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Every year, in addition to searching for books to help me reflect on Advent, I also look for thoughtful books to read during Lent.  I hunted on and stumbled upon some worthy new selections to add to my collection. Here are three choices that […]

So it’s Sunday night around 10 p.m. and you’re looking for something to watch because Dexter” and “True Blood” are on hiatus. I suggest you turn to the Travel Channel and check out “Mark & Olly: Living with the Machigenga.” […]

Admit it: after you saw “Star Wars,” you tried to use the Force. I’m happy to admit it–I tried to move things across my room, using only my mind. “Heroes” makes me feel special abilities are more possible, but “Star […]

You may not have heard of British reality TV star Jade Goody, best known for her appearances on the UK Big Brother series, but she is now inspiring writers from Time Magazine to the New York Times to pick up […]

Bring on March Madness–we need it! For a competitive guy like me–and Paul the Apostle competed so I know it’s a good trait–this is a lousy time of the year to watch television. There’s not a lot of drama. There’s […]

Wow, talk about reality TV! Earlier this week, President Obama was on every network. He was Must See TV 2.0, the Rock Star of the campaign trail, the Teleprompter-in-Chief, “No Drama Obama” who is no longer running for office. He […]

We don’t post enough about the “books” part of our culture here at Idol Chatter, so here’s my step in the right direction: there’s a great new book out for anyone who’s a person of faith and a deep thinker […]

A new force seems to be taking over the airwaves: Twitter! I viewed three morning shows earlier this week and they all invited the audience to join their “Twitter” page throughout the show. Celebrities at the Oscars weren’t supposed to, […]

Hard times have come upon many companies, websites and publications. Some of them are asking their readers to become supporters, but this requires a major shift: people who were once being provided a service are now being asked to donate […]

Okay: I just can’t help myself. I thought my posts about “Twilight” would end with 2008, but there is just too much stuff out there not to mention it. I just wanted to point all you “Twilight” fans on Beliefnet […]