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In this clip from “Doubt,” Sister Aloysius (Meryl Streep), Sister James (Amy Adams) and Father Flynn (Philip Seymour Hoffman) discuss including a secular Christmas carol in their annual Church Christmas pageant.

Lately VeggieTales releases come in two kinds, the inspired and the merely inspiring. The latest VeggieTales release, “Abe and the Amazing Promise,” due out February 10, fulfills the promise of every VT production: to get some Bible knowledge into your […]

Two wonders of literature passed away today and they will be missed. The first was John Updike, who succumbed to a long battle with lung cancer at 76. The second is the time in our history when authors represented the […]

Okay, full disclosure: I did not actually see “Fireproof,” a film “about a Christian fire captain who recommits to his marriage,” as described by reporter Dale Buss in the Wall Street Journal article, “What Christians Watch” and my main interest […]

The last time I wrote about the film “Fireproof” I had admittedly not seen it yet. But now that it has become the indie hit of 2008 and has been released on DVD, I have taken the time to watch […]

Apparently, Mattel has put out a talking doll that whispers (very quietly) “Islam is the Light”–apparently, this was not one of the intended comments the doll is supposed to make–and moms are up in arms across the country, uniting to […]

Next week’s Super Bowl marks what has become something of a national holiday. New TV sales go through the roof, parties are found on every other block and open seats are available on flights! Bruce Springsteen will perform. Alicia Keys […]

Before “Loving Leah” even Sunday night in California, the east coast calls began. The first call came from my parents. “I hope you’re watching this,” they said. I had plans, I told them, and wouldn’t be home for it. Then […]

Late last week news broke that someone was trying to extort the Travolta family for $20 million, but no one seemed to know the details. Some thought that the extortion money was to suppress photos taken at the time of […]

The Screen Actors Guild Awards are not the most popular nor are they the highest rated award shows to be broadcast on TV. The Golden Globes kick off the season and the Academy Awards bring the conclusion, as well as […]