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A ‘Buffy’ Movie?! (But Without Joss?!)

buffypicforic.jpgApparently there is serious talk about a new big-screen “Buffy” flick! My heart went all a flutter when I read the recent article, ““Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” Returning to Big Screen” sent to me by fellow Idol Chatter blogger Kris Rasmussen (who knows I’m a huge fan of all-things “Buffy” and vampires in general).
It begins: “A new incarnation of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” could be coming to the big screen, courtesy of the director of the original movie.”
My reaction: EEEeeeeeeeee!
But then the joy thudded to a halt when I read that “‘Buffy’ creator Joss Whedon isn’t involved,” and “The new ‘Buffy’ film, however, would have no connection to the TV series, nor would it use popular supporting characters like Angel, Willow, Xander or Spike,” and “The producers do not rule out Whedon’s involvement but have not yet reached out to him.”
Why? Why would Joss and the original cast not be involved? How could they not be?


The only part of the argument about not including anyone from the original cast that made a little sense was the following bit: “Kuzui and Vertigo are looking to restart the story line without trampling on the beloved existing universe created by Whedon. One of the underlying ideas of ‘Buffy’ allows the filmmakers to do just that: that each generation has its own vampire slayer to protect it. The goal would be to make a darker, event-sized movie that would, of course, have franchise potential.”
I can buy that–maybe. But only if Joss is involved! What do you think, all you diehard Buffy fans?
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  • Rob

    No Joss = no movie. Period.
    This atrocity won’t even exist to me.

  • Amy

    This makes no sense to me. Like I said on another site, making a Buffy without Willow and the other supporting characters would be like making a new Wizard of Oz in which Dorothy is from Hawaii. It just doesn’t fit, so they shouldn’t do it. If they’re wanting to revamp it (no pun intended), make it about a completely different slayer.

  • Maggie

    THe movie didn’t work the first time around, and I reckon it won’t this time either. Buffy, in my eyes, in not TRULY BtVS without Joss, Gellar, Hannigan, Boreanaz,Brendon etc.
    It’s atrocious.
    Oh, and one more comment…I was appalled when I saw the local paper compared Buffy to Twilight. That, is a true shame. Buffy > Twilight.
    Joss is my God.

  • Lauren

    Ugh…how can this not suck? (no pun intended). They are so trying to capitalize on Twilight its sad. At least BtVS canon won’t be messed with….

  • Your Name

    The original Buffy movie was terrible. Joss made something terrible incredible. Smart producers would go back to the origin of success, Would’nt they? As a Joss’s Buffy fan I would lose interest if it did’nt involve the orginal cast and Joss.

  • Chels

    I’m only 15 and have seen all 7 seasons of Buffy and 3 seasons of Angel. If they were gonna make a movie, why would they make it without all of the original characters? That’s so pointless. I was excited for like 5 seconds and then, it was ruined by the fact Joss wasn’t involved and Spike and Willow and Xander aren’t even in it. Don’t even waste the time to make the movie.

  • Lauren

    It just won’t be the same without Joss and the rest of the cast.
    I couldn’t watch it without willow and xander

  • Your Name

    I agree. Without Sarah Michelle and the rest of the gang this movie would be ridiculous. This movie should be a continuation and ultimately a ending to the BTVS series. If for some reason one of the original cast cannot be involved then this movie shouldnt be made it would be nothing but an insult to Joss.his show. and ALL the Buffy fans.

  • anthony

    This is completely horrible it goes against everything i stand for
    i’m a diehard btvs fan and they cant do this to me and the rest of america who have fallen in love with seven years of memorable lines and story plots that can never be redone with the same comedic timing. this is the worst idea in the world leave btvs where it belongs in the 90’s and in my heart.
    You producers need to get creative and stop copying horror films from asians, and cult classics.

  • Your Name

    “The goal would be to make a darker, event-sized movie that would, of course, have franchise potential.”
    Sounds **just** like BtVS – minus the humor, intelligence and charm.

  • MetaHuman

    No Joss? Count me out.

  • http://POINTLESS Brittany

    makin a “NEW” buffy movie will be pointless with out the same people that we have watched grow up and watch for years and are so happy to see every move or show they make.. now with out them it will NEVER be the same..
    a buffy movie with out original characters or Joss is POINTLESS.

  • Kelly Dutton

    I really wish they would’ve continued Buffy and Angel/ If they could be on the Big screen it would definitely bring Joss Whedon back! I’ve barely seen her in anything since and I have watched her since she was on All My Children. I actually followed watching Buffy because I also liked the Original but I think the series rocks and it would be really Great if they would get her to go back and on the big screen. What can I say she was the Best Actress fo that part. Angel was also too die for. Obviously I am a Huge fan of them. My husband is also and we shared alot of moments watching Buffy and Angel together. I would also like it if they did make the movie where it would keep excelling…

  • Tony

    This is the worst idea ever, though I can understand why its being made. The Sex and the City Moive was a hit with a sequal already in production. Again, Star Trek was a hit also. The Whole TV Into Movie thing is Apparently the NEW THING, which is fine. BUT DO IT RIGHT!! I havn’t had Faith, (No punn Intended) in Fran Kuzui since her orinigal butchering of the 1992 version. If you dislike this idea, please join….

  • allie

    I am a die hard buffy fan, so much so i have the words “buffy” as a tattoo. Part of what makes Buffy so great is all the wonderful lines from joss and his whole mentality put into the show. I have a feeling I wont be seeing this movie, or if i do I wont like it. Sorry but if theres no joss, theres no Buffy.

  • Ebon

    New Buffy movie? Great.
    Darker and edgier? Well, season 6 was pretty dark already but ok.
    Using different characters but set in the same universe? O…K, I guess but the way the show wrapped up, the whole idea of one slayer per generation is out the window (and didn’t really survive season 2).
    None of the usual supporting characters or Joss involved? Sorry, that’s a deal breaker. I can live with Joss not writing it (some of the best episodes were written by other people) but without Joss having at least some involvement, it’s going to be Buffy in name only.

  • Jessie

    It wouldn’t be the same. I think they should use the old characters and involve Joss.

  • gary yablonski

    I remeber watching BUffy when i was a senior in high school,and i truley enjoyed the show.ITs 2009 now, and since then ive had children, and though the series is no longer running, we have collected each season together and truley have enjoyed watching them over and over.
    The one thing that this series has done that many others can honestly not be able to claim to do is after 7 years ,you truley want more, you need to know what happens next. all of theses characters that made buffy what it is could have easily held there own in there own cared about who they were and what would happen next, what was there next chapter.
    Recently it was anounced that a new Buffy movie would be in fact comeing out. MY children and i danced around the living room we were so happy. But then we later found out that joss whedon would not be apart of it and all the cast were being replaced. not just replaced, but forgoten about, angel and spike the vampires with souls -gone! willow the all powerful witch , gone! Giles the ripper, buffys watcher and father figure-gone!This movie is not buffy the vampire slayer if joss isnt at the helm. this is a joke. and i wont see it.
    Now do not misunderstand me , i would understand if a actor needed to be replaced due to schedualling issues or what not, i get that . and could handle a new buffy if it had to hapen, or a new spike , if they had to. but.. to pretend that these characters never existed, or to cut them short of the potential a big screan adventure they could have, and the money they could continue to pull in is just plain stupid. I cant help but be reminded of the star trek series on tv, and when they went to the big screan with the same cast that we already knew , they did so well that a half dozen movies later ,it set the stage for a next generation that by the way after multiple years on tv used its original cast and had at least four big motion picture movies that hinged entirely on there original cast.
    My point is this, why couldnt buffy do the same? the actors though ageing still are more than capable to belivably pull off there roles. There still loved ,and adored, and wanted more than ever not by just my generation that grew with buffy as she did but the next generation as well who when it was over got to start all over again on dvd. This is not the type of movie to start new with, there is just to much already invested into these characters wich america has grown to love.i would wager if joss whedon were to make his own movie and have it come out the same time as this renagade buffy movie, Whedons movie would blow the renagade version right out of the water no matter how much ‘darker’ , or ‘fresh ‘ its supposed to be.Quite simply becuase it is not what we want. we know what we want we screamed for it for 7 years when it was on tv, and i promise you, bring whedon and his cast to the big screen and well be screaming again.only with whedon itll be because we cant wait for more!
    i apoligize for how quickly and poorly this is written , there are few things that compell me to be heard , or to attempt to have a voice, but this , this has angered me, and upset me highly. anyone who reads this who feels the same way, make your self heard. that is the only way we have a shot in the world of them not just makeing a buffy movie but makeing ‘our buffy movie’.thank you all for who ever took the time to read this.

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