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Tarantino Gives Nazi-Haters a Different Type of Holocaust Movie

inglouriousbasterds.jpgNobody does bloody like Quentin Tarantino, with his chatty rat-a-tat dialogue that matches a machine gun that makes the same noises. All you have to do is look at the scene in “Pulp Fiction” where Marvin buys the farm in an old-style sedan (violent clip), and you’ll remember what I mean.
Now QT’s applying his evisceratingly violent lens to the new film (which is correctly spelled, even though it seems like it isn’t) “Inglourious Basterds,” as he kills Nazis like no filmmaker has before. In fact, in PageSix, they describe the film as “a slaughterfest in which hundreds of Nazis are gleefully executed in the most gruesome ways possible”– including machine gunning and scalping.


According to the article, the titular Basterds are “a team of ‘Bowery Boy Jews seemingly right from the heart of Hell’s Kitchen’ who are out to collect 100 Nazi scalps each.” Still reading?

An insider said: “The Nazis really get their comeuppance. It’s a big change from all the downbeat Holocaust films over the holidays,” referring to “The Reader,” “Valkyrie,” “Defiance,” “Good,” “Adam Resurrected” and “The Boy in the Striped Pajamas.”
Tarantino told Empire magazine that one Scene, set in a basement bar, will resemble ” ‘Reservoir Dogs’ but with Nazis and in German.” He adds: “The Basterds are acting like the Apaches in a no-win situation.”


Most of us have no sympathies for Nazis (and their sympathizers), but is the world ready for such graphic violence, even if Brad Pitt’s helming the scalping, and the scalpees are Hitler’s followers? People are still people, and much of Holocaust behavior has been explained as “man’s inhumanity to man.” So what does this kind of violence– even within the context of an understandable vengeance on evil– achieve? Should we revel in a victim’s revenge over his oppressors? I guess we’ll see soon enough: The crowd at Cannes will catch the film first this spring, and then QT will unleash it on the rest of the world.
Quentin Tarantino at

  • JD

    This is something I’ve been struggling with in my heart…it’s hard not to read first-hand accounts like “The Pianist” and feel anything but loathing for anyone and everyone involved in such horrific events. I actually wrote a story after reading that book about a German vigilante in WWII Poland who wreaks bloody havoc on the Nazis. But I know as a Christian that ultimately vengeance is the Lord’s, it is His job to pass judgment, and our job to be witnesses to His love, peace and beauty. I’ll probably enjoy seeing the Nazis get theirs in QT’s new movie (which I would see regardless of the subject matter because he’s one of the most brilliant writer-directors in the world), but I’ll try not to get too wrapped up in the vicarious vindictive emotions that it will probably evoke. Though I might cheer them on, I would never want to be a Basterd.

  • Sheila Freemer

    February 19, 2009
    I just celebrated my 67th birthday. I would think extensively that these German monsters might have prevented my mere existence, and of course the deaths of millions of Jews, that some people still feel is a big lie.
    There never could be enough said about these human beings, who I feel were not human at all, could be responsible for such cruel and inhumane treatment, and performed such horror to the Jewish people, who never ever did anything to deserve such treatment.
    The more stories the better about the Holocaust. People should never forget about the horror of the Holocaust.

  • Frances Noury

    Tarantino – he grabbed me from the very first movie and I can never get enough of his absurd, raw, in-your-face, take it to the next level, devil-may-care style of movie making. His films are fascinating on so many levels that mere words cannot express how excellent and expressive they are – his timing impeccable. In my heart I know that venegence is the Lord’s, although I must admit, I will enjoy watching the Nazis get their just dues. I’m more appalled when I find there is an entire generation that thinks the holocaust didn’t happen, I then find these informative films all the more important. Hollywood driven that they may be, the truth must be told and retold so NO ONE forgets what happened to the handicapped, the Jews, the gypsies, the Catholics, and anyone else who dared to “offend” the Germans by their mere existence.

  • Your Name

    I am not a child of the Holocaust, but know in my heart that it did happen and still happens to other people, such as in Africa. I do respect a movie maker’s rights to make a picture. BUT at what price does it get made?
    I have two movies about the Holocaust here at home and cannot bring myself to watch the horror or them. Like I said,”It did happen!”
    General Eisenhower had it right when he said,”Take plenty of pictures of this horror, because some bastard will say it never happened.”
    What my concern is, what about the new Germany? How long do the youth over in that country have to be reminded of Herr Hitler’s madness? You can only beat a dog so many times before it turns on you. Not that I am calling Germans “Dogs!”
    All we can really do in this time is try to make sure that this never happens again to anyone regardless of race, religion or creed.
    We are all G-d’s children regardless of who we are.

  • Leann

    It’s a nice try and noble effort on Tarantino’s part. Sadly, no movie can bring back the innocent men, women and children who were so sadistically slaughtered.
    We keep trying to find ways to reconcile what appeared to be psychopaths on steroids. It’s reported that A.H. himself was receiving amphetamines from his doctor – and while that may – partially – explain his maniacal behavior, what scientific theory can explain the countless other acts of butchery throughout Europe in that dark time?
    There’s no explanation but that the Devil himself (if you believe in one) had set down roots in Europe.

  • Your Name

    As a Jew I am delighted to see the Nazis (who were certainly NOT human)be on the receiving end of ihnuman brutality. Some of you should watch the Nazis OWN footage of the atrocities committed in the camps. These include watching on camera how long it takes for an infant girl to starve to death & how many times a 12 yearold boy could be smashed in the head with a rifle but before brain damage occurred.
    The horors committed can never be duplicated even by such a great (though brilliantly warped) mind as QT’s.

  • rukiddingme

    As for me —- I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE THIS MOVIE! THE MORE HIDEOUS THE DEATHS OF THE NAZIS THE BETTER!!! Maybe I’ll feel that somehow my great aunts, uncles,and cousins who were systematically murdered by those animals will somehow feel they were avenged!

  • kayla

    finally i see people writing what is in my head and heart – no mercy for any nazi – NEVER AGAIN
    but it is happening again – all over the world, jews have again become fair game, easy targets –
    i can’t wait to see this film – to remind the world that we jews have passion and anger and will not quietly march to our deaths. no more image of weak scholars – we are also warriors and will do whatever is necessary to survive.

  • revka

    I believe there is no way any Nazi could be shown in a positive way. They committed these terrible atrocities and it should never be forgotten. This was done because they were Jews, Gypsies, and gays. I want the worse possible picture of these monsters show on the big screen. The Nazi’s deserve nothing less. So much gentleness and those who believed in their fellow man, the mothers, fathers, grandparents of our future generation the innocent Jews(the children) were lost because of these monsters.


    As a child of Holocaust Survivors……I can FULLY UNDERSTAND the RAGE-there is nothing worse than seeing innocent women,children,men,the disabled burn in the ovens that the Nazis and sympathizers created……it is more than mans inhumanity to man…..we should heed history…..tragicaly,we are still dealing with revisionist theories and antisemitism around the world….Hate Crimes are even committed in the USA–in open courts …yes, here in the USA….we must address this evil wherever it lurks and eradicate it…..remember: Man is the most dangerous animal in the world:because, he has the ability to reason…..never forget that…..
    Speak out People…..we must be our brothers keeper….we must…!

  • Shalvah

    Sounds like QT has depicted on film what I’ve pretty much wished for and imagined over the years. Nothing he can show can actually come close to the realities of Nazi horrors. I say more power to QT and a big thank you!

  • Frinak

    I agree with the above statements. People are people. However, nazis were not people in the same sense their innocent victims were. To accord any Holocaust perpetrator the same sympathies as an innocent is misguided if not dangerous.
    Paradoxically, danger also exists in the visceral pleasure of revenge imagery. Especially if that revenge is well deserved as in the case of nazis. Nobel Peace Prize winner and Holocaust survivor Eli Wiesel speaks and writes about indifference. Noting that indifference toward Holocaust victims was the major factor in the extermination of the six million.
    The first step in achieving indifference is desensitization. Our media does an excellent job of desensitizing us to violence. When we see violent images on a regular basis, we eventually become indifferent to them. While I would certainly enjoy seeing revenge exacted upon nazis (especially Tarantino style – “go medieval on their asses” revenge), I wonder if too much brutal imagery is counter productive. The civilized world needs to maintain its anger with nazis. Might a movie of this sort be a brick in the wall of indifference?

  • Nancy Walker

    Honestly, what is wrong with people today? We should be past all this anti-semitism and other intolerance. Well, I guess we haven’t come so far in our civilization. When I was in college, halfway through the first semester, a new girl was moving into the room next door to me. It was a Friday night and I was in my dormroom because I didn’t feel well so I didn’t want to go out partying. I asked her if she needed help moving and she said, “You won’t want to help me when you find out what I am.” I asked what she meant and she said, “I’m Jewish.” I replied, “I’m Catholic. What difference does it make?” She was amazed because the floor she was moving from was very anti-semitic.
    Everyone has their own beliefs, and like politics, it’s a hot button. But when it comes right down to it, if you like someone, then you accept them, warts and all. I won’t allow religious, political or philosophy to be a topic of discussion at my dinner parties because, inevitably, it becomes a heated argument, and that makes me anxious.
    I probably won’t see this movie just because I don’t care for Tarantino movies in general. There’s too much gore and not enough character development. Sure, I hate the Nazi regime, and I really hate being called a Nazi just because I’m 3/4 German, but you can’t rewrite history. You can, however, make the future a little bit better by accepting people for their individuality and personality and not see them as evil if they differ from you.
    Oh, and yes, the Jews were innocent victims, but, and I know this is no excuse, there were some so called “Nazis” who tried to help the Jewish people. Mostly, though, I think they went along with Hitler because they were scared also.

  • Donald Wolberg

    Good for Quentin! Real or not, historic or fiction, retribution to out and out Nazis or their cohorts in all of the Nazis occupied nations of Europe who gleefully exposed Jews in hiding, or captured, or transported, or maimed, or robbed, or tortured, or shot, or helped in gassings, or kept the cattle cars filled with Jews, or kept the trains running, or dug the graves for Jews, or buried the corpses, or hid Nazis after the war, should receive as they gave. One wonders what the result would have been if more people had spoken out earlier, met violence with violence, and defended Jewish lives.
    I am reminded of the apparently real story of Meyer Lansky and some of his friends disrupting New York Nazis German-American Bund meetings, working against the other Nazis groups active, the Friends of New Germany, the Brown Shirts, the Silver Shirts, etc.. before the war. Similarly, I recall a George Raft story, that also before the war, late in the 30’s, one of Ben Siegel’s lovers was the Countess Difrasso and Siegel was in Rome at the Villa Madama, at her invitation. At the same time, Joseph Goebles and Herman Goring were also at the Villa as guests of the Count. When Siegel, not know for moderate behavior, discovered this fact, he informed the Countess that he intended to liquidate Mr. Goebels and Mr. Goring, explaining how easy it would be to accomplish the task. He was only dissuaded by a frantic Countess Difrasso, who was frightened for the impact to her husband from certain retribution by Mussolini. Mr. Siegel frequently recounted the story and regretted that he did not do what he intended. One wonders if anyone would find fault today with Mr. Siegel’s logic. So, good for Mr. Tarantino, and shame on the world for not stopping Hitler and his evil cohort earlier.

  • Your Name

    I think it is strange that the same people who are so eager to see the nazis’ get thiers are also holding the peace signs against the war going on in our generation. Certainly not on the same scope as the holocaust, and with absolute respect for the extreme loss of innocent lives, we have stood by and allowed extreme cruelty, denied freedoms and death for women in the middle east. I think that history will judge us for not coming to the rescue of many who have been kept under the foot of yet another power hungry person and his many followers. We have again decided to turn away from the Jewish people and aligned ourselves with thier enemies. The greatest generation were the people who stood by our Jewish brothers and sisters and tried to save lives by fighting a very bloody war. While it is true we could have should have come to thier aid sooner, we cant change time. What we can do now is to refuse to turn our backs on them, what we can do now is to reach out and help those who are being killed, and oppressed. That is what made us great in the past, when we acted like “One Nation Under God”, I pray we will carry on that heritage bravely. That what we will view as our priority what goes on in our world, and not on a movie screen!

  • Jerome Greenberg

    the problem is this is not historically accurate, a few nazi’s were killed by surviving inmates, not many. A the Poles were still killing jews in 1946. Most jews want justice, not revenge, and few nazi’s served time for their crimes. The swiss defrauded the survivors with swiss bank accounts and the anti semitic swiss red cross with held the names of the victims, while holding the records for sixty years. German banks never paid on passbooks held by jewish people. I don’t know if european insurance companies ever paid on jewish victems life insurance. I feel insulted by QT’s movie, it is not justice. jerome

  • Bert

    I being part Austrian descent and a Jew converted to a Catholic, I believe in turning the other cheek but my soul says the Atomic Bomb was dropped on the wrong enemy.

  • Vlad the Inhaler

    Oh great…another Tarantino festival of hideous brutality and mind-numbing violence. If he’s out to show —as he claims — the horror of cruelty and bloodshed…well, we get it already. We don’t need yeat ANOTHER display. I don’t think he’s especially effective at it either.
    I rather suspect that this is just another commercial opportunity for cinematic dehumanization, thinly disguised as “pop art.”
    I find this stuff disturbing and, frankly, rather banal. It says nothing, degrades the audience, and desensitizes impressionable minds to the utter darkness of violent fantasies.
    Doesn’t matter if its Nazis or ordinary people being offed on the screen. There’s no value –socially redeeming or so-called “entertainment” – in the depiction.
    Kubrick did great justice to the issue of violence when he made “Clockwork Orange.”
    Tarantino is just a huckester.

  • Your Name

    I believe movies related to the Holocaust need to be seen; they give you a good dose of reality of what men are capable of doing, in the name of religion, or following orders, or whatever the excuse is. The Holocaust was an systematic murder of millions of innocents. The fact that the Russians and the Allies were already fighting and winning, did not stop Hitler from continuing killing Jews, not even the fact that killing them was costing money (trains to transport them, little food here and there, the crematoriums, the gas chambers, etc, the soldiers garding the camp,e tc.). So, when you look at those facts and realize how evil men can be; it gives you perspective on how fortunate you are, and how unfortunate those refugees in Africa, The Middle East, etc., and countries under dictators are.
    Just to get your priorities straight; and to pray and hope that it doesn’t happen again…(though, still does).

  • Bobby Hutson

    I would just to say, that even though it’s blood thirsty,it’s not what happened. But it is one thing we all agree with, kill the Nazi’s.
    And I will agree,we should have dropped the A bomb there.

  • Daniel sheindlin

    Thank G-d Quinten

  • barbara

    I have to agree with all comments made about films and stories that are Holocust related I don’t think there will ever be enough said about this terrible nightmare. People forget, except the Jews and their decendents.
    I will never forget, and unfortunatly (I am sorry to say) never forgive in my lifetime.

  • David Life

    I’m a Jew and I do not want to take over the world or anything as ridiculous as that. So I don’t know why people still hate us. No one is perfect. And another thing, I wasn’t even there when Jesus died.
    At least we American Jews get to kick some Nazi a**!
    Mazel Tov!

  • Your Name

    Think about the 20 millionmore Jews who wd be alive today as descendent of those murdered.

  • Stephanie

    “…but is the world ready for such graphic violence, even if Brad Pitt’s helming the scalping, and the scalpees are Hitler’s followers?…Should we revel in a victim’s revenge over his oppressors?”
    HELL, YEAH! I almost never to to the theater anymore, but I will make a point to get out and see this movie even if it’s the only one I go to this year.

  • vergil goodman

    Why are we forever fascinated by terms re Nazism? After all, NAZI simply means NATIONALISM – which is alive and well, all over the world, including ISRAEL. You need to ask, “What KIND of Nazi shoud i hate – “that” kind? Why do i love MY OWN KIND of Nazi?

  • leda

    i am one of the survivors only due to the fact i was hidden with my brother and grandmother at a catholic orphanige until the united states and other countries decided that this was really going on and liberated those few that managed to stay alive. especially the united states under president eisenhower or was it roosevelt finally got to believe that this was going on even thought photos, films and whatever brought by the red cross were not taken as true fact until it was too late for over 6 million jews and others of many faiths, including catholics, the infirm, the gays, all humanity that the nazis did not see fit to let live. i am no younger today and have many illnesses and will never til the day i pass forget.

  • Al Eastman

    Hollywood and those of QT’s ilk are not known for historical accuracy. I’m somewhat bemused at the comments of many of the posters who, I wager are in favor of disarming America as Britain, Canada and Australia have been. My suggestion to them is to visit and spend a bit of time there. My feelings are summed up in two words…….

  • Another Man

    The Holocaust, applied to us jews, is such a sensitive topic that no one is willing to talk about it, lest they be branded or labeled with Anti-semitism. I want someone to answer me honestly: What is a holocaust? Should holocaust studies include my species alone? Because no one is willing to talk about it critically doesn’t mean it is out of the realm of critical analysis. Denying the holocaust and critiquing it are two different things but for most people they’re identical. This is sheer ignorance. As a people of the Book, anything that happens to us can be understood in light of the Tanach. Only thorough investigation and conclusion of the Book can determine our position as victims. With this much said, we don’t have to admit the authority of the Book in this matter either, if our intention is not so much in understanding our past than in shaping our future accordingly. Rejecting the authority of the Book does not negate the fact Hashem is involved in human history.
    My last question is: “what was the last time the priestly blessing was uttered upon us?” “Why did such a terrible catastrophe befall us?”
    As part of a entirely new generation, I have questions and I need answers. I hope someone does just that. Toda.

  • Your Name

    Never forget; yet violence begetting violence? Too many violent films are still numbing the young; they don’t grasp reality. Reality is the numbers of ‘people’ who were butchered, made to suffer prior to their death, and planned extinction as proven what was done to children (especialy twins)…That is reality, and it goes on today; in the reality of the Mean Streets of many cities, here and abroad. Plus ethnic cleansing…still murder. I don’t condone this violent film, it flaunts murder. Murder due to persons’ faith, creed, color, or otherwise is wrong. What the Nazi’s did (especially the SS)was murder in the millions, numbing the persecutors and killers. Never again I agree, and there is no amount of suffering a human can put against another to make up for the ‘Planned Murder/Extinction’ by the Nazi Leaders and perpetrators. But, this film does not demonstrate the belief our Torah teaches us… Interesting though; Slum Dog Millionaire won all those Oscar Honors,a film of humanity, love, belief in the goodness for those who deserve;only the next day to read of this film. Contrasts, many contrasts; but Murder is Murder; by the millions or one against one—it is wrong, and such films should not be promoted to the young.

  • Agido Ska

    The largest Genocide ever committed by man was by Americans and their European ancestors. It occurred in America and was supported by government policies and force….plus average citizens…and supported by many “infamous” Americans such as the author of the “Wizard of Oz”…and even Abraham Lincoln…who freed the slaves but hung the Santees.
    Native Americans were the vicitims of the worst Genocide ever witnessed by God.

  • vergil goodman

    Why are we forever fascinated by terms re Nazism? After all, NAZI simply means NATIONALISM – which is alive and well, all over the world, including ISRAEL. You need to ask, “What KIND of Nazi shoud i hate – “that” kind? Why do i love MY OWN KIND of Nazi?

  • w hingerty

    Such Christian charity. You all make me sick. The holocoust is BS. IT NEVER HAPPENED. But Dresden did. Allied airmen killed more german civilians than anyone had ever killled in any war. Read how the Czechs turned on innocent German neighbors(whose ancestors had lived there for 1000 yrs) My uncle was burned alive by Czech partisans while he shepherded two underage volksturmers back to germany. (He was a pastry chef before the war) Real monster. Hilter tried to make peace. It was Churchill who started the war. read the new book by Pat Buchanan.Read how Czechs mirdered German women and children at Postelbeg, Plattenberg, Bruenn….. The Jews are lying. Why did they attack our ship..The USS Liberty and kill 34 American sailors? Why is it against the law to even question any part of the holocost?(IN Germany, France,Canada) If you have truth on your side what do you have to fear?You people call yourselves Christians. Well America allied itself to a real monster(Stalin) to fight and exterminate a Christian country.What would Jesus do?

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