriage. Both took vows and truly work on their marriage. With out their relationship on solid ground the kids are going to pay the hiest price. With a solid marriage then the kids would grow in a loving family rather than a family broken up and fighting.

  • jon and kate plus hate

    They knew what they were getting into. I hate Kate and Jon. I am so sick and tired of her playing poor me. Right!!! TLC should be ashamed of themselves because they are destroying a beautiful family. TLC hired that bodyguard and now he is around her all the time. Even at her birthday party. Why???? In that episode the bodyguard’s face was blurred out. Does TLC think they can fool the public. Was he hired to get back at Jon for his alleged affair? They both need to grow up and stop acting like teenagers because the kids are obviously suffering from all this drama in their lives.

  • Your Name

    Wow, what a grand mess that has been created with a family simply trying to survive, raise there unusually wonderful brood of children, and I think that the central theme was to have some fun with it, perhaps better secure the children’s future with the money from the show. But, at what price? It was cute, different, a neat idea, and a plus for tv ratings. But what about the selling out of one’s privacy, the allure of being on tv and the drama that comes with it as well as the drunken feelings with power of actually being seen around the world and so now the ‘Parents’ are at each others throats, not listening, snipping and backbiting each other. Jon & Kate; do yourselves a huge favor, love each other, take your FAMILY back and let this be your very last show, God is with you and trust Him to help you all thats needed to provide for and love those Eight Special Guests in your house known as Your Children, wishing you well……..a parent

  • Your Name

    Your Name,
    This is not a Christian web site. This a site for people who are spiritual. You can be spiritual without being Christian. In fact, some might say it’s easier to be spiritual without being Christian.

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