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Celebs Stump for Autism Awareness

080405_lede_mccarthy.jpgIn case you haven’t heard already, April is Autism Awareness month and today is World Autism Awareness Day. It’s a developmental disorder/cause that’s near to my heart since my husband and I have been helping our eight-year-old son manage and battle his autism for years now.
Autism awareness is a hot cause among celebrities as well, most notably with actress Jenny McCarthy, who’s gone on the stump for a few years now about her son Evan’s autism, her battle against vaccinations (which she believes could be a cause of autism), and her advocacy for autism research and biomedical treatments. Read our interview with McCarthy, about how she “went into warrior mode” to fight for her son.
Actress Holly Robinson Peete, who also has an autistic child, also is using her star power to give a voice to so many who don’t have one. In an interview on, she speaks up for autism awareness, the vaccine controversy, and mainstreaming her son in school.

Then there’s John Travolta and Kelly Preston, whose son Jett recently died. Though they never publically said if their son was autistic, it was widely believed that he was. Read more about scientology’s views on autism and medical care on Beliefnet.
Jenny McCarthy at

  • gerry

    Why did Jenny McCarthy just attend a benefit this past March for the New York Rescue Workers Detoxification Project (co-founded by Tom Cruise) which is a CLEARLY a Scientology front group? This detox program is the same as Scientolgy’s Purification Rundown. AND their Narconon program.
    It was stock full of Scientology celebrities. Hosted by Danny Massterson-Scientologist, and his brother Danny was there-Scientologist, along with Julliette Lewis-Scientologist,,,, and she also posed for pictures with Leah Remini , Laura Prepon and Jenna Elfman, two very well know Scientologists. I find this odd since Scientology does not recognize autism as a real illness.

  • Mike

    >> Why did Jenny McCarthy just attend a benefit this past March for the New York Rescue Workers Detoxification Project (co-founded by Tom Cruise) which is a CLEARLY a Scientology front group?
    Maybe because it is very effective and has turned lives around. Those helped were the heroes that worked at Ground Zero but suffered numerous deleterious health effects that have been reversed by the program. Go ahead link it to Scientology if you want – you just show your bias. But the fact is this program works and saves lives.

  • Carly Jay

    Our Pastor attended the NY Detox Dinner two years ago when Tom Cruise was there and we were like why would you go to a Scientology event, but his cousin is a firefighter in NJ and had been near death for 6 months before he did the detox program. It seems to really clear up a lot of the physical conditions that the rescue workers have gotten since working at 9/11. Naturally he had only good things to say about what happened and showed us the video a few weeks after. It was inspiring and I can see that the work of our Lord is at work in many people around the world…not just Christians.

  • Reginald Selkirk

    Numerous medical studies have found no link between vaccinations and autism. It is unfortunate the McCarthy uses her celebrity to promote views that have been shown to be wrong; and to discourage vaccination, which saves lives.

  • Your Name

    Reginald, the studies that show there is no link between vaccinations and autism were done by the same people who say that the drugs they give help. This is big business making money. Mercury is bad for people, and they put this in the vaccines. That should be enough to keep people away from them, but many people buy in to the lies the pharmaceutical companies spread with the help of the FDA (also run by former pharmaceutical big shots) These studies you speak of are self serving. The real gains in these areas are in cleaning the kids bodies and nutrition. This is a fact. If you want to keep your head in the sand and believe the nonsense that these “studies” put out, well, that is up to you I guess. This country is still free (well, sort of).
    Try to look at it like this. You can dress up a lie with a lot of money and get a lot of people nodding their heads, but it is still a lie.

  • Concerned

    No question there is a link with vaccines and autism. Vaccines are big business when you use the substance on close to 100% of the population. Can’t get much more market share than that! Further, the vaccine manufacturers cannot explain observations like why autism rarely appears in the Amish population and when it has been found (extremely rare), the Amish mothers of the autistic kid when against Amish doctrine and had their kid vaccinated. The vaccine manufacturers remove mercury and replace it with other adjuvants and preservatives and claim it didn’t affect the autism rate because what they replaced it with is as dangerous (e.g., aluminum). They know what they are doing and if the cat ever gets out of the bag that vaccines do in fact cause autism, it will make the tobacco settlement look like a small claims court case.

  • bob dobbs

    Mike, the only people who have anything good to say about that NY detox are the
    Scientologists who patrol the internet to attack critics and imply that
    there’s general public support for Scientology front groups, are you a Scientologist? The Scientologists made up some phony award that they claimed was given to them, google “Scientology Cult Fraudulently Claims “Medal of Valor”; from New York Fire Department”.
    Carly Jay, your pastor does’nt have a name does he, are you sure you’re not
    a Scientologist? Scientology has claimed support from certain people in the past, but when these people are contacted they’ve never heard of Scientology
    or they categorically deny it. It seems like the Scientologist are being more
    explicitly vague then ever now. Scientology also like to make public testimonials containing anectdotal accounts of how Scientology has “helped” someone, these are never empirically provable, but it’s what L Ron ordered.

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