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Actors in Goth costume pantomiming stories of cannibalism, rape, empassioned beheadings, wild scenes fueled by throbbing rock… Not another Biblical musical?At Northwestern College, a Christian institution in Orange City, Iowa (and not to be confused with the Chicago-area university), drama […]

After weeks of speculation, the whimsical drama “Pushing Daisies”–along with “Eli Stone” and “Dirty Sexy Money”–was officially cancelled last week. In spite of numerous Emmy nominations and critical praise, the series about a pie maker who can bring people back […]

Don’t call him the King of Pop anymore, because Michael Jackson has converted to Islam and wants to be called Mikaeel. The 50-year-old pop star took his shahada (oath of faith) in Los Angeles on Friday, as reported by news […]

True, vampires are by nature predators. Also true, in Stephenie Meyer’s novel “Twilight,” Edward Cullen, every teen girl’s romantic dreamboy, is heavy on the brooding and, of course, the entire story turns on Bella and Edward as star-crossed lovers. That […]

Imagine the expectations when one of the most popular–and one of the most inspiring–television shows returns to the air for the first time in more than a year and a half. I mean, that’s a lot of time for creativity […]

Here’s another sign that our soon-to-be 44th president is hip (and it’s not just his suave fashion sense): Barack Obama has been reading Stephenie Meyer’s “Twilight” series with his 10-year-old daughter, Malia. While “Twilight” skews toward an older teen and adult audience, it’s […]

After I heard that Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson named their newborn boy Bronx Mowgli, not only did I get an “icky” feeling, but I got a “that’s a bizarre Rudyard Kipling literary reference” feeling. Then, I realized that the […]

We arrived more than an hour early to the midnight kickoff showing of “Twilight” and the theater was already packed. Not with just 12-year-old girls and emo guys, but with Gucci-toting fashionistas and frat boys, two segments of the population […]

University of Maryland researchers have concluded that unhappy people watch more TV than happy people. What do happy people do instead? Visit friends, have (a little bit) more sex–and go to church, of course.

While I was once a fan of the action drama “24” the first couple of seasons, I got tired of the show’s premise with its increasingly convoluted storylines. Don’t worry–fellow Idol Chatter blogger Doug Howe has continued to watch—and blog […]