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I was engaged, thrilled, and entertained while watching the wonderful “State of Play” recently. And whether it was the Easter season on my heart or some classic traditions on my mind, it hit me that “State of Play” is as […]

How wonderful to see the choice for the cover story at–and on the cover of Monday’s print editions! Tony Dungy, former Super Bowl coach of the NFL’s Indianapolis Colts made headlines not for what was happening on a football […]

Having lived for quite a while in the wonderful media city of beautiful Downtown Burbank, I got to play men’s league basketball with “The DaVinci Code” and “Angels & Demons” director Ron Howard and his brother, Clint. Ron was known […]

How does a long-time-clean-square-white character actor get selected to play one of the most complex roles to come down the pike in a long time? Such is the crazy business of movie-making, especially when it comes to movies where faith […]

Director Ron Howard has recently come under fire from Catholic League president William Donohue because of his new film, “Angels & Demons,” based off the Dan Brown best-selling mystery fiction novel–the prequel to “The Da Vinci Code.” In a recent […]

Bono of U2 is certainly known for his works (of activism, that is) and his music has always been known for its Christian influence–but Bono the Op-Ed columnist for The New York Times? Taking a place alongside the likes of […]

I’m all for gay marriage and I love me some Perez Hilton, but I have to take exception with the “gossip gangstar”s’ vitriol during the whole Miss California gay marriage answer brouhaha. During Sunday night’s Miss USA competition, the very […]

Like the rest of the world (or most of it), I am obsessively following talk of Susan Boyle–her glorious singing voice and her inspirational story (though I am the avoiding makeover talk because it is unfortunate and unnecessary.) And I’m […]

Word is out from Random House yesterday that Dan Brown’s sequel to “The Da Vinci Code,” titled “The Lost Symbol” and featuring “The Code’s” main character Robert Langdon, will be released in September. Five million copies are planned. The new […]

As “24” wraps up “Day Seven” and as a matter of business, “Day One” after a writers’-strike-induced 19-month absence from its regular Fox slot, the questions remain: How will this day end? Has the show regained relevance? And, I believe, […]