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Jon Gosselin of ‘Jon & Kate Plus 8′ Allegedly Cheating on Wife

jonandkategosselinforic.jpgSay it ain’t so! Star Magazine is reporting that Jon Gosselin, star of the hit TLC reality show, “Jon & Kate Plus 8″ may be cheating on his wife.
According to the Magazine, Jon–who along with Kate and the rest of his brood recently moved into a $1.3 million dollar mansion in Pennsylvania–recently crashed a party at Juniata College in nearby Huntington, PA and played beer pong with members of the women’s volleyball team.
The following night he apparently went to a nearby sports bar, again with members of the women’s volleyball team and allegedly made out with a number of them.
The Magazine quotes a witness at the bar as saying:
“He was dirty dancing with several of them, making out, kissing them on their necks and mouths. I thought it was rather surprising for a father with his wife and so many kids at home to be acting like this. He was all over one girl, a long-haired blonde who’s nearly 6 feet tall. He left with several of the girls, including her.”
Jon is also said to be frequenting other bars close to his home, even spending Valentine’s Day away from Kate. Supposedly, he’s even tried to pick up women while out with his mother.
Star Magazine also features a screenshot of this Live Journal entry and photo of a very drunk-looking Jon at a bar with two girls.
I must say, this all really breaks my heart. I recently interviewed Kate Gosselin and although she may come across as irritable on the show at times–her response to my asking her for a reason for this was, “Walk a day in my shoes and you’d be irritable too” which I completely respect — she was a very kind throughout our phone conversation. I know some will speculate that the stresses of raising such a big family may be causing a strain on Jon and Kate’s marriage, but I hope that the couple’s strong Christian faith gets them through all of this–whether it’s true or all just nasty rumors.
For more on the story, you’ll need to pick up Star Magazine–the complete article isn’t featured on their website.
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  • jestrfyl

    Star Magazine – the single best source for all your journalistic needs. GIVE ME A BREAK! If this is where you get your news, you need to get out of the grocery store line and back to a good, old fashioned news stand.

  • Samantha

    I’m very disappointed that this website would reference Star magazine or any other tabloid as a possible news source. This does nothing but add to the rumors and gossip surrounding this family. Very disappointing.

  • pagansister

    Star magazine certainly isn’t a reliable source for information on anything. I’ve only seen the J&K Plus 8 a few times. I’d not want to see Jon and Kate break up and we can hope that all the trash in the magazine story is just that…trash…not truth.

  • Melissa

    Star Magazine has been accurate in the past about a number of celebrity scandals. I just hope they aren’t right about this one. I really love the show.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t understand the impulse to gossip about this if you do not know. Why engage in speculation about the state of someone’s marriage when you have no idea about what is true and what is not? It’s shameful for anyone who “entertains” herself and others this way, but from “Christians” it’s doubly so. There is no justification for this idol chatter. Seeing the speculation in print will turn it into “fact” for some readers. Even if it were true, should it be a discussion topic? Why would it make some people happy? In the event of a divorce, children suffer too. Yuk.

  • Your Name

    Star Magazine, seriously? It’s not very reliable. And that picture of Jon and a girl at a bar? Sure, he looks a bit red in the face, but otherwise, there is nothing inappropriate about the photo. It just looks like he is posing with a fan. Since when is there anything wrong with that? Plus there is one quote going around from anonymous source. Who knows who said this? It could be someone who was completely drunk or whatever when they witnessed it and now they have an unclear memory of the encounter, possibly even confusing Jon with someone else. It could be someone who is hungry for fame, and while still remaining unkown, likes the idea that something they said is out there. Maybe it was someone who hates the show, or wants Jon and Kate to break up for one reason or another. It could even be made up. Regardless, I think it is horrible that gossip rags print stuff like this without even knowing all the facts. Celebrities and reality TV stars are people just like everyone else and they don’t deserve to have false rumors spread about them. Besides, Jon already released a statement that this rumor is completely not true. Apparently, he can no longer be friendly and take pictures with fans without being accused of cheating. Help put an end to these rumors and leave Jon alone.

  • rob tyson

    As someone who lives in their home area, I can assure you that there was a real buzz around here during the times, and at the establishments where this was supposed to have happened. There were a number of facebook posting concerning this by people who “were there”. All I’m saying is that The Star is reporting something that has been openly discussed here in the Reading PA area for weeks.

  • Minette

    While I certainly hope these reports are wrong, I can only say that Kate is much too good for that kind of crap. She has much too much class to put up with that shit! She should kick his ass out immediatly! She will then have one less child to take care of!!

  • Baby Mama

    Jon has already made a statement saying that all this was lies and that is is devastated about having to hear these things about his family. Don’t believe a word of it. People have such bitter jealousy issues that they will stop at nothing to hurt this family. College co-eds? Why exactly would you even believe that? Its almost laughable. I have the utmost respect for this family that has their every move commented about in blogs. I hope that they can move past this, and at least Jon knows no more fan photos with girls in restaurants & bars! (lol)

  • Lisa Pullman

    Kate Gosselin is a narcissist. Kate is all about using religion to get fame, praise and money. Kate is never home with her children, cause the hole that is in her soul cannot be filled by being a Mommy, her Speaking Tour is what fills her, albeit temporarily.
    Narcissists need constant admiration, fame and praise.
    Kate talks empty Christianity. Its all to make you think she is a real Christian.
    But in real life she does not walk the walk.
    Shes mean to fans who want an autograph or picture.
    She kicked her family out of her life out of jealousy, spite and money. She fired AUNT JODI cause people online were saying Jodi was a better Mother than Kate. and she fired BETH cause TLC wanted to reimburse Beth for filming at her house and Kate said “NO ONE GETS PAID BUT ME!”
    She doesnt write thank you notes, send cards or gifts on anyones birthdays, or Christmas. She never says IM SORRY to anyone.
    Aunt Jodi never recieved anything in the almost 8 years she babysat for the twins and tups!
    Where in your BIBLE does it say that its okay to HIT your husband and degrade him?
    Kate has a housekeeper, private chef, live in nanny, gardener and a persobnal organizer. she hasnt cooked or cleaned or played with her own kids for 3 years!
    Kate doesnt allow the kids to have any contact with any family at all, they have no grandparents or cousins or aunts and uncles. Nor do they allow the kids to have any friends.
    Kate has no friends. If Kate Gosselin was such a great mom, wife, daughter and friend and Christian
    Cause Kate Gosselin is a narcissist who thinks she is “Ms Thang” and other Mothers are beneath her.She chased all the people that used to be on the show out of her and the childrens lives cause they tried to speak up and say that she was exploiting her kids and since Kate thinks she knows EVERYTHING, THEY WERE VOTED OFF THE ISLAND!
    Dena narcissists can be quite charming and are adept liars, so Im sorry Kate conned you into believing her schtick.
    But Reading, Pa has seen Jon at many bars living it up while the live in nanny watches the kids and Kate is filling her emptiness with her speaking engagements all over the country (25K$ per show with love offerings and $20 cash autographed pics) with all the praise and applause she craves.
    This Jon Bar thing is only the tip of the iceberg, all the lies will soon be exposed.

  • Lisa Pullman

    By the way, since when did Sunday become a day to make money off other churches flocks with your 25K$ a pop speaking engagements and totally ignore your own church at home?
    Isnt SUNDAY Gods day? A day of worship and humility?

  • C Grimm

    Kate Gosselin and humility? HA!
    The Gosselins use God when they get something out of it. They do a lot of talking the talk, but not so much walking the walk.
    Sunday Christians at their finest.

  • Honestly

    I love how Kate quotes scripture when she can bend it to her purposes, but she seems to forget a lot of scriptures that make her look quite unholy. (Humility, generousity, kindness, compassion)

  • Doomsday

    They also made the cover of In Touch Weekly. “Jon’s Bombshell: He’s Talking Divorce – Staying at his Mom’s; Flirting with College Girls”

  • Lisa Pullman

    Honestly both the fans and the “haters” need to stop the nastiness and pray that God heals Kate’s narcissism, and allows her to feel love for her children and others and becomes a humble and empathetic person.

  • Honestly

    I think its too late for that Lisa, but I agree.

  • Just a Thought….

    I am not a fan of the show and I also don’t want the Gosselins to breakup. That would be tragic for the childen. I hope the Gosselins realize the best thing for them would be to wrap up all this TV show C**p and just live a normal and private life. Outside of the material gain it does no good for them. Enough is enough. They need to put their lives in Gods hands and trust he will provide for them…not the hands of TLC and others exploiting them.

  • Zoe

    There’s nothing wrong with looking to God for guidance, but for the people praying that God “cure Kate of her narcissism, the woman has a choice in her behavior and can work on herself and take responsibility for her own actions and growth as well. People shouldn’t just use God as an instant fix-it. This woman has had years to see her behavior played out in front of the world and if she still doesn’t get it, I feel sorry for that family. They have clearly exploited their children for gain and behavioral problems are already rampant amongst her older children who are clearly affected at this stage by their parents choices for the family. These people should stop parading their children around, should not allow cameras in their children’s bathrooms, and should stop pretending they don’t have anything so companies keep sending them freebies and they shouldn’t be depriving their children of being around their other family members just because Jon & Kate have apparently even alienated them. Those children deserve better, and I wouldn’t be surprised if that marriage had completely desolved at this point with as unhealthy as it’s always been since the start of that show with all the nagging and even Kate hitting Jon. Seriously, stop watching this show and feeding the machine, these children’s lives are at stake.

  • Lisa Pullman

    In narcissism, people truly dont think they have a problem.
    They cannot be cured by therapy.
    Most believe that everyone else has the problem, not them.
    So “working on herself” isnt possible if she wont acknowledge that
    its HER that has the problem.

  • Karen Whelan

    It would be sad for the children if this was true. So much makes sense now.
    During the episode recently where they moved into the new house Kate was shown telling her children to “Get a good luck at our bedroom because you are not allowed to step foot in it again”. She went on to say that they (She and Jon) needed privacy, so the kids would not be allowed to ever come into their room and if they did so they would be punished.
    (This appalled me more than anything else – what kind of parent tells their child they can never come in their room? Especially with little children. Nightmares, illness, comfort, they all bring little ones seeking out Mommy and Daddy during the night. The look of horror on some of the kids faces when she said this broke my heart.)
    I wonder if this was said so the kids wouldn’t see that Daddy is no longer there at night?
    There also appeared to be a bedroom being set up in the basement.

  • Lisa Pullman

    Actually Jons been sleeping in the basement with Alexis for a long time now.
    Jon had commented that in May or June they almost got divorced, but they had worked it out and thats one of the reasons why they renewed their vows in Hawai’i.
    I think they effectively split in June but the marriage became a Business Decision, but Jon got a little high on himself and thought that his bar tour wouldnt be discovered.
    But, alas it was.

  • LutheranChik

    What is this public obsession with “extreme fertility”? I’m sorry, but — why is this family, or the Duggars, or the new show about the family with 12 kids, “must-see TV”? What is the matter with people?
    Celebrity tends to corrupt people; that’s pretty experientially obvious. So even as it’s legitimate to ask these families why they are compromising the health and dignity of their family life by putting it all on camera, it’s also legitimate to ask all of you who watch shows like this why you are granting celebrity to these families by continuing to watch their television shows?

  • Lisa Pullman

    I would rather see Jon get custody in a divorce.
    Jon should either take the kids and move to his mothers, or move back to the old house.
    Kate should not have access to the kids.
    Narcissists do not make good mothers.
    Children of narcissists have permanent lasting emotional problems.
    Suicide is high amongst children of narcissists.
    These kids will never feel normal.
    Kate has already damaged Mady and the boys.
    Mady was Kates favorite when it was just the 4 of them. She was Kates helper girl. Then Kate replaced her with 6 more babies, and a tv show.
    Then Kate pushed Mady aside all together and now Hannah is her fave and helper girl.
    No wonder Mady is so upset and angry!
    And the boys are so uptight about germs and dirt that they cant even be boys and have fun and play!
    I know it will be controversial, me saying Kate shouldnt have access to her kids, but better NOW, then later after shes totally screwed them up and theyve gone thru years of therapy and they close contact with her themselves.

  • Patricia

    Kate in no way shape or form should loowse custody of her kids. She is raising 8 children of only 2 different ages and doing in a responsible way. So what if she gets frustrated at times! You stay home everyday with 8 small children and try to get a moment to breath and relax, its not EASY!! I hope they do not get a divorce, and if there are problems I do hope they work things out. Kate is not screwing her children up, you should be ashamed at yourself for even hinting at that!! And saying that Suicide is high of children of narcissists is a cruel thing to say when in regards to small children. leave that family in peace!!

  • Barb

    It is not just Star reporting this..In Touch Weekly also has it on their cover.
    It’s odd..when something positive is printed in these publications about this family, it is hailed as the almighty truth. But, something negative..they are trash and lies. Can’t have it both ways.

  • Billy Holiday

    I don’t blame him at all – his wife is a miserable, condescending, controlling person who is not just “irritable” – she humiliates him on the show. Often.
    Good for him – “faith” will do nothing for people who hate their spouses after years of neglect.

  • Your Name

    If it’s NOT true, how do you explain the photos and the sightings? With his own MOTHER, no less?

  • Connie

    Kate is careless with her children through habitual emotional neglect. The home studio has damaged the kids. Look what the attention and cameras did to the Canadian Dionne babies back in the day…they were mental cases and withdrawn as adults!

  • Angela

    I have heard stories that Jon is not working, but being supported by the TLC paycheck they receive. I could never imagine how one family so large could go theplaces they did, on an IT pay. Certainly not these days. Be sure, the children will suffer from this. Will they know, how to make a living in their future lives, or wait around for a camera. What happens, when they are not young and “cute” anymore?

  • Doomsday

    To put it in Kate’s words, “It is God’s Will” that is working at its finest right now. Hopefully she will get the message not to use God’s name in vain.

  • Your Name

    Yeah! Like the Star Magazine is so trustworthy! When I see it in a more reliable source I’ll believe it.

  • Your Name

    God knows everything…every activity,every purpose of man.The woman described in that commentary is fighing a” good fight of faith”.She is
    not to be judge,but to be spared,she is an overcomer,not a survivor.
    To her,she don’t charge ahead…she lets her Great Provider,her God be God…Her FAITH in HIM is unshakable…

  • Chris

    Hey Connie and Angela,
    I hope you are secure and safe in those glass houses you are living in.
    Leave them alone and go about your business.

  • Your Name

    “Walk a day in my shoes and you’d be irritable too”
    You live in a house paid for by a TV channel and feed your kids from their Craft Services table. They send you on vacations. They provide activities for you to do with your children. My own mother (also of 8) had none of these things and she wasn’t a total harpy who sought to emasculate her husband in public, nor was she as snappy and mean to us as you are to your children.
    Walk a day in your shoes? That’s not even the proper colloquialism. It’s “walk a mile in my shoes.” Don’t blame your situation. You just have a bad personality.

  • Your Name

    Jon may or may not be cheating. Unless you saw it with your own eyes, then there’s no way to know for sure. One thing is for sure, the Jon we see now is practically in a vegetative state while he sits on the interview couch next to wife Kate, who fiddles with her earring throughout the entire interview and talks away obviously enjoying her limelight. She is unaware Jon is even there unless he opens his mouth to say something, then he is promptly ridiculed for interrupting her. My goodness, who can get a word in edgewise?!? He’s even been ridiculed for breathing too loudly. So I guess it must be hard to please Mrs. Kate.
    And ever since we’ve seen the “new” Kate emerge in her day-glo (or Glo-Worm) tan, skinny jeans, and ever increasingly multi-colored and spiky hair , she has seemed increasingly harsher than usual. Her own children seem to shy away from her now. I watched back-to-back episodes of last season last night on TLC and she and Jon sat close on the couch and he talked A LOT, even if Kate did try to talk over him. They even kissed once during the interview, which was sweet. She was quite loving toward the kids, but I haven’t seen any of that in recent episodes.
    So is Jon cheating? Could be! My opinion is that it is a definite possibility. Do I condone it? NO! I’d divorce her and pay my dues if I had to, but I wouldn’t cheat on her. No one, no matter how crude they are, deserves to be cheated on.
    And the comment made about walking a day in her shoes just sounds like she doesn’t appreciate what she has. We all have hard lives and must deal with what comes as us daily – she should be grateful every day that God gave her so many children because if He had not seen fit for the invitro to work, she would not have any children to speak of. And there are so many out there who are unable to have children either naturally or via invitro, so she should be more grateful for her blessings.
    Rant over.

  • Your Name

    I agree with “Your Name”. Well, put! I even mentioned to my own husband about how Kate trys to constantly belittle Jon. And, he is the one who has more patience with the children. What more in life does Kate want??? Seems to me like she has it all and doesn’t appreciate any of it. Still, cheating isn’t the answer. IF he is cheating, then he needs to come clean and either try to work it out with Kate, or file for a divorce. I wonder how “Kate Plus 8″ would fare? It also makes you wonder what Kate was referring to when asked about why her parents aren’t involved in their lives. Jon’s parents “live too far away” they said, but Kate’s answer was something to the effect of “we don’t really talk about that”. Hmmmmmmm………

  • phyllis ellsworth

    Star Magazine?
    The trashy tabloid rags at the checkout stand?
    I thought since Princess Diana’s Tragic passing that we have all learned that these are Bad. People Magazine=Good.
    News on Television, Reliable. Gossip, Rumours? NO!

  • Your Name

    I pray Jon is not cheating and this is just a false rumor. Their faith in God will see them through if this is the case. Plus Jon should think long and hard. Because it is cheaper to keep her.

  • Jon

    Like I always say, “if its on the internet, it must be true”.
    Give me a break!

  • mom

    I don’t care if Kate “overtalks” or “belittles” Jon. No man should cheat on his FAMILY. Yes I mean FAMILY. When a man cheats he doesn’t simply cheat on his wife…. he hurts the ENTIRE FAMILY. There is no justification for a man to cheat on eight little children. I certainly hope the rumors are false and that whoever started them pays dearly.

  • Your Name

    I am not a usual poster and actually looked at this website to read Kate’s interview.
    I became a fan of “John and Kate” as I related to Kate having 8 year old twins. I enjoyed watching “wholesome” television and even encouraged my 3 boys to watch with me as I was sick of all the crap on tv. In the beginning we loved the show. I work full-time and juggle a lot and it made me see that juggling is possible and if Kate could do it with 8, I could do it with 3…..That was until recently. After the Utah and Hawaii episodes my children started putting 2 +2 together. Finally after the Gosselins moved into the “mansion” my children asked why having 8 kids entitled the Gosselins to get so much for “free” including vacations. My own childre came to me one evening asking if we could begin our own reality show, so that we too could go on free vacations and move into a big house……..That’s when it hit me….the wholesomeness of the show is gone. Kate and John fight constantly, she seems so stressed, as she should be moving, traveling for book signings and speaking engagements…it seems lately she is out of town all of the time. It’s only going to get worse when her new book comes out and all the talk shows, book signings…will continue. As Kate is always giving us advice, I feel that she needs some. Kate, it is ok not to be perfect!! It is ok not to be able to do everything by yourself and to ask for help…….and for goodness sakes, please relax, spend time with your family and enjoy them. They grow up so fast and they need you now more than ever to love, play with them and nuture them. The public can wait……..but your family cannot.

  • me

    this is ridiculuous!!!! for some reason, i already know it’s fake. who in the right mind would write this kind of story. star magazine is a trashy tabloid that is almost as bad as the national inquirer. jon has 8 kids and a needy wife, if this genuis journalist knew so much about the gosselin he wouldn’t have written this absurd story.

  • Lilian

    I believe all of this is false. Don’t you think SOMEONE would have taken an actual picture of this “kissing” and “dirty dancing” he was doing instead of just one stupid little picture that just looks like Jon is a taking a picture with fans. I mean come on. And if this is true, I understand Jon is more in the wrong than the girls he was “making out” with on that volleyball team but I mean come on! What is this saying about the Juniata College volleyball team (or those from the team that were involved)…apparantly he was kissing more than 1 girl so the team is what? just passing around a married man with 8 kids making out with him, dancing with him, doing whatever else! And if it is false then obviously one or more of the girls on the team probably made this up. They should know that by doing so (messing around with a married man or making up false rumours), there should be reprocussions. I for one will be emailing the volleyball coach of this team. If this did happen Jon is in the wrong too but these girls shouldn’t just get to walk away without anyone saying or doing something!

  • E_D

    You’ve all seen the show…. it’s easy to imagine that Jon and Kate have more kids than times they’ve had sex. Added to that, none of these 8 kids were the result of sex anyhow… they were invitro. But I digress….
    For my thinking, whether he did or didn’t is moot (although I am in the “didn’t” column as he’s way smart enough to not get caught, certainly not with gabby college coeds thru some in-public party pic suitable at best for facebook). To wander mentally & physically is hard wired in the brain of BOTH genders – over 80% of marriages have some admitted form of infidelity (and from general population DNA testing, over 7% of people who insist they know who their father is and vice versa are wrong – ponder that the next time you talk to Mom). So I certainly wouldn’t hold them to some wishful higher moral standard.
    Bottom line, follow the money…. their bread is clearly buttered to each other. Both Kate & Jon know that the TLC deal, talkshow deals, book deals, DVD deals, swag deals, etc… propably north of millions per year (although I’ve not seen any concrete stats to back that up) would suddenly end with a divorce. Their larger worry now is their growing blatent affluence is beginning to turn-off their increasingly economically challenged fan base. Word to J&K … act like you’re struggling a bit more. Vacation in a trailer park or something.

  • Annoymous

    If this was true about Jon where are the pictures to prove it and if this is the case, he is not the only one at falt either, those girls are at falt to. I dont think its right to cheat and if he is shame on him. Because when someone cheats on someone else it not only hurts that person and hurst the family too. Im a fan of Jon and Kate plus 8.
    Im sure that if anyone else had there own show, and they were offer free trips, they would take it. There is nothing wrong with that. Also im sure if anyone had their own show they would write a book and want to promote it. Once again there is nothing wrong with that. And what is so wrong with jon and kate writing a book and promoting it and doing signings and speaking engangements. And you dont know if they donate there money to a different causes. And im sure Jon and Kate are thankful for being able to tell their story and to show people its not easy having twins and sixtuplets or having more than 8 kids.

  • Somewhere in PA

    If you go back and look at the Gosselins old site using and put in Gosselin 6 you can read their old posts they made for the site. There you can see the changes of their attitudes from when they got the show on TLC and the growing sense of entitlement. The Gosselins now are multi millionaires and Your Name hit the nail on the head in her post as now with their wealth the majority of people can not even relate to them and soon the show could end. Money does corrupt and we can see it for ourselves every week. I also find it very sad that Kate being the daughter of a pastor {Yes Kate is a PK }would push her parents out of her life which she did because of a disagreement with them about the children and donations she didn’t like from their old church. {She didn’t get her matching cribs and cash donations she wanted}and any other person that disagrees with her and thats why you don’t see friends in the show, they have none now. Thats why you don’t see them nor will they talk about them. The woman went threw 9! nanny’s to get to the one they have now who watches the kids when they are gone on book signings, TV shows etc. Karen is right they DO need privacy as they have none they were even shown naked in the shower and Kate even took photos of each kid beside the kiddie potty with their first turd. I can see how these rumors could possibly be real, as a man can only take personal and in Jon’s case public humiliation for so long as it tears him down. You can see the downward path they are on, as when Kate was being interviewed for a Valentines Day Piece by a published Author whose also a freelance writer/contributor for many papers had to kill the story she was working on because of Kate’s constant put downs of her husband. Quote from Kate “We’re not romantic or lovey. We’re not that couple.” We got that Kate every week from the interviews you give from your couch.

  • Your Name

    come on now. i saw one of these pics of jon in a bar with two chicks and it looked a little wierd. someone out there is really good at doctoring pictures. Anyway, i really don’t think that Jon is that stupid to do any of these things and do you really think Kate lets him out at night? the show is getting a little old. i can’t really relate to it anymore and kate does seem to have way more of an attitude than she did before. Then again the producers of the show only show you what they want you to see and maybe they want you to see that kate is a complete b*&ch. we don’t see what life is like for them 24/7. the camera people are only there a couple days a week now for a few hours so who knows. i think the kids are fine and they’ll be fine. there are a lot worse things that happen to children in this world, and Kate may not win mother of the year award but i think those kids are doing alright. they also said on a past episode that if one of the children doesn”t want to be on camera that day they don’t have to be. also i don’t believe stuff people say about kate saying other people can’t be on the show because nobody is getting paid but her. that’s a little ridiculous. TLC says who gets paid, not Kate. why would she care if someone was making a little money as long as it didn’t mean she got less? i’ve gone on long enough. for the haters, it’s this simple, watch something else. and for those who think they should get divorced and or think that the kids should be taken away from Kate, that’s just wrong and hateful. might make u happy but i don’t think those babies would be too pleased.

  • annonomysssss

    i go to juniata college and i saw him there and… well lets just say he needs to start looking at girls faces

  • Your Name

    For me the Gosselins and their situation make me ponder the “simpler” things in life. We don’t need fancy vacations or mansions or the pressure of a high stress job to be happy. Many people with these things are not happy. What we all could use more of and what we can never have too much of are good friends, good family, hugs, laughs, happiness, contentment, trust, a child’s love and respect and vice versa. Things you cannot buy, but are ultimately priceless. It makes me sad the Gosselin children may not have enough of some of these things…the vacations and big house don’t make up for the lack of these items. I spent a rainy day home with my son yesterday and we baked cookies, played, walked in the puddles and generally had a great time. We did not need Hawaii or a fancy spa to have a great time.

  • Your Name

    Yeah, so if this was true, where are all the pics? This just SCREAMS BullS***!!!!!!!!! LOL

  • Your Name

    This is all malicious gossip. Jealous people wanted to tear dow successful people. If this was true..Can you imagine all the cell pictures and videos off of cell phones???!!!! Cell phones are glued to the hands of people wanting to take that photo to make money. So is that all they got a red faced Jon with two girls? Where’s the dirty dancing pics, where’s the beer pong pics and the making out pics. This is guy I would want with child support of 8 kids!! Get real people! Again let’s entertain the media by destroying a family.

  • CA babe

    I’ve been a student at JC for 2 years and I can say Jon IS hanging out quite a bit around campus. He’s there for education but not the academic kind!

  • Your Name

    Sure, one could say that Jon might not be cheating, per say. But he is out gallavanting in college towns three hours from his family. Not that I blame him for wanting to escape shrewish Kate, but to think that he prefers playing beer pong with seventeen year old girls over spending time with his children – well that is just sad.
    I am doing an article on the topic and would love to hear from anyone who attends Juniata University. Please feel free to contact me at

  • Your Name

    I live between Reading and Lancaster PA. My daughter washes dishes in a local bar/eatery close by. When I picked her up from work one night she immediately started talking about Jon from Jon and Kate being there that night and hanging around and kissing and smooching these 3 girls. I told her that was crazy. I’m a big Jon & Kate Plus 8 fan, and I know this is impossible. I thought it was impossible. I’m sitting in the car with her having this conversation when out comes Jon arm and arm with this tall blonde, taller than him and they are making out like crazy and when they are walking, he is sucking on her neck. If they didn’t have sex after that, the sky is purple. I tried to take a cell phone picture, but I was a little too late, and it was too dark. I got an image of their backs, but you couldn’t see who it was. My daughter and I questioned ourselves all the way home, thinking it wasn’t him, just a look a like. But when this story came out we now know it is true. You can’t deny something like this and think it will go away.

  • maureen

    anyone ever heard of RATINGS HYPE???????? In my opinion, whether or not it was Jon does not matter, any publicity is good publicity from a ratings view point! If he really did it (which would really be stupid to do something so public unless it is a cry for help) he wanted to get caught, there are ways to sneak around. If he didn’t do it, maybe he (look a like)was a “plant” to stir up trouble. If he really did do it as a cry for help, I will be praying for that family cause it ain’t gonna be pretty….. can we say kait plus 8 and a few million? or jon got kicked to the curb and pays mega child support, or how about 10 minus one now that mommy saw the pix of daddy….those children are gonna be the ones to pay for all of this!

  • Your Name

    I hope this is all not true.
    I watch the show every Monday night. I have been a fan of their family since the first show aired. I am from Bucks County, PA and feel very close with them because they are from PA.
    Jon…if you read this, stop what you are doing and take care of your family. Kate…if you read this…….Bring the old Kate back. Enjoy your family and life with them. I see you getting relaxed but on the other hand, a bit snobing with your show.
    Take care….I still love your show.

  • Wendy

    Everyone is so quick to judge and believe everything you hear. I am sure their pr team will be making a comment. I say don’t make any judgements unless you seen him with your own eyes and if you did see it keep it to yourself.

  • Tracy

    My family and I watch the show all the time and it would break my heart to find out that Jon is that kind of man, I hope it isn’t, I hope he is the man I see on tv. Shocking! If it’s true my heart goes out to Kate in a big way.

  • Heather

    Hasn’t anyone noticed how distant the couple have become? In a recent episode they didn’t even do the interview together. Plus you see them out with the kids seperately more often now. I pray it’s not true but I have heard they are getting seperated after their next season.

  • Joni

    you go on with your bad self Jon, your wife is a C U N toledo! Serves her right for alwayinterrrupting you. Hope you had a great time. BTW, he is totally sloshe din that pic;)

  • ItsAScam

    Philadelphia Magazine ran an expose on the Gosselins and how the show has changed from being an occasional window into the chaotic life of raising multiples to child exploitation. The kids have become a meal ticket for Jon and Kate – including free trips, hair plugs, teeth whitening, designer clothes, tummy tuck and many, many other freebies and swag they’re are getting at the expense of their children’s privacy.
    Plus they get paid for doing the show and they don’t have jobs. (Kate has said the show is her job.)
    Because of this, the couple’s so-called Christian values are being called into question by many ex-fans.

  • Cora

    Okay, I agree that we should not judge, however, when his mother was quoted at saying “Jon I am not going to cover for you” that would definitely tell me that more than prayer will fix this marriage. I bet TLC doesn’t show any of this situation on their show. What about the children, they have probably seen the reactions from the parents over what has occurred. I personally saw this coming from the way they talk to eachother on the show. I would never treat my spouse they way they do, so non-connected with a here or there love tap on the knee. What the heck, cuddle with eachother, kiss all the time, and so on. The children need to see and feel that their parents are in love. I was not surprised that Jon was the one to cheat-he has the time. He doesn’t work anymore. He is at home with the kids and all of the helpers, until Kate gets back from the book tour. When ever Kate is home she is constantly hounded him to do things, bitching at him when he does them and disrespecting him in the interviews. There had to be a breaking point and unfortunately it is the children that will suffer. Hopefully, this situation is not going to take the home out from under the children. ** Whatever they do they must show the true situation on the show, to show the reality of life. If more actual reality was shown, then maybe people like “Octo-mom” won’t have children they can’t take care just to get money and fame. Jon and Kate should go back to their roots of church and God for help in their marriage.Repair the marriage! Good Luck!

  • April

    I live in the town where the partying (with college students) went on. It’s a small town and within just a few days everyone knew that Jon Gosselin was in town, alone, and frequenting local bars. While I was never a huge fan of the show, I was so disappointed to see someone who professed to holding to such wholesome family values behaving in a way that disproves that notion.

  • Mike McNamara

    What I really want to know is — when he went out to the bar, did he remember to use his coupon? Because he can probably talk to all the sweet blondes he wants, but if he spends money without using her coupon, Kate will not stand for it.
    I’m so tired of people exploiting their families and Christianity for fun and profit. People are taught that family and church are the most important thing in the world, but there’s a lot more to be said for “quality, not quantity.”
    A parallel is like how society promotes healthy women but it really means thin women but then as soon as an actress gets “too thin” they are attacked for something else. The tabloidization and praise of family without actually examining the situation is dangerous; it’s shows like this and obsession with having babies and procreating rather than loving the world that lead to things like the poor pathetic OctoMom

  • willl

    I hope that this is just rumor. There are a lot of little lives involved. Boy what a big mess if its true but who knows.

  • Your Name

    From what I’ve seen on their show is any indication, he was probably out looking for affection because he certainly isn’t getting any at home. Kate is a serious control freak and emasculates Jon which is right in line of a very depressed person. You can tell she has issues with control by her demands to have the kids in the same clothing and the comments on keeping the everything clean. I am also sure he feels stuck in his life with 8 kids. It isn’t easy raising these kids with Kate behind him with her negative comments. Be forewarned, those kids are headed for a miserable life as adults. They won’t be out of the spot light if the show ends, keep an eye out for them on TMZ.

  • http://omg tricia

    I watch this show all the time i really can’t believe he would cheat and i think kate is a little control freak , but with 8 kids someone has to be. my god even if he is cheating don’t tell the world there to many little lives involed!

  • JJ

    Good for Jon. Kate is an out of her mind Natzi

  • JJ

    Kate is a mess. No wonder Jon is looking for something else. Kate…one word…THERAPY

  • Chris

    That witch of a wife is so disrespectful to him; I’m not surprised he cheats. Instead of cheating, he should just set het straight.

  • Starr

    If you actually look at the stupid photo, you can obviously tell the guy isn’t even Jon. It’s a look alike and someone was trying to make some money by pretending to be Jon Gosselin. People, have some common sense.

  • Paxton

    I can’t believe Jon would ever do that he is such a good man and kate is such a good wife and mother to jon and the kids. Why would Jon ever do that to Kate what ws he thinking??

  • JJ

    I love these people who are in denial about YES…it is Jon Gosslin…and YES…what guy in their right mind would not run from that control freak Kate. What scares me is that there are women who actually think Kate is anything but a self promoting, adderal junked up freak. Frightening!!!!

  • kar

    ya , know this guy is not pictured kissing anyone, they look like total fan pics and someone trying to really cause trouble…… for them, and to the people who are posting trash talk, screw u.

  • TLCexploitsChildren

    I can’t believe that the churches haven’t done a better job of vetting this family before putting them on a pedestal. Jon and Kate have shown pretty bad behavior before getting famous for having sextuplets. The fact they didn’t selectively reduced doesn’t make them worthy of being brought before a congregation or being given love offerings or a $25,000 fee for being inspiring or worthy of emulation. Really do you want to encourage the young girls in your parish to rush into infertility treatment and endanger themselves and fetuses trying to carry an abnormally large amount of babies into the world in one shot. Do they want them to not bother with being prepared for so they have to go begging from church to church and stand in the Salvation Army line for heating assistance? Do we want to encourage people to estrange themselves from parents, siblings and friends and instead tie themselves to production companies and low rent cable channels?
    Not what I want a church to hold up to my children as “good”.

  • pjw

    The way she treats him, I would have done it along time ago. If you watch the show he’s the one doing everything.

  • Gretchen

    I am a God-fearing person and if this is true, it is very upsetting. However, I don’t appreciate a comment being made previously about them not doing the selective reduction. That is killing, even if it’s in the embryonic state. An embryo is life. THey have a lot on their plate. I would not choose to live my life on camera, but we don’t know what goes on off camera. They appear to be a very loving, religious family.

  • Deborah

    The two of them deserve each other. What with free tummy tucks, hair translplant surgery and a new mansion bought and paid for by their kids. That people find these two to be upstanding and admirable just boggles my mind. What exactly have they done to earn such admiration? Seems to me we should admire those people who, realizing the earths resources are already stretched to the limit choose not to fufilll selfish needs to give birth to multiple children via science.

  • Mark

    I’m surprised he went this long without cheating on her. Kate is a harpie and a shrew. I would say that maybe this will cause her to re-evaluate the crappy way she treats her husband, but Kate can’t be accountable for anything so that is wishful thinking. Run Jon run!

  • Ivan Sanchez

    I don’t put nothing pass Star Magazine to start up gossip; that’s how they make their living is by destroying people’s lives.
    Until I hear directly from the couple I will not believe an ounce that that crap!

  • Kay

    Ok, Jon’s mother lives in Hawaii. I don’t believe this story one bit. Whoever reported obviously wanted to stir up the family/news and that is just stupid. Yes, Kate is uptight, and sometimes I feel bad for Jon. But if you see them on “good days”, they love each other. Jon is a great father and is not someone to do such a thing.

  • Brooke

    I am a SAHM of two kids and I KNOW I treat my husband like garbage sometimes. “I have people touching me all day, I don’t want your hands all over me, too.” At the end of the day, we love each other and we tell each other. I hate the idea that because we see her rolling her eyes at him or being annoyed with him, it means she deserves to be run around on. For better or for worse is in those vows for a reason. Who know what happens when the cameras are off, but I just hope that these are all just rumors.

  • sonia4him

    I hope and pray that this story is not true. I am such a huge fan of their reality show, I feel like if I know them all. I love their faith and love for each other. I loved the show where they went to Hawaii and renewed their vows. I pray that their Christian faith will overcome this sad time in their lives if it is true. If their faith in Christ is strong then their marriage will endure.
    God bless them and their children.

  • mom of 6

    I think that all children are a blessing! I am just irritated in the fact that all of the people that are having so many kids in one pregnancy are getting all of the attention! what about us ladies that have had 5, 6 or more kids in 5,6, or more pregnancies. My husband and I could have used the free diapers, live in nannies, free baby food, private school fees!!!!!! I have 6 kids in a 1700 sq. ft. 3 bedroom house! I am a full time, with no help, stay at home mom! Kate doesn’t realize how good she has it! all she does is complain. I can’t stand to even listen to her voice! Where is the love for all the moms that did it the “HARD” way!

  • Your Name

    I hope this is not true
    I know Jon would not do something like that

  • Tim

    Brooke, keep treating your husband that way and the “I love you” is just lip service until he’s ready to bolt. Trust me. been there, done that.

  • Occasion JK+8 Viewer

    Jon’s the only one who knows the whole truth behind this situation.

  • Your Name

    this is crap. I don’t believe it. I know a sincerely good man when I see one and that Jon, even overwhelmed, I doubt he would make such a monumental mistake. Another thing, lets really think about this. When would he have the time to be running around at bars. I mean really. He IS a family man. Its just absurd. And to the mom of 6… They do have a show that has a family that did it the ‘hard’ way, its called 18 and counting… I think any parent going into it better have the resources regardless of how many kids they have they better be able to provide for every child. Kate IS an extraordinary mother, she has 6 children who are the SAME age and 2 who are the same age…. That is insane. That is not the same as raising babies of several different ages. She may be a little hard to understand sometimes, but don’t act like because you watch the show that you know her. she’s a human being too people, back off.

  • phoeniix

    ok…ok….****i think that it would be very hard to be in the public eye and that ii love jon and kate plus thier 8….if anyone has any negetive comments they should first look at their own situation and blame themselves for not having enough clout to make their dreams come true like this family has.
    As far as Jon goes i believe he is a victim of envasion of privacy….remeber to keep the love…***

  • Kim

    I agree with Tim. There are so many men and not just women out there who are constantly snapping at their mates and seriously think it is ok. It is not! Marraiage is hard to begin with and throwing in sarcasim doesn’t help. Sure, it starts of as, oh were blowing off steam and just kidding, but after a while it gets old and becomes annoying. Usaually, one person hates it more than the other. Then all of a sudden, the cute lovey sarcasim, starts turning into borderline anger then hate. It is a fine line to walk and trying to keep a balance once negative comments are made are tough.
    What starts to happen is after a while the annoyance becomes a turnoff and then there is less sex, romance and love with each passing day and comment. And lets face it intamacy is a huge part of the relationship and lack of, causes tension, sarcasim, anger and resentfulness. I have seen this happen to many people including myself. We all are guilty of barking at a spouse every now again, some more than others. But, you must stop it or someone will be walking out the door sooner or later or even, having an affair.
    Ayways, how can people say that…They know, Jon wouldn’t do that. Do you personally know Jon? (No!) Exactly! Only person who know the answer to that question is, Jon. Besides, people are calling all of these magazines liars. But, the truth is where there is smoke, there is fire! Even if not all of is true, I am quite sure some of it is.
    We all would love some of these couples on these reality shows to have a perfect marraige and families because some of are’s, are not. We are all only human. We all make mistakes. (But, truth be told, I wouldn’t be surprised if, Jon or Kate is cheating or thinking about it. It’s not like no one didn’t see it coming.) Still, Kate nor anyone does not deserve being cheated on. People thinks she deserves it, but we really don’t know either of them and their kids. TLC is showing only about 1% of their everyday life. Crammed into about 6 to 8, 1/2 hour to 1 hour eps. per season. (Come on people!) Do we seriously think we really know them or they care what we think? Yeah, right!
    There are more multiples stories out there. Like Octomom!Hmm…Maybe, TLC will give her, her own show. Wow! 14 kids, that takes the wind out of Kate’s sail. (Just kidding!)
    On a more serious note…Regardless, what people may think of Kate, she helps make the show a success, like Simon Cowell on American Idol and Howard Stern. (People hate them but, watch to see what they will say next. TLC is genius! In the end, it is all about ratings. (So, those of you, who don’t like Kate and thinks she is overpaid and over rated. Stop watching!) Then, no one gets paid and all freebies will seez!
    In the end…Kate may be annoying but she has feelings too, even if she doesn’t show them on camera. Let, God be her judge, not man.
    So, as for Jon…If this is true and this is a ploy to hurt Kate, or make her jealous…The entire family suffers from infidelitly and sleazy flirting, not just Kate. (After all, you are in the limelight and so are your kids.)If you are stressed and lacking affection, turn to God, your wife and counseling. Not, bars and barely legal co-eds.

  • milhouse

    Perhaps Kate is not so innocent in all of this. Being from the area, it is kinda well known around here that Kate may have been the one who started this and Jon moved to his mom’s near Juniata College. But let’s make the guy look terrible in all of this. Hens!

  • Kathy

    If you really look at the picture you can see that it is not Jon. I hate to have to say it but Jon is definitely alot thinner in the hair department with more of a widows peak. I wish it was him because with all that he does for the witch all day he deserves a little fun but I really do not think that it is him.

  • Lisa

    As like all good shows there always needs to be drama. For anyone to find the need to spread such horrible rumors is a disgrace. Why would Jon do something so stupid in plubic yea like the world isn’t watching. Kate ignore these unhappy people and you and Jon continue what you are doing,watching your lovely children and how you are with them helps me everyday to be a calm mom. If you can do it I can and my kids are all different ages.

  • Jen M

    First of all, godly people can make ungodly mistakes – Christians are not perfect. Satan knows very well that to attack Christians who are in the limelight will do him a world of good. I still hope the rumors are not true, but if they are, “May HE/ SHE who is without sin cast the first stone!” They can still make their marriage work – and with God’s help, it can become better than it was in the first place. Trust one who knows.

  • HG

    We can all talk about another marriage that we see on tv. We can talk about how they should do things better, and give a run down about how if you are sarcastic it’ll end up in something like this happening. BUT if you had 8 children, and YOUR life was being taped, then you would find out that you shouldn’t be so critical of others.

  • Your Name

    my gut says it is not true. it is more innocent then ppl would like to make it out to be. whether true or not-those who live by the sword, die by the sword. Jon and Kate, i beg you, be careful what you wish for!
    it is all very sad. their show was entertaining at first and i admire what they are trying to do but now it is just a train wreck. they need to stop the show before it kills their marriage and screws up their kids for life. it’s time to ride off into the sunset.

  • Your Name

    His hair is thinner on TV because what we are seeing was taped a while ago. Besides that, he got a hair treatment if you remember on one of the shows…

  • Jan

    If a girl came up and asked to take a picture with someone on tv – does that seriously constitute cheating? Get a life and worry about your own relationships!

  • kerry

    i think this is a bunch of bs… yea she has an temper sometimes but if u had 8 kids u would too im not saying what she does is right butgive her some slack she does have 8 kids and that is hard being on tv and all and i love the show i watch it every monday night and i love her to death for what she does….

  • Your Name

    I don’t watch too much of this tv show, but from what I’ve seen, Kate is a real bitch to Jon. He could do better. But I’m hoping that this story is not true!

  • Your Name

    How about people take a walk in her shoes for a day. People sit here and complain about how much of a rude person she can be and how strict her rules are but that is order to her and that is how she runs her family. What if she came into your household and told you that you are being rude or you are a pain in the butt? I have watched this show numerous times and the way her and Jon care about each other after having 8 kids and troubled times is great. Who knows, maybe he is connecting again with his college days and wants to live it up but it’s all rumors until they speak up. People seriously need to step back and think about what they go through daily and quit complaining about how they act. Grow up.

  • Carol

    If the story in the Star is true, then Jon really went out of his way to make his cheating obvious. It would appear he really wants to get back at his wife. Unfortunately, this was very hurtful to her,his children and his parents. I think it is time Dr. Phil had a talk with Jon!!!

  • Mark

    Kate would never come into my house to tell me that I am being rude because I would never allow a camera crew to film a television show in my home. She asked for it, and if she is bothered by people calling her a shrew and a harpy then she should either change her disgusting behavior or not have a show. Simple as that.
    I would love to take a step back and walk in their shoes for a day. I would get to live in a mansion, have other people give me free vacations and products, have an edless stream of volunteers to do my bidding and take care of my children, and I could slap my husband and be a bitch to him. Sounds pretty great to me.

  • Your Name

    Anybody tht believes this crap need to get a life. Any of the “Die Hard” Jon & Kate fans out there know that their marriage is rock solid. They just renewed their vows a few months ago in Hawaii. Anyone that thinks that Kate is strict, should try running a house with 8 kids and no rules or structure and see just how far you get! I guarantee you it won’t be very far at all!! Again anybody that watches the show knows how committed he is to Kate and their kids. And he has even been quoted as saying that he couldn’t afford a divorce with all the kids they have. I think that this is just someone that wanted to make some money and try to ruin someone life at the sametime.

  • patty

    say its not so i love your show &kids jon if its tru don’t let the money go to your head we know kate can be difficult at times but love her anyways i’ve been married with 5 kids for 29yrs if anything do it for the kids

  • Shadow

    That picture doesn’t really mean anything. He’s famous. If I saw him out somewhere I’d probably ask him to take a pic with me too.

  • Your Name

    I find it so funny that so many people are claiming to be from their town. When in reality noone is probably from there. All you people making judgemental comments that don’t have an ounce to go on should be ashamed. I like their show, I don’t always agree with Kate and the way she treats Jon but it is clear she loves him and to give her the benefit of the doubt editing plays a big part of it. So what if they get free trips. Insurance salemens gets free trips too are you judging them. The fact is people give trips and products away for their own gain. Are you judging them too. Look at your own life before you judge someon that you don’t know. If they are having problems then that is their problems not mine, not yours, not anyones. Pray for them and Pray for their children. I will be praying for the people who past judgement for no reason other than a stupid magazine article from unreliable source. May God bless you all.

  • stop exploiting, tlc

    Jon’s mother doesn’t live in Hawaii. She lives in PA, three hours from their home, where the college towns were. His distant relatives lives in Hawaii, some he hadn’t seen in 20 years. That’s what TLC filled for “guests” with the remarriage. I think the marriage was struggling then, who renews their vows at 9 years anyway? 25 years, yes…9??
    Kate has the symptoms of a narcissist.
    There are at least 3 pictures of Jon with young women in bars floating around the net. Don’t pose in the pictures and stay out of bars if you don’t want the scandal. However, I can see why Jon is acting out. Kate has been making Jon do everything while she barks out orders and belittles him.

  • kathy

    Of course things must be stressful at the Gosselin home, even WITH all the extra help they get.
    The real problem seems to be how vicious Kate is in her mean comments to Jon. If you watch the “interview” at the end of the show, she has an insulting comment to make EVERY TIME he speaks.
    No wonder he drinks!!

  • Kelly

    That picture is blown out of context! Read his recent statement that was released through his rep. They’re FAITH in GOD and each other will keep this family together. God Bless Them.

  • Roger

    No john wears the pants in the family kate just tells him which pair.

  • JLGinPA

    I DO live near them in PA and haven’t seen any problems. I think everything is (as usual) being blown way out of proportion.
    Love ya Jon & Kate!

  • Your Name

    I think anyone who would believe this is naive. Star magazine is one of those dumb gossip magazines that likes to make stuff up. Someone probably took that picture with Jon and edited it to make it look like that. Jon does not look like that, drunk or not. And plus Jon would never get drunk like that. He fully believes in God. I don’t believe that Jon would ever cheat on Kate. Yes; I agree, she can be mean sometimes in her comments, but she DOES love him. And would you expect your marriage to be all giggles and smiles with 5 years old sextuplets and 8 year old twins??? That is just Kate’s personality, she’s nit-picky and she likes to control things.
    These are all rumors and it’s all because people are bored with their own lives so they send stuff to gossip magazines to create un-needed drama. It’s LAME and a waste of time. Because sooner or later, they will address this and tell you all it’s not true.

  • Your Name

    May God bless Jon and Kate and their precious family. Love them. Cant wait for them to rise above this garbage and move on. Lots of good thoughts and prayers coming your way.

  • Tina

    I watch Jon and Kate and the kids all the time. I like watching the show. Having 8 kids that young I think Jon and Kate are doing a very good job raising them kids. About Jon cheating come on are we going to believe some smut magazine. Jon seems to be a very sincere guy and I dont think he would do that to Kate and the kids, he seems to be a good husband and father..

  • Your Name

    If you look at the person pictured, his smile is crooked. Additionally, Jon has long side-burns. His hairline is different. Jon’s nose is not structured like the person in the picture. I hope Jon and Kate sue the Star for their salacious story.

  • Joanne

    Kate treats Jon like crap. I don’t mind the playful love slaps now and then. But sometimes it’s not playful! What I do mind is every interview when he’s asked a question, she tries to finish all his sentences. If he does talk, she corrects his english. She’s a domineering control freak. Can’t stand dirt and has 8 kids – get over it – kids are meant to get into things, have fun, play and get dirty. Not be neat and clean at all times. Then she takes in 2 puppies and doesn’t like to clean up crap and pee? DUH .. She looks for dirt behind furniture – hell Don’t move it .. I know I don’t go looking for dirt. He’s in HER kitchen cooking dinner for the family -He could cook all day in my kitchen and I wouldn’t complain. She loved the meal but what hell he went through with her to put it on the table! RUN JON! She’s sucking your life blood out of you! You can get joint custody!

  • Your Name

    Even though Jon and Kate have their differences and Kate seems to be controlling, I think these allegations are entirely false. Those disgusting smut magazines have one goal in mind and that is to start rumors that aren’t true and to sell their lousy dirt. The best of luck to the entire family. We love the show and never miss the excitement of each episode.

  • I See Sheeple

    A representative from Juniata College has now confirmed that Jon was drinking at area parties and attended an off-campus student party ( Even if nothing else went on, he is a 31 year old husband and father, and has no business partying with college students. his behavior was wildly inappropriate, and he should be ashamed of himself.

  • Your Name

    It seems Kate let hollywood go to her head,Jon is a good person and Kate needs to loosen up,she talking about walk a mile in her shoes?C’mon Jon is in the same house and breathes the same air.Jon YOUR AWESOME!!!

  • penuts

    Consider the source of the story….Star Magazine. Can’t they tell the truth about anything

  • Whatever

    yeah really awesome Jon… whatever! I dont care how annoyed you might be with your wife.. you are 31 years old and have 8 freakin kids at home. Go home and be a man! If she’d making you nuts freakin stand up to her! What a cop-out loser.

  • Misty

    I think that this is a bunch of made up crap. The 1 picture of Jon with two girls….it could just be fans that wanted a picture with him. As for the way he looks in the picture…people think he looks drunk. Well, has anyone out there ever taken a bad picture? It is possible. If he was doing all these things that people say he did, we would be seeing many more pictures of all of it. With all the technology of video and cameras on cell phones, there would be more proof. These magazines are disgusting for publishing this.

  • Your Name

    Nothing surprises me. I know former neighbors of these people and she is a harpy, ingrate, control freak and he is a wus living off his kid’s money. He needs to be a real father and stop going out drinking with other people’s kids. Wonder how the fathers of those coeds feel about ‘superdad’ now? I’d want to go ten rounds with him if it were my daughter.

  • PHC

    If this story is true, I wouldn’t totally blame Jon. Kate’s “celebrity” has totally gone to her head. She’s a control freak. She treats Jon like a child. Jon–TIME TO STAND UP FOR YOURSELF. I don’t agree with being a cheating husband, but . . . . if I had to deal with the likes of Kate everyday . . . . .
    The new house they moved into was just too much for me. The money they made using their children, should have been put in a trust for the kids.

  • mkc

    this is probably a lie. most of these magazines just say this to buy their magazine. or the just twist the story sooo much that is isn’t true

  • Your Name

    come on really… I really think that this is all made up. yea Kate seems to be a control freak about everything, but god u try havin all of those kids running around. As far as jon cheating on kate I believe thats all a lie, and maybe jon was out having a couple drinks so what, I don’t see anything wrong with going out every once in a while.

  • Your Name

    This is really upsetting. I love the show, and their kids are absolutely adoraable! I can’t believe he would do this to Kate and the kids. I hope that this was a mistake, and someone is just making up rumors. Was Jon probablly drinking? Yes. Did he drink to much? Maybe. But would he ever cheat on Kate? I highly doubt it. And I agree with Misty, people do take bad pictures and he does have a lot of fans. There would definetly be videos and pictures of his alleged “cheating.” Like seriously? How low can you get to publish lies about a husband and a father of 8? That’s disgraceful!

  • Kai

    First of all, when people become famous they buy bigger houses, cars, whatever. How can you get mad at them for buying a bigger house?!?! QUIT HATING ON THEM. Seriously. As for Jon, if this story is true, then I think she should leave his sorry ass. She is the head of that household cause she is the one that HOLDS DOWN the household. If you don’t have kids, you don’t know how it is to have to maintain the house, the children, etc. And remember, she has 8 frickin kids! Get off Kate. She’s a fabulous mom and she does what she can do to take care of herself and her fam.

  • Your Name

    Dosen’t anyone find it odd that there is not one picture of Jon cavorting with these coeds. Everyone in the bar where the alledged cavorting took place probably had a camera phone but not pictures anywhere.

  • Your Name

    I truely hope this is only a rumor! I love their show and they encourage me to believe that it’s okay not to have a perfect marriage. I think Kate is strong, so if it is true, I’m sure she is secure enough as a woman to pull herself up and move forward. Shame on Jon if it’s true. I also think with everyone in the world owning a camera phone, someone would have snapped a picture of this happening. But, I’m also lead to believe that there may be some truth to the rumors because on last weeks episode Jon and Kate were interviewed seperately while Jon claimed their weekly schedule was “busy”…Odd! They’ve always found the time for their interviews even with Kate’s many business travels. I really hope for the sake of the kids that if there are problems, they can work through it. I also believe that just because people put their lives on TV doesn’t allow the public to invade their privacy. Let’s remember that there are 8 kids involved, so we should all respect that!

  • Sue Reed

    I say innocent until proven guilty. I believe he very innocently was just playing games with them like he love to play games with his kids.

  • Your Name

    Doesn’t really matter if Jon was at a party. Alot of people go to parties of all sorts. The question is why is so many people jumping to conclusions and automatically thinking the worst.
    God Bless the Gosselin’s. Love them and always will.

  • Your Name

    No one Knows what goes on behind closed doors. Jon and kate are wonderful parents as well as a cute couple. I think the public is reading to much into this. Leave Jon and Kate alone. They are only HUMAN as we all are. It is also said for every person there is somewhere out there a double.

  • Becky Pope

    Is it really that difficult to understand why Jon Gosselin might want to leave his wife? Is it that big of a stretch of the imagination to think their marriage may be suffering? Do they really look all that happy on their show? If Jon has left or is intending to leave his wife, I stand behind him 100%. Over the years we’ve seen Kate criticize him, harass him, manipulate him, insult him and reduce him to pack-mule status at every opportunity. She doesn’t let him cook, clean, dress the kids, take them for walks around their new property, she won’t let him shop. She insults and demeans him on national television. She corrects his grammar and laughs at him when he tries to express his point of view in an interview. She interrupts constantly and then gets upset when he tries to speak. Contrary to what a lot of you may think, Jon can still be an involved and supportive father on every level even if he and Kate are separated or divorced. Jon has had the short end of the stick in that relationship for quite a long time and it’s high time he start demanding respect from Kate, his children and the viewers of his show. If I had a whiny, insulting, crabby, unfriendly, smug, snobby spouse like Kate, I’d leave too. For all the preaching Kate does about how blessed she and her family are, how grateful she is to have such great support from her fans, she better take a step back and realize that she should show some respect for her husband and be grateful that he is so kind and that he’s dealt with her embarrassing, demeaning behavior this long. Kate, grow up and start showing Jon the respect he deserves and shows you. I think if Kate doesn’t correct her behavior soon she’ll see that the foundation of all that blessed support from her fans is going to crack.

  • Your Name

    I was really embarassed for Jon when Kate yelled across Toys R Us to get Jon’s attention.
    I also have e-mailed Kate and have never gotten a reply. I am not holding my breath.
    I wish that she would treat Jon better. He seems like a great guy, but maybe he has had enough.


    It’s time for TLC to pull the plug on Kate. She has gotten out of control. She berates her husband and Mady…How much longer do we need to hear her stay “Mady is ugly today” She is putting her child down on national TV. I believe to be respected by your child you have to have respect for the child. I never tell my child to shut up…there have been many times I wanted to. Hoe could they possibly live in a $1.3 million home? They have no jobs. The have The fame has gone to her head. She obvi has taken advantage of the viewers and TLC. TLC has to stop advertising “America’s favorite family” no it’s not. The free bees are nuts…she should be donating it. How about the time at the rummage sale she threw a fit because there weren’t any table cloths. then she couldn’t sell her stuff…she used her fame to make money..taking photos with people…time to go Kate..TLC you will loose views if you continue to keep the show on..She got her tummy tuck for free…made jon get a hair transplant. TLC….KATE NEEDS AN INTERVENTION…NOW

  • Robby Jewell

    Hello everyone…JON is cheating, no matter how much you dislike Kate she’s not in the wrong here!!! Anyone saying she treats him bad therefore your not suprised he’s cheating, that’s not a reason to cheat on her…Jon better be careful or he will be paying a TON of child support to her, get your act together Jon!

  • Melbel

    Good lord people!!! She has 8 KIDS, you can’t expect her to be peachy kean 24/7. I worked at a daycare and that was stressful at times, I couldn’t imagine living with that many kids at the same time. I have one child its a lot of work. Kate is a great mom, to me she is fricken wonder woman.

  • Your Name

    Everyone is so quick to judge Kate. I Myself dont agree when she lashes out at Jon in front of the kids, But We are not the parents of sixtuplets and twins. We don’t feel her fustrations. If you watch their interview sections Kate is very much in love with Jon. You can see it in her eyes. COME ON she puts up with a man whos main job is to dress and bath the 6 kids. You don’t see him clean,do laundry,or cook. (WOW once) I am VERY disappointed to hear that he mave cheated on her. He knew her faults before he agreed to concive and it would take a pretty LOW person to leave a woman with 8 small children. As far a Mady I think she is fresh and needs LOTS of redirection. I LOVE the show and have no use for TLC if they take the show off the air. I am not a religous person. (no offense) Who are any of us to judge. If you don’t like the show don’t watch. Those of us who like it will. And no one can say what we would do unless we was in their shoes and obviously we are not or we would have our own show.

  • taylor

    I too am annoyed at kate sometimes, but you need to get your facts straight. The episode in which they had a garage sale did not profit the Gosselins. They donated all earnings towards pediatric cancer reasearch.

  • Your Name

    To whoever posted the GOAWAYKATE March 8th @10:31! That woman is a wonderful mom! She has no life of her own she has devoted her life to her family. She is a wonderful mother and loving wife. Of course Kate isn’t perfect but anyone in her shoes would lose it from time to time. I think she shows great composure compared to what I would. Having children is easy, raising the children, especially 8, is Hellatious I’m sure. I have 2 kids and it is hard sometimes to always be giddy and bubbly for me and I can’t imagine being her in her daily routine. I say God Bless Kate! She is a loving, kind, gentle and exceptionally wonderful mother!! I have watched the show since the babies were born and she is the one who always, always makes sure the kids are not exploited in a bad way at all. She is a positive role model and I think of the whole family as my own, kinda. They are normal and don’t put on any kind of show for the cameras. They are a real family with real family values.

  • Meara

    Oh get over it people. I don’t think he cheated and although they aren’t’ always “nice” to each other, who ever is in a relationship.
    I love them both and am shocked and disappointed in you that you would even kind of believe any of this crap!

  • Shelly

    Hello! She gets everything handed to her what does she possibly have to complain about???

  • Your Name

    I am too so prayerful that this is not true. I cannot imagine what this has/will do to Kate and the kids. My heart goes out to them. The temptation is ever present and none of us could say “I would never.” Kate is one of the most amazing moms Ive ever seen (besides my own of course). Her type A personality is a perfect match for Jon’s super relaxed personality. Opposites attract. If she wasnt so organized and “uptight” :-) that house would be a mad house! I have taken so many parenting tips from her I should send her a check! This is a terrible occurence or an ugly rumor, but for the sake of the kids, I say we pray for them and focus our attention on our own homes and marriages unless we ourselves are decieved by the devil just as Jon. Gosselins God’s love and grace be to you both now and forever

  • Linda

    Shelly wrote she has everything handed to her…..She does not have everything handed to her. She works her butt off for her family. If you think raising eight kids and taking care of a home is easy you must not have a family then!!!

  • Adam T

    I don’t watch this show, my wife does. Even I can spot that the guy in the picture is not Jon. I would think that a website that puts itself forward as a Christian organization would wait for a more reliable source than Star Magazine before defaming a guy, especially since Jon claims to be a brother in Christ.

  • Your Name

    I’ve never been to a bar that has school chairs upside down on the tables, fluorescent lights on the ceiling, and Cysco boxes in the background. This photo was obviously not taken at a bar. Way to stick to the facts – not! Jon does look horrible, I’ll grant you that.

  • Becky Pope

    All of you out there who are praising Kate need a reality check. Think about it this way: if you and your family were part of a reality television show, wouldn’t you always try to put your best foot foward during filming? Wouldn’t you at least try to get through the day with grace and dignity? You absolutely would because it would be unbelievably embarrassing to see yourself treat your spouse and children so poorly. If Kate is like the rest of us, she probably saves the worst of it for Jon and the kids when they’re not filming – can you imagine how bad she must be then? I feel sorry for Jon and I would absolutely support his decision to leave “Horrible Kate”, as she is known now in my household. That said, I do not for a second condone anyone cheating on their spouse – regardless of the reason. Still, it’s not hard to imagine that Jon is feeling unhappy. I’d be unhappy too if I wasn’t allowed to express myself, help out with my family or even have a moment to talk during the filming of the reality show about my own family. Jon has been demeaned, emasculated and repressed by Kate for too long. Wake up, people! The evidence that Kate is a terrible human being is right there for the world to see.
    And for all those who have written that Kate is a wonder woman, super-mom, etc., how can you say that? Sure, it must be exhausting to raise 8 children but that was HER CHOICE. She chose this life for herself, she chose to be responsible for those wonderful little children and she has nothing but complaints about it all. Mady, for instance, is one of her favorite victims. That poor little girl obviously has some major emotional and behavioral problems that need to be dealt with by a professional (hopefully that’s happening off-camera) yet at every opportunity Kate laughingly points out that “Mady’s being ugly” or “Mady was doing her thing again”. Doesn’t Kate realize that one day Mady will see reruns of the show and hear what Kate said about her? Doesn’t Kate understand that people in their own community watch the show and see how she deals with Mady’s problems? Doesn’t she see that Mady probably hears about all that at school? She’s only making things worse for Mady by being dismissive and sarcastic about Mady’s behavior. Is that really your idea of a super-mom? It sure isn’t mine.

  • 8XploitedFaces

    I am so sorry all of you nice people were conned by this family. They are NOT good Christians. They spew out bible verses between lies, and then beg church goers to dig in their pockets for “love offerings.”
    Please don’t support this family any longer. They need to get jobs and stop selling their kids privacy. Having 8 kids is no excuse for treating people poorly. Michelle Duggar has 18 kids and still manages to be kind to her family. This woman went against gods wishes when she used science to have children.

  • Emily

    I don’t buy it. Don’t you think if he was dirty dancing and making out with girls that someone would have taken out a camera and got some pictures of it? I think he went out, drank a few, took some pictures with fans and now there are a bunch of silly little girls trying to get famous.

  • Your Name

    Firsst off all that is not Jon in that picture. Its quite obvious that it is a look a like. Who knows if there are problems in the marrage, but at least post pics that are reallity.

  • Wendi

    For all of you who say that J and K are not good Christians: “Judge not, lest ye be judged.”
    Mady is a handful, but most little girls that age are. I am a professional nanny, and nothing I see warrants professional care.(and I have cared for children who did need counseling)
    I don’t know if that was Jon at that bar or not, but I have not seen any proof that he was doing anything untowards.
    The family was on Oprah today. All was well.

  • Your Name

    When they were on Oprah, Kate mentioned that there is no filming in the kids’ rooms for privacy reasons. The cameras were right outside though, and apparently Leah and Alexis share a room, and Hannah’s is across the hall. So for the person in this site that said Jon slept downstairs with Alexis, you are mistaken.
    When Kate said “it is all mine” she was talking about the view from her kitchen. Since she is the one in there cooking, the view is hers.

  • me

    Did Kate mention if these are the “new” rules because in the old house, there was studio lighting in every room EXCEPT Jon and Kate’s bedroom and the bathroom.
    The kids HAVE ALREADY been filmed in their bedrooms AND during times they have not wanted the cameras in their faces.

  • Rebecca Pope

    Hey, Wendi, regarding your comments about Mady’s behavior: a professional nanny has none of the credentials necessary to make a proper behavioral analysis of a child to deem whether or not he or she needs professional care. The anger Mady exhibits may have many causes, some of which may be complications from her own in-vitro conception, trouble dealing with the lack of attention from her parents (no arguing on this point: logic is on my side when I point out that parents with 8 children spend less time with each child individually than parents who have 2-3 children), being forced into a situation where her entire life is on display to a worldwide audience – not to mention the very normal possibilities, like perhaps that a child that age should have to deal with the fame (or infamy) that surrounds her family.
    Sorry, Super Nanny, your babysitting experience doesn’t cut it. Mady should be seen by a child psychologist.

  • Your Name

    Considering how young they were when they got married and the phenomenal stress of 8 young children, I can understand why Jon might feel the need to “let his hair down” a bit. You notice the article says “may be cheating”. It’s just a way to sell magazines.Not that I condone the behavior if it is true, but it is interesting how this went from posing for pictures and having a few beers to those saying he was kissing the girl. Isn’t it amazing that after posing for pictures (obviously someone had a camera), so far the pics are not THAT incriminating. Bad judgement, yes, cheating, questionable.

  • Your Name

    im sooooo pissed of cas i loved their show cas they were local people and this whole divorce thing is peobably why they are starting that new show table 4 twelve on tlc

  • Your Name

    I am not sure that is Jon in that picture. It looks like him,but only in that it looks like it could be someone that looks like him. Ihope for the kids sake that the stories are not true.
    I watch the show, and I think it is great that they now have the money to do the things they do, but now the show is based on what they get to do because the make money from doing the show. It is not the reality of what it is really like to raise all these kids. At least not for a regularly family who doesn’t have the money they now have. I mean one show was all about their new stainless steal appliances. The sub-zero refrigerator is about $8,000. THe same thing has happened with Little People, Big World.

  • Your Name

    I have watched the show since the beginning. I think that it is now time for it to end. The kids need their space and privacy and Jon and Kate need to work on their marriage. Kate is so controlling and Jon is so laid back. There is a lot of stress in that family and it is a shame as I think they have a great family. I think it is a shame that Aunt Jodi is no longer on the show. Did Kate just use her when she needed help? Did Kate ever watch Jodi’s kids so she could have a day for herself? The lack of family particapation with the kids is very confusing and you wonder what is the cause of them not being involved in their lives. The grandparents are missing out alot in the lives of the kids. As a grandparent, I never miss a chance to be with our grandkids as grandparents are just as important as parents. I do hope that the story of Jon running around is not true.
    If they are having issues, end the show and work on the relationship.
    I think the should get Mady some help as she has serious anger issues. She has Kates personality.
    When I watch, 18 Kids and Counting, the parents are not at each other or disrespectfull of the other. With 18 kids, they have far more responsibilities than Jon and Kate and Michelle and John Bob show kindness and respect not only to each other but to the kids and other family members.

  • Kristin

    IF Jon is cheating, I don’t blame him. I in no way condone that type of behavior, but the way Kate treats him pisses me off. She’s always correcting what he says, how he says it, what to he should say/do and talks down to him like he’s one of her own children. I would go out to a bar too and drink my worries away if my husband was an a$$hole with me!
    Jon obviously goes to the bar to be alone and get away from that crazy lady! I love the show. But Kate really needs to back off! If she’s so stressed out, she can always hire a nanny and stop being so damn picky about everything! There are always alternatives. Take the kids to daycare, get a nanny, an in-house babysitter, etc. Enroll the kids in Gymboree or some kind of all day thing. If they have $1.3 million for a mansion, they can shell out a few hundred bucks a month for child help. Really.
    Maybe then she could give Jon some much needed lovin’ and less bitching! And he wouldn’t be out at bars with young girls who don’t care if a man is married and has a family. They’re just thinking about fame getting some.

  • Your Name

    This photo is obviously old or fake…Jon doesn’t have that much hair! Seriously…I think it is just a way for the media to sell magazines. After all, with Octomom’s psycho behavior, a large semi-normal family makes her look even worse, so why wouldn’t the media stir everything up??? Next, you will hear that Jim Bob Duggar is hanging out in strip clubs…give me a break!

  • Your Name

    The people who are condoning Katie need a reality check. I had to stop watching the show because I am disappointed in how much they have changed. There were “real” until Kate got her tummy tucked (free), makeover (free)…never saw her tip for any of the services she had done. Going away skiing (free) stop over in CA (free) Kate didn’t want to deal with the time change to Hawaii…WHAT!!!!!!!!!! Jon’s hair surgery (free),

  • Your Name

    Kate likes to be in controll, but bosses Jon like he is the hired help. Notice only Maddy gets away with so much anger and selfishness. Cara and Collin seem to be the the ones that get picked on by Kate. She does not even let Jon correct Maddy and always makes excuses for her bad behavior. Kate you may need to rethink your treatment of Jon and some of the kids. Please know that Maddy will only get away with the bad behavior you condone. you need to show more appreciation to Jon, Cara and Collin. Jon you need to revisit your priorities.
    May God help you both get thru this issue.

  • KD

    Im sorry but Kate deserves what she gets. I have met her on many of occasion and she is the rudest person ever. Christian huh. Come on. If Jon is going out he has had all he can take of her being so harsh and nasty. Oh well Kate. Karma darling Karma…

  • Your Name


  • Your Name

    I heard that the bar was 3 hours away i mean when does he have the time or excuse to get out of the housefor at least 6 hours? I love thier show and i think they are a great christian family! so stop beliving this!!

  • Molly


  • Your Name

    I read through these comments and don’t quite understand why some of you think “Kate deserves what she has got” (Jon cheating on her). I’m sorry, but that is only encouraging Jon’s behavior and makes Kate in the wrong. Yeah, her attitude is irritable, but Jon could have gone to alternate means to change that than to cheat on her. I’d like to see you folks say that into her face: “that she deserves it”. It’s so easy to say something when that person isn’t there to hear you say it. Now, whether that is Jon (sure looks like it), I am disappointed nonetheless. These aren’t characteristics of “Christian” people. It is so easy to accept someone’s admittance of faith as legitimate. Jon and Kate need counseling, and the way we say she “deserves it” or he “is only trying to escape her irritable attitude” is an obvious morality non sequitar. Employ those “ingrained” morals within us and pray for the Gosselin family and hope that they receive marital counseling instead of “hoping” for ruin.

  • Your Name

    I used to watch Jon and Kate+8 without fail. It was entertaining and fun. It has evolved into a whining, belittling free for all. This is no longer a show about an atypical family doing a great job with their children but, instead, it seems scripted and increasingly hard to watch. Kate has an exagerrated opinion of herself and has become just plain witchy! That episode with the coupons did it for me. Yikes!! To quote Kate, “MEN!!!” Get the feeling she doesn’t much like them. This show has gone the way of “Growing Up Gotti.” Ugh.

  • Wendi

    I am tired of everyone attacking Kate for anything. Yeah, she picks on Jon. He must not mind too much.
    Kate does what she can to manage a busy household with eight kids. They have found a a profitable way to provide for them, which is good because if they didn’t, people would be here complaining that the family was on welfare.
    Kate had every right to turn down used cribs and clothing if she did not want them for whatever reason. It does not mean she is not appreciative of the gesture. I would never use a used crib myself either for a variety of reasons. She has the right to ask for whatever if people ask her what she really wants. Quite honestly, if I knew a mom gving birth to multiples, I would have n problem getting a bunch of diapers and/or a gift card so mom can choose what she wants.If people here are going to say that this caused the rift between Kate and her parents, then look at the parents. They would have been the ones to get their feelings hurt and walk away. This is more important than being in their grandchildren’s lives? I am not even altogether sure it is the truth.
    Lay off the family. They were on Oprah today(it was a new ep) and all was well.

  • Your Name

    I used to love watching this show, the first few episodes were focused on the daily tasks of raising a large family and not a running infomercial for products or tourist atractions.
    Sadly the show has been tainted by the main focus of the show, Kate. At first, she seemed down to earth and normal. Now, Kate’s true character has been shown through her behavior towards Jon, her family, and friends. Cutting off family and friends tarnishes the ‘good Christian mom’ image she has tried so hard to maintain.
    Her behavior hits home for me,as my own sister-in-law pulled the same garbage on my family. Five years ago she decieded that our family wasn’t good enough for her or her new daughter. She and my brother verbally assulted my parents, myself, and brought forth lists of ways they have been offended over the course of thier 3 year marriage (a birthday card was late, birthday presents that weren’t good enough, and the list goes on).
    Basically my point is, these two women Kate and my SIL (who are both nurses, both verbally abuse thier husbands, and both have caused family rifts numerous times) are cut from the same cloth. What I wish people would realize before they choose the path of selfishness and cut off family members is to think twice. The pain that you cause is immense. I have held my mother in my arms as she wept countless times over the ‘loss’ of her son.
    When you see the behavior of a woman like Kate on T.V. it is clear to see that she is more then capable of living up to the rumors that have been posted about what she has done to Beth, Aunt Jodi and her own parents. Don’t condone or defend her, her actions have hurt others and her behavior on this show will not be appreciated by her children when they are old enough to understand. They will see right through her, and seek out the family and friends that loved them but were taken from them because of their mother.
    I’ll get off my soapbox now.

  • Kate

    I can’t believe this, I hope it’s not real I love this show. He couldn’t do it. I won’t believe this!! :(

  • Your Name

    What concerns me the most about the show is Mady. She’s 7 and often, very often, acts like she’s 2 or 3. There’s no excuse for her attitude and, unfortunately, it shows the parenting skills of J & K. I used to enjoy the show, but Mady makes the show unwatchable. She’s in for problems in her life if she continues to act as if the world revolves around her.

  • Cody

    I live about 10 mile away from whare they moved to in Berks County PA and a friend of mine at work said her friend saw him at a bar near his home and she had to take him home because he was too drunk to drive. I am surprised kate hasent driven him to drink along time ago.
    Wendi, apperently he minds that she picks on him because he is out partying and thinking about getting a divorce. I support John in everything that he does.
    John you have my prayers!!!

  • John

    Well until the real story comes out, i think everyone should stop. It’s ridiculus, it is none of our business. Let them live there life and we should live ours.

  • Poemi

    Wow, so many negative comments! I guess it’s easy to forget that Jon and Kate are actually real people, and that each one of us wouldn’t do any better under such close scrutiny. My own bias leads me to side with Kate, though. I remember how my own mother was miserable during my childhood when she had to care for us kids and the house with barely any help from my father. So it bothers me a lot to see a husband acting indifferent to his wife’s concerns, and angers me to think that a husband that behaves that way would also be unfaithful. As much as I’ve seen her do for her family, I don’t think she deserves to be treated in that way by him. If he’s really feeling hurt by her, he should try to work it out with her instead of getting wasted and cheating on her, right? Doesn’t that make sense?

  • Melissa

    I totally agree that Mady makes the show unwatchable. She is probably the biggest brat I’ve ever seen and I’m really disappointed that Kate lets her get away with it. Kate always says that when Mady is in a good mood, she is the sweetest child ever. But I have NEVER seen her in a good mood. I don’t blame Jon for doing this to Kate, she is a nutcase. I could not live with her, she is way to high strung. I do feel really bad for the children though. :(

  • Your Name

    I feel so sorry for those two dogs. They pick the one up from the vet, with a tummy full of stitches and then let the dog run outside with the other. Are these people clueless.They shouldn’t have dogs, they are not capable of properly looking after them.
    Kate speakes terribly to Jon, always talking down to him. Remember when he didn’t use the coupon, OMG…she is annoying.
    Not sure if there is any truth to the rumours, I hope not for the sake of the kids, but I wouldn’t blame Jon.She is driving him away and fast with that attitude. Run Jon run.Maybe she could have OCTO mom move in with her kids. They could rename it 2 wacko’s plus 22.

  • Mindy

    I don’t think people should judge the parenting of the children.
    What children out there are not brats….. and for the viewer out there… these kids have to deal with a lot. They do not live a normal life. For Kate…. she is a nurse- clean, organized, and intelligent raising EIGHT KIDS who would not be a nutcase….. they are normal people trying to live normal lives with speculators out there trying to blow maybe something small out of proportion….. CHILL OUT!

  • Castor

    I give no quarter to Kate for marrying a man that is indifferent to her concerns; she could have walked away any time if this was not the perfect man. If I’m not mistaken, he already had a girlfriend when they first met. There is no telling what happened for these two to end up together. Seeing Kate on the show, as also noticed by the other comments shown in this column; she is not a very respectable person. She seems to have forgotten where she came from, and tends to forget her faiths. Jon is a whole different animal. If he has given in to weakness, then I see no reason for him at all. Is there reason for them to reconcile? If your answer is “for the children”, then it will no doubt be a ‘loveless’ marriage filled with false images and emotions to deceive the kids. Divorce isn’t really a good idea either; the show title would be: Jon & Kate + 8 – Jon = Kate + 8 + Alimoney + Child Support.

  • Starlight

    I wonder if they have ever had Maddy Looked at or seen by A Doctor For mental Problems???? Adhd?? BiPolar??? How Sad.. Kates new Look is Kind Of Stuck Up..I like the Old Jon and Kate..Not these 2 that are living off there kids..And for those 2 dogs..SPCA..They Have 8 kids toi take care of, They dont Need 2 dogs..

  • Your Name

    I think if Jon honestly went out to a public area and was hooking up with others girls Kate would have no part in it. She would do what she had to do to make sure the kids didn’t get all wrapped up in it! If Jon is thirty something years old and still thinks he needs to go out to bars and hit on younger women there is a definite problem. GROW UP JON!! You have a wife and childeren to take care of! And even if Kate is a “bitch and Type A” like you said in the article you should have realsized that after maddy and kara and not had ANYMORE CHILDREN!

  • Your Name

    Jealousy is such an ugly thing. I don’t care who you are you would accept free trips and other offers too. I would send it my way. Some people don’t understand how things works. People give things away for self promotion. I would be taking my children all over the world too if I had the chance. Who cares if its free? Would it make you people feel better if they pay for it? Oprah, Rachael Ray, The View, Regis and Kelly give stuff(trips) away daily for “self promotion” should they stop just because someone doesn’t like it. It boils down to jealousy. You people are jealous. I am personally happy that they get to experience these things. I guess you people are going to quit buying insurance too. Insurance companies gives their employees vacations, 3 vacations a year for one particular company.
    I love Jon and Kate and wish them best. Do I think Jon was at a bar I don’t know. If he was then thats between him and God. Do I think he should be no. People are persecuting this man on nothing more than here say. The same people that persecuting are now the ones starting rumors that their marriage is on the rocks. Not one person that has posted on here knows the truth.
    Some of you people need to judge your own life before you judge the life of other people.
    May God Bless you people and May God Bless Jon and Kate and their family.

  • Your Name

    It’s not good that Jon is checking out greener pastures. But with Kate like she is. What normal male could blame him. Kate needs professional help. Along with a couple of the kids, that she has messed up. Jon needs to get right with God, and get back to his family, and take charge.

  • Your Name

    all I can say is Kate is not a good mother!
    and jon plz put your pants on !!!!

  • CollegeGirl

    I think that this is a bit ridiculous. People are looking for reasons to smash the family, and the show, because of it’s success and popularity. How could Jon even have the time to go out, with 8 children at home? Plus, even if he does have the time, who says he can’t go out and have fun? I’m not saying that if the rumors are true, it is ok for him to do this, but this is reality.

  • Your Name

    I hope for jons sake the rumors aren’t true!!Kate is a Wonderful mother, and yeh atimes she loses her cool but who wouldn’t with EIGHT KIDS!!! i would like to see all those who are talkin’ trash about how she’s raising their kids to live a week in her shoes..!! SOO,untill then please don’t judge somebody elses life!! No, marriage is the perfect marriage there’s always problems along the way. Give them a break!! thank u kindlie!;)

  • Your Name

    I agree with the second comment. There’s Jon’s side Kate side and the truth and the only one that knows what the really truth is is God! I can’t even imagine raising 8 kids but they are doing a great job, my hat is off to both of them. Now the octo-mom is another story, but it’s always the children that suffer for the things adults do, so I wish and pray for all of them may God guide them in the right direction.

  • http://YA MARIAH


  • Your Name

    MARIAH have you watched their show every night for the last two year? (I have a 15yr old who loves this show) If you had and will bet not, you could never say Kate is not a good mom. OMG she is so organized, thoughtful of each child and has devoted her entire existance to those eight kids. She even accepts Maddie and shrugs off all her over the top blow ups.
    I have two kids and could not imagine a 3rd. It would put me over the top.
    I laugh at Kate and call my huband into the room and say ‘see, she feels the same way I do, you’re never buying anything again if you cannot remember the coupon.’ I know she is holding back due to the cameras, cuz I would many times have a lot more to say.
    Jon loves Kate and maybe he had some drinks, but I do not think he would do anything inappropreiate. People should not assume the worst.
    gl jon and kate.

  • cath

    lisa pullman. your post on 3/4 was very detailed. i was wondering where you get your information. mariah. your post on 3/10 says that jon and kate are receiving funds from the government, i imagine, according to your post saying the tax payers are paying for jon, kate and the kids. again i have to ask where you get your information?

  • Your Name

    the jon&kate acts like everything that there doings is for there kids at all times what does a hair transplant operation have to do with giving your kids everything that they deserve and her tummy tuck wasnt good enought lets try to get a boob job out of the New York plastic surgen also the great dr i think read right through her and thought im giving her a free tummy tuck and thats not good enough and put her in her place by telling her to buy a better could tell she was trying to brush it off as oh ok you could tell by her body language she was mad that she couldnt weassel out the boob job to for god sakes the dr gave her a 10,000 operation for free and the transplant jon got had to cost a lot also and free teeth whiting and free house you know everything thats going on in there life right now its all free .there milking everything that they can out of the TLC network its sickening free pianos ,trips to utah, hawaii,etc they will ride this show out until they cant ride it out anymore until people get sick of her and him using the kids for the excuse of giving them everything they meaning the kids what they deserve.come on doesnt everyones kids deserve having a nice life and the parents of every USA house hold can give there children .Yes they do .but these two are using there kids too say there kids the special ones deserve it more than anyones kids .makes me sick .my parents had 8 kids and we didnt act like those kids are they are spoiled brats and its only going to get worse and the more people watch the higher the ratings .give another family a chance now to give there kids something .

  • Your Name

    I have watched the show since the beginning. I felt that it should have been taken off the air at times. If a man yelled, belittled, and “love tapped” his wife as often as Kate does; he would be an abuser. I dont care if they have 8 kids or not. I was raised in a large family & that type of nonsence did not take place. Also look at 18 kids & counting. That is how a couple should treat each other & their children. Not yelling and being controlling of every move. If he did cheat shame on him but maybe for once he wanted to be treated like a man not a servant

  • Your Name

    I feel extremely sad for the innocent Gosselin children who, unfortunately, did not get the kind of parents they deserve. Jon and Kate do not ‘work’ like most American parents, they are able to afford a multi-million home because they exploit their children. Their children have no say as to whether they would care to be filmed going to the bathroom, having a meltdown, misbehaving, etc. Because the sextuplets have been filmed for most of their lives, they think cameras in the home, for many hours per week, are normal. If you have ever watched the very first hour special that TLC filmed, you will see a very different Jon and Kate. The more shows that have been filmed, the more they have changed, and not for the good. It does not surprise me one bit that these rumors about Jon have surfaced. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire. Jon and Kate think they are celebrities, when they are actually idiots. I pray that somehow, this show will end, the children will be able to regain some of their childhood, and Jon and Kate will both get the help they so desperately need to have a normal family.

  • cathi

    if this stuff about jon cheating and being separated from kate and living with his mother since february is true i think tlc should issue statement. like one of the other mother’s i also have a 15 year old who loves the show. i think it’s only fair to keep us all informed of the truth since it is a “reality show”.

  • TwilightRocs

    I agree that Jon and Kate the hit show has gone to the dogs. I watched an episode the other night and just started wondering why did they get two dogs if u have 8 kids and is always complaining about them?! R u insane?! Jon calls them his dogs? it kind of does seem like they r separated….. on the episode that i saw kate wasn’t even there and Jon was left with the kids!!! He was yelling at the kids and it was just… a complete nightmare!!!! there was definitely a lot of verbal abuse.

  • Kellie

    I stopped watching this show a while back. Kate belittles, berates and emasculates poor Jon on each and every episode. I just could not watch any longer. If Jon were treating Kate in such an inhumane manner, the show would have been cancelled long ago. Let’s put it this way, if Jon ever did decide that he wants out of this sham of a marriage, all the video footage from this show is all he would need to prove his case in court. This just all may backfire on miss bigmouth.They do use their kids to support their family. As far as I can see, Jon no longer works, and has anyone noticed that Kate has had some “procedures” I am thinking Botox, possibly Restylane and or other dermal fillers? Also, I understand that she smokes. And yet, acts like it is a cardinal sin not to eat healthy organic food. This is a woman of many contradictions. Not worth the camera time.

  • Melissa

    I truly hope these rumours are not true. I love the show, and I don’t think our Christian blog sets a good example by judging the family. We do not know what life is like in their home, and the cameras are not there 7 days a week. The children have been able to do things that any other family with that many children would not be able to afford to do.
    Any procedures, trips, etc that the family has received free has been donated to them. If people do not want to support the family in those ways, they simply would not offer. We can’t criticise Kate for getting a tummy tuck if a doctor offered the free procedure. After 8 children, I would too! They have acknowledged that they have been blessed many times over.
    If people do not approve of the show, simply do not watch it. It is your right and choice to change the channel, use it.

  • Bonnie

    I love this show and although Kate is hard on Jon sometimes, I don’t think for one minute that he is cheating on his wife. And if he is I am soo diappointed. I love this show and look up to their family. I hope for Kate and the kids sake that this is just a stupid rumor


    How quickly those “the perfect ones” rush to judge and condemn others.
    I can’t begin to imagine a day in the life of such a blessed family. I can however wish everything good for them and their children. Thank you for sharing so much of your life with us!

  • Tiffany

    This is ridiculous… he took a picture with 2 fans. So shoot him? Show me the pictures of him kissing the girls necks and playing beer pong and living with his mom. YOU CAN’T! THEY DON’T EXIST! For everyone who believes this… do further research. Until jon says other than, “this is just rumor” I would believe the word “alegedly”

  • Eva

    I too have stopped watching their show. Kate is awful. Look at Michelle Dugger. She has twice the children and responsiblities. Yet, she treats each child (and her husband) with kindness. I know that adultrey is a sin, but who could blame Jon? If you were married to her, you would be out drinking too.

  • Michelle

    the house was not free………sheesh. They get stuff donated in exchange for free advertising from whatever comapny. A win-win all around. I just do not understand why people cannot take the show for what it is and have to make up garbage. If you don’t lke it, don’t watch!

  • beany


  • Your Name

    It’s weird the last show Jon was home all alone and Kate was out of town, looks like at least the kids would of called their mom, I think something is going on. If I was a man and my wife treated me like that I’d be gone, she treats him terrible on tv and she’s always right and he gets the blame for everything, she is to controling, let things be and enjoy the world. And that house the kids got the house for them because of them making the show, and all the nice stuff and neither one working now. Jon go out and have a good time get away from the b***chy woman.

  • Jennifer

    I think is is incredibly sad, this family is so beautiful, the kids are all healthy and happy! Jon and Kate I’m sure have thier stress in everyday life, as would any human with 8 kids would! I myself have 4 children, if there were 4 more I have no idea if I still would remain sane. I love this famly, they have to remain strong in Christ. They will make it through this. My prayers go out to them.

  • Jeni

    Thank you Michelle. Finally someone who thinks like I do. This show has its awesome ratings BECAUSE Kate is the way she is. No one has the right to judge her or verbally attack her style and methods of parenting. I mean if it gives you some personal solace, then go right ahead. This world is so judgemental. I think it’s a great show and their kids are FINE. Wake up to reality people. Either enjoy it for what it is, or dont watch.

  • Anonymous

    The way Kate treats Jon can be considered abusive. If a man treated a woman that way people would be up in arms over it. She’s disrespectful, judgemental, cruel and condescending just to say a few things. 8 children I’m sure is a strain, but it is no reason to treat the person you’re supposed to love like trash. No one can judge another persons response to abuse if they’ve never been there. If your husband treated you that way, what would you do?

  • Your Name

    Dear Jon and Kate,
    I guess I’ve had my eyes opened getting to this email. I never dreamed there were so many out to get you. It’s like when Tiger Woods first started golf and became so popular, they did the same ting to him.
    NOW for what I came for. I dearly love your family. I just cherish the children and can’t wait till they look at the camera and give one of those big smiles. I am an only child raised by my mother and am constantly adopting kids that need moms. I’m 63 and would just give my right arm to be there for a day, and hug and kiss the kids like you do. I love all the personalities and thank God they have such wonderful parents. Oh, Kate I some time back a toaster for 6 and wanted to get for you but figured you might have solved that problem. I have a story I wrote about a little Lamb and would like to send it to you, to share with the kids. I will send that along in my next email. Till then, God Bless you and May He put a hedge of protection around you. With love, frances

  • Courtney

    That picture doesn’t really look like Jon. Search some other pictures on google. He looks totally different.

  • Andrew

    I CALL BS!! Just some people wanting some spotlight on themselves because their lives suck so much and are depressed.

  • Your Name

    Dear Jon & Kate,
    My son (Ethan who is 8yrs. old) and I absolutely love your show! We recently just had another baby (actually 1 week ago) and to prepare my son we started watching your show. It helped to teach him about love, patience, and sharing. Kate you are an inspiration to mothers everywhere! I hope you and Jon don’t take to heart any of the negative comments people send to you. They should try walking a day in your shoes and then see what they have to say. Also I wonder if they know about all the great charity work you do to help sick and less fortunate children. Keep your chins up and take good care of those precious kids of yours! Thank you so much for being such great role models. Keep it up!

  • Gillian

    The picture is obviously him, just very intoxicated. Which is very unfortunate because I love the show, and was extremely shocked when I heard the news. I hope that it is just a picture taken way out of context, and he is in fact loyal to Kate. As for people who say Kate is abusive towards John, that is just ridiculous. Yes at times she can be demanding, and somewhat dominating, but that is obviously just her personality that I’m sure John was completely aware of when he married her. Not to mention the stress that comes along with having eight young children. Kate’s love, and care for all of her family (including John) in my opinion outweighs any negative thing one can say about her. In conclusion I hope for the best for the Gosselins, and hope the rumors, and cruel things people may say won’t stop them from being the strong loving family that they are.

  • Your Name

    I am one of five sisters and we are all in love with the Gosselin children and have watched them grow up on Jon & Kate + 8 (and hope to continue to do so). I am a 48 year old mother of two and have a couple of suggestions. Jon, grow up. You are the father of these eight children and you chose Kate to be their mother . . . buyer’s remorse is not an option at this point. Stop acting like a college boy and start acting like a father with a large family to raise. While your personal happiness is important to help you be the best parent you can be, hanging out in bars with co-eds is not the answer. Get a new job where you HAVE to go to the office. Maybe too much time together has worn thin.
    Kate, stop being so critical of EVERY SINGLE THING Jon does. LIGHTEN UP!!!! You have a truly blessed life and from time to time, you actually acknowledge it. What you NEVER acknowledge is that you have a really GREAT husband. He is kind, loving and generous with you and your children and all he ever gets for it is criticism. STOP IT!!!!! COMPLIMENT your huband every chance you get – not only does he deserves it, you all deserve it, because the more you compliment him, the more he will try to please. As it is, he already knows you’re going to find fault, so he doesn’t even try. You will lose a really great guy if you don’t fix your attitude.

  • Lori

    I don’t believe anything in a magazine although; I did picked up a copy just to see the picture and that was not Jon.
    Both Jon and Kate love each other very much and they need to be left alone.

  • Kim

    I love Jon and Kate Plus 8. Jon doesn’t seem like the cheating type. I don’t believe the papers and niether should any of you. And to back Kate up with her nagging what woman don’t. I know I am a mother of 2 and I nag at their father all the time. When you have had a stressful day with kids it is hard not to. Jon and Kate have a strong relationship and i am sure they will make it past this drama the world is trying to create for them. Please you guys don’t they have enough stress with 8 kids, they don;t need all of you stirring trouble where it isn’t needed.

  • tom

    If he is cheeting, who could blame him? She acts like such an unhappy witch and is always complaining. I say “dump her” and move on!

  • Kate Greene

    United Nations orders Labour to stop reality TV shows exploiting children
    A highly critical United Nations report has ordered the Government to stop reality TV shows exploiting children.

  • Wendy in tn

    God bless the Gosselins. Love their family. May God be with the judgemental people that has posted on this SO CALLED CHRISTIAN SITE. Thank you for allowing me to watch your precious family grow.

  • Sandy

    Kate is a complete witch – for a lack of a better word – I don’t watch the show regularly only when I happen to catch it and she treats him like crap – TOTAL CRAP. I wouldn’t live with that for one minute. I say dump her and move on too. he’s better off being with out that verbally and emotionally abusive woman!

  • Andi

    It amazes me that people who “hate” people and shows “so much” still feel compelled to research places that that they can write about it. If I don’t like a show, I don’t watch it, I don’t talk about it, I don’t research it, I don’t write about it. Let it go!!!!!!
    I like the show, I like the family and I think it’s hilarious that people still pay attention to what is in the “star” magazine. Wasn’t Michael Jackson pregnant in last weeks issue?? C’mon, really.
    I enjoy the show for what it is. Those children are not being exploited, the opportunities the show has presented to the family has given them more than they probably ever would have been able to afford!! What’s the harm in that?? Is “Extreme Makeover Home Edition” exploiting people??
    And as far as comments about Kate is concerned, unless you have 8 children…. you really can’t judge. Even if you did, you have no right.

  • Your Name

    I hate that when I watch Jon and Kate, Kate always seems to take the show, I mean what the &^%$&* Jon can’t say a word? It’s outragous she deserves to be cheated on. But on another note I feel bad for the kids they are trying to raise, they have no idea that their parents shouldn’t be with each other. And what happens when the show ends? In 10 to 15 years we’ll see these kids getting in trouble and or having their own private lives, because of their parents choice, we’ll get free access to watch their life unfold even if they don’t want it to. It’s just absurd!!!

  • Anonymous

    Amen! She treats him so horribly! She doesn’t act like a true Christian. No matter what God puts in your lap, you treat others with respect and good will. I feel terrible for the children if they get a divorce but some authority should step in on the abuse she imposses on her husband infront of her children.

  • Your Name

    Yes I believe that a man should never cheat, but you know what? Kate is a freakin control freak!! Just watch her it’s always her way or nothing, any man would crumble under that kind of pressure!!! I love the show everything about it except for her, she looks like a woman on a mission and her kids have nothing to do with it, or her husband!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Angie

    I am not surprised.I don’t care how many kids you have there is no excuse to treat your husband like last Tuesday’s garbage so she fails with that excuse. She treats Jon like he is one of the kids and I knew he would eventually dump her and move on. I am all for marriages working but this lady treats her husband like crap.I wish he would have just suggested counseling and if that didn’t work separated instead of cheating but oh well it’s allegedly done. Hopefully this will make her see that you can’t treat your spouse like a dog and expect the marriage to stay in tact

  • Pamela Fullem

    I too was shocked by the story of Jon Gosslins’s alleged infidelity. I would not have believed it if I had not seen the story on CNN. Shame on you Jon! I know Kate can be a real pain the a**, but that does not give you the justification to dishonor your wife and family and your wedding vows – that you JUST renewed on your show, I might add!!!!! What were you thinking? If you are unhappy be a man and have the decency to talk to your wife and tell her how you feel. There is no shame in falling out of love with someone. It happens all the time. But to do something as low as this is unspeakably cowardly. I thought you were above something like this. I guess I was wrong.

  • Your Name

    I agree with Pamelas statements, if Jon has cheated then there is nooooooooooooooo excuse! The finger pointing has to stop somewhere, man up Jon, you have an amazing family and an awesome wife. By the way the person who talked about being a Christian sais something like- She doesn’t act like a true Christian, no matter what God puts in your lap, you treat others with respect and good will. You cannot be serious about this statement! You are just saying what you are feeling first of all, your not her judge and don’t bring your religion into it. You would have to prove your God is the only God, stop believing that the Christian way is the correct way. By the way what about adultry? Does that matter? Stop hiding behind your religion making up the guidelines which others are suppose to live. Christians are some of the most judgmental people.

  • Cort

    This story really makes me upset. I have loved and followed the show over the past couple of years and love watching them…because they are a real family..they have problems and fight and have good and bad days just like every one else. Like most of you I agree Kate can sometimes be rude to her husband but none of us know what it’s like to be in her shoes so I don’t really feel it’s right to judge. I recently bought they’re book, Multiple Bles8ings and I love it. It gives you an insight into their lives before 8 children and kind of makes you understand them more. I really hope this rumors aren’t true. When I heard it I almost cried, not because it wasn’t expected but because all of their children are so amazing and don’t deserve to see their parents get divorced at such a young age. No one does.

  • Erin

    I was there. Jon didnt do anything but socialize with people. I watched him the entire night. There were alot of girls coming up to him, but all he did was smile, and kept on talking with his group of friends he came in with. He didnt dance. He just hung out like a normal guy.. Whoever wrote that stuff was seriously lying.

  • Tyson

    Even if this is true. Kate has tons of reason to be a b*tch, and he has no right to cheat on her, at all. It is obviously something that they dont believe in and something that shouldnt be happening. He is tearing their family apart if he is really doing all of the things he illegibly doing. These children are not even ten years old, he is ruining their lives and kates also, she really did nothing wrong. she does so much for this family, makes almost all of the meals, dresses them and stays home with them all day, EVERYDAY.

  • Kim

    Wow! This is crazy. I do watch Jon & Kate + 8 and their recent appearance on the Oprah show. I wasn’t going to post again but had to after watching the Oprah show several days ago.
    A few people said, they looked happy on the show. I beg to differ, they looked a little annoyed with each other. Kate, barely looked at Jon and when Jon, tried looking at Kate, it just seemed a little akward. I know, I am not the only one thinking this and I am not a J & K hater. I like their family and the show and am happy for their success. Every family and choices they make are different. Kate, has said, that she is who she is. She said, sure I wish things were said or done differently on the show but, it’s too late to change it. What’s done is done. She does have a point and she isn’t sugar coating it. She is just being, Kate.
    I feel like alot of people don’t really want to be honest about the possibility of either one of them being unfaithful, as I posted back on March 7th, (But, I did not post on March 11th, that is another Kim. :-) lol) having marital problems. We don’t know them they are only human. Also, Kate seems to be very secretive about alot of questions regarding rumors about her parents, Aunt Jodi and other people now MIA. Her answers are very short and brief. So, She will defintely, not spill the beans on her marraige.
    Honestly, I can’t blame her because, I don’t like spilling & blabbing my family’s business to everyone either. But, once you are on tv you kinda give the media and people a free pass to say whatever they feel about you. I don’t agree with it but, people feel like if you don’t want your dirty laundry aired. Don’t be aired. (On tv and they are! Celebrities included.)
    Also, when Oprah said, people wanted to know when do they find time for each other? That was a little uncomfortable watching. Not because of the question asked but, because it seemed like maybe there wasn’t any action. Jon didn’t speak he just looked at Kate. All Kate kept saying is the kids have to sleep. But through the whole interview they seemed edgy to me. (Anyway, way to much to post on that topic.)
    But…Don’t forget Oprah did say, they got up pretty early to tape the show. (And Kate did say, she is not a morning person in 1 of their ep.)
    Did anyone else feel the same way, who watched Oprah? Just curious!

  • sern

    Look it’s obvious why the guy’s not about gettin’ drunk and screwin’ up it’s certainly not about a bunch of hot blondes either.this guy is inbetween a rock and a hard place.the camera’s don’t show everything and if it did you would see this guy mad because kate would rather sleep then give him some good loving as most men need on a nightly basis.look at yourselves and your lives and just because they are on camera it makes no difference we are all people with needs…it just so happpens jon scored a bunch of blondes.lucky guy indeed.does it justify a reason to cheat on his wife??? Of course not…does all the naggy from kate plus the pressure of all those kids mixed in give him good reason to unwind and forget about the real world??? Hell yes.christian catholic or jew…if she spits chews and screws then that’s what we want to do!!

  • Kelly

    Ok this makes me mad that people would actually belive this. They did not show any proof of him cheating on Kate. It looks like he took a pic with fans. As for him being drunk, it dont even look like hes drunk. It looks like he was in the middle of blinking. I always get laughed at from my family because I take weird pics of me blinking. They never showed him kissing another woman or doing these beer bongs they said he was supposidly doing. As for Kate being a “b*tch”. Thats just mean. We see 1 day out of the week of theyre lives and we come up with all these conclusions. We do not know what happens when the cameras are not there. I stay at home with a 3 and 4 yr old and I can act the same way. Kids try your patience, I cant even imagine 8 kids all day. I think these magazines should be ashamed of themselves for saying this. Then we wonder why hollywood marraiges fall apart. Magaizines print it and we believe it. We have no proof that he did it and until they give us a pic, I wont belive it.

  • Flo

    Jon & Kate are a bogus couple; they pretend all is being done for their children while they are, in fact, making lots of money off of them. Kate is harsh, nasty, and thinks she’s the cats meow. I’ve read she has an organic cook to provide all their meals, she has help with the cleaning, etc. yet she constantly complains of how busy she is. She’s a liar; her children do not look at all happy in many of their photos; she tells everyone they LOVE to travel, etc. I only watch the show to see the children; Kate is a phoney; Jon needs to grow up and stand on his own two feet. She humiliates him constantly and puts him down yet he does nothing about it. I can easily understand why he would want to “get out of the house” and have some fun. Lately she’s always off on a trip, leaving Jon to care for the children, dogs, etc. She’s a B and I’m sure most would agree.

  • Amy

    I love to watch this family on tv. We are not there when the hour long show goes off. The Bible states “do not judge or you will be judged” I know that I do not want to be judged by Jesus. So I think that if we all want this family of 8 to make it, they need yours and my prayers every day! That is the power of prayer. God hates divorce.
    Life up one another not tear them down. What it this was your life on here?
    This world is hard all by it’s self. Let’s come together and just pray for God’s will in this family and in this marriage.
    God bless,

  • carolyn




  • Samantha

    I pray none of this is true. Jon says he is a Christian, so he should not be drinking or cheating. No matter what Kate is, this isn’t the way to fix it. If Jon wants out of his relationship there are other ways to do it. To leave his kids to hang out with other peoples kids is sad. I just wonder if they will address this on the show, or if this will end the show..

  • Jennie

    Oh lord Samantha….you do know that even Christians take a drink!!!
    Kim…I agree, I saw the Oprah show and noticed a definite edge to kate…she, very pointedly repeated, “they sleep”….strange.
    I do feel sorry for john….she treats him like a child. How much older is she than he?

  • Your Name

    The gosselins have issued an statement. Jon did not cheat on Kate but there marriages does have some strain on it. What marriage doesn’t. My thoughts and prayers are with the family.
    source: inside edition

  • Sandra

    I’m glad. He deserves better.

  • Emily!

    Omgg i really hope this is not true at all.
    becuase jon and kate plus 8 is my all time favorite show.
    and i would be so madd if they stoped doing the show just
    because of jon…:(

  • suzie

    I guess I have no life so I have lots of time to criticize the Gosselins…and also the Duggars, that Nadya Suleman woman, lets see who else…..

  • Nik

    I think everyone needs to chill and leave this family alone!! Just because he goes out and has a couple of nights out doesn’t mean he is cheating his wife!! Also, have we not seen Kate go out with girlfriends and spend time away from Jon and the kids!! OMG give it a break already!

  • Amber

    That photo doesnt even look like him… look at the hairline… duh.

  • Tina

    Hey Wendy, so do you think the Gosselins are teaching and showing the world and their kids so called Christians values by Jon going out and getting plastered?{the older girls will hear about it at school} and Kate treating her husband so horrible so the kids will learn to do the same? Like it or not THEY were the ones using God as a billboard when they had the Children and sadly have become role models to many.
    Scripture says not to be drunk or be a stumbling block to others and this show fits that description.
    If you don’t want to be shown in a bad light in the first place you don’t go out to clubs and drink. As Christians we all have eyes on us watching us and were are to be examples to others.
    Glad to see the Duggers at least show the world they actually live what they say and believe.

  • Your Name

    People just need to grow up. Just because he takes time away from kate and kids doesn’t mean he is cheating!!! It seems as soon as people become well known they always seem to have done something wrong and that is when everyone makes it sound worse than what it is! Just mind your own business and leave them alone!!

  • Wendy

    Who said Jon was drunk. Just because his eyes are glossy doesn’t mean he is drunk. There have been pictures of me took and my eyes are glossy but I was not drunk and no where close to being drunk. I am not to say what Jon was doing because I wasn’t there. I think people missed my whole point. The whole point was not to judge a situation. From that picture that was snapped you cant even tell where he is at. To me he just looks Jon posing as they do many times.
    Jon and Kate have a strained marriage and now with people on this site and others are putting more strain by falsely accusing them. We need not to persecute them and pray for them.

  • Tim

    People need to quit being so judgemental. We don’t know whats going on in their marriage and we don’t know whats going on behind clothes doors. If they want us to know they will show us. We need to support them and IF I will repeat that IF Jon was drinking at a bar then we need to PRAY for him not condemn him. I dont support drinking and I don’t do it but I am not going to judge him IF he did.
    You people are throwing stones I bet you have alot more to hide than the Gosselins. If you pass judgement on them it makes your life look better. Look at your on houses before you throw stones, your house my not be so clean.

  • Fan

    Whether it’s him or not, big deal. I like their show, like watching the dynamics of their relationship (a REAL, not make-believe relationship), and their kids are great. I wish them all the best!

  • Your Name

    I just wonder what show you people are watching when you say Kate treats Jon so badly. I watch every episode and don’t see it. They obviously have tense moments like every other married couple in this world. The only difference is they have their disagreements broadcast on national television for people like you to judge. I just wonder….how do you talk to your spouse when no one is looking? And then….do you have 8 children to add to the daily stress that life brings us? People shouldn’t be so judgemental. Especially since Jon and Kate both look at those tense moments together and usually end up laughing about them later. It’s part of marriage people!

  • KG

    That man needs to stay home with his wife and kids and stay away from college bars and loose women. Whether he was drunk or not, he shouldn’t have been there. That is just wrong. Who cares if Kate emasculates him on a daily basis? He made vows, twice! He needs to honor those vows!

  • b

    i was going to say good for john, but then i read the article. making out with a drunk college girl isnt cheating.

  • Your Name

    God Bless the Gosselins. Love their precious family. People are praying. Thank you for sharing your family with me.

  • Your Name

    I finally got to see the picture, it is obvious a bad picture, does anybody has a bad picture looking kinda wierd???
    I agree with “your name”, how do you or we talk to our spouse or kids when NOBODY is around???
    They are very smart, if the show was all kisses and hugs, people would be talking too, that it is not posible to be so lovable, that too much love will drive John crazy to the point of cheating, bla, bla, bla….
    This is tv, they are putting the controversy on it, that why it is so popular…

  • Ashley

    I watch Jon and Kate plus 8 everyday and if the allagations are true I will be very dissapionted. Jon and Kate communicate in their own way just as every couple. they have their own way of dealing with thigs, that doesn’t mean taht Kate is mean to jon she is just trying to be heard. They have 8 beautiful children and are trying to make the best of the situation that they have been handed. if you people have nothng better to do than make up rumors about this adorable, loving family then you need to get a life and for the magizine editors stop trying to make a quick buck of this family and let them live thier life.

  • Kelly

    I agree with “Ashley” There are so many celeberitys doing drugs and stealing and being terrible role modles for our children yet the magizines write about this everyday family just trying to make it in this world. for god sakes just find someone else to tourcher!don’t you think this family of 10 has enough stress to deal with on a daily basis!!

  • Your Name

    I think Jon and Kate were made for each other. These wonderful children were placed in their lives for a reason. I think that without Kate, Jon couldn’t take care of these children, and Kate couldn’t take care of these children without Jon. To say that Kate is irritable it rude and mean. Hardly anyone in this world knows what it is like to have camera’s follow them around everyday. We are made differently and uniquely. They compliment each other so well. I believe that Jon and Kate fit together so well, not to say that they do not have to work hard at their marriage because everyone needs too. All I’m saying is that take a step back and look at the bigger picture.

  • heather

    I think that Kate treats Jon like crap and she is very short and cold toward her kids. Maybe she is unhappy- but they deserve better! I’m sure he’s not cheating, however, she should know that he doesn’t have to put up with her bad attitude so she should treat him better. I just feel bad for him all the time- I don;t think she realizes how great a dad he is!

  • Megan

    I can’t stand Kate she is a controlling B*TCH!!!! I hope that her husband is cheating on her because she treats him like one of her kids !!!! She is extremely rude and i stopped watching the show because i can’t stand her!!!!!!!!!

  • Whittles

    As a Jon and Kate plus 8 fan, these alleged accusations are pretty dissapointing to me….I am watching a re run as we speak, and all I keep thinking about if the news is really true…

  • Yoana

    I’m so sad. I can’t even watch the show anymore. I know Kate can be annoying, from what I’ve seen in the show, but what about his kids? What kind of father does this to his kids??

  • georgia

    i dont think jon would do that i mean after that episode of kate telling the kids they were going to be together forever ithink its a rumor a nasty one

  • hello

    i dont think it is true jon would never do that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    iitt ccaanntt bbee ttrruuee iitt ccaanntt bbee!!!!

  • Jenna

    This would suck if this is true…it seems like it could never be…but if he was seen there…why was he even there? very sad.

  • Melissa

    When I heard about this new scandal… my heart sank…. I have peace now! It’s not true people…..Just read into it and if you know the gosselins you will see! Everything is FINE! Jon and Kate, both, love their children dearly.. and don’t have time to be messing with these games!

  • Leon

    It’s about time. Jon is so abused by that woman. He really should move out.
    It’s a horrible thing for children to witness that verbal abuse. Better that he should visit.
    If he doesn’t move out, then he should get a normal job and leave some of the time.

  • Your Name

    Can you blame this man, I married and have been for 15 years,I have 5 children, no it’s not but it can be challenging also…..Kate is very rude to her husband and If I was him I would have been left this women…Kate talks to Jon like he is the 9th child, what kind of woman dissrespects her husband like this? Mady needs an old fashioned spanking, time out isn’t working for her.If they dont get a handle on this kids she’s going to be an awful adult….Why in the world would Jon agree to marry Kate again?…I think the whole idea is just sick and stupid, he needs to leave the ratings will go up and more money for her and the kids..that’s my take on this disater of a marriage…

  • Your Name

    i love jon and kate plus 8. fame allows people to dramatize others lifes.. grow up! kate would never let him do no, he loves his family.

  • jennifer

    UMMM, is it just me or the only pick that shows him doing anything but taking a picture with two chicks looks nothing like him? It looks nothing like him….Am I wrong?

  • It’s True!

    Juniata College spokeman John Wall has confirmed in an official statement to the Altoona Mirror that the Jon Gosselin drunk and partying story is TRUE! For you doubters, the Altoona Mirror also has pictures of Jon and the beer pong balls. Also, there are multiple pictures (from different nights) of a very drunk Jon IN BARS with different girls hanging on him (not just posing next to him). Google it and you all will see for yourself.

  • Your Name

    i do not thonk jon would do that and the picture doesnt look like him that much! they just wanted people to think so the magazines would be bought! if u watch the episodes they r nice 2 eachother and say that would neva happen and its not fake!!

  • vanesa

    iwouldnt think this is true and add me on myspace

  • Niktime

    hey, girl! You crazy thats him in that pics smiling like a cheshire cat! hes living a lie and his wife mean with a weird man stly hair cut. whateveR!!!cheater!!!

  • Katie

    He is cheating on her – at the very least he is out and about frolicking with girls and getting drunk and hitting on girls – which is just as bad, IMO. Get over it – he is cheating. And it’s because she is a nasty b*tch and he is an immature fool. Those poor kids.

  • Breezi

    I love jon and kate plus 8. He just wanted to have fun nothing wrong with it.

  • http://Ann Ann

    That picture seems like it may be old. Jon looks very young and has much more hair than he does now. He is also thinner.

  • Your Name

    The truth of all these rumours should be answered by both Jon & Kate!
    Also I noticed we haven’t seen Aunt Jodi noe Beth? Whats up with that?

  • You know.

    Kate’s a narcissist? Huh… okay? Whatever. Well… since when does she beat Jon? huh.. that’s interesting. And so what if she is rude to him… he needs to know his place, all men need to know their place. They need to bring money and help take care of things, and need to take care of their wives and children. I’m not wrong, women are sacred and powerful because they give birth, give food, and nurture.. men need to take note of this and remember to treat their wives with great respect.

  • cathi

    i don’t think this is any more than a picture with a couple of fans. if the story in star magazine was true there would be 100’s of pictures taken at the bar that night. every college kid out there has a cell phone with a camera in it. the best they could do is come up with this very innocent picture. come on.

  • Girls At School

    We currently think that this is bullshat. He doesn’t cheat. End of story. Get on with your lives, people.

  • Your Name

    Personally, I believe that a person is innocent until proven guilty. Also, Jon seems devoted to Kate and none of us are “sin free”, however I do not see this behaviour apparent in his nature. Let us lift Jon and Kate in prayer for their foundation and love to remain firm and intact.

  • Your Name

    Can we stop this! John and Kate have enought to worry about. We have become a society of drama and so we can’t see people having a normal, somewhat boring life. Have we realized that their children might read this and the impact of it? People live your life,it might need some work. John and Kate God Bless You! The rest of you Get a Life!

  • SoapScumKills

    Making out isn’t cheating!

  • Your Name

    i don’t care if most of their life is on tv or not, i don’t feel that it is anybody’s business but their own. someone needs to think of Cara and Maddy and the little ones. people and tabloids can ruin what little time those children have left to be with their parents together if they do not stop blasting all of the Gosslin’s rumored business. i think everyone needs to shut up until something is stated by jon and kate themselves, at least for the children’s sake. but i guess America’s forgotten that children should be put before the general public’s mediocre gossip and that people still deserve to have some privacy.

  • Your Name

    Lisa Pullman:
    i pray that you do pray for her and that you stop judging others before it comes back to you ten fold!!! i know how it does come back around……i pray that God has mercy on her, you, and me for making this comment, but i feel that i need to say it so that hope fully you will realize that gosssiping about others is one of the best ways to snuff out your personal blessings. what is wrong or right with her and what she does is between her and God and the same same for what’s between you and God. They say that people only confirm what God has told you. if that’s the case for her, she knows it. if it’s the case for you, you know it honey.

  • Your Name

    I just want to say that i will be praying for the children and their parents because even if the rumors aren’t true, the children and the parents will be going through a lot of things because of what is said about their family in the media. i feel that the media and everyone else need to be careful what they say and do because rumors, scandal, and divorce tear children’s lives apart. i can only hope that these sweet children do not go through the terrible things that my borther and i went through during our parents’ divorce. may God bless these children with a sound mind, a loving heart, serious stability, good strong faith in him and a wonderful direction in their lives.

  • Marshfille777

    The guy is just a mindless puppet Kate controls on national tv. He’s probably gotten tired and wanting out. How would you feel if the entire nation watches how your wife humiliates you? She’s a control freak..

  • Your Name

    I live in the same area as them and know people who have done work on thier previous home (not the multi-million dollar one)as well as a nurse who has done home visits for them.
    Anyone who knows them, even before the sextuplets, says that she’s a “b*tch” and that “as soon as the kids grow up he’s leaving her.”
    I don’t condone cheating nor do I feel that IF he did (let’s not forget this is a tabloid sayin it happened)that’s it justified by her actions, but there wouldn’t be rumours if Kate would treat her husband as an equal and not as if he is another child for her to control.
    I’m a SAHM and it’s frustrating when your husband comes home and doesn’t know the routine or gives them juice right before bed. My hubby and I have argued about it but I would NEVER degrade him in front of our friends about it let alone on national television!

  • JennyMay

    I’m not sure really what to think of this but Kate needs to cut back on her very abusive sarcasm when it comes to Jon.He is just a man trying his best,and so far I think he does great.But Kate also berates him when they are both being interviewed during the show.
    The last show I saw Kate was out of town alot for buisness,did Kate get a new job all of a sudden.Because if Kate is out of town,where in the heck does Jon ind time o even pary….lol!!!

  • Happy :)

    I wish Jon would leave Kate she is a AWFUL person. Who in the hell affords a $1.3 million house now a day’s oh I’m sorry the only Jon & Kate can LOL! come on people enough with this show ok we are making them richer do you not understand this ?
    I understand there are 8 children but they didn’t need such a home, I don’t know about anyone else but I can’t afford Organic food for my family it’s store brand yea sorry Kate I don’t have a show.
    I would hope that this all fades out soon & would hope everyone would realize that instead of supporting this show there are better things to support..

  • Wendy

    God Bless the Gosselin’s love them and their precious family. Stay close to God and he will take care of you. Always in my thoughts and prayers.

  • Your Name

    If you cant afford organic food then grow it. If you cant afford to buy a 1.3 million dollar home then dont buy a cheaper one or get a higher paying job. Dont be jealous. Jelousy is a very ugly thing and it’s not very appealing. Well at least you will fit in tomorrow(St. Patricks Day). You are green with envy.

  • Donna Baker

    Amazing that Jon is being accused of cheating in very public places and not one picture or video has surfaced. Today with camera’s in cell phones I find it amazing that we aren’t finding pictures all over the internet. I for one don’t believe it ever happened.

  • Dcttrll

    Kate is getting paid to appear on their show and, evidently, this is primarily how the couple is supporting their growing and very expensive family. If it still costs approximately $100,000 to raise one child from birth to age 18 (probably more now – my data is from ten years ago) then, well, you figure it out – there are eight kids. Will the kids be off to college, graduate school, maybe cars, weddings?…she needs cash fast. So, like a good mommy duck, Kate is working to feather their nest and prepare for their ducklings’ futures. We can all appreciate her efforts. Even if the show’s viewers aren’t parents (although I cannot imagine a large audience segment of childless regulars) every viewer must agree that Kate is a steely uber-mom whose take-no-prisoners approach is a clear antidote for raising sloppy, jeuvie-destined spoiled bullies, b*tches and brats. For many viewers, the certainty of her parenting style could easily be why they are so inexplicably drawn to Plus 8.
    Layer over all of that my favorite theory; that, in the absence of true leadership, people will follow whomever is making the most noise. Then, lay over that another fave theory; that anxious, nervous people will make noise because the silence makes them even more uncomfortable. This is Kate. Jon’s laid-back, dismissive, light approach is probably what attracted Kate to him in the first place (opposites attract). Unfortunately, she’s dancing as fast as she can to fill in what she preceives to be his voids. This is not good TV; it is bad TV. And, episode to episode, it seems to escalate – ugh. Poor Kate; her version of frantic, uptight precision is just plain sad and irritating. It wouldn’t be though – it would be really funny entertainment if Jon responded to it on camera. And, Jon should show us that he gives her the leadership role she’s obviously acquired. He should shine a light in every episode on Kate’s extraordinary organizational, master-provisioner skills. Kate makes that ship sail; it would not hurt Jon – nor the continuing success of the show – to let us see him salute. After all, what does he really have to be ungrateful for? Maybe, if Jon demonstrated a little gratitude and appreciation on camera, Kete would actualize and relax and get on with more of what makes their show so compelling, instead of trying so hard to be the perfect mom in the perfect storm – we’ve seen enough of that. We know you’re the best mom for your family Kate; we need to see that Jon knows it too.

  • Your Name

    I love the show and the gosselins. So what if they are making alot of money off of all of us watching the show do you know how many people do hello everyone on tv. Yes its a big house but if you could afford it you know you would too. Look at all the movie stars and such who dont have that many kids or kids at all who have bigger houses than that and multiple houses. Yes I think kate can be a little mean sometimes but most wives if filmed everyday would say sarcastic things to their husbands kates just happens to be showed to the whole world. And you know the producers put all of her remarks in there on purpose to make the show better. Dont be jealous of what they have no one really knows what its like to have that many kids unless you do. Just be happy with what you do have.

  • Kristina S

    When I think of Kate, I think of how I dont want to be. She is just plain mean! and when I watch it, it makes me realize a lot about how not to act. I dont want to be like that to my husband or kids, regardless of how many I may have (kids that is). And life is to short to be envious!! They are just things and dont mean squat where were going…

  • katherine

    I hope this isn’t true, I don’t care how much adults mess up their lives, but there are 8 kids in this family that will be crushed by any of this.

  • Mary

    Do you really think anything gets put on the air that Jon and Kate does not have a say in?

  • Your Name

    maybe this is what kate deserves,i’m sry but every show shes calling JON ,,,seems she cant handle the stress of 8 kids,,,each show they show theres always 2 kids hitting one another (yes normal) but notice kates back always turned unless that camera is in her face…even the camera men tell her what happen because she to busy yelling at the kids instead of listening……the best is she spent HOURS making her annual soup ,,,,while jon was outside with the kids an dyes she was still complaining About the playdough and how jon was going to clean it….give us a break kate…any mom can throw a pot of soup together in matter of minutes but took you all day to watch over it to cook PALEASEEE…….I NEVER SE HER ACTUALLY PLAY WITH THE KIDS…WHAT ABOUT THEIR SPECIAL DAY OUT,,,WHY WAS KATE (MRS PERFECT) ONLY WITH SOME OF THE KIDS,,,WASNT IT JOEL who went to the hands on place? jon is a awesome dad ,,so what if he went out,,,,i have 2 kids my husband works his tail off to provide for us and yes he deserves a night out with the guys,,,so what if he talks to other females…if he was out and ignored ppl ,,the blogs would be flying,,,if she can find asitter to get her hair done,,,well find one to do something with jon,,,that doesnt revolve around you,,,she plays super mom but theres more to being a mommy other then b*tchen about it,,,always yelling she cant hold 6 kids but yet she wants jon to help…to throw her babies teddy away over a bit of gum? and watched him cry and her 6 yr old pleased with her not to do it,,wonder what kate would do without the show?as long as shes putting jon down and getting her freebes shes happy,,,she had garage sale and donated money,,,as she should have anyways because those things were given to her,,she does things to make herself look better ,,,she needs to look closer,,as she said our opinions dont matter…TRUE they dont,,last nigth a new show was on they have 3 sets of multibles and if anyone deserves mommy of yr it should be that mom,,,her kids are happy,,,her husband and her work together and she never at 1 time complained,,as kate hard is it to have a chef? someone to iron? someone to wash clothes? clean? go outside kate let the kids be kids,,,lil icer cream never hurt anyone,,,what do you care if clothes are ruined GAP will give them more!

  • Your Name

    I certainly hope he hasn’t done this but you know….. if my wife was humiliating me on tv & treating me like a child & after talking privately with her about it & she still didn’t change …. she is just pushing him out the door to get the attention & affection he wants. If she truly respected him & considered him as her equal partner & both of them “in it together” she wouldn’t treat him that way. Also – he is suppose to be the head of the household & he should demand respect & not let her treat him that way. 8 Kids or 2 kids – you have a choice on how you treat your spouse – & it really looks poorly on her character. Him too for not standing up more & demanding respect & honoring each other. No excuse for going to Bars -husbands and wives should not frequent bars. You can watch the game the home with your buds there. I don’t think Kate is being mean – just doesn’t know how to relax & let organization go a little. Kids are getting older & can do more for themselves. There needs to be more time for Jon & Kate. So what if the laundry doesn’t get done & there are beds un-made. Put the older 2 to work a little more. Age appropriate of course.

  • Your Name

    To Jon and Katie,
    I’m sorry to here about hard tines in your life as a couple. I have raised twin girls and have 6 grandchildren and I can tell you it is very very hard. I admire both of you for doing your best and I might ad doing a great job from the behavior of your children.
    One thing my husband and I did was to make time every week for oursleves which can be hard to do but it is a must! I will pray for you life is hard but you can do it with God’s help.
    I will keep your family in my prayers.

  • Your Name

    God Bless the Gosselins and their family. In my prayers as usual. And praying for all the judgemental people.

  • Robin

    I really hope that none of the useless gossip of Jon cheating on Kate is true. Since the “news” has come out, I had a hard time getting it out of my mind while watching Monday nights episode. I found myself looking at their body language and reactions to eachother. It really sucked, and to boot, Jon goes to Utah without Kate!!! Anyhow I am seriously praying that Jon just had a harem of college girls that wanted a picture w/ a famous person and it got blown way out of proportion. For those of you that thinks that Kate is a bossy, mean person…think of how you would run a house with 8 kids. Bravo to you Kate.

  • Your Name

    I have been watching the show ever since it aired when the kids were just babies. I even went out and bought their book ( which I loved ). The news that are out there true or not are very disappointing to me. My heart goes out to Kate. Just have Faith in God and as for being good parents YOU ARE!!! Keep giving us a good show if you can. I’ll be watching….

  • guest

    that picture is not Jon………doesn’t even look like him.

  • Person

    TEAM JON!!!!

  • Lora Roberts

    I think that they are, and have been having marriage difficulties. She shows him no respect. I’m not excusing him if he is running around on her, but I’ve been watching for a long time and thinking that the marriage isn’t going to continue if she doesn’t give him some credit and respect him. She needs to stop acting like she just tolorates him. It’s very sad to see a couple that has been so loved, blessed and held up as such a “christian example” fall so far from their values. I do hope there is hope for their marriage, but it will take a lot of prayer and work from them both.

  • Anonymous

    Who cares it happens all over the world but because he is on a tv show people act like they care. The kids are set b/c TLC has paid so much the break up of Jon and Kate will probably bring big money because a single parent raising eight rugrats is tv ratings.
    It looks like Jon is slowly growing a back bone.

  • Virginia

    I love how people can tear apart people they don’t know and what goes on in their lives that they see for a half hour a week. If you don’t like the show, don’t watch it!!

  • melly

    I feel sorry for Jon. I don’t think cheating is right but Kate treats/talks to him like crap. She needs to be put in her place. Yes, being a mom is hard but Jon is working all day, even before they had their show, just to support the family. Have some respect for him lady!!

  • Your Name

    the supposed picture of Jon cheating looks like a simple fan wanting a picture and as for a Jon looking drunk it looks to me like he was just blinking also notice the chairs put up on the tables in the background of the pictue it doesn’t look like a real college hot spot to me I hope all of the rumors and slanderous remarks made by these girls hold no truth and are just rantings of jealous unfulfilled people but hay at least we know there are people out there that watch the show and as for Kate being in control I believe Jon is quoted as saying, “someone has to be in control and I am glad its Kate because I am no good at it” so what works for one marriage may not work for yours and don’t hate what works for others

  • stacey

    Jon released a statement saying something about he can’t act like an average person- he is an average person. Anyone could have fertility treatments to breed any number of children. Kate sold out her kids and Jon- she is pretending to be something she isn’t- an actress etc. etc. Time to pull the plug and watch something interesting…

  • Your Name

    WOW!! I Could have never seen Jon Cheating on Kate. He looks like a sweet guy that doesn’t that kind of stuff. But who knows looks don’t tell the story.

  • Kristin

    I don’t think that Kate should be bashed, unless you have raised 8 kids. And as for Jon, I couldn’t see him doing these things. I have followed the show from the very beginning and that just doesn’t seem like him. If you consider going to a bar “cheating” then you need to re-think that. Also, when you get drunk things happen that you don’t mean to let happen.

  • Your Name

    sorry to the people who complaining about us judgeing jon and kate,,,,when they agreed to film thier lives on tv THEY made thier life our business…has anyone at 1 time seen her hug kiss and say i love you to her kids when it was bedtime? even nap time? nope she put HER show in dvd and closed the door on the kids,,,they have a 4 yr old sleep in the basement,,,,god forbid there was a fire or carbon monixide leak down there….flooding,,,,accidents do happen and that child is alone? if a nieghbor you didnt like did that,,,would you jjudge them? so stop calling the kettle black,,,you feel so bad for her stress level of 8 kids? then why on earth (kates choice) did they get 2 dogs? the lady flipped out over a gumball….we all been threw the gum thing an dkids wil be kids…does she wake up with the kids? NO jon HAS to bring her her coffee each morning befor she steps out of bed,,,we NEVER see her give them kids a bath ,thats jons job,,only thing i EVER se her do is wash that dam kitchen counter and load a dish washer …why do i watch the show? because shes evrything i dont ever want to be,,,sometimes we need to look from the outside and think wow i did that to my husband and didnt notice how sad or depressed i made him…as long as its all about kate thats all she cares about,,,,she might do things with them kids and talk to them at times like adults,,,,did you see the way she screamed at the boys over a knob?..omg she scared me…people say thats a loving family….how many time shave we heard that word come out of her mouth?i have teenagers and every day and night they hear me say i love you,,,them lil kids are always in time out,,,they are 4 yet mady can throw her tantrums(like mom) and gets away with it….she never interacts with them like jon does,,,she feeds them well thats all she does…this show went right to her head,,,kate is a very selffish person,,,,if in fact this is all true theres noone to blame but herself!

  • Sandy

    Come on!
    Star wants to sell a bunch of magazines. The two girls may have gone up and asked for a photo with him and then turned around and sold it to them. When your in the spotlight like that family is, people are gonna try and make money off you any way they can. This does not mean a thing and PLUS they do deserve a personal life and this stuff is none of our business!

  • Your Name

    Kate is smart person so she will do what she has to. Men are soooo stupid when they get around younger women so who knowswhat really happend.
    To the lady who has blamed Kate and said she does nothing for her kids and never says she loves them, Thier whole day isn’t filmed.

  • amy

    Hey People ever hear of photoshop. I can make me in theis picture in about 3 minutes. If he is cheating it isn’t with these girls.

  • Caitlin

    BS. ALL OF IT!

  • Cindy

    I love their show. Their personal problems are not my business. I’m sure it will all work out. Kate is a good Mother and Jon is a good Dad. Life happens and it’s up to them to figure it out. I hope this works out and the show continues. God forbid, my life was on tv! God bless them and lets all stop the negative comments.

  • Your Name

    God Bless the Gosselins and their precious family. Love them, heres to brighter days.

  • Your Name

    It is really sad that these “gossip” magazines have to spread things like that. I think they should be able to be sued for it unless they could prove it to be true because these stupid magazines like Star and Enquirer you cannot believe anything that they write! Want to know when the story is more likely than not the truth? Read a reputable magazine, ie; people etc..

  • Rhonda

    Do not judge others, but rather lift them up.

  • Cassandra

    i don’t believe its true. i believe that jon has way to strong of a Christian faith to do this to kate and his family. someone who’s simply cheating on his wife wouldn’t act like the family man that he appears to be on the show.

  • Your Name

    Does it not matter that it’s true? Ask someone from Huntingdon, PA that’s under the age of 70. (I LIVE here) It’s true. However, it’s not as bad as it’s being made out to be. He was TAKEN to the party by people that WERE invited, and besides that, if he were in fact, separated, which is not as yet a publicly stated fact, then WHY would this not be within his rights? He’s been nagged, criticized and put down for years by a wife that treats him like a bad 5-year-old. Why would he NOT enjoy being around people that appreciated him? I certainly would, and if the appreciative people are young, good looking (and available as he seems to be) then all the better!
    Let’s face it. There’s NOT that much to do around here.

  • Kristy

    I have watched the Show for a long time..I like all the shows when the Kids were Babies..Now.However. I dont like this new attitude and Look that Kate Has..i have not noticed a change in Jon..but Kate..OMG..How Fame and Fortune Change People.I feel bad for Jon the Way she treats Him..Like a Child Himself..I hope that they can work it out for the kids, but, Jon..You deserve sooo much better than what she giving you..

  • Your Name

    for all the LOYAL fans,,havnt any of you noticed the past few shows? 1 show they werent even together,then the next they were so distant and for once big mouth kate didnt even interuot jon,now what she want a big BOO HOO,,,or will this be more ratings so lil ms kate gets more money,i mean face it how much can 1 man handle?being put down for everythng while she makes herself out to be some perfect mom and wife,her germ phobia is the best,but when they at theme park ,kate certainly doesnt seem to mind going into public pools and we all know how yucky those are,if i ever screamed at my husband over a coupon he would laugh at me,1st he brings home the money and if it wasnt for them lil kids they wouldnt have bought a 1.3 million dollar home,,that money should be in a trust fund for them children,she claims no room? them kids were in a basement anyways,and wheres beth and jodi? see how kate treats friends? so fans? would you treat YOUR friends who done for more your kids like kate treats them?she thinks shes better then all of us,the hsow used to be alot of fun until kate ruined it,not for nothing theres times i look like a drowned rat by the end of the day and kate neevr looks exhausted,raising 8 kids i would have dark circles,,besides yell what does she do all day?when she gets fed up with the crew the truth will all come out the way kate really is,she shut out her family and friends,,ever wonder why?,,,look at old shows then recent if any of you cant see she on some sort of meds,,,might wanna look again,,,her eyes are always glossy but if it were jon right away he would be considered a drunk,yes indeed they are having problems they been airing preview for monday night show and once again jon is at fault,it takes 2,,,,shes not perfect,shes not the only mom with mulitables so lets give that a rest,its sad for them kids now i cant imagine what they going through without jon there if in fact they did seperate,

  • JON IS A ********

    hey yea umm whoever is “your name” IS FRICKEN MEAN! jon has NOO right to cheat on kate like that. AND ESPECIALLY WITH COLLEGE GIRLS?!?! who does that? i mean ik he has a stressful life but he has no right to cheat ESPECIALLY if he is a TRUE christian!

  • Mother of 3

    Its obvious that there are problems between them. People have issues, we ALL do!!! There is no perfect marriage, famous or not. We dont know what really goes on behind closed doors, who are we to judge? I just hope the best for them and the kids, I hope they all can find a place of peace and happiness. And who cares if Kate is looking better as the show goes on? If anyone else had the money to do an upgrade on them selfs, they would for sure! Quit being jealous haters. Even a mother of 8 kids has the right to take care of herself and look good! You don’t have to look like a drowned rat just because you have babies, belive me! Just pray for them to be the best they can be, and worry about your own lives and the problems YOU have! Thank you =)

  • Loving Father

    Kate is a b*tch and Jon does deserve better!!! If they are truely separated then its not cheating people so don’t judge b4 you know the whole story!!! I think the kids would be more devasted without Jon 24/7 then they would be without Kate, besides who says the mother has the right to the children over the father?? That is the most BS excuse in a custody battle just bcuz she acted as the oven for them kids. It’s clear to me that Jon is the better parent just from watching the show and knowing his concerns for the children and his personality, despite his recent actions, which are probably meant more to be hurtful towards Kate!!!!

  • Julie

    It is very sad to see this families private struggles and how the media adds to those trauma. I believe in the power of the media and for once for the sake of those wonderful children the media would let this family deal with their issues and work through their grief. If they are not going make it but lets face it everyday stress stresses can sometime lead us from those we love dearly, we feel trapped in our lives. I am in no way saying this is justified but lets keep it real, life is full of interruptions and maybe they can find a way to save their marriage. Family breakdown is one of the hardest things to make it true once we feel those who are suppose to love us and we trust with everything in our world is crushed it is difficult. I pray that the children, John and Kate find a way to remain a family, I would say John repent and ask for forgiveness but if it is not what he wants he can still love his children no matter what. I would suggest that if Kate can find it in her heart to forgive him he will really need to change his ways and both of them may need to explore if this is what they need. IS the public TLC to much for them is the stress of being the perfect family too much. I can honestly say I can not judge either …I can say I believe that Even Jesus made mistakes and got angry with his life.
    May God Bless This Family and Show Them The Way

  • me212

    I believe that they both are only human and humans are not perfect. I think that they both have faults in their marriage. She is over powering and b&^%$y. How long can someone take that before they go bazerk? And I think Jon, if he is indeed cheating, cowarded out by not taking the responsible route and confronting the problem head on and working through it or divorcing her first before he went out and started acting like a stupid 19 year old kid. The biggest tragedy is that if they end their marriage the people that suffer most are their children. They can make the better choices to make their marriage work. First I think Kate needs to learn how to not put her husband down, second Jon has to grow some balls, third marriage and communication counciling, and I think they need to get rid of the show if they want to work things out the healthy way. Who can have a normal relationship when there is always someone watching?
    If he divorces her and she wins custody…MAN!!! Child support will be up the ying yang…too bad dude. I just hope they can grow from this situation.

  • Mommy of 1

    Everyone is talking about what a B…. Kate is, but I think y’all fail to realize this woman has EIGHT kids. Most people are about to lose their marbles over three or four. Ever had to deal with the “Terrible Twos?” Well try doing that times six. You remember the episode where they all went to Utah for a skiing trip? She broke down crying from all the stress. Of course it’s going to get to a point where niceties are not a priority anymore and just getting through the day is a blessing. The stress from having all those kids has to be enormous. And stress doesn’t bring out the best in people and that’s what we, the viewers see. Put yourself in the shoes of these parents for 3 hours and see how well you cope.
    I mean seriously think about this. Kate has long been type-cast as the annoying wife. So of course, TLC is going to edit the shows to show her as the annoying wife. We don’t see these people 24/7. No matter how well we think we know them, we don’t and we never will unless we seriously lived with them.
    And about Cara… that girl had her life flipped upside down by six bundles of joy. Sibling jealousy is not an uncommon occurrence in families, and that happens with just one new child. Try having six of them come into your world. Of course she’s going to act out because she is a child, and she wants some attention too. You seriously expect her to think or act like an adult in a situation like that? She’s only eight!
    before you judge these people, this man, or this woman, seriously put yourself in their shoes. Every thing that normally happens in a family is multiplied to the -umpteenth power. It’s a wonder they’ve made it this long.
    As Christians, we are so quick to point out the flaws in other Christians. But we all fall short of the glory of God and will always do so.
    Pray for them, don’t judge them.

  • kaci jones

    just becuase he has a lot of stress and a big family that doesnt give him the right to do that to kate or his kids he has a great life and should be thankful for that I HOPE THIS IS JUST A RUMOR!!!

  • janet

    I love watching this show and the only thing I think Kate could improve on is saying things like “if you loved me you wouldn’t do this or that”. That is a real low blow for a man and a man can love you and still do things that hurt you. It must be so stressful raising that many children. They need more nights out just the two of them and more alone time or their marriage probably will fail. By the way folks, being seperated does not mean you have license to go have sex with other people. It’s a cooling off period and nothing more, nothing less. Even when you divorce you shouldn’t jump right in the sack.

  • Josie

    Wow, I never thought jon would cheat on kate. this is a suprise. I really hope they’renot getting a divorce.

  • Shirley

    Has anyone noticed the body language. I’ve noticed it when they are sitting and giving the interview. Kate seems to be not to happy being close to Jon. I hope this can all be resolved. Kate has to learn to stop treating Jon so badly and Jon has to learn to stick up for himself. The show can be really cute, but in my opinion Kate is turning a lot viewers off. I don’t think anyone can please her, she always thinks she knows best. We just have to wait and see.

  • k

    I felt it was bound to happen soon…. I LOVE that show and everytime i watch it my heart would go out to john. Yes she is raising 8 children, but so is john and he didn’t seem as ready to have 6 more as she was. She seemed to take out her frustrations on her husband as well as put him down on national television. Also, they were only married for three months before she got pregnant with the twins! Being married at 23 with two children is alot for most people. And being a parent to 8 children at 26 would make any person pull out thier hair! Now if the rumors are true, then i think thier marriage can be fixed through counsling… I wish them the best!

  • Nina

    Well…not that this will matter in a sea comments…but are we that judgmental of a society that we form our opinions by one picture or comment. How many of us have some photo that if viewed by someone who wasn’t present, could be seen as a whole different event? How many of us have made a comment in jest, and when taken out of context, sound insulting or foolish? Anyone could be seen in a bad light if they were judged by one moment in time.
    Pretty scarey that we are all so bored our lives hinge on the folks in a reality TV show.
    I WAS taking a look at this story and surprised to see all of the blogs and opinions about this family. Apparently we all know them well enough to judge. I do see that Kate, at times, appears a bit controlling. But I also see Jon giving an appearance of being sarcastic and reserved. Forgive them for being human! I’m sure none of us ever have those moments!
    This is one of the few reality shows that you can actually learn a thing or two. These people have allowed us to peek into their lives. What we should be doing is learning how we could improve ourselves or handle an issue differently.
    If I want to watch mindless TV, most reality shows are filled with scripted garbage. Obviously it attracts viewers or it wouldn’t be aired. How desperate are we that hanging on every moment of “Flave O’Flay’s” or Bret Michaels’ romantic interests?
    Give this family a break…let them have a human moment or two…

  • Mac

    Who would even begin to believe this chitter chatter? If he were behaving badly with a bunch of college students, there would be pictures galore as most every college student has a cell phone with a camera. Where are the pictures? There are none. Stop the gossip. This has got to be for ratings, but regrettably at the cost of hurting these precious children.

  • Steve

    Good for him. This poor schmuck let that harpy walk all over him. It’s about time he got his life back. He should bounce and leave her with the mess. He’ll probably get a reality show where women fight over him like Bret Michaels.

  • anonymous

    Ok NOT JON! who started this dumb rumor? how rude! he did not cheat on kate! yes there is a picture of supposeably Jon with 2 girls. But no that was not him! If you look at it take a look at the hair line, the eyes, and the face! NO WAY!

  • DJ

    IF this is true, Kate is 100% to blame. I’ve watched since the beginning show and Kate’s control factor and put downs have increased with each episode. She dominates the entire show, every episode. I keep hoping that Jon will eventually stand up to her and put her in her place…but it never happens. She has repeatedly made fun of him about his laugh, his vocabulary, his body, his hair, his clothing, even his breathing! Even the shirts he chooses to wear must be ‘approved’ by Kate or she sends him to change multiple times. She is demanding, controlling and has absolutely no concern for Jon’s feelings. The show should be called “The On-going Humiliation of Jon”.
    She insists on being the ONLY one who knows the ‘right’ way of doing things and showing that Jon is inferior to her at everything. She even made sure their new dogs were named the names that SHE chose, despite her children crying and begging to name them themselves!
    I do not condone infedility but Jon is obviously trying to re-claim his role as a man. It’s sad that he is so terrified of his wife that he must turn to other women for what he needs.
    If you notice, it is DADDY the children cry for, never their mommy. She is so wrapped up in her own world of dictatorship, she has lost sight of anything other than being the BOSS. Sadly, their daughter Mady seems to have inherited Kate’s negative personality. The poor child needs to see an anger management specialist to hopefully re-direct her attitude before she grows up and becomes her mother!!

  • Catherine

    They just renewed their stupid wedding vows!!!!! Jon and Kate can’t break up that’s why they renewed their vows!!! STOP THE GOSSIP!!!

  • DJ

    The vows were renewed last November, Jon’s ‘night out'(if true) was last month, Feb. It would be nice if renewing vows meant the bride and groom were both blissfully happy and nothing could ever come between them. Unfortunately, renewing vows, having 8 children, a new home, 2 dogs and and their own reality show cannot insulate one from the effects of constant belittling, humiliation and degradation inflicted upon them by their mate. Sooner or later, there’s bound to be a breaking point. One can only take so much of being treated poorly, especially when it is done publicly.
    I think the renewing of vows was probably Kate’s idea, either to boost ratings or to get a free vacation. Kate always gets her way because Jon apparently, is afraid to tell her no. He just plants a fake smile on his face and nods in agreement, regardless. I’m really surprised he hasn’t turned to drugs or alcohol as a means of coping with her. He hasn’t done that, and that shows what a strong person he really is.

  • Antigone

    I never thought that it would last… But at least they had a good run.
    I don’t really blame him, but then again he should’ve “manned up” and told it like it was. And honestly, I know he did it; humans can only last so long before they break down.
    It was fun watching the children grown up; they are SO cute! But I wouldn’t be surpirsed if today was one of the last episodes, not at all.

  • Gonbo

    i hope that the person who started this rumor knows that he/she may have jeperdized there marriage.

  • Katherine

    I found the Jon and Kate Gosselin program by chance. I have thoroughly enjoyed catching up on past episodes between new episodes. My husband and I enjoy the children’s expressions, energy, and their parents’ delight when they see kindness between their children. They openly express gratitude for the gifts (monetary and blessings) they receive and for others to take issue with their fortune seems jealous and unkind to me. That said, I was upset by the finale teaser that showed two clips of parental discord and insinuated that Jon and Kate were having trouble with one another. While I was relieved that the issue was not in the marriage, I thought it unfortunate that the show’s producers, who actually know this family, would betray Jon (who was clearly saying he is uncomfortable with losing his anonymity on days when they are not filming) by falsely hinting that he is questioning his partnership which would fuel rumors for drama-hungry weirdos. The Gosselins are not the Kardashians.

  • Your Name

    I think they really love each other, but love has to be constantly kept alive. I have a dominant personality and I have been married 30 years but there was a point were I realized if I didn’t change the way I treated my husband, I would loose him. No human being can put up with a person putting him down and criticizing him all the time. And even more in public. I love the show and I think they both have great things about them. After all Jon also helps out quite a bit with the kids. She is a great mother but is showing her kids not to respect their father and that can lead to many problems in the teen years. Jon has to stand up to Kate and stop her on her tracks before the cameras go on. The lady is smart and a good mother but she can be a real B–ch. Maybe she does need to think about Jon having another kind of life and leaving her to deal with the kids by herself.

  • L

    The sweater Jon is wearing in the picture is the same sweater he wore on the season finale. Connection??

  • ramona

    If I was married to kate I would have killed himself a long time ago!

  • Your Name

    Kate you need to learn to treat your Jon alot better.. When your show is on in the bedroom on monday nite my hubby says to me how can you watch this she is so mean to Jon.. You can control your kids but you can’t control Jon all the time he has a mom he don’t need one more and you act like you are his mother at times.. I love watchin the kids be happy you have 8 healthy kids I have 2 boys and one has CP so count blessins everyday and be happy.. You never know when it will be your lastday on earth… Thank You I hope you to work things out the kids need you together and you need to b a little more happy….

  • Nancy Bostick

    I became a big fan of Jon & Kate plus 8 (the show), after watching a couple of episodes. The Children are beautiful. Each child has their own special character and personality. It was fun and delightful to watch them grow up and develop. I adore Jon Gosselin. He is a great father and seems like a good hearted person. He tries very hard to be the best father and husband he can be. I enjoyed Kate in the beginning, when the six babies were little and the twins were as young as the others are now. Kate was genuine and loving and appeared to enjoy her family in the beginning. Lately, It seems like Kate has gotten burned out, with the demands and daily trials and tribulations of caring for such a large family. Her personality has also changed to the negative. I understand the need for rigid routines and schedules for the children but I feel she brings alot of stress on herself and eveyrone else. At times she is unfair, nasty, belittling and irrational to her husband and her children. The only one in the family that she seems to have alot of patience with is Maddie. Maddie is adorable and lovable but sometimes acts like a spoiled brat. I have yet to see her in time out or any other punishment or disipline for her bad behavior. I have three little grandsons and I spoil them like crazy but there comes a time when even I have to put my foot down. Jon is a very handsome charming guy. Why he takes so much abuse from Kate is beyond me. She has an excuse and answer for her own bad behavior every show. Ugh, I cannot stand to watch it any longer. I’m glad the kids got to experience so many joys and good things in their lives so far, and I hope they will continue to have a good life but I think the show should end before they wind up like the Dion Quintuplets . I am not a professional in child rearing, I’m just a grandmother and I may be wrong but this is my opinion and I’m sticking to it.

  • Your Name

    I kinda hope that just maybe Jon & Kate read these! But I think that Kate is a GREAT mother, Im sure that no one could do it better! Walk a day in her shoes. Life is frusterating no matter who you are and if you hd 6 three year old children you might just act a lil crazy once in awhile!! Keep up the amazing work Jon & Kate

  • http://omg lisa

    i can’t believe anyone has anything bad to say about jon kate and the kids i am a younger person who does not have kids yet but if i could be half as good of a parent as jon or kate then i would be more than happy my blessing are with u

  • just another voice

    I love this show. Love the children. Love Jon and Kate. But honestly I get fed up with people always talking about how bad Kate treats Jon. First of all they are moving non-stop, going all day with out a moment to pause and reflect. That’s stressful. When she does bark orders at him I usually laugh because she needs help and he is typically standing there watching her get stressed and does nothing. She is trying to get him to pick up some slack and help her out. Maybe not the kindest way to go about it, but when that busy and LOUD she is doing her best to get his attention. Aside from that, am I the only one that has noticed the way he acts towards her? He is always making hateful faces, rolling his eyes and saying very nasty things. But ya know what, that’s life. They are in eyeball deep and probably sick to death of always taking care of someone else. I know even though they didn’t ask for such a large family, they are thankful for each and every one of them and I do think they love each other. They (especially Kate) have a good sense of humor and I hope they can get past this. As the kids grow older and more independent they will be able to work on their marriage again. For either to walk away from so much responsibility would be shameful. I think if they can get through this, they can get through anything.

  • Normal In Camarillo

    Jon does not deserve Kate. She is strong and dominating – this is true. But it is always wuss boys like Jon that fall for women like that. I like that she admits her flaws and can take criticism. Jon does not seem that strong however. Now that folks are criticizing her flaws and the way she dominates Jon, HIS self-esteem seems to be wounded and he is acting out like one of his children. But, no matter what, he should be defending her and standing up for the woman he married. Instead, he rolls his eyes, makes nasty comments and runs around in bars. Be a real man Jon – be strong and make your marriage work. You made a commitment and a real man would honor his marriage and his wife. I watched an interview with Jon recently and when he was questioned about the criticism towards Kate, he merely changed the subject to talk about himself. That was a disappointment. I was hoping to hear him defend her. Regardless, I hope this all is not true regarding his cheating and abandonment. I wouldn’t say i am surprised though. Weak people with low self-esteem behave like that – and that is exactly the person that Jon seems to be at the moment unfortunately. I just feel sorry for Kate and especially the kids.

  • pepee

    Get4 real. It’s not “normal” to have 6 kids “normally” especially with cameras around 24-7. What’s the payoff? It’s not cute, I would hesd for the bar and drink too.

  • Kristen

    I think that if this is true, it’s both of their faults. They live totally unnaturally by parading their family in front of a camera 24/7 for the world to formulate opinions on. I personally think they are both letting this “fame” get to them. Kate seems to have a really big head and thinks she’s a huge celebrity and I think Jon does also.
    But now that Kate is out in the spotlight and Jon is stuck at home playing Mr. Mom he’s probably miserable and their relationship will suffer from that. Even on the season finale, Jon said how he felt and Kate brushed it off because she’s really happy. That’s just not how a normal, loving relationship works.
    I really feel for the kids. You can buy kids many things and give them many experiences, but parading them on tv to do it just isn’t the way. Now add in the tension that is probably floating around their home and having their mom gone at least 1/2 of the month and I can’t imagine what they’re going through.
    I know I don’t live their life and I don’t criticize their actions because I certainly wouldn’t want the world formulating opinions on me, but they really need to remind themselves what’s important — not fame or fortune, but family. Isn’t that what the show was originally about?

  • brittney

    I dont blame jon 4 cheating on kate. Have u seen how irratible she is like shes not the only 1 living in the household jon lives there 2.He goes through the same stressful predicaments and sometimes even worse especially dealing with kate. Nothing is ever perfect 4 kate. I just think it isnt jons fault its kate gosselin

  • Your Name

    I think it is both jon and kate. Kate shouldnt act like a snob and not appreciate how hard jon works. Nothin is ever good enough 4 kate she is very bossy. Yes, Kate is there at home 24/7 but jon is working hard and its not his fault when he had 2 work on weekends. I think on the season finale jon shouldnt of complained that he is known as jon plus 8 bcuz those r his children and he shouldnt be embaressed of his children if he didnt want 2 be known as that he shouldnt of went along with the tv show offer. Well my heart and prayers g out to their children.

  • Your Name

    well, i gotta agree that jon used bad judgement with the partying. granted, he prob. just wanted a break and was probably flattered other women recognized him and flirted with him. but at the same time, he also knew that people would recognize him and that maybe it’d be better to just stay home. i mean, does he want his kids esp. the older girls to see those photos? it may have been innocent on his part, but getting drunk in public when everyone knows you isn’t so smart. if it had been like he had a few drinks with friends and was more responsible about it, i don’t it’d be such a big deal.

  • Your Name

    What a pig! I hope Kate leaves him and I hope he regrets every moment he will be without his kids!!!!

  • Your Name

    Jon shouldn’t have went out and got drunk in public where everybody know him. He probably just needed a would I and everybody else. Dealing with 8 kids,Kate, and work. Not saying Kate is a bad person but she can be bossy and I think everybody knows that. Jon set a bad example for his older girls Kara,and Maddie he wouldn’t want them to see those pictures. He also set a bad example for his little ones Hannah, Leah, Lexis, Joel, Collin, and Aaden. All of this is going to get back to his kids and he is going to regret it. I wish him and Kate the best of luck. My heart, prayers and hope goes out to those eight children and best of luck through your life.

  • Your Name

    Are you kidding?? Why do you think so many people watched the finale? Because the trailers made it look like they were fighting and going to separate. You are all eating into what they want more watchers… It use to be good because they were innocent and now the innocense is gone and they have be come entertainers. No more do we see daily routines, we just see trips and the kitchen table, have you seen any other part of there house besides the kitchen table and the door to let the dogs out?? think about it I think what jon said was a trick to get more people ready to watch the new season, if you all remember jon has always been the one to love thisss kate use to hate to share her house, now supposedly they are both taking the opposite view LMAO I dont buy it. My heart breaks for all these kids of multiples or big familys where they are all getting on the band wagon to get thier families on TV. I give jon and kate one more season and it will all go away and of course they will blame it on someone eles as they always do. God Bless the children and keep them safe.

  • Your Name

    Sometimes the tabloids and anyone who says stuff about Jon and Kate can be such a joke, who knows if it is true, they are just saying that to make people think is it true Jon cheated on Kate???
    Yeah there are pics of Jon with other women, and he is a bit drunk but in those pictures they just have their arms around Jon or just taking the picture beside him, those pictures dont prove shit about anyhting. If he is cheating, then im sure the photogrpahers would at least get one picture of Jon kissing other girls or dirty dancing or flirting with them,
    I dont belive the photographer cant even get one pic of him kissing another girl. If they did get it, why not post it on the net for everyone to see as proof. Those pics prove shit and tabloids can say anything. I dont think people buy it that he is cheating (or maybe he is, who friken knows, only Jon himself knows whether he is a cheater or not)unless there is one picture of him caught kissing another girl. It’s all talk talk talk and no proof!!! Give me a picture of Jon kissing or dirt dancing with other women and people might actually believe he is cheating!!!

  • Pennsylvania

    Kate is not a bad person; she has admitted on the show to obsessive compulsive complex; a mental illness that is highly treatable with medicine and therapy. The OCD causes people to want to control everything around them. If Kate were to want to be helped, not only she but her entire family would benefit. No doubt the OCD causes her all sorts of inner problems. One example is that Kate (who married very young, a younger yet man) was very anxious to get pregnant, and then to get pregnant again, using medical assistance to get pregnant; this seems obsessive given that not much time had lapsed that would have allowed any additional child to come in the natural way.
    Jon is not a bad person, he married very young at a time when most young men start a career, play and watch sports with buddies, and date a variety of girls. He also got caught blind-sided by having married a total control woman, that is, a woman who wanted to control every aspect of their/and his lives. What man wants that, I ask you. Jon has been pushed and pulled and, yes, literally bullied by his wife from the beginning. That is not the beginning of a good relationship and it would not surprise any psychologist/psychiatrist to see Jon break away, not because he does not love Kate and the kids but because he, too, needs to, and deserves to, have a life.
    The children have also been controlled in minutia. At some point each of them will rebel, there is no question about it, and their mom will not be able to let go. For Kate’s sake and for the sake of her children, she should seek help with her OCD. Is TLC keeping Kate from getting help? Is Kate a better public spectacle being such an extreme OCD case?

  • Wendy

    God bless the Gosselins and their precious family. Love them, cant wait for the new season.

  • Your Name

    I have watched this show from the beginning,and like alot of people, feel in love with this seemingly sweet family.
    This past season though ,in my opinion, it has become more about Kate than the family. She appears to have become slightly self important. This is a shame because I liked the original Kate not the one I saw this past season. I think this has all gone to her head.
    Where is the sweet gal who showd America her after baby belly?

  • normal in camarillo

    people change…the world changes…face it.

  • Your Name

    I watch Jon & Kate plus 8 all the time. I love those little kids. No one has to defend whether something is wrong in their marriage, their body language towards each other says it all. There ARE problems in their marriage. With all those kids, Jon has gotten lost in Kate’s obsessive behavior. He was only 23 when they married which equals to a male age of 20. I don’t think men ever grow up. After spending hours with all those children,both of you must be exhausted. Some Advice from someone who has been married a long time. Remember, Kate, now that you have that isolated space, in your bedroom, in your new house, you can devote some special adventures in that environment for You and Jon. Include him with you when you travel, Kate. My mother always reminded me how to keep my husband happy ,she said, you must be a chef in the kitchen, a lady in the parlor and a wh— in the bedroom, i.e, set the scene: a warm bath (with both of you in it), bubbles, candles, soft clean sheets, strawberries and a little wine. Make sure that there is a sleepover Nanny two nights a week or more if needed. It works, I’ve been married 35 years to the same man. I don’t give him a chance to stray, I try to have something intimate for us to do when we are alone something that he really enjoys, and I know what that is. I always remember how much I love him. I didn’t have 8 kids but I had 3–intentionally spaced 4 years apart. I didn’t want to let the kids take his place in my life. You gotta make your husband feel needed, included, wanted and that you can’t live without him, and PLEASE STOP CRITIZING Jon. You say you love him, but you are destructively critizing him all the time. That is not love.

  • Belinda Joan

    I don’t blame him! Kate is a complete PHYSCO!

  • cock

    christiany won’t help them lol.

  • Abby-Normal in San Bernardino

    Hang in there Kate! My concern is how are the children doing? Now, the stares, uneducated people will point, whisper and continue gossiping in front of the children. The only one who wins in a divorce is the couple separating. They go their separate way, meet a new partner, and continue living their life. But everyone forgets what changes the children will have to go through in order to adjust. God help them.
    Kate, ALL men cheat! And some women do too! However, I am not going to tell you to do the same as Jon. Two wrongs do not make a right as my husband preaches. Just remember, a snake will always find a hole to crawl into…Take Care of yourself.

  • Your Name

    To the woman that stepped out of 1950…i think women that live to please their husbands, do so because they are useless everywhere else in society. Its a partnership, both work to help each other. Your old fashion advice is repulsive.

  • Your Name

    I think that Jon is P*$$y for cheating on his wife. She let’s him go and do… and she gets a little spa time. Yeah, she hounds him, but he gives it right back. I think cheating is the worst thing he could ever do. Worse then just leaving unhappily. What a dummy… they are in the public’s eye more than ever. I am stressed out with 3, 2 of them close together… I would imagine I would be b*tchier than her if I had 8 kids at 2 ages. Give Kate a break, she is doing a great job with the kids. The kids are smart and well-behaved. I would expect more chaos, but I have been watching since their first debut. I always defend Kate to my husband. He cusses at the TV when she’s on, but he has little involvment with our 3, so I tell him… how would you be as a stay at home dad of 6 the same age? He usually shuts up, yet each week he needs reminding. Hang in there Kate, you are doing a great job. Men come and go… but you will always have “Multiple Blessings”.

  • Your Name

    At the last show Jon expressed his unhappiness. He said that he could not just go out and be Jon. He always had to be “Jon and Kate Plus Eight”. I think that was a sign there that he was unhappy.
    My husband has always hated the way Kate belittled him.
    I know how stressful a large family can be and I think Jon really felt this stress. I do not feel that what he did was right at all.
    And I hope this is not true.

  • P00n Dizzle

    He’s rebelling dispite being a public figure because she pushed him over the edge. I’m sure if you were made fun of by your spouse on a national show, walking around having strangers tell you daily not to be pushed around probably takes a toll. Add 8 kids to the mix, and i’m not surprised he cheated on her.

  • P00n Dizzle

    I forgot to mention if you all can see it in a small segment of their life, imagine what it’s like Off Camera! You have no idea what these people are really like, they are probably ten times worse when the world isn’t watching.

  • Single for a reason

    Imagine that! He got caught. He wanted to get caught. He’s in the public eye more than ever. He knew he couldn’t hide it. So why did he do it? He didn’t have to guts to just leave. Can’t pay child support for 8? maybe even spousal support? Jon how could you? I’m a fan of the show, but I don’t know now. better do some repenting.

  • wendyb

    Whether this is true or not, this is a private family matter, not at all for anyone outside this family to speculate on.
    Like the article said, we will never know what these people’s lives are like “Until we have walked a day in their shoes”, and since that is not at all possible, lets all just show a little compassion.
    As a society we LOVE to build people and or families up and then happily tear them down.
    When you people are writing mean/nasty things about this family just keep in mind that there are 8 young children involved in all this!
    PLEASE EVERYONE BE KIND…..and lets pray for one another, instead of gossiping about each other. Jon and Kate, I wish you all the best and may your faith in our Heavenly Father get your family through these “bumps in the road”.
    May God always bless the Gosselin family!

  • Patricia

    I hope kate divorces you jon

  • Your Name

    I agree with wendyb. This is a personal, family matter for them and I don’t think that anyone has a right to be condemning Jon for anything that he did or did not do. I think that as Christians, we should pray for them to get through this hard time and not judge him, because clearly we do not have the whole story and do not know if he even did anything wrong. We should believe what he has said concerning the situation and support him. Honestly, it sickens me to see the response that the Christian community on this website is giving to the situation.

  • liv

    awww…. i kno this isnt true.. jon wouldnt do tht… would u….. welll i hope he had his fun:( pooor kate tell Alexis, Aiden, Colin, Joel, Hannah, Leah, Mady, and Kara i said hi! im a huge fan of ur show and hope tht u rite back!

  • dagney

    I’ve seen the show — and, hey, if I were married to that woman, I would be cheating, too. She constantly belittles him and puts him down. She pushed to have all these kids, and I imagine this TV show only adds to the stress of her life. She needs to take some responsibility for creating this stress and taking it out on other people.

  • Denise

    Can you blame him? Kate is SO nasty to him all of the time. She treats the poor guy like he’s one of her kids, not her husband. She humiliates him all the time. Everybody has their breaking points, I guess he finally reached his. While I don’t condone him cheating, I could certainly see why he’d want to get a divorce. She should have seen this coming, I’ve read on other sites people telling her to chill out.

  • jennifer


  • Jonathan

    Are you kidding me…so she speaks to Jon with a stern tone from time to time. Don’t tell me you have never spoken to your significant other as if he/she were one of your own children. The difference is this…you are not on television to be judged. I hope they work out any problem(s) they may have and move on. Maybe they should quit the program all together. Kate is a nice and genuine person with great morals and good christian values. Jon is her partner and has the same beliefs. It’s the people who have to find news that have caused this problem. Get your own life and stay out of ours.

  • Your Name

    Looks like Jon & Kate plus 8 minus one.

  • Rachael

    There is absolutely no excuse for a man to be cheating on his wife whether she’s belittling or not. Breaking someone’s trust isn’t a game that you quickly recover from, it’s a heartbreaking situation and I can’t believe the comments on here saying that Kate would deserve such treatment. NO ONE DOES.
    In regards to how she treats her husband, guess what-THAT’S TV FOLKS! The media squeals with delight when they get juicy drama. There’s also the editing factor where producers will pick and choose which scenes to air. If you don’t like seeing a husband and wife fighting, then write a letter telling the producers of the show you rather see something more peaceful otherwise they’re going to air whatever is going to get them ratings.
    Also, if anyone thinks marriage is a walk in the park with no fighting, I would strongly advise that anyone to refrain from such a committment. You obviously do not live in reality and you will be sorely surprised to how much a married couple does argue.

  • Dude

    She really is an obnoxious jerk…Cheating is not an answer to any problem but maybe he just wanted to be around another woman who didn’t talk to him like a retarded dog. Frankly…she sucks dude…RUN! LOL

  • Dude

    OH and to the people defending that she needs to talk to him like he’s a child…I guarentee you you’re probably of the similar types of people that treats people like sh*t and stick to their “higher moral values”…pa lease…you people tend to be the most hypicritical jerks on the planet…I follow no religion and I promise you, if there is a heaven, God will not turn me away for believing in him but realizing that the institutions created by man are disgusting because they use his name for evil and leverage…F*CK RELIGION! LOVE GOD!

  • J-Dawg

    who could blame him, Kate treats him like crap. If you’ve seen the show you can tell the man is unhappy sitting on the couch while his wife blabs on about nonsense.

  • http://brighthouse Vincent Fline

    Looks like they will have to rename the show, “John Plus 8 Cheats on Kate.”

  • MJ

    I can understand your sympathy for Kate Gosselin, I feel for her too (if this rumor is indeed true, that is). There is no justifiable excuse for adultery. However I can also understand why Jon did what he did (again, only if it’s factual). They didn’t plan on having so many kids and when reality was thrown at their faces it came across as a shock, on top of that, the media attention they get from doing the TV show can also be another factor that leads to stress. I wasn’t at all surprised to read all these rumors/news/whatnot, I mean, if you watch the show often enough and see the interaction between these two, you would’ve seen this kind of rumors coming.
    Better teamwork next time, J & K. And good luck. I really would hate to see them splitting or whatever, think of all those kids, they’re all too young and if Jon&Kate reach an ugly end, imagine the kind of hell those kids will have to live through with all the media attention on them.
    I can see lots and lots of therapy in the future.

  • Your Name

    well…..first off Im pretty sure that pick is like 10 years ago!!!
    He still had a baby face…..and HAIR! Plus can u really beleive some guy in a bar as a creditablt source? prob not. Plus Kate is a bizzo, and u know she wears the pants.

  • mother of 3 indiana

    Who care is he went out and had some fun is there a rule that says he cant. We dont know if he really did anything do we. They could be Swingers looking for fun and just happend to get caught and everyone blows it up like hes cheating how do we know Kate dont like females too and they are looking for a lil fun?????And if there not I dont balme him at all I would hope to God my hubsand would leave me if I treated him like kate do she just yells and yells at him. He really not in the shows at all she just wants it to be all about her her her and those kids well i wouldnt say any thing about them but poor them when they get older.

  • whatevah

    i agree with jdawg
    kates always talkin bout sh*t and jons like omg my life sucks wtf happeneded to me

  • Ani

    It’s about time!
    Kate is a nightmare of a woman.
    You go Jon!

  • Gladys

    Jon, Jon, Jon. Take the kids and get the hell out of that nightmare. Grow up, get your sh*t together and give your kids what should be a normal life. The novelty of having sextuplets and twins is OVER. Kate, go do some Crest toothpaste commercials or something that won’t tax your brain too much. Just don’t talk or you’ll give yourself away.
    Good luck to the children, I hope they survive this one along with all the other BS they’ve had to endure.

  • Larry

    Kate castrates this dude on a daily basis. She’s a harpy. Stepping out to have a little fun with a girl who doesn’t keep his testicles in a jar by the door may be the only thing keeping Jon from bailing on his jagged pill of a wife.

  • Amanda

    Please don’t say this is true. Come on. I bet they are just rumors. If this is true what a bit**. I mean he has everything. A million dollar house wonderful kids a beatuiful wife. Why would he want to change that for young girls. It’s stupid. I mean I love this family and I hope none of this is true. Jeez my mom would love to have lots of money lots of kids a million dollar huge house and be married to a man who is also the kids father. I love Jon and Kate Plus 8 and I cannot believe the 6 are going to be 5 soon. Anyway I hope none of this is true and I hope for the best for this family.

  • Lori

    Seriously people. You think if he really was kissing other women and dirty dancing with them, someone would have called the paparazi and it would be in TMZ or some show like that. There is no proof except one picture that he posed for.
    I don’t for a minute believe this.
    Kate maybe hard to deal with, but she has 8 children…that must be stressful.

  • Gladys

    Lori you’re correct in that she has eight kids, but she’s not home alone with them. She has nannies or helpers or whatever she calls them, so there is no stress for her, but as you can see from the children especially the twins, they are the ones who are stressed out. Half the time Kate’s out running around doing her so-called ‘job’ which is nothing more than signing a few books and then she goes shopping with her crew. The only time she looks remotely tired out is when she sits on the couch and yawns. She made money off her kids and now she’s spending it like she’s the one who’s had it so hard. She set it up and sold her kids’ privacy so she could live the life of a millionaire, which I’m sure she is now. Nothing against money, but how she got it is what is so disgusting. I think Jon has had it with her narcissistic personality and needs to find someone who doesn’t put him down every chance she gets.

  • ketty


  • Lori

    Gladys—I never said she was home alone with them. We only see what TLC shows us. We don’t see everything and we all need to remember that. No matter how you are treated, no one should step out on their marriage (not saying Jon did). Jon is not very motivated around the house. Usually in a marriage, one person kind of takes over and keeps things going. That is what Kate does. I am sure if there were cameras in my house, people would see me get on my husband to get things done as well.

  • Dave Wright

    Quit the show for crying out loud! It isn’t healthy when little children have to live like celebrities everywhere they go. Furthermore, Kate needs to stop treating Jon like he is one of the children. She acts like he has no ability to do anything. Men crave positive, female admiration. When they don’t get it from their wives, they will find it somewhere else. Jon will begin to appreciate his celebrity status with other women, it is just natural. I hope this is all an ugly rumor, but I suspect this family needs to make some big changes before it ceases to exist as a family. But we all have our problems. Let him who is without wrong throw the first stone.

  • Your Name

    This is a bunch of crap!…. John is a good Father and Husband., and I beg to differ with you, Gladys, I am sure Kate gets alot of help, but she is a very strong, secure woman, who is very organized, and I do not think this show is hurting her kids in the least. More power to John and Kate. I am a fan forever…. Don’t listen to the crap these tablod like people put out about you. I can feel the love between John and Kate, and it’s real. I am sure there are ups and downs like every marriage and family., but Kate, don’t for a minute think John does not adore you, because he does!… Good luck.. I hope to see a million more seasons of your show. Love you Gosselins!…….

  • Gladys

    Lori dear I know what you said and I’m saying she’s got more than enough help with her kids so she can’t use them as an excuse to be stressed out. And if you think anyone shouldn’t step out in a marriage “no matter how they are treated” then you must have low self esteem. Kate made it easy for Jon to go tomcatting or have you not listened to how she speaks to him? Jon and Kate hold a strange power over you die-hard

  • Bethy

    Get them OFF television. She soaks up the notarity like a sponge and he needs to GET A JOB! You see Kate, even celebrity has a price to pay. Their kids are horrible little brats and she is a real PILL..

  • tricia

    jon it’s not cool to cheat on your wife kate

  • Dao

    Yeah, I agreed with Tricia said. The marriage makes the vows, once a time compromises. If a husband or wife cheating on you. How do you feels about this?

  • Your Name


  • Gladys

    Dao in her vows Kate pledged to love, comfort, honor and cherish Jon. She didn’t exactly keep her end of the bargain either. You uphold all of them not just some so neither of the two have been faithful to their ceremonial promises.

  • Your Name


  • Your Name


  • maloree

    I just feel bad for the 8 children. Its going to be hard on them if they ever actually see their dad coming home drunk or hear about him going out and partying. Than on top of it making out and hanging on other girls? Yeah nice parenting skills Jon. He should really evaluate what is more important to him….staying home with his wife and kids or going out to bars and being stupid. He should make it quick for his kids sake. Grow up Jon… you made your bed now lay in it..

  • Your Name

    Men enjoy the love, attention, and admiration of women. When men get married, most of the time their wives are their biggest fan club. Most women don’t marry men who they think are stupid, or ugly, or ridiculous, or incapable, etc. I’m sure Jon was no exception. Now that he is married (or since he became a TV celebrity) however, his wife treats him like he is some kind of half wit moron. She runs him down, kicks him around, and openly criticizes him in front of her TV audience. For crying out loud, how can she complain when Jon feeds into the attention given him by other females who make him feel wanted, important and interesting. I know the stress of eight kids is great Kate, but you married your husband first. Stop treating him like one of the kids. I stopped watching the show because of the way she treated her husband. She strikes me as a catty, know it all, spoiled brat, not a wonderful, loving wife like she ought to be. I am not condoning Jon’s behavior, but let’s be real. If Kate can’t treat her husband like a man, another sweet female’s going to and that is going to be trouble. I hope a few women see it my way. My sweet wife does and I am so thankful for the way she treats me and affirms me as a man.

  • ladeedaaaa

    i agree that jon should be treated better by kate. she is rather snotty. i don’t care how stressful your life is, you should always treat your husband with respect and love. same with your wife too. if jon is cheating on her, that really sucks. cheaters suck. but at the same time i could see why he would. and it’s sad.
    also, i would like to add that i believe jon and kate are exceptional parents. as to the earlier comment, they were not laughing at their kids as the animal got killed. i remember watching kate console mady as she was crying, and remembering when i cried while watching animal planet years ago and my mother comforting me. they give their kids a comfortable life, they’re not by any means neglected. they might have a bitchy mother and a father that’s hardly around them, but i think they’re taken care of and they look happy to me. so… that’s all i have to say.

  • k

    i absolutely agree with the last post. i am a fan of the show, but have a bad taste in my mouth from the communication between kate and jon. the kids make up for and keep me watching. i understand the workload and stress of 8 kids..well, i guess i will never understand.. but if kate is blaming the bad behavior on the stress of the kids, how can she put on a game face for the world and publish a book? it’s simple, really… kids AND husband first… then book. if you get be polite to the world and strangers.. you can be polite to your mate. she is really stunting his growth and confidence as a man, person and father… although he would probably never own up to that to her face

  • AllSmiles


  • Your Name




  • Carrie


  • Your Name

    I don’t get the going to a bar thing….But to be seen twice now and still have the nerve to say ” I used poor judgement” come on Jon grow the hell up will you ….your not a kid anymore…Show a little class and act like a father, husband and most importantly an adult! Stop being a lounge lizard. If indeed you were drinking and one of the kids had taken ill how the heck could you be a responsible parent and make any kind of decision while your wife was out of town. Working in health care we see it all to often. So maybe next time ,and believe me you will do it again because you feel entitled for some reason, think about your kids ! Not to mention how embarassed they must be . Yeah they have a real father of the year they can look up to and be proud of !

  • Your Name

    As a former wife of a cheater, there has to be a reason why her demeanor toward her husband has changed so dramatically. As a wife, you have a sixth sense about it. Agreed, she’s always been pretty tough on him, but ask yourselves “why?” This has just now come out, but I would bet big $$ that it’s not the first time. I hope they get it together. There is no choice but to fix it for the children’s sake. They have too huge of a responsibility and it will absolutely scar the kids for life if they get a divorce. Don’t do it.

  • Marla

    I’ve watched the Gosselins even before they got a show on TLC, and what changed them MONEY and the media spotlight always on them. Plus I think when you claim to be Christians but live a life’s filled with lies beware as God has a way of showing the truth.
    {as Beth Carson was the true author of the Book Multiple Blessings , Jon & Kate were only contributors
    When they first started the show they said they wanted to be viewed as a “Normal family” with the struggles of having 8 kids.
    Well. Fame and becoming multi-millionaires have changed them and the dynamics of the whole family. Jon voiced his struggles with the whole fame thing on the season finale of season 4 and questioned about even having another season. Kate got her way as it would look and there is a season 5 which is to begin in May.
    Well Jon again has been caught out with another woman when Kate was away on her endless book tours and their nanny is watching the kids.
    I wonder how Jon & The Learning Channel are going to put the spin on it this time as I don’t believe Jon who said it was “a friend”. If it was a friend why did Jon yell at the woman to hurry up and get into his car which she drove without the lights on and then scurry away?
    Plus. whose out kissing their “Friend” at a motel when their married at 2 AM in the morning without their wedding ring which he always has on?
    {US Weekly & the Inquirer both have the photos}
    This show needs to be pulled ASAP and the couple needs to get into counseling. But I doubt it as fame has gone to Kate’s head.
    You can’t serve two masters {Mamon & the Lord} and the Gosselins are a prime example of what happens when you say you are really living your life for God but by their interviews and actions they show people the truth.

  • Heather

    Well i think that they both are very good with their childern…and i also have seen both of them at times on thier show where they fuss and raise their voices at each other. but hey i guess you can call that normal i mean they do ahve 8 kids at one point or another they are going to get stressed. but i can say if Jon is cheating on Kate then that is just dirty. instead of begin at the bars and whatever else he should of been with his 8 kids or wife….

  • Your Name

    this is surprising facts. after i heard this i was disgusted at jon, because i thought he was a funny and great role model. I couldn’t belive it. i even looked it up on google to see if it was really true. I want to never ever watch this show again. i think this information will make jon and kates series less popular and go down the toilet.P.S. i still think the kids are cute. And grow up, jon you are not being a good role model to your kids and other people that watch the show.

  • Your Name

    i am very very surprised at you behavior JON. That i will NEVER EVER WATCH YOUR SHOW EVER AGAIN. What were you thinking jon and how do you think your kids will look up to the fact that you are a cheating and a bad role model to your kids. I didn’t think it was true when i saw it in a magazine but i looked it on google and i couldn’t believe what i saw and the women you were hanging out with don’t you think those women were to young for YOU. I thought you and kate were going strong with your marriage but now you aren’t. P.S. I AM STILL VERY VERY TICKED AT YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU


    Come onnnnn! no one can believe this nonsense. There is no way that Jon would do this to his wife and kids. He is not that kind of guy if you just watch the show and he seems really nice. He cares about his kids. Plus, why would him and Kate get re-married recently if they didn’t totally love each other. Even though they fight sometimes that doesn’t mean they don’t love each other. No one should believe these rumors!

  • Your Name

    give jon a break. kate is a pain in the ass with all her dos an donts.try being in his shoes for an hr. not condoning his behavior but married ppl do go through problems. jons not happy and stevie wonder can see that through ray charles eyes. he’s definitely faking it to make it. this spotlight is driving him mad. all this role model crap because he has 8 kids and we’re seeing the sunny side of this family on t.v. kate makes me want to slap her and I bet jon do too. he acts wimpy I would hate to see the day he snaps.

  • Nikki

    Just because they act like the perfect family on camera does not mean that they are. Look at all the other celebrities that done reality shows and are now either in trouble or already split. The fact that they just recently renewed their vows don’t mean anything. The producers probably told them to do it for ratings. You never know. Otherwise Jon is flat out dumb. He should have known that since he does a reality show that he would always be in the spotlight. Is he that nieve to forget that people would recognize him when he goes out? Jon….I hope you make alot of money because when Kate divorces you…..get ready to dish out the child support!

  • g-unit

    yo listen good to my words homie. Kates a b**ch and she got my man jon whipped like tapioca pudding. all I’m sayin is Jon better get his head out of that hot juicy a*s and smell the coffee ya dig? it aint right bro. Listen hard and maybe you’ll learn somthin. holla at ya boy.

  • jerry

    What do you expect Kate is a f***ing B****! Im suprised it took him this long to cheat. If Kate was my wife I’d cheat on her too. Maybe if she’s shut the f*** up and stop b***ing all the time and actually show her husband some respect, he’d be faithful. Good for him.

  • meredith

    I don’t think he’d do that. Kate is NOT a b**ch. But, seriously, nobody really believes this, right?

  • Louise

    Jon should not divorce Kate. She didn’t have these children by herself and she can’t raise all eight of them by herself.
    Kate has gotten nicer to Jon as the series has progressed, and her has started speaking up for himself over the last year of so.
    Grow up Jon; you are a husband and father. Stay home and be a
    respectable responsible man.

  • Your Name


  • Carrie

    I knew it would only be a matter of time before he cheated on her. Good Lord, do you see the way she teats him on the show!! I think it’s funny how over the seasons she keeps looking better and better but we all know someone can look good and you can still think they’re ugly because of the way they treat others…this is how I feel about Kate. All I’ve seen Kate do on the shows is talk-down to Jon and undermine everything he says. She shows her true colors when they both sit on the “love” seat and do personal interviews. Wow, Kate shows no love towards Jon. I quit watching the show because I couldn’t stand the way she treated him. I guess she’s just as organized in the bedroom as everywhere else in the house. Ha!

  • Anonymous

    I think that yes maybe Jon did go out and have a good time for himself for once. But if he were to be kissing other girls and dirty dancing with them there would be pictures all over the internet about it because as soon as someone where to find out about it they would be all over it with a camera. Yea there are pictures of him and girls but they arent kissing or dancing. The girls just look like fans that wanted a keepsake to show off and say “I MET JON GOSSELIN!” I do think Kate can be a bit of a bitch sometimes so I could understand if he would be tempted to cheat but I dont think Jon is that kind of a person.

  • Lisa

    Even if she is a raging B, doesn’t give Jon the right to cheat on her (if that’s even true). Even suggesting that he should is not right and shouldn’t even be considered. Maybe this is why marriage is going down the crappers in society. If he doesn’t like his situation, work through it or divorce. It’s far better than cheating and bringing unnecessary attention to his family.

  • Alayna

    Kate is annoying.
    i dont watch the show…
    because SHE IS ANNOYING.
    the way he side eyes her;
    he CLEARLY doesnt want her.
    she’s just- so irritating.
    8 kids or not lady…
    you dont need to talk like that to anyone.
    but cheating is wrong.

  • Susan from Philadelphia

    money & reality tv will ruin ANY marriage… even this one. sad!

  • me

    TO ALL YOU CONTROL FREAK WOMEN! This is what happens in the real world. A typical man can only take so much of a “Kate type” women before this happens. Me included. Kate totally deserves it.

  • Dirty Biatch

    Its about time! Jon doesn’t have the balls to leave her though. Plus he would never leave his kids to Katezilla.

  • misty

    i do not think she deserves to be cheated on, even if she is a control freak. the children do not deserve it either. he married her, nobody held a gun to his head and forced him to.

  • Me

    I am a huge fan of Jon and Kate plus 8. Jon that is soo bad. Kate is a wonderful woman and doesnt deserve this. You guys are such an awesome famiy. =] Please dont ruin that Jon.

  • Saw it Coming

    Kate got her TV show, her fame, her fortune, her fun. Now she wants to insidiously write off her husband on national television. She makes the man feel and look like some kind of nitwit imbecile. While I don’t believe Jon’s straying is right, I understand that in the absence of the love and affection of his wife, he will fill that vacuum somewhere else. Kate, get wise, build up your husband, honor him and you might find that he will be a whole lot less vulnerable to some other woman who gives him a cute sideways glance. Marriage is tough, and there are far too many quitting on marriage. I hope Jon and Kate can work through this situation and become stronger, better and more in love as a result. Both need to change.

  • kathy

    I feel sorry for those cute little puppies. How long will it be before she sells them to buy a new car or a another trip while Jon stays home with the kids. WHAT A BITCH

  • Will

    Serves her right…she treats him like crap. She is nothing more than a capital “C”….Good for him. Ohh and ladies….please stop always putting blame on the man…it’s so…C like.

  • Westbrooke Gang

    If Jon has all this extra energy – maybe he can come back to his old neighborhood and mow his freakin grass.

  • Your Name

    I can’t believe the nastiness of some of the people on these blogs.I don’t believe he’s cheating at all. How would all of the know it alls like to have a camera intheir home and in their face outside of it. I don’t think any of us would always come across in agood way.I can’t imagine what it must be like to have twins and sextuplits. The stress level must be unbelievable.Until you walk in their shoes wish them good luck . They’ll get through it as the kids grow. I raised 3 sons and I was a bit of a control freak in order to get things done. I’m so glad I wasn’t filmed because I’m a really nice person, but who knows how I’d come across.

  • Your Name

    I could see this coming. John is a man just like any other. Woman – what you need to understand is that men do not like being told what to do in their family lives. Kate is the type of person who is somewhat belittling to Jon. When a man feels as though he is inferior – he looks to others that do not make him feel this way. Ego is very important to men – and when someone takes this away from them it’s only a matter of time that they look to someone else to help them build it back. In addition, he has been there trying to provide for her needs without reciprocation (at least at face value). No offense to Kate as she is a great mother to her kids however she is a domineering wife. That being said, this has been a recipe for disaster unless she is willing to provide for his needs too.

  • Justin

    GOOD! My girlfriend watches this show all the time and she even agrees with me saying “that’s what she gets” every episode I have seen, Kate treats Jon like he’s an idiot. I don’t blame the guy, I actually hope it’s true! This was the same issue with my last girlfriend, she treated me like crap so I cheated on her and left her! Not bad if you aren’t happy and wanna get away. The only thing that sucks will be the child support he will have to pay! 8 kids… that’s a whole lot of money! Good luck Jon, my girlfriend and I are with you!

  • Anonymous

    Yes. She’s so MEAN.
    She found a job for her husband that doesn’t require him to work to pay for his children.
    She’s found a way to not depend on her family’s fortune on a guy who goes partying with college girls when he has 8 children, and his wife is off doing MORE work to assure his family is taken care of.
    She’s so MEAN.
    Personally, if I had a guy like this and I was hustling my butt to raise them, organize them, and make money while he thinks he should PARTY I’d not be so KIND to his balding butt either.
    If the guy doesn’t like his place in this family, then maybe he should ante up and grab a pair.


    I hope this isnt true, but if it is Kate I’m with you. She’s at home raising all them damn kids, and he’s out partying trying to relive the good ol’ days?? Jon, you’re a daddy of eight now. Leave those dumb little girls alone and come crawling back home to your wife; the mother of your children. And when he does that Kate, and I’m sure he will, kick his ass right on out. Call the lawyer to calculate how much childsupport he owes you, and while you’re searhing for a new man, make sure you tell the kids something about daddy trying to “find” himself, so that they won’t wonder where he’s gone. Best of luck Kate, like I said, I’m with you!

  • Your Name

    every episode yes you see kate belittling jon but have u noticed that she is watching all of the kids and he is literally running around acting like an idiot, i beleive in conseling to get through problems not cheating, and kate does show jon affection she tells him she loves him and she jokes around with him and trys to humor him, remember the episode where they took the kids to the beach for the first time and it was a disaster, she is yelling for HELP and he is running around laughing while 6 small kids are crying from the sand getting in their eyes from the wind, he is a moran, kate be strong some one could only consider them selves lucky to be with someone who is such a great mother and so organised and you are so funny in ways you dont even know, what comes around goes around remember you just keep being the stong beautiful woman you are and you will get through anything you set your mind to

  • i feel bad

    Its so sad that he would cheat on kate. I mean, she’s not ugly. Yes she might have a bad attitude, but if I had 8 kids running around all the time, I would probably be as bad as her, if not worse. In their interviews, you can tell he is tired of her and his kids and honestly, he should just leave. I wouldn’t want to have a man around who isn’t happy with his family! Like I said, she isn’t ugly and she seems smart, she can find herself another man who is willing to show her family love. Even if it’s a BIG family. Good luck Kate

  • Kathryn

    Please wake up. This guy is in need of a break. Yes, he does have 8 kids, but guys do not function the way women do. We are multi-tasker’s constantly thinking of the next thing to do. It is not natural for men to think the way a woman does. I have multiple’s myself and you can not help but think your husband is a dummy every once in a while. You get almost appalled at his way of thinking.
    He would be pretty stupid to be cheating, if he is. He is a public figure and is now blessed with the title of “possible cheater”. Get a couple of nannies, and get some extra help. Your first clue should have been when he took your daughter away on a ski trip. What about the other 7? Is he doing special trips with them, as well?? Probably not. Where is your weekend’s away Kate?(By yourself) It’s time to trust your husband with all of the kids and find some alone time for yourself too.
    Get some extra help with the kids. You can afford it now. You two have lost the intimacy and it’s time to get it back.

  • Your Name

    hey kate,
    my name is ashley and im 17 years old and ii watch ur show almost everyday even the old ones and it wud be a heartbreaker if he is cheating. ii dont really think he is but if so the right thing to do is try to work things out and see wat happens b/c u are a beautiful woman wit 8 adorable kids and it would be a shame if they lost their father. dont listen to any one else but your instincts. listen to his story and see wat really happened. i heard about him supposidly cheatin and it broke my heart cuz ii love ur show ur kids and u and ur husband have to be the cutest couple ii have seen… those kids need their dad no matter what happens. u have a great husband great kids and nice house cute puppies lol and a great show and if their ever is a day where it would be cancelled ii would probably die. your strong and smart so just do u and dont let no one tell u wat to do. this is your life and it shouldnt be out in the open like that cuz it can ruin ur family. so keep to yourself and hopefully everything goes good for u… u love him and he loves u and the kids.. so just think about things and god bless u and the kids and jon of course…

  • Your Name

    Sorry to hear about Jon cheating. But on the one episode , Kate was talking about how she met Jon while on vacaton. She said at the time he had a girlfriend, but by the end of the vacation he asked her out, and they had been together since. Once a cheater always a cheater. Kate broke him and his girlfriend up at the time. What goes around comes around. But then you can’t always believe everything that you read.

  • Jon & Kate Plus 8 – Scandal Issue

    Friends of Jon (of Jon & Kate Plus 8) are defending him against rumours that he’s stepping out after Deanna Hummel scandal

  • Your Name

    Yes, I used to watch this show ALL of the time, until Kate started to be… Let’s just say, Kate. Yes, I do kind of dislike Kate, but for Jon to go out & cheat on her, unacceptable! I am only 13, & I pretty much know, that is a BIG no, no. I know that him & Kte bicker pretty much 24/7, but, is I had 8 kids, a wife, a $1.3 mill home, 2 dogs, & a loving family all around, THERE IS NO WAY I WOUL GO OUT & CHEAT. And, the stupid-but funny art is, Kate was at a book-signing! For there show for goodness sake. He obviously should’ve thought a little more before going out in public, NOT THINKING THAT THE MEDIA WOUL SEE HIM. Well, OF COURSE they are going to see you, you have a TV show, & you are fam.. I honestly have to say, that I don’t know if this is true or not, so I am not going spread rumors around. But, that whole thing with Jodi, & Beth, & Kate, just really P’d me off. Kate is stupid for X-ing them out of their lives. All because they wanted a little cash, & heaven-forbid that Kate give away just a little bit of that $65,000 she makes every episode. She is always griping about how hard it is to have 8 kids & how much help she needs, but yet she is like betraying ALL of her friends. I have grown to HATE her. And then when Bob Thomas or whatever his name is, came, she had nothing to do with the project. She probably didn’t want to get on the roof because she knew that those boys would throw her off!

  • ladything

    how could he do that to her! you know what i’m saying homies

  • Phillies fan

    I like chocolate milk. jon could kiss my buns. i feel bad for kate

  • Judy

    WHAT A CREEP. AND SHAME ON WHO EVER WOULD BE WITH HIM. KEEP YOUR HEAD UP KATE, HE IS REALLY A CREEP!!!!What are you showing your sons? What kind of father are you anyway? Sorry A**

  • Pull the plug on the show..NOW!

    The brother of the woman Jon Goesslin is having an afair with ratted him out to US magizine and they caugh him on video!! He has been having an afair with third grade school teacher Deanna Hummelfor 3 months.
    Now that the proof is out there, as Jon is shown leabing Hummels home after spending the night on video and he even had her over at the home!! I hope this show ends.
    As his wife would only gripe at the man and put him down didnt listen to him when he said he didnt want the show to continue etc it would look like he looked for a woman who would listen. The blame is on both of them.

  • ALgirl

    Let’s not pass judgment too early. I love the show. I’ve read her book and am just a big fan overall. The best thing we can do is encourage this family through email and pray heartily for them. Until either of them speak out publicly, I will continue to see him as innocent.

  • mistydawn

    man thats messed up!kate shouldnt take that s**t!I would be sayin c-ya brother!I thought on the beginning of the show they say they are a family and in this together i dont think kickin it in bars with girls in what they had in mind!

  • Brittany

    poor kate and kids… :( i LOVE their show to death. This all sounds so true and it makes sense, i mean Jon always said he didnt like always haing cameras on him and stuff… maybe this is why. and Kate wasnt the best wife but you could tell by the way she looked at him she really love(d) him!And if they didnt love eachother as much as a couple with 8 kids should (lol) they shouldnt have gotten their (amazing) housee. i hope this turns out okay :) But idk. LOVE YOU GOSSELINS

  • s

    The show should be called Kate Plus 8 and Jon needs to hit the road. What jerk would humiliate his wife like that and be such a poor example to his children? I hope that Kate will continue to be successful in all of her endeavors and that Jon will realize what he is losing, all for a few minutes of pleasure that he should have been enjoying with his wife. Was it really worth it Jon?

  • nichole

    And you think that Star Magazine is credible because…. why?
    Granted, they got the John Edwards story right… but their accuracy rate leaves a lot to be desired.

  • Dean

    I hate this show! Those who cry over this situation are stupid! This show is 4 years past due. Its the same old crap day after day, just different drama! Whats next week? “They go to the bathroom?” “They go shopping?” “They change a tire?” I mean c’mon….the show is a one tracked hour long pile of nothing….at least the 17 kids and counting doesn’t need a scripted page of notes!!
    This stuff going on with Jon is awesome! Kate is a money grubbing attention wanter!! She wanted the TV show to go on because of the attention they get, and because of the money they make from TLC and people like you who watch it! Kate doesnt deserve to be cheated on, but she should have known it was a possibility with all the publicity they get! I wont shed a tear! I would rather watch a reality show with them cheating on each other and the kids going to the octomom!!

  • marty

    the show should be removed from tv – its the most stupid show on tv – the wife is more than annoying – id go out just to get away from her as well – but doing what husband did was wrong – but like hime – i wouldnt be statying around the mother – id help the kids – the mother is just annoying

  • Susanne

    Jon may be on the immature side (what man isn’t!), but he’s not stupid. He knows he’s under the eye of the public. This whole cheating story is bogus. It’s called free publicity! And it’s gauranteed to work. Wanna know why? Because since I’ve heard these rumors, I now record all their shows, as opposed to flipping through the channels and viewing this show occasionally! He’s a good man. I defend his wife too…she’s great but is portrayed as some psycho nagger. But let me ask you something….what kind of mood would you be in with all those kids? Her patience is God sent! My contract would have been broken long ago…including all their cameras!

  • Linda

    I must say that when I watched the show where they were doing a magazine cover for a magazine coming out in November that’s when I decided these parents should stop and live like normal people. Jon says its in the 90’s out and the kids have to dress in sweaters and other fall clothes since the cover is for November. The poor kids are tired and crying. They are hot and miserable like anyone would be. I think Jon is lazy and Kate is money hungry. The two of them are prostituting their children. Four years is enough. You get to watch either 30 or 60 minutes of kids crying and Kate yelling at Jon. What family fun. Ugh. Get rid of them. Besides, Kate has all her land and her million dollar home. She must do well with her coupons. A lot better than I do. I use coupond and live in an apartment.

  • John Smith

    I really am not sure where to begin. The fact that I am writing a comment is hypocritical in itself, but good gracious it is hard not to react to the lack self determination here. Granted, there are some pearls of wisdom in these comments, but there are a good number of clunkers taken straight from the fire and brimstone sermons I suspect some of these folks were raised on.
    Let’s see, where to start…this whole conundrum is wrapped in … (wait for it, wait for it) BIG ENTERTAINMENT MEDIA. What part of the show or the reports of the supposed “affair” do you think is “reality”? Come on folks. Lets not be simpletons. I am not saying JFK was not shot by Oswald, but do you really think any of us are getting true skinny? I am not even sure “good” media (NYT, WSJ, Slate, Wired, The Onion) is capable of not framing the truth. Let alone tabloid media that makes its bread and butter on this type of sensationalism. At best this is hyperbole.
    But for the sake of argument let us concede that at the worst the married guy was out late night with a girl. Does it really make a difference what age she is as long as she is over 21 (to avoid all the nasty legalese chatter let’s agree that 21 (with drinking, driving and the ability to be conscripted effectively grant the right to self determination in our society)). Only if you have your own age, self, body image insecurities, from suckling too long at the Yum Yum teat of high fructose corn syrup since you yourself were once young and nubile. And don’t start with the “I have had kids” and “I am too busy” cop out. Listen, you can control what you put in your mouth, and if the President of the United States (arguably the busiest man in the world) can find an hour a day to get in a work out so can you. That whole having babies ruined my figure thing, I do not buy it. I know plenty of women who are looking better in their 30’s and 40’s than they ever looked in their 20’s. In fact, I hang out with them often. And sometimes with out my wife!
    Which conveniently starts to brings me back on track…the fact that one is out with out your spouse in the company of the opposite sex means one is cheating? Explain that logic to me. That argument can’t be proved or dis-proved, so it is mere speculation. Speculation focused through the lens of our own insecurities. I like women. I like the way they look. I like the way they move. I like the way smell. I like the way they think. I like disagreeing with they way they think. I like agreeing with them. I like flirting with them.
    Flirting is a dance. The blue prints to the rhythm and movement hard wired over the ages in the Paleomammalian brain of BOTH sexes. Like so many simple pleasures it is what puts the living in life. And let’s not even qualify it with “innocent flirting”. Dancing around the edges of not so innocent flirting is a pretty good time too. And for arguments sake, say one or the other (husband or wife) takes it too far – that line only having to be understood by the two of them. It is pretty much their business how they resolve it, not ours, not Dr. Phil’s. I mean how many marriages has that guy been through?
    And the comments suggesting that all ones free time should be with the family and spouse. Are you nuts? Where is the healthy balance in that? A typical person spends the first 20-30 years of their life developing and interacting in a wide coed multifaceted social network. We are social beings. To suggest that our social lives be confined to the scope of our immediate family upon having kids, and per some of these posts – marriage, seems just desperate to me, maybe even a bit dangerous (think Habsburg – 😉 ). Don’t get me wrong. I enjoy spending time with my family. I enjoy spending time alone with my wife. I enjoy spending time with my wife and our friends. My family enjoys spending time with our friends and their families. I enjoy spending time alone. And I enjoy going out with the guys. Including my single friends who have single friends, who have friends who some happen to be girls, who sometimes we run into, who I may flirt with and enjoy the subtle dance of wit and charm. Which btw is the same flirting I still do with my wife.
    We are never going to know the real deal here, and should we really even care? Ours is a long, but at the same time brief life. Long enough to make mistakes and learn from them, brief enough to keep making new ones. Long enough to surround yourself with those who enrich your life and you theirs, but brief enough to still have second thoughts and ponder the “what if”. So stop watching reality on TV, and step into the myriad Technicolor, bit stream, high bandwidth, coed, eat right, get exercise, and make sure to apply sunscreen program of your own life. And if any of you may be funny, hot, good looking, cougars or bobcats in the western Chicago area, drop me a line, maybe we can meet for a coffee and continue this Socratic debate, I may or may not bring my wife, shoot maybe even my kids. Here is to hoping the humor of this ad hoc diatribe is not lost on the masses.

  • Jane Doe

    I just wanted to say that John Smith almost made an article of this headline. I was pretty good, but a little over the top. :-)

  • mandy

    I LOVVE jon and kate plus 8!! it is wonderful and i most definatli dont see it as exploitation!!!! i mean sure..they r starz they would be under the public eye..n oviousli rumours r gonna start! u all say jon is lazy…wat man isnt!! rite? but i agree he is not stupid!! he wod not purposli put his young family in a situation like this..i am inded sorry for all those who are offended by this or by their show..plz 4give me…but i guess its all on how u look at it…..:P

  • Bethann88

    According to the young women’s brother. his sister is having loud sex with Jon in the room next to his. Star mag. is not known to be reliable but, other publications are carrying the same stories. I do not blame Jon for having an affair because kate is emotionaly,verbally and physically abusive to Jon. I feel sorry for these children. Even if these women are only friends Jon should not be out with them until the wee hours. I think the gosselins should take a break from their show and focus on their marriage. They need to go into conseling for the sake of theiir marriage and their children.

  • Gertrude Twain

    Although John Smith seems like a complete, utter tool (an intelligent tool, I might add) I do feel he has got a point. Although I don’t know much about this scandal (I don’t even bother with the show) I do think that the sudden burst of national interest is a bit silly.
    I will, however, say this: Flirting isn’t cheating. People seem to think that if a spouse doesn’t spend every waking hour with their significant other, they’re banging the next-door neighbor. This is inane, preposterous, and the very reason why I despise having a relationship. As a woman, I am VERY proud to say that I don’t mind when a boyfriend of mine goes out alone — with the guys — etc. I want him to have his own life, to do his own thing. I realize he’s going to check out other women, I check out other men: It’s mere human nature. To be honest (to me) marriage seems absolutely suffocating. Although, unlike John the Serial Flirt, I am not already married, so I can say that “marriage seems dangerous” without being a hypocrite. Furthermore: If this guy really did cheat, I wouldn’t blame it all on Kate. Honestly, if I had 8 f*cking kids I’d be a b*tch, too. “Housewifeism” seems HORRID and LUCID. It’s a terror. I would not be able to stick in a house all day with 2 kids, let alone 8. I’m a career-oriented woman, and I’m amazed Kate can even survive her household. Either way, I think it rather insular and provincial to hate either people. It’s not like any of you know their situation– watching their idiotic reality show hardly means you’re they’re best friends, dearies.
    But, whatever. I’ll forget about this entire ordeal by the next day.

  • fred

    Yeah what normal married dad with 8 kids can afford a Porsche. Can we say IT’S a ME CAR and not a WE CAR. YUP only in AMERICA
    Glad we lost it to you after the Boston Tea Party

  • laura

    first of all if I had to take care of 8 children by myself i would scream at my husband when he didnt listen to me either. Another thing i dont think JOn cheated on his wife because no man with a heart would do that to a family like that and jon has seems like an honest man. i think everyone needs to mind their own buisness and let them enjoy their marriage because they already have enough stress in their lives!

  • Your Name

    Just saw Kate on the Today show, saying how Jon and her focus are on the children…I believe she was in California on a book tour while Jon was at the bar at 2am…who was focusing on the children while they were out?!

  • Your Name

    No excuses for Jon here….if he was unhappy he should have walked away before he cheated. By the way, if he has cheated, he has not only cheated on Kate but all of those kids!! Only a weak man does this!!

  • thresea

    i think jon did cheat becuase jon and kate have no privicy to have sex so poeple duh hes horny he had sex but i do think its preety crapie that he did cheat becuase he should be thankful to have a wonderful wife like kate!

  • Taylor

    Have you seen the way Kate treats him??? I mean come on! HE is treated like a dog! He needs that love from a woman again. He is going through a lot. Jon needs a break from this nonsense and time to live. normal.. Kate is not good wife. Plain and simple. She just wants the fame.

  • Paul

    all i have to say is. way to go jon! go get yours, brotha! do it for all the men out there who are brow beaten down into the pavement by their wives, but don’t have the opportunity to go find a younger prettier lady because they have the best years behind them and aren’t rich. yay jon!

  • Pete

    I don’t understand what right you think you have to degrade women like that. Even if Kate is an annoying person to live with, he married her! Obviously he already knew her personality type before he said “I do”, so it’s his own fault, and rather than handle the situation in a mature fashion, he just ruined his children’s lives. He is an idiot and I have lost all respect for him, Kate can do better.

  • Luci

    I am a huge fan of Jon and Kate plus 8 but what I am hearing I cant believe. On the show yes they argue but that isnt all of their life. They seem to love each other and their kids very much. It’s just kind of weird seeing a TV family I am cared about for years come crashing down. I hope that these rumors arent true. I hate judging others lives and wish the best for jon and kate in their troubling times.

  • ad

    he didn’t cheat on her. he went out to have fun and got a picture that was when he was blinking. get a life

  • stephanie

    i cant belive him if i were to have 8 kids i would settel down and
    and be a man and take care of his kids instead of his needs

  • Ashley

    Honestly if you really believe that a man who is married with 8 children would go out partying with college aged girls and cheat on his wife with them, then you havent really watched the show. That man loves those kids more than anything and he would never do such a thing to break up that family. Yeah, he did go out, but he wouldnt cheat on his wife and his kids. You people need to stop feeding into this, it’s their life. If they have a problem it’s not your place to step into it.

  • Nicole

    I completely agree with Ashley. I watch this show religiously and I can see how much this man loves his family. I understand he was married young and had 8 kids by the time he was 27. He didn’t get to do all of the things men in their 20’s do. Kate recently did an interview on the Today show about these rumors. She did not exactly deny them saying “We are dealing with this situation privately.” I think we should all respect their decision because they do have kids they need to protect. She also said in the new season of Jon and Kate Plus 8, they are not going to discuss this topic because the show is more about their family then their media problems. They knew full and well that they were going to be subject to harsh ridicule when they decided to make a reality show where now. I wish Jon, Kate, Cara, Mady, Alexis, Hannah, Aaden, Collin, Leah and Joel the best during these trying times.

  • Your Name

    The truth is that these children are being exploited as a source of income for this couple. Neither one of them have a job. What father of eight children in his early thirties is not out there working on his career? There is no plausible explanation. The truth is they are making money off of these children and that money supports their lavish lifestyle. Before this show they were taking handouts from the government. No one would be interested in them were it not for the novelty of having sextuplets. Those who watch this show are familiar with the terrible, disrespectful way Kate treats her husband.

  • tired of gosselins

    I agree – the Gosselins are not role models OR good parents. They are a machine making money off of their children. Kate has a personal trainer and works out over an hour a day (plus goes “tanning”)….what NORMAL mother can do that? Let alone a mother of 8 that is constantly whining about how “haaaard” it is. She hasn’t got a clue about what it is like to parent more than 2 children on her own – but she does get free trips, free clothes, cash by the bucket full, and a personal body guard, housekeepr and cook to make it easier for her *rolls eyes*. There’s nothing normal about these people at all so for anyone to be “shocked” is to be terribly naive. Celebrities never stay together and it’s quite common for them to cheat. And that’s what they are – celebrities. Nothing more. Bottom of the bucket celebrities with no scrupiles. And as for the teacher that Jon is cheating with – I hope she loses her license.

  • Sugar B

    Pictures speak louder than words.If Kate doesn’t believe the rumors, she is a mature woman.She knows what she has at home.They have an understanding and alot of trust if she allowed this.Relationships dont last anymore because of lack of trust and understanding. What is wrong with having frieds of the opposite sex. There is nothing wrong with that.If you are out and about more with your “friend” than with your partner,than there is something there more than friends.If my husband wentout with my girlfrieds to a party that I didnt want to go too,whats wrong with that.I know my friends and husband.If you cant even do that with your spouse,then you have trust issues.We are all adults and need time with friends too.Children should not stop you from having a good time once in a while. Kate should do the same.

  • Bratnee

    i think that reality shows for couples are cursed! All couple that take part on reality shows break up soon after so why are people still doing it? But in response to Kate going tanning and such I know moms that go tanning get their nails done, maybe not all but if you had the money and worked hard wrestling with kids all day then you would probably go out and treat yourself every once and while so don;t be to quick to judge. And on the issue of cheating if he did it wasn’t right but no one is probably every going to know the truth except for Jon and Kate.

  • Justin G

    I read about this at JonGosselin(.)com.
    Its amazing to see the difference in what Kate looked like BEFORE the show and what she looked like AFTER the “fame and fortune.” Fame does crazy things to people.

  • Your Name

    Nasty people…lets give Jon the benefit of the doubt.Don’t destroy a family because people would rather believe the worst about people. What ever happened to innocent until proven guilty?I can’t imagine how stressful their life must be. I seriously doubt that Jon would compromise his life by cheating. We all have to get away from our responsibilities now and then, but cheating, I doubt it. Good luck Kate and Jon…I wish you and your beautiful family only good things.

  • Canadian FreeSpirit

    IF Jon was cheating (I said “IF”), I wouldn’t blame him in the least. I don’t know what their relationship is like when the lights are off, and the doors are closed, but the way she treats him on TV makes me furious. Jon is a nice guy. he has the patience of a saint to put up with her “love taps”. if it were the other way around, people would be screaming that he was abusing her by hitting her like that.
    but I honestly believe that Jon has too much integrity to cheat. no matter how tempted he might be by someone who treated him gently and with respect, he made vows to Kate, twice, and he is not the type of man to renege.
    I feel sorry for him-in the final episode last season he had “clinical depression” written all over him. I’ve battled with it for more than 30 years, and I know it well. he’s a kindred spirit. I wish him the best, and a speedy recovery back to his more carefree self.
    bottom line, don’t believe everything you read in a tabloid-and there’s no way Jon Gosselin could ever cheat on Kate.

  • Jackie

    Jon should be ashamed of himself. If he feels the urge to cheat, he should just be honest and ask Kate for a separation and be a man about it. I may not like the way Kate treats Jon, but no woman or man, for that matter, deserves to be cheated on. Both he and Kate are responsible for the sad shape that their marriage is in, but if he didn’t want to think about Kate, he should have at least thought about his 8 kids. Shame on you both Jon and Kate for using your family for the publicity and celebrity that you thought you would achieve. Look at what this has done to all of you. The children now stand to suffer.

  • military and loving it

    These reality shows must have a bad influence on the couples. It seems that they all have marital/ kid problems shortly after the series begin. I don’t care how famous I’ve become, I’m not doing a reality show. My life has enough drama already (two teens).

  • KK

    He’ll never leave her. The child support alone he would have to pay would break him. Its cheaper to keep her!

  • April

    jon did not cheat on kate, that’s just.. not the kind of person he is.

  • RR

    Whoever says it’s OK for Jon to cheat because of Kate being mean sometimes or whatever is seriously immature. You try dealing with 8 little kids all day every day and see how full of sunshine you are sometime. Jon is having a mid-life crisis seems like even though he is only in his early 30’s. He seems like the kinda guy that is afraid he is getting old and missing out. Too bad, so sad. You have a wife and MANY adorable babies at home now. Get over it and be a man. There is no excuse for what he has done. I’m glad everyone knows about it because he deserves all the crap he is getting fomr everyone.

  • Sarah

    this is not true if you watch the show it says how they don’t stay in touch with there parents!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kim

    If Jon didn’t cheat on Kate, he was definitely setting himself up for failure. Any time someone is in a committed relationship, you cannot strike up new friendships with the opposite sex unless you can invite your partner along. Even friendships that were formed before you got married must be altered. It’s just not appropriate to hang out like you are single. Also taking off your wedding band is setting yourself up for failure. It’s allowing yourself to be perceived as being single by a single woman. Because let’s face it. We all know women look for a wedding band before pursuing a man. While Jon’s new friendship may have been innocent, common fact and learning from other’s experiences tells me that he did cheat.

  • KS

    Although there is no reason that’s acceptable for cheating, I’m actually not surprised in the least that Jon cheated on Kate. Men need respect to feel loved. It’s like oxygen to them. Because Kate disrespects Jon all the time, he responds to this disrespect by saying unloving things to Kate. So in return, Kate feels unloved. It’s a vicious cycle. And over time, it can damage a marriage until one person or both looks for love elsewhere. Jon will look for someone who thinks he can do nothing wrong and looks at him with the respect he needs. Kate might be supplementing the lack of love she feels from Jon by all the book tours and admiration from fans. Basically both of them are cheating. Jon with another woman; Kate with the millions of avid TV fans.

  • RJ

    Let the guy go out and have some fun. Hell Kate should do the same. I think she’s hot. It doesn’t mean they don’t love each other or their kids any less.

  • lisa

    ugghhh, jesus. Can’t the rumors ever stop i mean c’mon. Why the hell would he cheat on his wife who he loves and had 8 kids with? I don’t think he would ever do that. And kate isn’t mean; she’s just stressed and you know? i think they compliment each other very well, so if you don’t mind stop being haters, god…get over yourselves.

  • Your Name

    Kate deserves to get cheated on. All she does on the show is emasculate him and make him feel like crap. Listen up girls, YOU AND MEN ARE EQUALS. Just as you’d have them love you and respect your opinion, YOU need to love THEM and respect THEIR opinions as well. I bet the feminazis are going insane with this story. Men deserve just as much love and respect as you do, ladies. And this is coming from a girl.
    Lisa, you are naive if you think that he wouldn’t cheat on her. He has 8 kids screaming all the time, his wife is an ugly, manipulative, disrespectful twat. It makes a lot more sense than him NOT cheating on her. I do mind, I’ll hate whatever I want. And nobody has to “get over themselves” just because you say so dear. You’re not special- at all.

  • Barbie

    I say you go boy!! I feel for him kate’s a b*tch

  • alex

    if u got 8 kids and can still go out and pick up ladys u are the man!

  • Just a Mom

    Hey Gosselins, it’s gut check time. So now you know what its like to be a celeb. Loss of privacy. Target of stories — true or untrue – to help sell trash magazines. They seem genuinely disturbed by the events of the last couple of weeks. So how do they think the kids will hold up under similar pressure? Will Maddie be able to go to her prom without cameras in her face? Will her first trip to the gyno be chronicled under the headline “Is Gosselin Teen Starting her Own 8?” Will Aiden’s soccer pals be labelled his”bromance buds”? It’s sick but it’s true. If it will sell papers, you bet its bound to happen. So what’s it going to be? Is the money really worth destroying the children and the family unit? Or are you going to say enough’s enough, time to be a parent and fade into the scenery. Leave this life for the Lohans

  • Brooke

    I love watching Jon and Kate plus 8 but I have to say, it would probably be better for everyone if they didn’t run the show anymore. I would miss it terribly as the show is inspirational and I have grown to love them as if I know them. They are the most beautiful children and I want to see them do well. It makes me sad to think they could be affected by all of this.

  • Veronica

    I’ve watched this show many times…I can’t believe people think that that’s Jon in the picture!! Probably someone that looks a little like him and claims to be him and getting paid for it!!
    As far as people arguing about this issue and name calling, truly need to grow up!! I think that issues like these are of a private matter between the family and everyone just needs to butt out!!

  • Tiffany

    Kate is such a dumb B!tch to him!!! I think it’d be so funny if her left her dumb A$s with all those kids. She won’t be able to find anyone dumb or desperate enough to put up with her big mouth or bad attitude!!! Maybe she should learn to give Jon a little respect n be thoughtful of him and his feelings.

  • Your Name

    It is so ironic that the Gosselins went to Hawaii (and spent a small fortune doing so)to renew their wedding vows in front of their kids. “We want to show our kids that we will be together forever, because not all families are,” Kate said. I guess those vows didn’t mean much. “Everything we do is for our kids,” Kate says on every talk show, book tour, church speaking event, etc. Yet where are the kids? Home without their parents (one is globe-trotting, the other club-hopping.) I’ll bet the Gosselin kids would gladly trade-in their million dollar home, brand-name clothing, expensive trips, etc. for two happily married parents. The kids will probably end up spending their well-endowed college funds on future therapists.

  • Vickie

    Kate is totally disrespectful to her husband. If she continues, she will certainly run him to the arms of another woman who values him!!!!

  • trinidadian girl

    I watched the show ALL the time but STOPPED a year ago because KATE is so exhausting. I am left usually embarrased by the way she treats JON. That does not give him the right to cheat but i would certaily understand if he did.
    i wish their family loads of luck and love whether they chose to stay together or not.

  • Your Name

    Kate deserves what she gets, karma is a b$%#h

  • zeal

    yeah kate can be a little ill tempered but u have to see it from her point of view. I would be a b*tch too if i had 8 kids screamin all the time; it still doesnt give john the power to go cheat!! if anything just take a vacation away from her or something. i hope everything works out well for them

  • Shame on TLC!

    Finally, Kevin and Jodi come forward with some information that actually makes sense to the situation! I’m sorry but no matter how you slice it, it is absolutely not normal for a happily married man to be out at a bar with a 23 yr old female “friend” at 2am. When you compare the old episodes to the new ones it is so obvious how unhappy they are. Sure they have all of the material things they may have always wanted but it looks as though their relationship is horrible and they both look like pretty miserable people. It is pretty painful to watch. I always thought it was strange that they were renewing their wedding vows and kept telling their kids how mommy and daddy will always be together. Yeah, no kidding, that’s what your first marriage was for. Most people don’t renew their wedding vows to show their kids that they will stay together. There must have been some serious issues going on back then. It all is coming together now!

  • Your Name

    I have been watching this show for awhile and I think it’s entirely INAPROPRIATE for Jon to be so selfish. Kate may sometimes act stressed and tired, as well as a bit of a shrew (!) but I don’t think that ANYONE deserves this treatment!
    I hope they don’t split though, anyone can tell that they love(d) each other.
    and ANYONE who says that Jon should have cheated, that Kate deserved this, they are WRONG and have absolutely NO MORALS!! I mean that!
    All I can say is, TV shows drive families apart(ex. the Hogans)

  • sierra

    i ant believe jon would do that what a b#@$@h

  • Your Name

    Those Papparazi people.
    Actually there are differnt kind of stories out there about Jon Gosselin cheating.
    I think he is not cheating on Kate Gosselin.
    I dont never believe those Papparazi people they might not have the straight answer.
    I think Jon is a nice guy and he will not do a such thing like that.
    Jon is Married and has 8 beautiful childerns.He would never do such a bad,unfaithful thing.
    I can see Kate Gosselin wants to know the right answer and whats going on.
    I know it is probably hard for Jon going out Public with Papparazi around.He could just want to hang out with one of his friend that is a girl,nothing is wrong hanging out with a guy and a girl.
    I think Jon didnt did all these things when hes even married.
    Jon is faithful.
    I know people want to know the straight anwser.
    TLC (Jon and Kate Plus eight) is a hit on the show!!
    People love to watch it.We still want the show Jon and Kate plus eight to be on and always will be.I hope everything will work out okay and be fine.

  • Ashley

    Jon is a faithful guy. He will not do such a thing. People gets the wrong stories.We all want to know the right story. Jon Gosselin will NEVER cheat on Kate Gosselin. He has 8 kids and he is married. I know some of you guys think Jon Gosselin is Cheating on Kate. But I know Jon didnt cheat on Kate. We love the show Jon and Kate Plus Eight.And it is a hit on TLC show! And we will always want that show to be on FOREVER. People needs to stop being STALKERS.Everyone wants privacy. Probably Jon just wants to habg out with one of his friend that is a girl.Nothing is wrong hanging out with a guy or a girl that is a friend. Things can worked out by not all talking about this all the time!! Just dont rushed people. Things could worked out just stop talking about “Jon is Cheating on Kate!” I know he isnt though. GOD BLESS EVERYONE ON THIS EARTH. HAVE HOPE.

  • sierra 2

    Is common in every marriage when the fruit gets bitter and sourer after many years of being together.Some time secrets are fun to have.

  • taylor

    uhh it makes me so mad that john would do that to kate like who would do that espacially beaucause he has 8 kids and i will tell you this kate can not do this all by herself

  • Darnell T.

    Kate Gosselin a mother of eight children, one twin and sextuplets. She and her husband Jon documented their struggle with their 8 children, since then, they have been getting a lot of press. The Eight Little Faces, was the new book released, detailing her experiences to her eight children. Kate has been making appearances plugging it, such as a recent appearance on the Today Show. Because of the TV show, they may not hurt for a no fax payday loan, but the family struggled prior to the TV show. Let us hope that they never need debt relief, and that Kate Gosselin can get a break.

  • Suzy

    There is also a story of Kate being dishonest. However, she is too busy taking care of the kids, full time, 24-7, so when will she have any time to cheat? While for Jon….I dunno…

  • Your Name

    This is a publicity stunt. Free publicity for two months running up to the season premier on May 25th. So obvious.

  • Ryan

    Keep in mind that this might not be true. They originally weren’t going to talk about it on the show, but it’s gotten so controversial, that said thay will talk about it on May 25. I must admit. I’m not a huge fan of the show, but this kind of stuff interests me. We’ll see how it plays out.

  • Kimberly

    The Bible says that the love of money is the root of all evil. It appears to me that Jon and Kate fell in love with the things that the money their show bought for them and forgot about their commitment to each other and, most importantly, their 8 innocent children. It’s too bad they are that selfish, but not surprising in the United States these days.

  • Diane

    I hadn’t watched this show until a couple of months ago when I watched some segments on Youtube. I had heard such great things about the Gosselins and as a mother of many myself, I was looking forward to enjoying the show. I did not make it through even one entire episode without turning it off in disgust. Kate is so unkind to everyone around her, and blatantly disrespectful to her husband. I do understand some of the stress she is under… I am a single mother of 5 children, several of whom have very significant developmental delays and other issues. Motherhood *is* a stressful business, and it requires much of us moms. And I feel I should add that although Kate does have many very young children, she also has a tremendous amount of help… others fold her laundry, do her cooking, and much of the other routine household duties that absorb the normal mother’s time. She doesn’t need to work outside of the home, and she has no financial worries since the show is so lucrative. She spends long periods of time away from her precious children on book tours, speaking engagements, and television interviews. I don’t see why she feels that she is unique in having a stressful life… and why she feels that she is entitled to behave in such an ugly manner.
    I do not condone Mr. Gosselin for cheating in any way… but please tell me I am not the only one who saw this coming. You cannot treat a man like a repulsive child and expect him to treat you like a queen. Personally, I am embarrassed that this family calls themselves “Christian”… they are bringing shame upon the name of Christ.
    Likewise, teach the older women to be reverent in the way they live, not to be slanderers or addicted to much wine, but to teach what is good. Then they can train the younger women to love their husbands and children, to be self-controlled and pure, to be busy at home, to be kind, and to be subject to their husbands, so that no one will malign the word of God.
    Titus 2:3-5

  • Sarah

    I watched msnbc yesterday and reportedly the 23 years old womans brother claimed he heard them having sex.
    Probably a lie..who knows?
    But I love that show so he needs to keep it in his pants.

  • Andria

    i dont blame jon for cheating on kate. she is a snob and is no fun. all though he should have thought about the kids first. maybe if kate was a little more free spirited and fun he would not have got bored with her. iam a mom and i still like to have fun

  • DBNY

    If John and kate were at all good parents they would stop the show and concentrate on what they say is important…their family. THEY SHOULD BE EMBARASSED TO TALK ABOUT THEIR STRONG RELIGIOUS AND FAMILY MORALS AND BELIEFS WHEN THEY CONTINUE TO PUT SUCCESS AND TANNING AHEAD OF THEIR FAMILY… SHAME ON YOU BOTH!!!!!

  • Miranda

    I think that it is very stupid of Jon to cheat on a mother of 8 kids.I know I am only 13 and I have watched the show long enought to never of began to think that he would cheat on Kate. I hsve seen every eapsode and it don’t even look that things are wrong at the house or when they go places. SO I THINK THAT JON SHOULD BE BLAMED FOR EVERYTHING AND HE SHOULD OF NEVER CHEATED ON KAte. JUST THINK HOW THE KIDS AND PARENTS FEEL ABOUT THIS AND THAT ALL I HAVE TO SAY!!!!!!!

  • Emily

    I use to watch this show all the time and honestly i never thought kate was all that snobbish i can see she was being a bit hard on jon but that comes with the territory with raising 8 kids. Its not easy. as far as jon cheating i am kidna split both ways i seen some perty good photos from people who were at the bar and saw him and he seems to not give straight answers on tv when asked about it he kinda mumbles the same thing like he is trying to come up with an excuse. and that guy saying he heard him having sex with his sister. well you should of gotten it on audio lol plastered it on youttube or something. people need to get cameras going do you own spy work i would… i always carry a small camera with me no matter where i go just in case lol. if i find anything juicy i will post it on you tube and every other web site i can find lol. i wish more people would post these pics and get more stuff slapped on him so i can clear my head and say HA you were caught… i hate cheaters. same goes with kate if she is sleeping around with her body guard there isnt much news on that part but if she is wow… Fudged up family

  • sydney

    jon di not cheat on kate he would now beter

  • Danielle

    Kate needs to just take the kids and leave Jon. Once a cheater always a cheater. Instead of being out with some woman, Jon should be helping with the kids and trying save his marriage. From the news and media, I have seen that Kate has dedicated her life to her children and marriage.

  • Your Name

    All i know if i was john , i would cheat on her for sure , she is just to nasty.
    I would divorce her ugly ass , get a cash job , and not pay her any support either.
    way to go JOHN , get your self a nice woman.
    she is to nasty towards him also.

  • Megan

    I don’t think Jon would have done that. And If he did it is there business not the whole Effin worlds!

  • ???

    Poor Kids!!!

  • Your Name

    Everyone says that Kate treats Jon so badly but if they were stuck at home with eight children all day by themselves they probably would be mean too. The hardest job in the world is being a mother I can not even imagine how she does it. I am a single mom and it can be very hard sometimes. People need to get off her back. It takes a very strong woman to raise eight children Jon gets to leave and go to work, Kate does not. There is no excuse for his actions.

  • Your Name

    Sitting at home playing with 8 kids , you call that hard work , LOL , he has to go to work , and then sould come home and she should have diner ready for him with all the cash the man brings home.
    woman need to think when we are out there all day working hard to bring home the bacon to pay the bills and keep the food on the table.
    when all you woman do is sit at home and play with the kids and shove all that food in your mouth , while we are out working.
    we need a break from the wife and deserve to have some fun on the side with another woman just for a break.
    and so long as he was using a condom , its not really cheating , because he is not actualy touching the other woman , there is a thin rubber between.

  • Cass

    I DO NOT agree with “You Name” Those are some really bad morals you’ve got there.
    Looking after children all day is definitely hard work. I bet you couldn’t look after kids all day. It’s so much easier and so much more fun to go out and work. You have NO clue buddy!!!
    If the hubby is allowed to have another woman on the side then so should the wife. A lot of women also go out and work because their men can’t make enough to afford a decent lifestyle. Make it even more exciting, tag team the wife. That sounds like a great stress relief.

  • pye

    OK guys stop beliving all of this crap it really isent true at 1st i belived it but if jon was cheating on kate then why are they having a new season like common now think about what are the ods of them having a new season if they werent toghther

  • J.G

    DON’T YA’LL WATCH THE SHOW????????????????
    ARE YOU SEROUS??????

  • JOJO

    This is stupid there probly just doing this so they can get more
    viewers for there tv show cause lately they havent been geting
    many viewers COME ON ITS FREAKEN HOLYWOOD ITS SHOWBIZZ DA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://UHHH Kilee

    The picture totally doesn’t look like Jon- He is cuter on video than is on picture so I think its FULL of BULL!!! I think maybe that someone look so familiar so that JON would be accused – I think Jon and Kate is really cute couple and made beautiful children. I’m sure wife maybe is grumpy or whatever, but there is always a room for improvement.. I love them to death and enjoy watch the show. We shouldn’t judge until we see what really happens and this picture Is TOTALLY faked….

  • Jenn


  • truth

    why would they have another season? because they live in a million dollar home, have 8 kids and neither have a job.

  • Christine

    John himself has admitted he has cheated on her.
    Has anyone ever thought that this might be for publicity?
    Think about how many more viewers they’ll get now that they have this conflict on their hands.
    But maybe I’m just in denial.
    I freaking love this show.
    It’s heartbreaking to see this happening.

  • Your Name

    I heard they are going to open a escort service and pimp the kids once they are of age.
    that was the whole plan for the start.

  • Your Name

    I think they are SICK to have so many kids , i heard JON is a pedophile thats why he had so many kids.

  • Fan of Jon

    I am not a fan of Kate. She is a nasty woman. If she were to watch back to back episodes of the show, she might just see how she truly is. Her own daughter even said that all she does is sits in a chair and gives Jon orders. Jon deserves to have a couple of drinks with someone just to deal with being married to that nag.

  • Your Name

    I totaly agree she is a whore and a total nage , if that was my wife i would be in jail

  • Kathrynn <3

    I am A fan of this famlily. I would give hundreads just to meet them. I think that maybe this could be a rumour. But then again There was a post from them on the internet saying there going to face the truths and facts on their show. THe fifth season starts monday may 25 @ 9:00pm For quebec. If this is true. I think they’re familys going to fall apart, If they do divorce? Whos getting which kids, They cant have 8 kids one adult they’ll die, And if you seperate the kids, They’re never going to see eachother. It’s ridiculous .

  • Your Name

    They are stupid to have so many kids ??? well they didnt plan on having so many but it happened , They used invetro BOTH times and only had twins the first time , So they are STUPID BECAUSE THEY DIDNT KILL ANY OF THEIR BEAUTIFUL CHILDREN???? They do a wonderful job with their kids !! You can tell that they are well taken care of AND they do more activities with them than people with FAR LESS KIDS !!

  • dora

    I think it’s a shame if all the rumors are true about Jon. I watch all of their shows and I can tell you this, Kate does talk to Jon like he’s one of the kids and like he’s stupid.Don”t get me wrong I think Kate is a wonderful mother but not one show goes by that she does not nag at Jon.I really loved their show when they renewed their vows it was so beautiful I cried. I hope they can work things out because I think Jon really loves Kate with all of his heart and a few words for Kate he really loves you and please treat him like you want him to treat you and don’t be so quick to judge him. here is a prayer you need to say every day when you wake up . GOD OUR FATHER WALK THROUGH MY HOUSE AND TAKE AWAY ALL MY WORRIES AND ILLNESSES: AND PLEASE WATCH OVER AND HEAL MY FAMILY IN JESUS NAME’AMEN

  • Your Name

    i think jon should think about what he wants to do i dont know if the rumors r true bu you shouldn’t do that regardlless of how nasty Kate can be he might need think of their beautiful kids they need both their parents not one

  • stephanie

    personally i think that jon is stressed out. he never planned on having this many kids. it was a lot to all come at once and he couldnt stop it. i think that kate is on the ball and she seems strict at times but someone has to take charge when you have that many kids, yes maybe her parenting skills could use modifications, but it works for her in her situation. and it is hard when you have people like jon who are laid back and kate whos more on the ball, its hard when you are trying to raise that many kids. he just needs a break, its not idealistic but some people just need space to get a hold of life again.hes been going and going and going he needs him time. kate gets that when she goes tot he spa and this is jons time

  • Jade

    For all who are wondreing about John and Kate its all FAKE!!!!!!!! The only magazine thats partially true is People magazine.

  • joe

    its all true, she is a cheating whore , and very nasty looking too.

  • Your Name

    she is a slut

  • Your Name

    she is a dirty , nasty,pig

  • Your Name

    This is all BS!!! has anyone seen anything any of these rumors are saying besides him riding in the car with that girl? no kissing? no college girls pics? it’s all crap

  • Meggey

    Ugh stop making nasty comments he did cheat on her but she doesn’t deserive it no one needs to be cheated on they will work out there problems its there problem not yours

  • me

    Umm… who is a cheating whore and slut? Kate? Isn’t Jon the one who is rumored to be cheating? Not her? It’s always the womans fault, the woman makes the man cheat and blah blah blah. No one should ever be cheated on or belittled, if it is true that he did anything at all. It’s their business, let them deal with it. They have children that will see all this someday. And no one goes off when Joe-BLow down the road cheats on his wife. It’s just another day in the neighborhood.

  • Your Name

    wow you ppl need to leave these ppl alone they will solve this and im really nott beliving tht he would cheat on his wife because ha has 8 beautiful kids and he says he loves his wife

  • sue

    ya you know what all this is just some crap cause all this happend because the p-people (as kate tells the kids to call them)are just trying to make money and know they are fighting so if you are one of them spreading this rumor STOP!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    ok I did feel bad seeing the 1st show of the 5th season cause for once Kate showed emotions (other than her usual hollier than thou art attitude, her rudeness,being a huge snob,her usual self) but why now?? All of the sudden she’s addressing that she may be headed for divorce. Seriously all the signs were there before this and of course she “ignored” all of them (on air) because that all mighty dollar meant soooooo much to her. Why now Kate, cause you know your marriage is as much a joke/fraud as you are? Or your sh====tn cause those freebies and cash won’t be flowing in and you got so caught up in your wanna be self proclaimed A-celebrity status??? Now she wants to be all nice and sweet???? Did you ever watch the way you acted towards your husband on your last few years episodes??? Yeah any publicity is good right??? This is the only reason people wanna watch the show now.. Don’t try and play the “pity” card now. Bossy B*tch

  • NicKee

    So last night I watched the premiere of the 5th season of Jon & Kate plus eight and I must say Jon came off as such a douche bag. How dare he have no consideration for his wife or his eight children. If it weren’t for Kate he wouldn’t be where he is right now…how could he aleep with himself at night knowing that he destroyed a lovely family.
    Kudos to you Kate keep doing what your doing…You haven’t went from Mom to Monster just Mom to Angry, hurt, disrespected mom…

  • Your Name

    You guys seriously just leave these people alone. I watched the prememire of the 5th season last night and jon said he was NOT cheating at all and those pictures were of him and he said he regrets that night for being out and getting so drunk and messed up but he swore he wasn’t cheating on kate and I belive him. He admitted that he was out that night and not doing what he was supposed to. So realy the P-PEOPLE are just trying to make money and I dont think they realize they are ruining peoples lives!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Robbie-Ann

    I too watched the new show last night and I as a Christian feel really sad about what they are going through. They were young when they had the 8 kids and that would be very hard for any family except for the OCTOMOM freak.. I love this family and pray that they work things out and that the children do not have to grow up being the children of a divorce. Please people nobody is perfect and we all make a mistake in life, the only difference is that we do not have people taking pictures of all of us so we don’t have our life’s thrown in front of everybody making up a lot of crap of what they think they see. Please leave them alone and let them work with God to workout their marriage..I also do not want the show to ever end… I will be praying Jon Gosselin and Kate..and kids..

  • june bug

    I feel bad for the kids.
    jon & kate should jut make up already.
    kate has changed though.

  • Alx

    playas gotta play!

  • Sunshine77

    It must be very hard living in the public eye, yet there is no exuse for infidelity. I hope that the media has blown this all out of porportion and that none of these beautiful children grow up resenting either parent for the choices made.

  • jim

    yeah i would feel the same way as john is with all those little kids and a wife that acts like she a work boss if i was in johns shoes i would have cheated to i would want some young girls not some nasty left overs

  • Your Name

    KATE has done nothing but CASTRATE, BERATE and INSULT him thru whole show, not to mention treat him as her ninth child!!! Its a fact she wants to be the whole show, if he gets some attention on camera from interviewer there is jealousy on her face, and again she puts him down! Seems she leaves all dirty work on Jon. Jon should go on with his life and meet someone who will treat him right, what a nice guy and a good guy.Just care for his kids and we all know he will. Get out of the house Jon.

  • tina


  • Grunion

    Despite Jon’s protests, he seems to genuinely enjoy driving both his large BMW as well as his sports car.
    Is he unaware of the fact that he would not be able to afford these toys if it weren’t for Kate’s business prowess.
    Yes, Kate’s hairdo is awful and at times Kate can be b*tchy! Who wouldn’t be! But look at what she has to juggle. If the family were to depend on their meals, baths, stimulation, and income on Jon, there would not be the roomy new house, cars, frequent trips, and exposure to new experiences.
    Most of the time Jon looks disgruntled around his children. If you are going to enjoy the perks, you have to hang in there and do your part in keeping the kids together emotionally, not be distant, while Mom earns the bacon. Going across country to Utah with your girlfriend, on your wife’s birthday, is unforgiveable.
    Grow up Jon! I’ll bet that if you do get divorced, you’ll want half of all the earnings and property!

  • shayla

    i think that yall need to stay together for the kids

  • nicolette

    John and Kate have had their problems and i understand why they want to divorce but they dont seem like they are thinking about the kids.If i had 8 kids i wouldnt just walk out on them.

  • ..

    All I can say is that, rumors are rumors, so stop being jacka**es.

  • Jackleen

    i LOVE this family and i will miss them being together on the show very much, oh welll, all good things come to an end :(
    P.S. I deff agree with uhm, the person who made their name ..

  • Nicole

    I don’t think Jon cheated on Kate. It was a big publicity story so those stupid a** “p-people” could get some extra cash. Real mature. Just leave their fricken family alone!

  • maherbie

    Didn’t Kate have her breats done…they look much bigger than the beginning of the shows! Anyone have proof on that?

  • Meg

    I still don’t really know if they are truly divorced. They are in the news to much. I do nagree that Kate has the right to be mad at evryone. Though Jon should have a little freedom to be away from Kate he shouldn’t see other people.It is irritating how the show is turning into all about kate. They should call it Jon and Kate now. I WOULD HAVE thought the show would have been canceled by now. I am glad it hs not been. I will still love this show.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lily

    It is sick that Jon and Kate would put their kids on national TV. Cant they see how this affects their children. TV made Kate an up tight monster. Fame has distroyed this family. Now any where they go someone is sticking a camera in the childrens faces. I dont think Jon was ready for 8 kids. He got married at 22 years old, and with in 5 years had 8 kids. Jon made the decision to get married, and have 8 kids, in his twentys. JON NEEDS TO STOP ACTING LIKE A PARTY ANIMAL!!! JON SORRY THAT YOU MISSED OUT ON PARTYS, BUT COME ON YOUR A FATHER, YOUR KIDS SEE YOU AS A ROLE MODEL!!! GET A GRIP JON!!! KATE ALSO NEEDS TO GET A GRIP, ACTING SO RUDELY TO HER HUSBAND IN FRONT OF THEIR KIDS!!!

  • nana

    im sorry 4 the kids
    hopefully all this is a lie.

  • Your Name

    I hope that this family can get back in touch with true reality. As the have said many times before God blessed them with 8 children now they need to be a blessing for their children. I know that they started doing the show to help support their large family but a time comes when you really need to put your family first. Kate I feel is using the show for herself and forgetting her family and Jon is wanting to go back in time. But their true responsibility is to be parents and not letting someone else be the paid parent to the 8 kiddos. People realize you are the most important person in the kids life and their heroes. Lets remember what we are instilling in their lives and want you want them to be when they grow up. What we do today effects them tomorrow. God works miracles in many ways every day I hope and pray for a miracle to bring them back together. A mother and father together means more to children than many people ever realize. Divorce is said and used today for every reason in the book and some respect for each other can stop the divorce. I believe that God wants us to make the right choices but understands and forgives when wrong choices are made so we need some of the forgiveness that God gives us to use toward each other. If they are truly a Godly family put your family in Gods hands and let him heal you.

  • Your Name

    I think that Jon and Kate need to settle down. Maybe go on a relaxing vacation together w/the family and take alot of time away from the cameras, which is truely hurting/damaging the family. It’s great to feel recognized but it’s not great to feel recognized and know that you’re hurting the ones that you love most and this Isn’t just hurting your family, it’s hurting your fans too, seeing your children having to put up w/this is not good for their mental and physical abilities.

  • jon and kate

    Jon is an ignorant person with a sick mind. KAte needs to get herself together they turned there kids into brats but it’s not the kids fault to have dumb parents. but i still love whatching the show i wonder how the show will go on.

  • Leanne

    I must say that therse accusations of Kate being an ‘up tight’ monster must stop. Had we all have the stress of raising 8 children we would see that it is the only way to manage. But I do feel as though she is using the media and exploiting her children in order to grab fame(because she can) and probably sees money oppotunities in doing so. As for Jon, I can understand the harsh reality and strain of keeping up with 8 children and not being able to enjoy himself at his age, but he is a father and thus it is his implied duty to put himself in their lives and give some respect to his wife by not cheating on her with other women. There is give in take in every family no matter the children and people must look past their faults whether they be too naggy or uptight and learn to deal with it. Thats life.

  • Debbi Walsh

    I wonder if the show is offacialy over…help people i want to find out! This is a confusing divorice.

  • Your Name


  • Your Name


  • Your Name

    It’s obvious that Jon is going through a male crisis; he is acting like an 18 y/o male just out of high school and wanting to taste all the women of the world, drink all the liquor, break all the rules of decency before he “settles down” to ADULTHOOD. Jon Gosselin needs to take a look at his birth certificate, and realize he’s an adult grown male with a wife and eight children for whom he is responsible. If he would be so irresponsible and selfish with Kate and the eight, who would think he could do better with a “new model” wife and more kids?? Jon needs a swift kick in the azz, and a wake up call…he has nothing going for him now, nada. I no longer respect or admire him, he is the typical Me-Me-Me male with a non-stop hard on. Disgusting

  • flor

    I wonder if the show is offacialy over…help people i want to find out i love jon and kate i dont want it to end ever ever i wanna see there kids grow up i adore! This is a confusing divorice.

  • Your Name

    I think that the show should continue… that is for my own selfish satisfaction cause i love it, but on a much more serious note i mean come on there are children envolved, that jon and kate should kick the cameras out for a little while and get back to what really matters and thats family, these kids need to see that mommy and daddy BOTH are stong and not shallow enough to let fame media and money tear what they love so much apart. Jon needs to realize that yeah while he wants to be young again someone still has to be dad and i think kate knows now that her children need her to be stong and persistant, so dont give up kate!~!!

  • mbcp

    i think it is really hard for me to have a real hasty opinion about jon or kate though because i am just watching tv, but kate says she belives him and i hope that she is right for his sake because if she isnt, so long jon every woman in he us will tear ur cheatin no good butt to shreds, i hope that kate isnt just turning a blind eye i know she is controlling and she needs to work on that, but look she runs a 24 hr daycare and makes buis. ventures, give her a hand. i am also sure that this show has made such a financial diffrencein what they can provide, and the only people who can beg to differ are tose who are raising 8 kids too with out nannys and a whole sloo of people being mommy for them. noone is ragging celebs who seem to be having babies cause its fun, then paying someone to be mommy.

  • gay


  • Kathy

    Wow it didn’t take long for Jon to be splayed all over the tabloids with a big smile on his cheatin’ face. His antics have caused his family huge pain and sorrow. Seeing him as such a happy man now that he has the opportunity to poke everything skank on the planet makes me want to puke. The man should be ashamed of himself, thrown off the show and forever considered the loser that he is proven himself to be.

  • Darcy-Anne Chicago

    I admire this family soo much!
    I have 8 kids myself and i know it can be tough!
    Sorcha 14
    Aden 12
    Ellie 9
    Sophie 7
    Jamie 6
    Jordan 6
    Kaitlyn 3
    Connor 1
    my husband is very good with them and you should be too Jon.X.

  • Jessica

    hey the coulp that was togther but is it any more

  • hahaa wow

    first of all john your a cheater and now because you get a divorse think about what the kids aare gonna be like when there older. it wasnt fair for the kids to suffer.

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  • Guinea Pig Hutch

    Give me a break! Look how Kate treated him. Bossed him around like she was his momma! lol

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