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Is Jon Gosselin Cheating? New Photo Emerges

jongosselinanotherwoman.jpgThings that make you go “Ewww.” Reality TV dad and alleged philanderer, Jon Gosselin of TLC’s “Jon & Kate Plus 8″ is getting sleazier by the day.
As I mentioned back in March, Gosselin was reportedly crashing college parties, getting drunk, and making out with women who were not his his wife. He denied having an affair, though on the Season 5 finale of the show whined, “When I go out, I can’t be Jon. I have to be ‘Jon & Kate Plus 8″–and alluded to some possible marital problems stemming from his need for privacy and Kate’s love for the limelight.
Now, US Magazine has published a photo of
Jon in a car with a mystery woman claiming that it was taken after he drunkenly stumbled (the magazine describes it as “could barely walk”) out of a bar close to his Pennsylvania home. Kate is apparently in Washington State promoting her new book, “Eight Little Faces.”
From the magazine:


[Jon] was overheard yelling, “Hey, babe! Babe! Give me my jacket!” before climbing into his Nissan Nismo. (She complied.) As cameras began snapping, he panicked, urging his female friend to “get in the car!” before speeding off hastily — without even turning on the headlights.

Today, Jon Gosselin issued a statement claiming that the woman was a friend but that he regrets his behavior:
“Like most people, I have male and female friends and I’m not going to end my friendships just because I’m on TV,” Gosselin said. “However, being out…late at night showed poor judgment on my part. What makes me sick is that my careless behavior has put my family in this uncomfortable position. My family is the most important thing in my life and it kills me that these allegations have hurt them.”
What I want to know is, why hasn’t Kate said anything about this “friend”? One would think that she could easily clear up things if she validated that this mystery woman was indeed Jon’s platonic friend. I mean, if it really was Jon’s “friend,” wouldn’t she know about her…considering she’s Jon’s wife and all?
At first I really hoped Jon & Kate would try to work things out, but now it seems like they are content living the typical celebrity marriage, one of convenience and not love and commitment.
Oh, and who were watching all their kids, anyway, while Jon was out gallivanting and Kate was off on her book tour?
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  • ala

    I have watched many episodes and enjoyed them a lot. However, these past 2 months I taped them and then watched. The reason? I can no longer stand Kate and the way she cuts her husband down. She treats him like a child, her servant, screams and shouts and undermines him as a father and person of respect for the children to look up to. She is all about Kate. The poor guy can’t speak a full sentence without her corrected and/or interrupting him. What a witch she is…I am sure she takes good care of the children when she is around and when she is not complaining about her lot in life.
    Though he says they are together for life…. I would not be surprised, though disappointed if he were to look for validation elsewhere. He’s surely not getting it at home, as can’t ever do right by her.

  • pagansister

    Just take the show off the air. Does anyone really care about those folks anymore? I think the new-ness of the whole 8 baby thing has worn off. Then Jon can leave Kate if he want to…and live out of the lime light and do whatever he wants.

  • Your Name

    The editors show what they think is most interesting in this family dynamic; they don’t show the day to day boring, or loving, things that every married couple go through. There is no way for any of us to know what really goes on between this couple. I don’t think we have the right to condemn this family, though. They need our prayers now more than ever. This Christian family needs to get back to God, but they need to get back to each other, too. I truly feel for this family, especially for the children who are the ones who will be hurt most by all the negative publicity.

  • Your Name

    It’s sometimes painful to watch the show as I have been saying; for the last couple of seaons. That there is something that is up, if you ever notice the body language that they show to one another!!
    Especially during the times on that little love seat that they are interviewed from discussing that episode. Take a closer look on some episodes Kate’s body language tells the story, she will sit and lean as far away from him as possible at times. Also, there’s quite a bit of arm crossing when they are interviewed together on that love seat. Those are tell-tale signs that all is not well……

  • AC Brown

    your half the man you momma is

  • race car dude

    she reminds me of my wife, and we only have 2
    Women, wake up, when the kids are grown, your husband MIGHT still be there………….and then what? Take half and find a boy toy? Guess who will have an easier time finding someone in their latter years? Not as many COUGARS out there as you would imagine.
    Respect and appreciate your husbands….or prepare

  • ICSillyPeople

    The extensive media attention to this disaster should be focused on what is happening to these poor children. There has been at issue since this family became a show, how there is a need for National child labor laws. These children are working & supplying their parents w/ the good life all the while their privacy is invaded at all hours of the day. WHERE are the children’s paychecks going? Maintaining a 1.3 million ESTATE, sports cars, Dad’s partying like a rock star, Mom on a continuous lecture/book tour, full time round the clock nannies, shopping in pricey stores, etc…
    The children need the help of the Federal/State’s legal system to put their funds in trust and govern their education and work hours!

  • Jenn Kirby

    Pride comes before the fall! Kate especially has gone off the deep end with her arrogant behavior. From a “hick” to a self proclaimedv Hollywood goddess she thought she was the darling of reality shows. She treated Jon like dirt and you wonder why he strayed? Jon’s behavior is not to be excused and Kate does not deserve a unfaithful hubby. They both should run back to God, humble themselves, and pray God will bring beauty for ashes!

  • Ann

    Kate needs to wake up to what is going on if she does not already know. Jon needs to get over himself and try to patch things up with his wife. He also needs to grow a pair and stop letting her walk all over him. As for the men that warn women to treat their husbands like gold or prepare to be left in the dust……. I think that your new trophy wives will split as soon as the money runs out. You guys should be lucky that your wives want to stick around as well.
    I think that we all need to grow up in general as a society. The divorce rate is so bad that it is just stupid. Cm’on people can’t ANYONE stay married anymore? They could if they were not so wrapped up in themselves and the “poor me” mindset. I am the only one out of all of my friends that is still married. EVERYONE I know has been divorced at least once. Some of them divorced over affairs or domestic abuse. Most of them divorce simply because they were not satisfied with their lives anymore. They were not “in love” anymore and went out to find the one that could make them feel that way again.
    Please, we all know that the initial flush of romance will fade with anyone right??? right? I guess not. Too many people go scrambling after it at the cost of their families.
    Look if you don’t want to try to stick things out, don’t get married.
    Really it’s that simple. Oh and don’t just go have kids either with your live in boyfriend, why mess up more lives than just your own?
    I think the reason I am so mad at this mess is that they were holding themselves up to be some kind of icon for married couples or something.
    Great job guys.

  • Charm

    My mother once told me that gay people shouldn’t be allowed to marry because they would make a mockery of the institution of marriage. Seems to me the straight people are doing an okay job of that themselves.

  • ICSillyPeople

    Everytime j&K open their mouth nothing comes out but a LIE or EXAGGERATION. Why would I believe any statement released by Jon?
    On, friends are defending him. 1 is the bouncer (yes, the bouncer) from LEDGENDS, whom states he always sees Jon w/ his wedding ring on. ALWAYS, huh,? Exactly how many times is “always”? He goes on to say that Jon arrived at the club w/ someone that wasn’t his wife but it was all innocent. HE ARRIVED WITH HER? Jon said he bumped into her there & she just wanted to drive his car to hers. Hmmm, sounds like HE PICKED HER UP! The other 2 friends quoted, are lifelong friends (neither there that night) who state “Jon does not get out enough.” DOESN’T GET OUT ENOUGH? When exactly, was the last time you 2 saw Jon? I see him on the internet all the time in bars. Maybe he forgot to call one of you 2!
    These are the best 3 morons they could find to help Jon out? PLEASE, PLEASE don’t EVER help me like this!
    I want to hear it from BABE herself. Where is her statement defending Jon Boy?

  • Your Name

    Men do not have women “friends” that they “hang out” with. It just doesn’t happen. My former husband and father of three little kids had lots of “friends” and curiously, I never knew any of them. Jon’s issues with his wife will not go away and are now compounded by his escapist tendencies. Grow up, Jon. Your life will NEVER be the same if you choose this path to utter destruction. Men who cheat – or who even think about it – it’s their issue. It’s not about the wife. In this case, Jon’s wife needs to wake up and realize that her life is about to change for the worse, also. Stop taking him for granted. Save your $$ and cancel your show. Be regular folks. Don’t scar your kids for life because it’s “too stressful” to make $60K a week because you have 8 children. If you think it is tough now, just wait. Be very careful what you wish for.

  • Angela

    She is controlling, bossy, dismissive of everything anyone else says, she treats her husband as if he is an idiot. She is rude to him in front of others. He is childish, still thinks a father of 8 should be “out” rather than taking care of his family. A good parent does not treat his children as if they were a means of support while getting drunk with other people be they male or female. I quit watching her snipe and belittle and he grumble and “poor me” about a year ago. They appeared to have little concern for each other it was all about each of them individually and what their kids could provide for them rather than the more adult providing for the children. He is childish and she is rude and nasty. I feel so sorry for the kid, this appears to be a trainwreck in the making. She is in Washinton state selling a book, he is out getting drunk who is watching the kids? The staff from the discovery channel? Poor kids.

  • Joe

    Who could blame him? Kate is a f%$!@%ing bitch!

  • Krissy

    This is bullshit I think. I say this so called “MYSTERY WOMAN” is just a person that helps out with Jon and Kate, because who was watching the kids while Kate was on her booksigning? These people who mkae the magizines are full of shit they did this to make money and sell the books. Now i know that Kate can be a little hard on Jon sometimes but now come on do you people really think he would go out 2 o’clock in the morning and date this chick while kate was away and leave his kids home. NOOOO, he would not do that becuase i know for afact he would not leave Kate and his 8 kids becuase he loves his kids to death and i am sure he loves kate too, but Jon just has to give in a little more andnot let Kate run the house all the time and I am sure that they would get along much better.

  • LutheranChik

    While I agree with the post that pointed out the irresponsibility of parents basically living off the novelty of their large families…when are television viewers going to take some responsibility for their viewing choices? If you think it’s unhealthy for a family’s private life to be on television, week after week, for all to see, or for parents to be dependent on the money their kids earn for them in the entertainment industry, in shows like these — then why are you being complicit in that dysfunction by tuning in? And what exactly is the entertainment value in television programs focusing on ginormous families?

  • Tired of the Gosselins

    Aren’t we all kind of tired of the Gosselin’s marketing their kids? I personally think Jon wants a life, just like his kids want a life. The only one happy with the situation is the mother hen who sure likes being the star of the show. You see more of her than Jon and the kids combined. While I am dissapointed with the foul language and name calling, Kate does tend to walk that fine line of being downright rude to her husband. If I were them, I would bring the show to a halt, sit down and have a heart to heart talk, and start putting the pieces back together before they are irrepairable!

  • gwen

    Kate is upset because her little money making family is falling apart. BOO-HOO. She treats not only her husband like crap, she treats everyone like they are beneath her. Bad things happen to Bad people Kate! Good Luck to Jon!

  • irene

    I agree, kate does treat jon like sh*t, and come on she never shows any affection for those kids, all she does is yell at those poor kids,Good luck jon.You deserve soom respect.

  • Pull the plug on the show..NOW!
    Two relatives of the other woman – confirm that Jon & Kate Plus 8 dad Jon Gosselin, 32, has been having an affair with third grade school teacher Deanna Hummel.
    TLC now needs to pull the show…unless they are going to show them in Divorce Court which I wouldent put past them.

  • Your Name

    he would never do that to Kate. It’s just a lie…just like Dr. Phil is getting a divorce…so what. They’ll get through it

  • Your Name

    Who the fluck cares? He’s not good looking anyway, she’s CERTAINLY not good looking! Her hair looks like it’s been brushed with an egg beater. That little snotty soon to be biatch like her mother Maddy needs to have someone NOT spare the rod. Must be nice to have all that money and the thing your started out with to have crumbled around you. Sure, they live on 36 acres and have a couple of houses on the property, so Jon can have his life while she has her lies. He may be afraid to divorce the witch because of the child support and possible alimony he may have to pay. But Joh, do you really want to become a bitter old a** like Kate? Don’t forget your kids, but don’t forget yourself either! I don’t believe in God, or heaven or hell anyways. I’m thinking it’s all just a made up crock of sh*t jsut like Santa and all the other make believe stuff to try and keep people in line. I don’t condone murder or anything like that, but I do think that we are all entitled to live a happy life. Leave Kate, Jon, and take the kids with you! Don’t leave them with that unhappy, harping, shrew of a female! She’s gonna choke on her own crap someday. There’s something wrong with someone like that. She’s just plain sick and you’d be even sicker for staying with her for the freakin money! Well, maybe I’d stay if I didn’t have to sleep with her either……..Yikes! Move on buddy!! Just be happy!

  • Your Name

    I don’t care how b*tchy Kate might appear, there is NO excuse for jon’s cheating and/or putting himself in these postions. IF he doesn’t want to be with Kate then he could get a divorce. He needs to consider his kids in all of this and think with his head for a change. Kate always shows those kids love and affection and those who try to villianize her as an uncaring mother are totally off base. I agree she can be controlling and over the top sometimes, but I venture to guess that any of us had her life with (8 children), 2 sets of mulitples that we would always be kind and under control either. I think she loves her kids and they know it. Just watch how they feel about her…..that something you can’t fake. With all that being said, if Jon’s adultery is true, I hope she kicks him to the curb. She has plenty of money now and let’s face it, Kate is very attactive and would turn most anyone’s head. Jon……not so much!

  • malia

    I don’t see why everyone is getting in their bussiness! if they weren’t famous or tv stars no one would care!!!! whoever typed the HUGE ESSAY sounds like they are the one john is cheating with!!!!!! kate is hot enough to get anyone she wanted!! john not at ALL!!!Every woman out there knows that men need to be controlled every once in a while, other wise this is what happens!!!! I want to see someone else try to have 8 kids and not be a little controlling!!!!!!She loves her kids she would do anything for them even if it means selling her sould to the devil and i think we all would for our kids!!!!so EVERYONE STAY OUT OF THEIR LIVES because all your s**t talk makes it worst!!!!

  • SDS

    The stupiduty of men continues to astound me!
    I hope Kate follows her gut instincts concerning this
    matter and keeps the kids protected!
    Shame on you Jon… you and your hectic life were
    created by YOU!

  • Your Name

    no one even knows if Jon is even really cheating at this point. This might just be another rumor made by a magazine editor with no life who just wanted to write an interesting story. I do think it is very convincing that Jon is cheating but I also don’t think Jon would do that. Kate may be very controlling but she does a great job taking care of her kids! If it is true that Jon is cheating I’m sure they will work it out.

  • Your Name

    i think this family needs to return back to Jesus Christ, the author and finisher of their faith! With Christ, all things are possible! Forget the glitz and glamour….get back to basics REPENT!!! and allow the might right hand of God to restore your mattiage!!God will restore the years the locusts ate away if you let him, jon and kate!! Christians everywhere should be praying for this family!!!SHAME ON YOU IF YOUR NOT. Don’t be part of the problem, be part of the solution…get on your knees for this family!!!!

  • ?

    all i want to know is who was watching the kids while jon was supposesly cheating on Kate while she was away doing book signings and such?

  • Chris

    TV did this to these people. One of them is a camera hog and one of them is a privacy seeker. If the cameras were never in their lives to begin with, I’m sure they would be a lot happier and on completely different paths than they are currently walking. But remember, we can only see what networks and magazines manipulate to look like the whole picture, when in fact there’s most definitely a lot more going on.

  • Sherry

    Jon went off the deep end, and is trying to recapture his youth. He is acting like he is 18 years old — he commented that he is “only” 32 years old, yet he didn’t know how to stand up for himself. But he knows how to use Kate’s controlling personality against her — Oh boo, hoo, mommy has been mean to me, so I must go off to the playground now.

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