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Mel Gibson and Wife to Divorce

melgibson.jpgI was discouraged to hear the news of Mr. and Mrs. Mel Gibson’s pending divorce. Robyn Gibson signed the paperwork last week, the day before Good Friday. Mel must have had a different kind of passion this Easter.
The Gibsons have been married since 1980, after meeting in Adelaide, Australia in 1977. They have seven kids (can you believe they’re that old?!), six of whom are grown. Stories have circled for years that their marriage has been in trouble, especially since his DUI arrest over two years ago. But, of course, Hollywood is filled with gossip stories about just about everyone–for just about everything–and I always hold out hope for marriages.
Well, there are just too many people in America who are enduring the years left between now and when their kids are grown with plans on divorce. Sure, divorce has been a real thing for a long, long time. But its has become increasingly more common among those who’ve stayed together for two-plus decades to replace “‘Til death do us part” with “”til our kids are grown, or at least until they won’t get hurt too bad.”
Mel Gibson is known for his religious commitment and conservative political views. They both are known for charitable giving. If they can’t make it, who will?


The Gibsons appear to have been somewhat estranged for awhile, hanging in there for appearance purposes. If that’s true, there will no doubt be thousands and thousands of fans who’ll relate to each of their plights, and also feeling validated in their own. Those of us who’re married know that it takes work. It’s hard enough even if we’re committed to working at it. And once we’ve abandoned the need to work or the hope it’ll get better, than marriage really has no shot.
So I’m always hoping and praying for those who’ll stick it out, who’ll work it out even through hard times. I pray for John Travolta and Kelly Preston, even though their spiritual beliefs are different than mine. I pray for Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, who seem to be a Hollywood couple who gets it right. The same for Patrick and Lisa Swayze, Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin, Debbie Dunning and Steve Timmons and several others.
In the meantime, a “Hollywood marriage” continues to mean something more than a marriage between celebrities. It has come to signify a marriage that won’t last very long. And that’s a shame not just for the individuals, but for a nation that is so fascinated with its celebrities. We need to start embracing hope and commitment, not the easier way out.
Mel Gibson at

  • jestrfyl

    Sad as this may be – there is a twinge of “Huh!” I think Mr Gibson may have some explaining to do to his local priest. His very public Roman Catholocism may trip him up a bit here. This would not e al that interesting were it not for the way he shoved his religion in people’s faces not too long ago.

  • pagansister

    Sad, but not unusual for those in the movie business. I think it must be harder to be married to celibraties than us “regular” folks. And I wonder how this jives with his conservative Catholic beliefs? Guess he can pay for his annulment. (after 7 kids!) The RCC needs money, right?

  • huh?

    Who says that Mel has not already spoken with his priest? I can’t think why he might have a need to explain anything to anyone, but some people must have that view. I won’t ask you to explain that view to me….
    And I am yet to see anyone having been the victim of the ‘face shoving’ you describe. Do they have bruises or some other scars I may recognize them by?
    Nor do I see how being publicly Roman Catholic should or could trip Mel Gibson, or anyone else for that matter, ‘up’.
    why comment on something that is so clearly a personal issue for you?

  • Katie Angel

    The Catholic Church allows divorce – although it works hard to help couples avoid it – it is re-marriage that requires an annulment. The Church considers the couple to still be in a spiritual marriage, despite the legal dissolution. So, as long as neither Robyn or Mel decide to remarry, there shouldn’t be a problem.

  • melsbiggestfan

    I am always amused at the “anti-christian” tongue wagging as soon as a christian makes a mistake. I think the people who can’t wait to jump on the wagon are people who don’t believe becaue they don’t want to be held accountable for their own mistakes.
    Everything I have ever know about Mel Gibson has been kind, generous, dedicated and an overall good person. Is he perfect? Not by a long shot, but then neither am I or anyone commenting on his christianity. If you really want to make a difference and not just kick people when they are done, why don’t you just pray for him and his family. It doesn’t matter who you are or how much you have, divorce if hard on any
    couple and, especially, on children.
    As for myself, I pray for reconciliation for the Gibsons. It would be God’s best for them and their children. Judge not lest ye be judged.

  • Jim

    If you spend your time judging others and calling ‘their lives disordered’ you have absolutely no right to complain when the disordered judge your moral failures. Religion has no exemption from being criticized (as much as you would like it to be. Judge, and YOU WILL BE JUDGED! Don’t like it, tough! Grow up, you’re not in high school anymore.
    If Mel had not been a big christian poser, no one would have said anything, but he didn’t do that did he. What’s good for the goose, is good for the gander. You want to force your beliefs into our laws and make all of us submit to your religion/superstition, we have every right to fire back at you. Stop whinning!

  • Colette (England)

    I am so sad to hear of Mels marriage failing,He’s been such an inspiration to have stayed married for so many years whilst being in acting. And now he has fallen, as he has got older for the flattery of a younger woman who will probably move on as her career takes off. Mel please stop and consider what you are letting go before it is too late! Remember the love that you found in the beginning with your wife Robyn. Remember how she has given you so many years and stayed faithful bearing you seven children. The grass isn’t greener on the other side, and think about how short this life really is. Is it worth paying the price at the end of life for a short lived affair, when you probably will never find the love and devotion of a wife who has stayed by your side through up’s and down’s and with all of your faults, loving you no matter what.

  • Your Name

    Just a couple of points regarding the secular press coverage of the Gibson’s divorce filing. 1. Refering to Mel Gibson as “Roman Catholic” is totally incorrect. He essential belongs to (or operates) the “Churech of Mel” since he does not recognize the authority of the Pope and is in schism with the Church in many ways.2. His statments that non-Catholics cannot reach heaven is at total odds with everything the Church has said since Vatican II (which by the way, Mel didn’t like and is the source of his alienation with the Church). 3. Perhaps his 15th century ideas on that subject and others are one reason his wife has finally found it too difficult to live with him. He seems like an extremely inflexible person, stuck in a time warp many centuries old. How would you feel if your “best friend” said you were a saint but…..tough luck… don’t belong to the right religion so you won’t be with God for eternity??! Mel seems like a very tormented soul and deserves our prayers, but I had to set the record straight so non-Catholics would not think Mr. Gibson represents the views or the theology of the Roman Catholic Church.

  • Nomad

    if it is true that it Mel Gibson is getting a divorce, then this is really a shame

  • Barbara B.

    My only advice would be for the two of them to put their family back together. Meanwhile, maybe he can get all the filandering out of his system. Being Mel Gibson can’t be easy. Women love him. He’s had plenty of affairs, but, at the end of the day, he always came home to the wife he loved. Maybe Robyn should do to Mel what Tom Jones’ wife did to him: beat the hell out of him. I’m sure she’d feel better. In most aspects, human beings are above the rest of the animal kingdom; but a man who screws anything he can catch is right back down there with the godless beasts of the jungle. You don’t spend decades building a family just to throw it all away. I hope Robyn understands that her husband’s filandering doesn’t mean that he doesn’t love her. It’s a character issue on his part. No man, on his deathbed, ever regretted keeping his family together. Work on it, you two.

  • Barbara B. (again)

    Before all you people type in comments correcting my spelling, I realize that the word is philandering, not filandering. The older I get, the worse I spell. Please excuse.

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