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Susan Boyle Stuns ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ Audience and Even Simon Cowell

susanboyle.jpgThe evening and morning news shows–as well as 5 million YouTube viewers–are abuzz over a lesson we all need to learn. And the first live audience was enthusiastically willing to do so, as their judgmental laughter and eye-rolling turned into spontaneous and enthusiastic applause and outright cheers!
Susan Boyle is a 47-year-old charity worker from West Lothian, Scotland. It’s a place known for great golf and pleasant locals who go about their business relatively quietly. It’s a long way from Hollywood.
As she was interviewed by Simon Cowell on “Britain’s Got Talent,” everything about her stage presence–from her dress to her hairstyle to her choice to avoid make-up to her age–seemed to say this was going to be one of those Gong moments for the show.
This CNN clip of her performance shows some wonderful before and after pictures of the audience members. Before the song, it was obvious they didn’t expect much. Nor did Simon. Miss Boyle said her goal was to become a professional singer. “Why hasn’t it worked out so far,” he asked. Her confident, poised and cheerful response should have given us an idea of what was next.
I’ve never been given the chance before, here’s hoping it’ll change,” she beamed.
And then…wow!
An audience ready to laugh and ridicule became synchronized in their amazement, applause, cheers, and instant respect for the gifted woman singing before them.
Piers Morgan gave her “the biggest ‘yes’ of his career!” It’s possible she’ll go a long way in the competition. And I hope she does, because she is a living example of one of things I absolutely despise about our media-driven culture. The idea that women need to be young, thin, tabloid-friendly, and discovered by the time they’re 25 is an unhealthy as it is foundationless. There are so many gifted people who hold no hope of ever being discovered for their talents. They go undiscovered except for their close friends and perhaps some church attendees. And it shouldn’t be that way. And we know it.


That is why I was inspired not only by her song, but by the crowd’s reaction. Everyone loved it! They loved her! They were touched by her raw talent, her beautiful voice, and became instant fans. The part about each of us that is quick to judge is also quick to respond to excellence and beauty. We should be quicker to look for the beauty in people, and I’m not sure our media-driven culture trains us to do that.
I will continue to hope that shows like this provide a stage for the many, many Miss Boyle’s in Britain, America and around the world. Everybody wins when someone like her steps forward!

  • bird

    You’re absolutely right. This woman’s performance was amazing and inspiring. She moved me to tears.

  • sarah

    wow she was really good but i said she will not get through

  • Christine M Morales

    I know she will win. I was so amazed by her voice and her humbleness. I would play it over, and over again, and had my entire family listen to her. I wish her the best of luck in her future endeavors. IT’S LIKE LISTENING TO AN ANGEL SING.

  • nickb

    Here’s why we love Susan.

  • Bee

    The views on that one Youtube video are now past 12 million and growing. Be sure to also check out this video review of Susan by a young boy; he is equally amazing!

  • Cindy Arnold

    Susan Boyle has taught us all a valuable lesson. Her appearance didn’t match what we have been taught is necessary for success. The minute she began to sing, she transcended that sterotype. The response is so overwhelming because she touched the best part of who we all are. I hope she wins!

  • Heavenliah

    God works in mysterious ways and He certainly has done so in this case of Susan Boyle. Absolutely stunning!

  • John Roppolo

    As a society, we have to prescribe to the adage, “You cannot judge a book by its cover.” Neither can we judge Susan Boyle by her appearance. Her voice is like an angel from Heaven. John Roppolo

  • S.R.

    This lady has beauty that shines from within (the real kind*).

  • Dottie

    God definately has a plan for Susan Boyle. Bravo!

  • wanda

    Susan became beautiful as she sang…I see her as so beautiful and talented now…….She is not jerky……She is soooooooooo smooth and seasoned……..

  • Your Name

    It doesn’t take make makeup and expensive clothes to make a beautiful person.It is the personality that counts.If you have to have the rest you are a fake.I think susan Boyle is a great person the way she is.May God bless you in all that you do Susan.

  • Sandra C

    I cannot wait to see what is done with her – hair, makeup, etc. Look at the Palin woman after she was dressed up. See her now in Alaska and she didn’t even have talent.

  • Your Name

    Susan Boyle is a wonderful and unexpected prize. From her cute saucy attitude to her amazing voice she is a treasure among general mediocrity. I am so anxious to begin buying her records. Thank you, “Britian’s Got Talent.”

  • jestrfyl

    Ms Boyle clearly has the skills of a Musician – poise, talent, ear, and voice all working together. However, our culture places an increasing value on appearance. I expect she will do well as far as the music, but she will need some assistance in her appreance. Basically, she only needs cosmetic work. Her stature and stance, her figure and bearing are all quite attractive. She simply needs to be taught haow to put her face and fashion to her greatest advantage. I think the world will be incredibly surprised as she blossoms into an international celebrity. I only hope she is not spoiled in the process.

  • Doris J Birkett

    Susan Boyle has “The” most beautiful voice, I’v ever heard. I can’t wait for her recordings. I hope she records religous songs also

  • Lisa

    I am happy for susan persuing her dream,for her mother.
    I am not happy with how everyone responds to her appearance
    so she might just be average so what ,why make her up into something she is not
    hollywood is so overrated
    keep it simple people
    let her be who she wants to be ,not who you want her to be
    she is adorable and has a great voice

  • Megumi Kayou

    Being a singer and musician myself I have seen the shallow side of the music industry. I’m only 34 and I’ve been told that I’m too old to make it. Hearing and seeing her bring down the house like that has me beeming. I feel so proud of her! We mature ladies rock!

  • Kris

    I too was brought to tears because the stereotype of a “not so pretty face” was brougt to its knees. I am 49, a singer, songwriter, actress…etc. Not to mention that her song is one of my all time favorites.
    I am sick of the double standards of Hollywood and the media in general. If God gives us a talent, then who cares what the package is OR how old it is. I stopped watching American Idol for this very reason. It was okay for the guy to be morbidly obese and win the contest…but the slightly overweight girl is told she needs to lose weight and after that, went on to be a lead in “Dreamgirls”. Simon makes me sick with his condescention…and his response when Susan gave him her age was doubly disgusting. Just goes to show you that sometimes what’s in the package is far better than its wrapping.
    She wasn’t THAT bad looking anyway…a new haircut, a little fashion consulting and face powder and she will be as pleasant to look at as her voice is to listen to. Besides, that shouldn’t be what it’s all about anyway. I see Susan going on to Broadway…which by the way, is a great deal more forgiving when it comes to looks.
    Good Bless Susan!

  • Ann

    Susan reminds us that we are not to judge others. The Bible says in Matt 7:1-2 “do not judge, or you will be judged. For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you” and in Deut. 1:17 we are reminded “Do not show partiality in judging; hear both small and great alike. You shall not fear man, for the judgment is God’s.” This is one of the sins of mankind- to judge others when we have no right to do so. God gives the gifts. Who are we to judge? I praise God for revealing the gifts that He gifted Susan with. What a blessing to all of us! Praise God!

  • Donna

    My husband found the YouTube video of her performance and shared it with me. I feel so blessed that he did. Miss Boyle is a beautiful soul with an angelic voice, and, like the woman judge, I felt privileged to have heard her.

  • Toby-Rachel Leder

    It was such a pleasant surprise and an honor to have heard Susan Boyle sing. Her simple lifestyle and her angelic voice is all the more reason to celebrate her success. As the Bible tells us, “Judge not so you may not be judged.” She sets a perfect example for people of all ages who have given up their hopes and dreams because others have found fault with them for one reason or another. I hope all her dreams become a reality and I am sure her Mother is looking down on her and giving her blessings.

  • Your Name

    In the 1950’s, a stout, middle-aged singer named Kate Smith was much admired and beloved in the U.S. and appeared on TV often. That was in the days when we still prayed in public school, and TV entertainment shows celebrated Christmas and Easter right along with most Americans. I’m not sure when such a fickle and trite thing as “style” began to trump SUBSTANCE on TV, but it sure rules today, and its product relies on low humor, shock value, and mediocre talent (if any). The ’50’s are called the Golden Age of Television…for a REASON. I am thrilled by Susan Boyle’s life and outstanding talent, and I’m also thrilled that her well-deserved reception means that SUBSTANCE can still triumph! WAY TO GO, SUSAN!!! God bless you, as you’ve blessed the whole world, not just with your wonderful voice, but with your precious life.

  • Shaggy

    It was indeed a priviledge to hear Susan Boyle sing. Through her, we truly have seen evidence of God’s Amazing Grace. That said, we weren’t just priviledged by Susan Boyle beautiful, angelic singing, we were blessed!

  • Your Name

    An older lady friend of ours send me the youtube link and I knew since coming from her it was not going to be anything funny.. Watching Simon being Simon and watching the audience’s reaction I couldn’t wait for her to start singing – and it wasn’t singing – it was a performance …thank you Susan for sharing your unbelievable talent with us mere mortals who can’t carry a tune in a bucket…. can’t wait for your first CD – and Simon? In all the years of watching him on American Idol I have never seen him so mezmerized! Produce that hit record already! 36saed

  • cincinnaticousin

    An unknown, unassuming woman has taken the world by storm. A voice like that isn’t a fluke, it’s a gift. God bless Susan Boyle, and may she realize her dreams. Here at our house, we’re awestricken.

  • Your Name

    well susan boyle is a wonderful talent and a dear lady ! she needs to win the contest hands down . . .

  • Your Name

    Susan Boyle ….the whole world is behind you, when you said ” I will rock the audience….. my name is Susan Boyle!” in that precise moment your dream became true and the world was and is now all yours!!! Well Done enjoy every minute and thank you for sharing your wonderful gift with us….our hearts are singing since 11 April …

  • Lauren

    Every now and again God manifests His Love for us by opening the mouth of someone humble enough to be transparent so that we may see His face and hear His voice and celebrate the beauty of humanity. Sing on Susan, our ears and hearts are open and may you be protected by His LOVE, your imperfections simply add to the beauty of the diamond of a soul you were created to be. From one flawed stone to another, Sing on and keep giving God the Glory.

  • Your Name

    Stand tall and proud Susan!!! Your BEAUTIFUL voice not only reflects your inner beauty,but also your OUTER beauty as well!! And anyone that can’t see ALL OF YOUR BEAUTY MUST BE BLIND!!! May God ALWAYS be with you!!!

  • Frank

    “We should be quicker to look for the beauty in people, and I’m not sure our media-driven culture trains us to do that.” Uh…no! We are all individuals who choose how we are influenced and what we alone will embrace and follow. Once each of us embraces that empowerment and responsibility, the media will follow to replace superficiality with substance. Until then, assume the same low grade pap and crap to be shuffled out as sensational. As for Susan Boyle, she not only rocked the audience, she flat out rocked the world and became the “yes” to the millions of sneering “no’s” who allowed themselves to fall into the trap of the media as well as their own biases. Susan, one thank you is insufficient and a million not enough so here’s to you hoping that your dreams become your successes with the avenues now open to you. An adoring audience awaits you!

  • Your Name

    Ms Susan Boyle:
    Your name has been a hot topic on Australian radio. I would love to see you play that movie role as a lonely Australian woman. I think you could do it so much justice– for Australia and for Susan Boyle.
    We all crouched around the Y-Tube to hear your performance in our home. We loved you. Thankyou for being you to perfection. Thankyou for reminding us all to dream that dream. Thankyou for showing us the way to become a lighthouse, too. My dreams are coming out again where they can do me most good.
    Thank you. From Barrie O’Leary, Brisbane.

  • Amanda

    Susan brought tears to my eyes as I listened for the first time and then again and again as I realized that God is truly using her to reach out to the world. I just hope the world really listens to His love flowing through her gift. Susan is beautiful inside and out – may the Lord fill her life with many blessings and give her the grace to handle what is to come.

  • Barbara from Amarillo Texas

    I saw this very talented woman singing, she sounded like and angel. God has blessed her with a beautiful voice and I pray she goes very far with this talent.

  • Your Name

    Susan showed us all that talent and outward “beauty”, as the world judges it, do not always mesh. She is a beautiful person despite all the negative experiences she has gone through. It is obvious that she comes from a loving and supportive family and that she chose to be the person she is: loving, cheerful, positive in outlook and has truly developed her singing talent. I listened to her 1999 recording of ‘Cry Me a River’ – phenomenol!! This was done for a charity CD, which confirms that she was caring long before this performance brought her to the world’s attention. Go Susan!!

  • Vicki Jones

    What a awsome voice, we are so quick to judge others by the way they look. I believe angel come in all forms. Vicki Jones

  • Nancy


  • Wanda Wright

    What a beautiful voice. The Lord blesses who he choses with the most unbelievable Talents. God Bless You and All Those Lives You Touch!

  • Wanda from Pensacola, FL

    You win my vote on BEST TALENT! Hope to hear more of your voice. It is awesome. God Bless you to the very Top. We need more voices out there in the music industry who touch our spirits with beauty. The beauty is inside & I have listened to this over & over. The words mean so much. Keep it up!

  • AnnieB

    I knew, as she walked across the stage for the first time, she was someone wonderful. Just a lovely soul…gifted through and through with kindness, humility, courage and the voice of an angel. Breathe easy. She is, always has been and continues to be a STAR.kcgezj

  • Jimm

    Susan must have some awards, she need it! What a beautiful voice!
    I have read that she used this medicines to make her voice.

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